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WFH and feelings

Hello, dear readers and writers! It’s been a few days since I haven’t posted again. What can I say besides, I had to comprehend my thoughts and take a break.

I managed to successfully finish my last few days at the former employee and start fresh, with the new opportunity arrived. If last week I was struggling with the night shifts, now I am trying to survive like an ordinary human, within day shifts.

This second job is strictly remote for now, but I already love it, the knowledge, the people, everything. I like to think of it as a brand new path with positive outcomes.

Why is better to work remotely?

To me, working from home is like an open door, considering the Covid-19 outbreak and the present situation. The last thing I would want is remaining without a monthly income. I have to contribute to paying the bills and maintaining a living.

Another thing I like, is that I get to keep in touch with my colleagues at work online, and not directly. No, don’t get me wrong, I am the opposite of anti-social but it is less distraction online, I can focus better on my tasks and be more productive.

Being at home allows me to create my own environment for work. For example, feeling at ease with the space I work in, having the possibility to air the room whenever I want, or even choosing the exact amount of light necessary. I get to be cozy and work in pajamas, use a soft pillow for comfort, and even to hug my cat, Fifi, during breaks, of course 😅.

I get to spend time with my family, which, at the last company was almost impossible to accomplish. If I have something important to perform regarding personal matters, I can take my laptop and work from any place with a good connection to the internet.

I don’t have to wake up early to prepare for work, chose the clothes I wanna wear, or do my makeup. Last week, I had to move for some paperwork, and believe me, the traffic is horrible and the crowds in public transportation are exhausting.

What changed during the transition

I get the feeling that something is changed now, as I am used to working on night shifts, staying away from family, having to run to work, and home. I feel like I am a more cold and work-oriented person than I’ve been before.

At times, I don’t even know how to react in certain situations, considering the fact that I’ve been away for that long. I was used to being lonely during the night shifts, and now all of a sudden, I have people around me.

I’ve got my inner wall built so well around people, that now I wish to be alone with myself more, even if in the past I hated that.

One thing I noticed is that day shifts are more exhausting then night shifts. I tend to want to sleep more or lay in bed. For example, during the night shifts, I had a 6-hour sleep and felt fresh and got a lot done. Now, with the morning shifts, I get to sleep 8 hours, wake up tired and grumpy, I do get work done but not in the same amount.


The last week has been messy and had no order. My next challenge is to get my stuff together and decide on what I want and what people should be around me. Also, I need to switch my sleeping schedule because I am no vampire 😂.

I want to wake up in the morning with an hour later, take a morning walk or run and then take a shower and enjoy my coffee before work. 

You may say, this sounds like a good plan, but let’s see how you are going to pull it through. Well, I am no morning person, but if I am thinking of achieving something, nothing is going to stop me. Anything is better than just pulling through, like a sloth with no orientation or purpose in life.

“It’s not enough to have lived. We should be determined to live for something.” ―Winston S. Churchill

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Job challenges

Hello, dear readers and writers! The time frame is now 12:24 AM while I am writing this post. As you might have guessed, I am enjoying the night shifts.

(Image Source – TeePublic)

It’s my last week as an employee at this company, and now I have to switch between two jobs, 16 hours per day. About one thing I am positive, this is a challenge for me, but I am faithful and know that things will change starting with next week.

Overall, it’s more demanding, because I have to deal with two different tasks per day, and it can be overwhelming at times. I make sure to finish my job earlier so that I can get more sleep, but at times 4-5 hours of sleep, it’s a performance.

I wake up, take a shower, eat breakfast, and have coffee with my new colleagues from the second workplace then the training begins. I am lucky because the new job is friendly and easy to understand for the beginning.

I finish the second job at 6 PM, eat my second meal, get 2 hours of sleep, and start again with the night shift at 8 PM. I don’t get too much time for myself because I have to keep working and pay attention to my tasks.

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Working on two jobs: pros and cons

When you are working two jobs, you are tired for sure. It drains you of any energy left, and the more tired you get, the more irritable you become. It’s essential to learn to control your attitude, as your loved ones are not at fault for this situation.

As a benefit, I think you can count on the fact you will considerably improve your skills and achieve more experience in a short time, and this will help you to build your resume.

The other reason will be, making money, of course. Everybody needs money for daily expenses, bills, credits, etc. Doubling the usual payment helps to cover all the expenses and save some for unexpected incidents.

(Image Source – MemeGenerator)

Motivational words

At the end of the day, enjoy the ride, and get through every task, climbing peaks and valleys. Work with all your heart, and be happy with the results, work as if you would be working for your own business.

If you get the feeling that today was not enough, then rest and make tomorrow worthwhile. Set small goals and achieve them in time. Have faith in yourself and your abilities. Nobody can do a better job than you!

(Image Source – Langley)

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Night shifts and how can they affect you

Hello, my dear readers! I am sorry that I haven’t managed to post anything this week but it’s been crazy and to be frank, I haven’t really felt when it passed. As you might guess from the title, last week I had night shifts at work.

