Total AB Workout

Hello, my dear ones! So, today, I thought about taking some time to observe again the funny comments on my workout routine. Last week I referred to the legs workout but today, I am going to observe the ones from an AB routine, hope you will enjoy it! (And maybe try this workout as well, it’s working for me 😆).

Funny YouTube comments:

A reward is always appreciated after a hard workout!

Agree with this one! 😅

Fair enough, I like to think that the video is stimulating us to lose weight while the commercial wants us to stay in „shape”. I am a little bit confused 😅.

If the body is not used to working out, the beginning can be challenging. With courage and commitment every obstacle can be exceeded! 🙂

Something tells me that he/she is not the only one. I hated the planks so bad when I started exercising that I skipped them. Later on, in time, when the body got used to the training schedule I learned that the plank exercise is amazing!

Workout for sexy legs

Hello, dear readers, as you know, I started exercising, even if I haven’t posted anything about it recently 🥺. One of my favorite leg workouts is the Miley Cyrus Leg workout by XHIT Daily on YouTube.

The workout takes almost 20 minutes, but you are 100% sure that you are going to workout every leg muscle and also get an additional booty workout.

Today, after the leg workout, I took some time to observe the comments, and I giggled so bad. The comments are genuine but at the same time so funny, and, amazingly, you can relate to them, especially if you are a beginner at working out your legs.

Starting with the funny YouTube comments:

Rebecca speaks so much in her video and works out at the same time. It’s motivating, but she needs a rest for sure! 😅

True fact, after the leg workout you can’t even walk properly, especially if you took a break for a week or a few days. It really messes you up.

I am sorry, Rebecca, but I don’t do squats when I brush my teeth, or when waiting for the bus. Nopity no. 😆

We all know the thrill and the scandal created after the song wrecking ball. To feel like that after a workout it’s an achievement 😅.

Fire hydrants are pretty exhausting if you do them in combination with leg pulses. It kills you, true enough 😄.

I laughed so bad at this comment, because it was so true and yet so funny. First baby steps after a workout are always the worst! 😂