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Vreau sa fac curatenie interioara/I want to do the „interior cleaning”

Astazi mi-as dori sa fac curatenie, pe interior. Sa folosesc un detergent puternic, concentrat si acid, cu clor si chimicale sa stearga orice urma de impuritate, de mizerie si angoasa.

Vreau stralucirea si oglindirea suprafetelor curate, vreau sa vad aranjate sertarele inimii, nu vreau haine negre aruncate val-vartej in dulapul sufletului, vreau o organizare in ganduri si minte, pe interior.

Imi doresc sa lustruiesc podelele launtrice cu orice dezinfectant am la indemana, sa scot petele de egoism si incapatinare, sa dizolv grasimea intarita de mandrie si ingamfare.


(Sursa Unsplash)

Vreau sa pasesc inspre ziua de maine fericita, cu incredere si cu ideea ca nu ma voi lipi pe talpi de namol, ca nu voi purta cu mine nefericirea si nelinistea zilei precedente.

Vreau sa deschid larg ferestrele, sa alung mirosul insuportabil provocat de neajunsuri, de cearta si sentimente inchise.  Vreau sa privesc soarele in ochi, sa ma orbeasca cu razele sale pure si neintinate, vreau sa ma incalzesc cu fericire, sa respir  speranta.

Astazi mai mult decat orice vreau sa renunt la ce nu mai am nevoie. Vreau sa arunc lucrurile materiale care ocupa mai mult spatiu decat materiile sufletesti, personale, decat ceea ce iubesc in prezent.

Vreau sa golesc lada cu amintiri ponegrite de vreme si carii, sa sterg mucegaiul alb de umbre depus cu atat de multa apasare si ura, sa uit persoane si intamplari infecte ce mi-au imbolnavit sufletul odinioara. Imi doresc sa adaug franturi din clipele fericite petrecute alaturi de oameni dragi, vreau sa pun peste zambete si tresariri, dragoste si sa inchid cu un lacat ferecat a carui cheie sa o port doar eu, deasupra inimii.


(Sursa Pexels)

De asemenea gunoiul va pleca si el. In punga verde inchis voi risipi stresul, nervii si cuvintele amare spuse la suparare, lacrimi si durere. Voi inchide punga strans si puternic cu o ata neagra, pe care sa nu o mai deschida nimeni niciodata, nici macar gunoierii sau oamenii strazii; nu imi doresc sa ofer nimanui nimic din murdaria sufletului meu.

La sfarsitul zilei voi fi obosita dupa atata munca depusa dar in sinea mea voi fi multumita, satisfacuta ca am curatat acele suprafete de demult inchistate cu mizerie si tristete. Voi privi curatenia din jur, stralucirea si puritatea locului, interiorului meu si voi zambi.

Acum ca am aruncat tot ce ma necajea, tot raul ce imi aducea lacrimi si durere nu mai este nimic de facut, poate doar de savurat momente curate si nealterate, de inspirat mirosul sperantei si al viitorului.

English version

Today I would like to cleanse myself. I want to use a strong, concentrated and acidic detergent with chlorine and chemicals to remove any trace of impurities, misery, and anxiety.

I want the brightness and mirroring of the clean surfaces, I want to see the drawers of the heart, I do not want black clothes thrown in the wardrobe of the soul, I want an organization in thoughts and minds inside.

I want to polish the interior floors with any disinfectant I have at my fingertips, to remove the patches of selfishness and incapacity, to dissolve the fat strengthened by pride and hunger.

I want to go to the happy tomorrow’s day, with confidence and the idea that I will not stick to the mud soles, that I will not carry with me the misfortune and the anxiety of the previous day.


(Source Google Images)

I want to open the windows wide, to remove the unbearable odor caused by shortcomings, quarrels and closed feelings. I want to look at the sun in my eyes, I want him to blind me with its pure and uncut rays, I want to warm myself happily, to breathe hope.

