Hello, my dear readers! Lately, I have been studying about skin regeneration techniques for the post-acne scars, as you might know from my previous posts. I had enough of essential oils, creams, and treatments that don’t work their action through the skin, the result being mostly the same as the acne scars did not go away.

What is dermarolling?

Derma rolling is the act of using a derma roller – which is a handled roller, covered in small and fixed needles (usually 0.3 mm or even smaller) that you can rollover your clean skin to create micro-punctures on the face.

The purpose of the derma roller is to penetrate the skin using wound healing stimulation. A derma roller creates small perforations in the skin layer and gives it enough space in between where the wound healing stimulation takes over.

The result is amazing as new skin grows that becomes smoother with a plumper complexion. The Derma rolling process creates microscopic wounds that induce collagen and elastin production.

Who can use a dermaroller, is it safe to use at home?

The derma roller can be used by anyone, from persons with acne scars to persons with large pores. The process depends on the purpose that is being used for because if we want to refine the skin we should use thin, short needles and for acne scarring, we should use deeper and thicker needles.

Persons with acne-prone skin should be careful, as persons with eczema, psoriasis or cystic acne are more likely to spread the bacteria from one zit to the whole face.
The derma roller can be used at home in combination with a quality serum for 2-3 times a week, but it is ideal to be used one time per week.

If a quality serum is missing from home we can also use aloe vera as it is a potent antioxidant-rich in vitamins, soothes the irritated skin.

How should I use the dermaroller at home?

We need to start with disinfecting the derma roller. It is important to disinfect the derma roller before and after use, by letting is soak in 70 percent isopropyl alcohol for approximately 5 to 10 minutes.

The skin has to prepared, completely clean of oils and any dirt. It is recommended to use a foam cleanser and a toner to balance the pH. Also, we can use a numbing cream like Lidocaine or Prilocaine.

To start the procedure we need to roll horizontally over the forehead, chicks, chin back and forth. Then, go vertically on the forehead up and down up to three times. Finally, go diagonally across the face.

Once we have rolled our face we need to continue with active skincare products. We can use face serums, where the recommended ones are vitamin C serums or even Aloe Vera. The best time to apply the derma rolling procedure is during the night time as we are not exposed to sun rays.

We can wash our faces with water 8 hours after the procedure. It is important to use a gentle cleanser post the derma rolling procedure.

Avoid using any makeup products, sunscreens or tanning lotions after a derma rolling procedure because it creates thousands of micro channels into the deeper skin layer.

We should avoid taking hot baths, saunas and avoid touching the skin unnecessarily and if needed wash the hands and wear gloves.

Does dermarolling hurt?

The process increases in pain depending on what type of derma roller we use, as the deeper the needle is, the more painful it will be. Also, the way of derma rolling is very important, as we need to use a light hand, we need to feel it but not through the point that is becoming uncomfortable.

When should we see the results?

The results pretty much depend on the frequency that we use the derma roller. It is recommended to use the derma roller once a week to build the tolerance in time up to two or three times a week, the smaller the needle, the more we can repeat the procedure.

Usually, Collagen takes up to two months to grow but used every week the results should appear in a month.

(Image Source – Unsplash, Adrian Motroc)

Estee Lauder Double Stay in Place Review

Hello, dear readers! So, today I wanted to share with you my opinion regarding the foundation Estee Lauder Double Stay in Place. I heard so many positive things about this product before and a few months back I decided to give it a try.

As you might know, having sensitive skin and acne-prone makes it difficult to identify a product that might actually work for you. I am saying this because I kept looking for the perfect product since my acne problems started long ago, and nothing seemed to really work.

Most of the products that I have used in the past either looked good on the skin after applying them, but shortly after you could see the difference, you could see clearly the imperfections out of the skin, which in time became oily and hard to manage.

As you know I have tried in the past also the revolutionary Revlon Foundation. It worked for about a few months until I managed to observe that my skin does not really go well with it. It’s a heavy foundation that is hard to remove from the face, it becomes oily and it’s not the right answer, at least not for me.

Estee Lauder Double Stay in Place Foundation

At the moment, this foundation is No. 1 in the US and not only. Estee Lauder Double Stay in Place comes in all skin tones, all undertones. It is a matte foundation that looks flawless and natural, feels lightweight and comfortable.

The best part of this foundation is that it is a long-wear product, it’s oil-free and oil-controlling, and moreover is transfer-resistant, and the waterproof formula lasts longer in humid and hot places.

(Image Source – Personal Library)


For me, Estee Lauder Double Stay in Place is the best answer until now. I can go to work and stay even 12 hours, my skin does not get oily, looks fresh and clean.

