Fresh thoughts

2020 brought changes to my life. I remember being so upset and depressed about this that I grabbed my laptop instinctively and decided to write a new article to vent my rage and frustration. I think the universe did not particularly enjoy this because my laptop got overheated and turned off before I could publish the article.

Since that moment, I’ve just been busy with work, house chores, and the Christmas holidays and had little time to submit this. However, I always thought busily how this would improve my life and what I can do to strengthen it, prove myself and take a different direction towards the future.

I’ve had time to reflect that I shouldn’t be concerned with people or circumstances and understand that things happen for a reason. To be furious, to point fingers and talk negatively about others, though they may have created any crisis, does nothing but aggravates matters.

Acknowledging truths and confronting thoughts

Often we choose to make decisions based on appearances, not facts, and as children, we believe that the truth is what we see, and that everyone else has a decent heart like ours, that what is promised will be fulfilled.

In these situations, we usually get a lesson for life when we sincerely trust and believe beyond hesitation. We should never stop fighting for ourselves and make the right choices, first for us and secondly for the ones we love. I wouldn’t say it’s a necessary narcissistic approach, more of a vital and necessary one.

It’s said that life is what happens while making plans. If we’ve learned something, we never need to be comfortable with anybody, not even our own family. We never know when a change of plans might occur, and our entire life will change.

But, to look at the bright side, change is inevitable in life, and we can’t run forever. Breaking out of the daily routine, familiar faces and places may be the right thing for progress, even if that means getting out of our comfort zone.

At the end of the day, we should look into our souls and see if we’re happy with ourselves and what we have realized so far. It’s okay if we’ve made mistakes and have to start it all again. This time we have got experience and a new set of skills that will help us to arise.

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