Today more than anything I want to give up what I no longer need. I want to throw away the material things that occupy more space than personal, personal, stuff than what I love today.

I want to empty the box with memories of the weather and the cavities, to wipe the white mold of shadows deposited with so much pressure and hate, to forget people and infrequent events that made my soul sick. I want to add jokes from the happy moments with loved ones, I want to put on smiles and twists, love and close it with a locked lock whose key only I wear, above my heart.

The garbage will also leave. In the dark green bag I will dispel the stress, the nerves and the bitter words said to angry, tears and pain. I will close the bag tight and strong with a black thread, which no one will ever open, not even the garbage or the street people; I do not want to give anyone anything out of the dirt of my soul.

At the end of the day I will be tired after all the work I have done, but in my heart I will be pleased, satisfied that I have cleaned those long-buried surfaces with misery and sadness. I will look at the cleansing around, the brightness and purity of my place, my interior, and I will smile.

Now that I have thrown everything that was not good for me, all the evil and tear-causing bad is nothing more to do, perhaps to enjoy pure and unaltered moments, to inspire the smell of hope and the future.

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Oboseala tarzie/ Late fatique

Privesc in umbra, lumina imi este intunecata de o ceata a trupului, de o osteneala apasatoare ce ma cuprinde parca din ce in ce mai tare.

Imi simt ochii grei si durerosi, inrositi ei vor parca sa inchid pleoapele si sa ma afund in al noptii somn adanc, sa visez.

Fata imi este palida si fada, ca o oglinda aburita. Uneori o simt ca imi amorteste din cauza lipsei masive de calciu, dar prefer sa ignor si sa merg mai departe.

Inima a incercat sa fie rezilienta si astazi. A ascultat si a batut, cum a stiut ea mai bine, in dansul ei monoton, cu tic si tac si o mica pauza intre.

Cat despre minte, a fost si ea agera astazi. Am plimbat-o printre cifre, litere intortocheate si denumiri ciudate, documente si hartii, cunostinte si necunostinte.

Glasul imi este ragusit, ruginit, terminat parca de atata vorbarie, atata adaugire de sunet si intonatie.

Trupul imi este si el istovit. Mainile nu mai stiu ce comanda sa preia de la centrii nervosi si actioneaza parca in slow motion, muschii mainii pedepsindu-ma pentru ca i-am suprasolicitat si astazi.

Picioarele… ele nu mai stiu. Le-am plimbat astazi prin atatea locuri incat nici ele nu mai retin pasii si traiectoria parcursa ci doar ritmul alert, ce il simt si acum in tendoane si muschi.


Dar este abia miercuri seara, oboseala incepe sa intre in oase si gandire si sufletul parca ar vrea sa fuga inspre vineri, inspre odihna si relaxare, inspre weekend.

Cu ultimele puteri, reusesc sa inchei acest articol si sa ma rog la divinitate ca ziua de maine sa treaca mai repede si mai usor, sa nu ma mai simt ca un robotel ruginit si obosit intr-o zi de miercuri tomnatica si rece.


(Sursa Unsplash)

English version

My look is a little bit shady, the light seems darker to me because of a fog of the body, a pressing force that encompasses me increasingly louder.

I feel my eyes heavy and painful, reddened they want me to close the eyelids and get off in the deep night sleep, to a beautiful dream.

My face is pale and vapid, like a steamed mirror. Sometimes I feel like I am numb because of the lack of calcium, but I prefer to ignore it and move on.

The heart has tried to be resilient today. She listened and beat, as she knew best, in her monotonous dance, with tic – tac and silence, and a small pause between.

As for the mind, she was sharp today. I walked through figures, crooked letters and strange names, papers and documents, knowledge and ignorance.

My voice is hoarse, rusty, finished because of so much speech, so much added sound and intonation.

My body is also exhausted. Hands do not know what order to take from nervous centers and act in slow motion, my muscles punishing me because I overstrained them today.

The legs … they do not know. I walked them today through so many places that they no longer retain the steps and trajectory but only the alert rhythm, which I feel now in tendons and muscles.