Also, it is easy to wear and doesn’t act too harshly with the skin. Making a comparison with Revlon, Estee Lauder it’s a miracle. Revlon became oily after the first 2 hours, had no transfer resistance at all, it was hard to wear on the skin and worsened my skin condition.

With Estee Lauder Double Stay in Place sometimes I even forget that I am wearing it. It is so comfortable to wear and kind with the skin, thing that simply makes me love it.

Also, when I arrive at home I make sure that I cleanse my face well, and rarely I can observe any skin eruptions and those when I go too over the board with the consumption of dairy products.

Yes, the price is a little bit spicy but it deserves its payment, I rather purchase a more expensive product and use it wisely than spend less and cause harm to my skin and self-respect.

I use to buy the foundation from Sephora as it is more close to my workspace and the employees are really great and offer great advice about the skin and not only. I would totally recommend this product as for me it works the best, I have no complaints about it so far and I am a happy customer 😄.

What is your opinion about Estee Lauder Double Stay in Place?

(Image Source – Personal Library)

Review Clinique 3 steps

Hello, my dearest ones!

Lately I have received advice from friends and acquaintances regarding Clinique cosmetics. Knowing myself with a sensitive skin prone to acne and blemishes, I told myself that there is nothing wrong with trying.

Given that I work near a mall, I considered the Sephora store for more details. The store staff was very nice and able to answer all my questions about these products.

From the store I was recommended for the beginning, to see how the skin behaves with the products a small skin care kit containing the following: 50 ml facial liquid soap, 100 ml cleansing tonic liquid and a 30 ml moisturizing emulsion .

The set of products costs 150 lei purchased directly from the Sephora store, but considering that it was the Black Friday period, I managed to find the set at a better price from the Elephant, at 90 lei.

I started using the products immediately after I recovered the parcel from the courier, being curious about the results from the first day.

I. Liquid Cleansing Soap – Cleansing soap is one of the best products tried so far, because it is a light, water soluble and gentle skin product.

It removes makeup easily, removing the foundation and cosmetics right from the first try. It does not irritate or dry the skin, leaving a pleasant smell after use.

II. Tonic Cleansing Liquid – Tonic Cleansing Liquid is the second step in the facial care ritual, representing an exfoliating lotion. It contains alcohol and witch hazel that reduces healing during the healing process and smooths the skin around the affected area.

III. Moisturizing emulsion – Moisturizing emulsion has the texture of a lotion, is lightweight and has been rapidly absorbed by the skin. This product has no oils and hydrates the skin deeply, leaving the skin soft and luminous.

Opinions about Clinique 3 steps products

Overall, I am satisfied with these cleaning products. It does not treat the affected skin in depth, but it keeps the skin clean and less prone to acne, acting gentle on imperfections and external agents.

In order for the products to have an effect on the skin, they must be used together as recommended even in the name. Used daily, under normal conditions it helps to improve the quality of the skin, giving a fresh and youthful skin, without problems.

What is your experience with Clinique products?

Recenzie produse Clinique 3 steps

Buna ziua, dragilor!

In ultima perioada am primit sfaturi de la prieteni si cunostinte cu privire la produsele cosmetice Clinique. Stiindu-ma cu un ten sensibil si predispus la acnee si imperfectiuni mi-am zis ca nu este nimic gresit in a incerca.

Avand in vedere faptul ca lucrez aproape de un centru comercial, am luat in considerare magazinul Sephora pentru mai multe detalii. Personalul magazinului a fost foarte dragut si in masura sa imi raspunda la toate intrebarile cu privire la aceste produse.

Din magazin mi-a fost recomandat pentru inceput, pentru a observa cum se comporta pielea cu produsele un mic kit de ingrijire a tenului ce contine urmatoarele: sapun lichid facial 50 ml, lichid tonic de curatare 100 ml si o emulsie hidratanta de 30 de ml.

Setul de produse costa 150 de lei achizitionat direct din magazinul Sephora, insa avand in vedere ca a fost perioada de Black Friday am reusit sa gasesc setul la un pret mai bun de pe Elefant, la 90 de lei.

Am inceput sa utilizez produsele chiar imediat dupa ce am recuperat coletul de la curier, fiind curioasa de rezultate chiar din prima zi.

I. Sapunul lichid de curatare Sapunul de curatare este unul dintre cele mai bune produse incercate pana in prezent, datorita faptului ca este un produs usor, solubil in apa si bland cu pielea.

Acesta indeparteaza machiajul cu usurinta, indepartand fondul de ten si produsele cosmetice chiar din prima incercare. Nu irita sau usuca pielea, lasand un miros placut dupa utilizare.

