Total AB Workout

Hello, my precious ones! Today, I thought about taking some time to observe again the amusing comments on my workout routine video.

Last week I referred to the legs exercise but today, I am going to observe the ones from an AB routine, hope you will like it and maybe try this workout as well, it’s working for me 😆.

Funny YouTube comments:

A reward is always appreciated after a hard workout!

Agree with this one! 😅

Fair enough, I like to think that the video is stimulating us to lose weight while the commercial wants us to stay in „shape”. I am a little bit confused 😅.

If the body is not used to working out, the beginning may be difficult. With courage and determination any challenge can be conquered! 🙂

Something tells me that he/she is not the only one. I hated the planks so much when I started exercising that I skipped them. Later on, in time, as the body got used to the training routine I found that the plank exercise is great!

Workout for sexy legs

Hello, dear readers, as you know, I started exercising, even though I haven’t written much about it lately 🥺. One of my favorite leg exercises is the Miley Cyrus Leg exercise by XHIT Daily on YouTube.

The exercise takes about 20 minutes, but you are 100 percent confident that you are going to workout every leg muscle and even get an extra booty workout.

Today, after the leg exercise, I took some time to observe the comments, and I giggled so bad. The remarks are sincere but at the same time very humorous, and, surprisingly, you can relate to them, particularly if you are a novice at working out your legs.

Starting with the funny YouTube comments:

Rebecca speaks so much in her video and works out at the same time. It’s motivating, but she needs a rest for sure! 😅

True fact, after the leg workout you can’t even walk properly, especially if you took a break for a week or a few days. It really messes you up.

I am sorry, Rebecca, but I don’t do squats when I brush my teeth, or when waiting for the bus. No-pity no. 😆

We all know the excitement and the controversy created after the song wrecking ball. To feel like that after a workout it’s an accomplishment 😅.

Fire hydrants are pretty exhausting if you do them in combination with leg pulses. It kills you, true enough 😄.

I laughed so bad at this comment, because it was so true and yet so funny. First baby steps after a workout are always the worst! 😂