But it is only Wednesday night and fatigue begins to enter into bones and thoughts and the soul seems to want to run to Friday, to rest and relaxation, to the weekend.

With the last powers, I finish this article and pray for the divinity that tomorrow will pass faster and easier, to not feel like an rusty and tired robot on wednesday cold autumn night again.

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Song of the day 20#

Melodia aceasta imi aduce in suflet tresariri de toamna si sentimente tarzii, ingalbenite de timp si vreme.

Atasez aici versurile:

Inainte sa ne fi nascut, te-am rugat pe tine sa-mi alegi culoarea ochilor
Dar sufletele noastre erau tinere si nu cazusera niciodata pe Pamant
Tot ce-am vazut pana atunci era cerul asa ca mi-ai ales albastrul

Ganduri lasate prin vant
Ca scrisorile in sticla duse de val
Batut de timp si cu inima franta
Inca astept sa ajung in mal

Ai asteptat sa-ti spun ce simt
Dar vesnicia n-are timp
Asa ca am ales sa te iubesc ca un simplu muritor de rand

Am crezut ca voi muri de sete
Asteptandu-mi sufletul pereche
Dar noi ne-am promis ca ne vom revedea, demult
Inainte sa ne fi nascut

Poate, poate
Apusul de soare e doar rasaritul vazut de la spate
Vazut de la spate

Poate, poate
Intr-o alta viata ne vom regasi si vom invata sa fim fericiti
Admirand cate doua rasarituri pe zi

Printre miliarde de lumini si oameni
Stiu ca ai sa-mi iesi acum in cale
Stiu ca ne vom regasi odata
Doar sufletul o limba are

Caut in viata mea un rost
In ochii tai un adapost
Pierdut in amintiri in care inca nu am fost

Am crezut ca voi muri de sete
Asteptandu-mi sufletul pereche
Dar noi ne-am promis ca ne vom revedea, demult
Inainte sa ne fi nascut

Poate, poate
Apusul de soare e doar rasaritul vazut de la spate
Vazut de la spate

Poate, poate
Intr-o alta viata ne vom regasi si vom invata sa fim fericiti
Admirand cate doua rasarituri pe zi

Poate, poate
Apusul de soare e doar rasaritul vazut de la spate
Vazut de la spate

Poate, poate
Intr-o alta viata ne vom regasi si vom invata sa fim fericiti
Admirand cate doua rasarituri pe zi

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Cum sa combati gastrita? Manifestari si alimente permise

Buna ziua dragi cititori! Articolul de astazi va fi despre gastrita.

Din liceu am reusit sa fac gastrita cronica, probabil de la stilul in care mancam, haotic si din cauza alimentelor mai putin sanatoase, a carbohidratilor si a nenumaratelor chipsuri, sucuri cu acid ce pe vremea aia, pareau cool si delicioase.

Acum, privind inapoi la momentele petrecute in spital pentru tratarea acestei afectiuni si a medicamentatiei ample, a regimurilor pe care a trebuit sa le tin cu strictete, va spun din suflet si cu toata sinceritatea ca nu as mai consuma aceleasi alimente.

Problema este ca din cauza stresului si a alimentatiei haotice am readus gastrita, cu dureri cu tot inapoi la stadiul acut in care ma aflam acum 10 ani.

Ce este gastrita?

Gastrita se defineste ca inflamatia acuta sau cronica a mucoasei gastrice si este reprezentata de procese degenerative, alergice si metaplazice, ce pot conduce in multe cazuri la complicatii grave.