II. Lichidul tonic de curatare – Lichidul tonic de curatare reprezinta pasul al doilea din ritualul de ingrijire a fetei, reprezentand o lotiune exfolianta. Acesta contine alcool si hamamelis (witch hazel) ce reduce cicatrizarea in timpul procesului de vindecare si uniformizeaza pielea din jurul zonei afectate.

III. Emulsia hidratanta – Emulsia hidratanta are textura unei lotiuni, este usoara si a fost absorbita rapid de piele. Acest produs nu are uleiuri si hidrateaza pielea in profunzime, lasand tenul catifelat si luminos.

Pareri despre produsele Clinique 3 steps

Per total, ma declar multumita de aceste produse de curatare. Nu trateaza in profunzime pielea afectata dar pastreaza tenul curat si mai putin predispus la acnee, actionand bland asupra imperfectiunilor si agentilor externi.

Pentru ca produsele sa isi faca efectul asupra pielii, trebuie folosite impreuna precum este recomandat chiar si din denumire. Utilizat in fiecare zi, in regim normal ajuta la imbunatatirea calitatii pielii conferind un ten proaspat si tanar, fara probleme.

Voi ce parere aveti de produsele Clinique?

Why is important to clean makeup brushes

Makeup brushes ensure flawless and seamless makeup, whether we are talking about a natural or an occasion, intense makeup.

It is extremely important to maintain a certain hygiene of the brushes to create a quality makeup and to avoid the appearance of pimples or other affections of the skin of the face.

Makeup brushes collect sebum, dust, dead cells and residues of cosmetics in their strands.

Make-up brushes should be cleaned at least every two weeks. A brush loaded with product and used daily without being cleansed aggravates the skin and prevents the uniform application of the cosmetic product on the skin.

To see exactly what a dirty brush contains, samples were taken in the laboratory. Staphylococcus Aureus was one of the microorganisms identified in the sample.

Image Source – Bio Cote

This microorganism can cause numerous skin disorders, causing atopic dermatitis and infections in the body.

How to properly wash makeup brushes and sponge

For in-depth cleaning of makeup sponges and brushes, a liquid antibacterial soap is recommended in order to prevent germ development.

Washing the brushes also requires a brush cleaner that is sprayed onto the brushes and then wiped with a dry towel.

In the process of cleaning the brushes, in the used water can be added a splash of essential oil of tea tree that disinfect and gives a pleasant aroma.

The washing temperature of makeup brushes and sponges should be high, as hot water along with antibacterial soap helps to dissolve and remove the product.

Image Source – Unsplash

For a thorough washing of the brushes, follow the next steps:

  • Wet the hair of the brush, place a grain of antibacterial soap in the palm and massage the area with the help of the makeup brushes.
  • Rise the makeup brushes with warm water, then shake them to remove excess water.
  • For the subsequent drying of the brushes a special towel is used, fluffy which absorbs very well the water from the brushes.

It is also recommended to clean the holders, boxes and drawers for makeup brushes and sponges in order to maintain a safe and clean beauty process.

Alternatives of antibacterial soap, if we do not have at hand could be: vinegar, dish detergent, micellar water, baby shampoo, Isopropyl alcohol.

Image Source – YouQueen

When is it advisable to change my makeup brushes?

Normally, makeup brushes should be used for 4-5 months, but it is highly dependent on the strands resistance of the brushes used. When strands fall from the brush and they have an unpleasant odor, it is clear that we must think about purchasing other brushes.

How often do you clean your makeup brushes and sponge?

De ce este important sa curatam pensulele de machiaj

Pensulele de machiaj asigura un machiaj impecabil si fara cusur, fie ca vorbim de un machiaj natural sau de unul de ocazie, intens.

Este extrem de important sa pastram o anumita igiena a pensulelor pentru a crea un machiaj de calitate si a evita aparitia cosurilor sau a altor afectiuni ale pielii fetei.

Pensulele de machiaj colecteaza in firele lor sebum, praf, celule moarte si resturi de produse cosmetice.

Pensulele de machiaj trebuie curatate la interval de doua saptamani, cel putin. O pensula incarcata de produs si utilizata zilnic fara a fi curatata agreseaza tenul si impiedica aplicarea uniforma a produsului cosmetic pe piele.

Pentru a vedea exact ce contine o pensula murdara, s-au preelevat probe in laborator. Staphylococcus Aureus a fost unul dintre microorganismele identificate in proba.

Sursa Imaginii – Bio Cote

Acest microorganism poate cauza numeroase afectiuni la nivelul pielii, provocand dermatita atopica si infectii in organism.

Cum sa speli corect pensulele si bureteii de machiaj

Pentru curatarea in profunzime a bureteilor de machiaj si a pensulelor se recomanda un sapun antibacterian lichid ce impiedica dezvoltarea germenilor.