Pentru cei nu stiu, gastrita se manifesta prin:

  • Senzatii de arsura in partea superioara a stomacului, ce se rasfrange in sus inspre piept si poate provoca greata;
  • Dureri in capul pieptului, care apar uzual după mesele mai condimentate sau mai greu digerabile (mancaruri acre, prajeli, cafea, alcool, alimentele prea reci sau prea fierbinti) – senzatie de balonare, de satietate;
  • Varsaturi dupa mese copioase, uneori;
  • In special senzatii de arsura si presiune in epigastru (DEX: EPIGÁSTRU, epigastre, s. n. Partea superioară a abdomenului, cuprinsă între coaste și ombilic);
  • Reflux gastro-esofagian (cel putin la mine a fost prezent mereu), scaun de culoare inchisa;
  • Apetit scazut pentru anumite categorii de alimente (lactate, grasimi, carne);
  • Scadere in greutate;

In cazuri mai grave, gastrita poate fi precursoare pentru anemie, malnutritie si ulceratii.

Majoritatea gastritelor sunt produse de microbul Helycobacter Pylori ce populeaza stomacul. Daca in timp nu i se reduce activitatea acestui microorganism prin tratament corespunzator, persoanele afectate pot ajunge la ulcer duodenal si chiar la cancer gastric.



(Google images sursa)

Tratament si mod de prevenire

Sfatul meu este ca inainte sa incepi sa tratezi o afectiune, indiferent de gravitate, este mai bine sa mergi la doctor. In urma unor analize si a unui consult de specialitate gastrita se poate tratata, insa daca incerci sa fii tu doctorul tau, fara prea multe cunostinte in domeniu si fara date exacte poti risca sa agravezi situatia si sa iti faci mai mult rau.


(Sursa Unsplash)

Pe langa tratamentul prescris de doctor, de obicei trebuie sa respecti o anumita dieta. Alimentele permise in dieta pentru combaterea gastritei sunt:

  1. Mamaliga. Da, poate suna ciudat, dar mamaliguta foarte bine fiarta si putin sarata face bine la stomac;
  2. Carnea slaba de pui, sau chiar de vita fara grasime este indicata;
  3. Branza dulce de vaci si urda;
  4. Pilafuri de orez cu legume (cele permise);
  5. Ouale doar fierte si moi, nu se admit prajeli;
  6. Legume. Aici nu exista o gama foarte variata de legume deoarece legumele crude nu fac bine stomacului; printre legumele permise enumar: dovlecel, cartof si morcov. Aceste legume trebuie consumate doar fierte.
  7. Fructe. Se permit fructele preparate termic, nu in stare cruda. A se evita citricele.
  8. Ceai. Ceaiurile care au efect cicatrizant si care refac straturile fine de protectie de pe peretii stomacului sunt: obligeana, coada soricelului, pelin si menta.
  9. Dulciuri. Dulciurile permise sunt: budinci, cheesecake, zahar cu moderatie si miere.

Este necesar sa se consume 3 mese pe zi, de preferat in absenta factorilor de stres; pentru a facilita digestia, alimentele trebuie mestecate foarte bine inainte de inghitire.

Alimentele interziste in dieta pentru combaterea gastritei:

  • Painea se interzice complet.
  • Carnea grasa, pielea de pui, carnea afumata, mezelurile, vinatul, conservele de carne, snitelul, micii, tocaturile si piftia, carnea de peste gras, pestele prajit sau marinat, precum si cel afumat sau conservat.
  • Brinzeturile fermentate, sarate sau conservate.
  • Ouale prajite.
  • Legumele tari si crude, cum ar fi ridichile, castravetii, varza, guliile, ceapa, conopida, usturoiul, muraturile.
  • Nucile, migdalele, alunele, fisticul, citrice.
  • Untura, slanina, margarina sarata, grasimile prajite, smintina acra, untul sarat sau seul.
  • Lichiorurile, romul, tuica, sifonul, apa minerala, siropurile, rachiul, cafeaua neagra.
  • Dulciurile nepermise sunt aluaturile dospite, inghetata, aluaturile calde, prajiturile cu fructe acre, gemul si dulceata. Este bine sa fie evitate acadelele.

Concluzii personale

In lumea aceasta suntem imbiati cu o sumedenie de alimente, un amalgam de gusturi si mirosuri, care de care mai delicioase si mai stimulante pentru apetit si organism.