Spalarea pensulelor mai necesita si un brush cleaner care se pulverizeaza pe pensule si care apoi se sterge cu un servetel uscat.

In procesul de curatare a pensulelor, in apa utilizata se poate adauga si un strop de ulei esential de arbore de ceai ce dezinfecteaza si confera o aroma placuta.

Temperatura de spalare a pensulelor si a bureteilor de machiaj trebuie sa fie ridicata, deoarece apa fierbinte impreuna cu sapunul antibacterian ajuta la dizolvarea si indepartarea produsului.

Sursa Imaginii – Unsplash

Pentru o spalare minutioasa a pensulelor, se respecta urmatorii pasi:

  • Se uda firele de par ale pensulei, se pune un bob de sapun antibaterian in palma si se maseaza zona cu ajutorul pensulelor.
  • Pensulele se clatesc cu apa calduta, dupa care se scutura pentru a indeparta apa in exces.

Pentru uscarea ulterioara a pensulelor se utilizeaza un prosop special, pufos care absoarbe foarte bine apa din pensule.

De asemenea, se recomanda si curatarea portfardurilor, a cutiilor si sertarelor pentru machiaj pentru un proces de infrumusetare sigur si curat.

Alternative ale sapunului antibacterian, in cazul in care nu avem la indemana ar putea fi si: otetul, detergentul de vase, apa micelara, sampon de bebelusi, Alcool Izopropilic.

Sursa Imaginii – YouQueen

Cand este recomandat sa imi schimb pensulele de machiaj?

In mod normal, pensulele ar trebui utilizate pentru 4-5 luni, insa depinde foarte mult de rezistenta perilor din pensulele utilizate. In momentul in care cad perii din pensula si acestia poseda un miros neplacut este clar ca trebuie sa ne gandim la achizitionarea altor pensule.

Voi cat de des va curatati pensulele si bureteii de machiaj?

Ordinea folosirii produselor de ingrijire a fetei

Intr-o zi obisnuita, de dimineata dupa ce ma trezesc ma spal pe fata cu sapun Dove peeling; il folosesc deoarece din cauza imperfectiunilor si a acneei care iese din cand in cand, pielea se mai usuca si este nevoie si de un proces abraziv care sa indeparteze pielea moarta. Pentru mine Dove peeling functioneaza si lasa o pielea neteda si catifelata.


Urmatorul produs in serie este lotiunea de la Aroma Plant, o aplic cu dischete demachiante pe zonele afectate de imperfectiuni.


Imi hidratez fata cu o crema de la L’oreal si o las sa intre in piele.


Dupa aceasta aplic fondul de ten. Nu stiu despre voi, dar eu tot timpul ma aflu intr-o continua testare cu fondurile de ten. Cand gasesc un fond bun de ten, ma opresc asupra acestuia si il folosesc o perioada, apoi cand mai primesc review-uri despre alt produs, alt fond de ten incerc si tot asa pana descopar produsul perfect pentru tenul meu!

Inca din iarna am folosit Divine Lux Matte. E un produs destul de bun cu putere de acoperire mare, si rezista pe piele ore intregi fara a crea vreun efect nedorit.


Apoi fixez cu pudra. In urma cu cateva luni am avut o „descoperire”. Am incetat sa folosesc pudrele pentru fixare a fondului de ten deoarece majoritatea nu le gaseam pe nuanta tenului meu, (eu am un ten foarte deschis la culoare), si folosesc pudra. Da, acea pudra… eu folosesc de la Johnsons Baby, Bebicina sau de la Vitalia.

Englejii denumesc acest proces „baking” deoarece produsele de make up rezista o perioada mai indelungata si confera un alt aspect fetei.


Ah, si mai folosesc un blush de la Avon, Lux temptation dupa pentru putin bujor in obrajori 😀 , rimel The One si un ruj mat de culoare roz pal, nu mai stiu ce firma e, dar mi-am comandat noul Mark de la Avon si sunt tare curioasa de cum o sa fie!

Toate aceste produse stau pe fata mea de dimineata pana seara. In cazul in care este extrem de cald, imi mai sterg fata cu un servetel dar produsele raman acolo.

Seara sau cand ajung acasa, folosesc din nou sapunul Dove, stergand orice urma de machiaj, aplic lotiunea de la Aroma Plant si Crema. Las sa actioneze o ora, doua, trei… depinde de cat de obosita sunt, ma clatesc pe fata si inainte de a ma pune la somnic aplic Bio OIl.


In timpul liber… sau cat mai ramane din el 😀 , prefer sa nu port machiaj deloc si aplic tratamentele de la Aroma Plant si masti naturale din miere si uleiuri naturale.