De foarte multe ori, mass-media si reclamele televizate nu se refera la cele mai naturale si mai sanatoase produse alimentare, ci din contra. Mancarea de tip fast-food, chipsurile, sucurile puternic acidulate, precum si alte alimente nesanatoase nu ne sunt prieteni ci dusmani.

Ramane la alegerea noastra sa consumam alimente sanatoase, cu moderatie pentru o viata mai indelungata si sanatoasa.

English version

Hello dear readers! Today’s article will be about gastritis.

From high school I managed to make chronic gastritis, probably from the style I ate, chaotic and because of the unhealthy foods, carbohydrates and countless chips, acid juices at that time, they all  looked cool and delicious.

Now, looking back at the moments spent in the hospital to treat this condition and the ample medication, of the regimes I had to keep strictly, I tell you from my heart and with all the sincerity that I would not eat the same food.

The problem is that because of stress and chaotic nutrition I brought back gastritis with pain all back to the acute stage in which I was 10 years ago.

What is gastritis?

Gastritis is defined as acute or chronic inflammation of the gastric mucosa and is represented by degenerative, allergic and metaplasic processes, which can in many cases lead to serious complications.

For those who do not know, gastritis is manifested by:

–  Burning sensations in the upper part of the stomach, which face up to the chest and may cause nausea;
Chest pains that usually occur after more spicy or hardly digestible meals (acres, fried foods, coffee, alcohol, too cold or too hot foods) – feeling bloated, satiety;
Vomiting after copious meals, sometimes;
In particular burning and pressure in the epigastrum (DEX: EPIGÁSTRU, epigastra, s. Abdomen, between the ribs and the navel);
Gastro-esophageal reflux (at least to me it has always been present), dark stool;
Low appetite for certain categories of foods (dairy, fat, meat);
Weight loss;

In more serious cases, gastritis can be a precursor for anemia, malnutrition and ulceration.

Most gastritis are produced by the Helycobacter Pylori microbe that inhabits the stomach. If over time the activity of this microorganism is not reduced by proper treatment, the affected person can reach duodenal ulcer and even gastric cancer.

Treatment and prevention

My advice is that before you start treating a condition, no matter how serious, it is better to go to a doctor. After some analysis and a specialist consultation, gastritis can be treated, but if you try to be your doctor without too much knowledge in the field and without accurate data, you can risk getting worse and worse.

Besides prescribing the doctor, you usually have to follow a certain diet.

The foods allowed in the diet to fight gastritis are:

Polenta. Yeah, maybe it sounds weird, but is it’s good boiled and a little salty is good for the stomach;
– fat free
chicken meat, or even fat-free beef is indicated;
Sweet cow’s cheese and urda;
Vegetable rice pilets (allowed);
Eggs are only boiled and soft, not fried;
Vegetables. There is not a wide range of vegetables here because the raw vegetables do not do well for the stomach; among the vegetables allowed: zucchini, potato and carrot. These vegetables should be consumed only cooked.
Fruit. Allowed with heat treatment, not raw. Avoid citrus fruit.
Teas that have a healing effect and restore the fine layers of protection from the stomach walls are: obligeana, quail, wormwood and mint.
Sweets. Sweets allowed are: puddings, cheesecake, moderate sugar and honey.

It is necessary to consume 3 meals a day, preferably in the absence of stressors; to facilitate digestion, foods should be chewed well before swallowing.

Prohibited foods in dieting for gastritis:

Bread is forbidden completely.
Fatty meat, chicken skin, smoked meat, sausage, wine, canned meat, snack, small, chopped and pickled, fishmeal, fried or marinated fish and smoked or canned fish.
Fermented, salted or preserved cheese.
Fresh eggs.
Hard and raw vegetables such as radishes, cucumbers, cabbage, sprouts, onions, cauliflower, garlic, pickles.
Nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachio, citrus.
Salt, bacon, salted margarine, fried fats, sour cream, salted butter or chocolate.
Liqueur, rum, tuna, siphon, mineral water, syrups, spirits, black coffee.
Sweetened desserts are leavened doughs, ice cream, hot doughs, sour cherries, jam and jam. It is good to avoid lollipops.

Personal Conclusions

In this world we are immersed in a multitude of foods, an amalgam of tastes and smells that make it more delicious and more stimulating for appetite and body.

Often, media and television advertisements do not refer to the most natural and healthier food, but on the contrary. Fast-food, chips, strong acids, and other unhealthy foods are not our friends but our enemies.

It remains our choice to eat healthy foods in moderation for a longer, healthier life.


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O noua eu/ A new me

O durere de cap m-a intampinat inca de cand am deschis ochii.

In ultima vreme a devenit o obisnuinta sa ma trezesc cu dureri, sa fug in graba catre serviciu si alte activitati.

Am uitat cine sunt… am uitat ce dorinte am. Am uitat ca sunt un simplu om, care pe langa job si familie mai exista. Hobby-uri? Pe cand? Abia am timp sa imi fac datoria de angajat si sotie.

Pe scurt, am devenit un robotel care munceste, ah si care mai este si bolnav. Luna aceasta mi-a fost si rau, cred ca de la stres si iritabilitate.

De foarte multe ori am vrut sa mai revin aici, pe blog. Imi era un dor imens de scris, de asternut gandurile in spatiul virtual, in lumea mea.

Parca mi se pare si ciudat. In urma cu cateva luni eram alta persoana, una vesela, zambitoare, mi se putea citi speranta in ochi. Eram incantata de fiecare raza de soare, icneam de bucurie la aparitia unei persoane dragi… eram eu.

Acum nu mai este asa. Acea Catalina se pierde incet, incet in defavoarea unei alte Cataline. O Catalina rece, tacuta si supusa. O Catalina care nu mai accepta mici scuze si reprosuri, o alta persoana care se inchide usor, usor in ea. O Catalina mult prea serioasa si mult prea „satula” de lumea din afara.


(Sursa Unsplash)

In prezent, am alte gusturi, alte idei si conceptii. Nici nu stiu cand mi le-am dezvoltat si sincera sa fiu, ma irita aceasta schimbare pentru ca nu ma caracterizeaza, nu sunt eu.

Dar lumea e rece si rea, si pentru a-i putea tine piept trebuie sa iti iei pe tine o piele mai dura. Trebuie sa stii sa te comporti si sa lupti, pentru ca viata e un adevarat razboi, iar tu, daca vrei sa supravietuiesti este necesar sa scoti armele si sa inaintezi, sa te aperi.

English version

A headache has met me since I opened my eyes.

Lately, it has become a habit to wake up with pain, to rush to work and other activities.

I forgot who I was … I forgot what I want. I forgot that I am a simple human, who besides work and family still exist. Hobbies? While? I barely have time to do my duty as an employee and wife.

In short, I became a robot who works, ah and who is also sick. This month I was also sick, I think from stress and irritability.

Very often I wanted to come back here on the blog. I had a huge desire to write, to put my thoughts in virtual space in my world.

It seems strange to me. A few months ago I was another person, a joyful, smiling one, I could read hope in my eyes. I was delighted by every ray of sunshine, I was glad to see a loved one … it was me.

Now it’s not like that. That Catalina is slowly losing, slowly to the detriment of another Cataline. A cold Catalina, silent and obedient. A Catalina who no longer accepts small excuses and reproaches, another person who closes easily, easily in her. A Catalina far too serious and too „saturated” by the outside world.

At present, I have other tastes, other ideas and concepts. I do not even know when I developed and honest to be, it irritates me because it does not characterize me, it’s not me.

But the world is cold and bad, and in order to keep it safe, you have to take a harder skin. You have to know how to behave and fight, because life is a real war, and you, if you want to survive, it is necessary to bring weapons and to advance, to defend yourself.


(Unsplash source)