It was not something imposed by the company but something that I wanted, choosing to see how my body can accommodate working during the night shifts. More as an experiment, if you want to.

Shift Work Disorder and how it can affect your life

According to Wikipedia, Shift work sleep disorder (SWSD) is a circadian rhythm sleep disorder characterized by insomnia and excessive sleepiness affecting people whose work hours overlap with the typical sleep period.

One Study lead by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that women who have worked rotating shifts for 5 years or more experience short life spans and have a higher risk of dying from cardiovascular diseases and lung cancer.

Long term night shift work can lead to an increased risk of cancers, metabolic problems, heart disease, ulcers, obesity and gastrointestinal problems. The lack of sleep can change metabolism and appetite, causing irregular eating habits and a poor diet.

Issues that can affect persons who work at night are also related to the light exposure that suppresses melatonin (the substance that is secreted at night in the human body).

Night shift work disrupts the body’s circadian rhythm (that regulates the release of different chemicals in the body) and causes the persons to become out of sync with the external environment.

Regarding mental health, the night shift can increase the risk of depression, creating social issues that affect well being and happiness.

Productivity and performance are being at stake because of various reasons. Night shift workers do not sleep the full amount that their body requires and accumulate in a large „sleep” debt over time.

This can slow your reaction time, and you are not so likely to resolve problems and respond to challenges as you would in the day time. The concentration is reduced and it becomes harder to focus and stay on task.

Also, night shifts deprive you of vitamin D which is essential for human health. Vitamin D assists with the absorption of calcium and promotes bone growth. A low amount of vitamin D in the body can lead to osteomalacia (misshaped bones) along with breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, heart diseases, and depression.

(Image Source – Unsplash)

Ways to recover after a night shift

  • Get help from your loved ones

The family cooperation is very important in situations like these and to be successful in the night shift and stay focused you need to rest. Working together and balancing essential activities is vital. Family time, paying bills, shopping and housework must be done in your free time, better said after a long period of sleep in which you can recover your „powers”.

  • Stay away from caffeine and energizing drinks

I observed in my case that staying away from coffee and energy drinks can be a challenge in the night shifts. But even if it seems impossible at times, we don’t have to overdue the consume, and drink only a less amount and cover the rest with water. Caffeine stays in the body for hours after you have already felt the effects, and it can really affect your sleep after the work hours.

  • Avoid drinking alcohol

Alcohol can make you feel asleep faster than you would usually do, and it reduces the rapid eye movement sleep. REM sleep is the restorative phase of your sleep cycle and by consuming alcohol you interfere with your body’s ability to repair itself.

  • Get vitamin D from the right sources

As I have mentioned, the persons who are working at night have less vitamin D in their bodies. So, the best advice is that when you are not working, try to spend at least 30 minutes in the sun rays. Whether you go for a walk, exercise outdoors or even reading a book is just enough for your body to get vitamin D and keep you healthy.

  • Improve the quality of your sleep environment

Sleeping in the right environment is crucial for the quality of your night work because it affects the amount of time when you rest. Make sure you keep your room cool, as dark a possible.

Also, speak with your neighbors to avoid any drilling sounds during the day. If that is not possible consider using earplugs and a sleep mask. Consider turning off all the electronics that can wake you up.

As I have mentioned, the persons who are working at night have less vitamin D in their bodies. So, the best advice is that when you are not working, try to spend at least 30 minutes in the sun rays. Whether you go for a walk, exercise outdoors or even reading a book is just enough for your body to get vitamin D and keep you healthy.

  • Eat a healthy diet

Eating healthy is a good method of enduring night shifts. If you are used to working in the night shifts consider eating during the day, in your sleep time, even if you don’t have an appetite. Eat frequent light meals and healthy snacks to avoid the drowsiness caused by heavy foods.

Choose foods that are easy to digest as fruits, vegetables, bread, rice and pasta for your body to keep nourished and staying awake during the night time. Also, foods like tuna, eggs, turkey and tofu are important for protein level in the body. These foods also keep you alerted and helps in staying focused.

Make sure you avoid carbohydrates and sweet foods, as they can affect your organism and it will be harder to fall asleep during the day time.


Night shift is for sure a very challenging task and only you and your body know the struggle if you have been working during night time. In these situations, when working at night is better to follow the indications mentioned in the article and take care of yourself.

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Raspunsuri, in lumea mea/ Answers, in my world

Sunt 7 zile de cand nu am mai scris nimic. 7 zile in care timpul a fost crud, el m-a uitat printre oameni angosi si sute de hartii scrise inutil. In ultimele zile m-am tot intrebat care este scopul meu in aceasta lume, pe ce carari voi merge, si pana la urma care este rolul acestei calatorii.

Din pacate, am mai esuat odata in gasirea unui scop, a unui job. Acest lucru se intampla a doua oara de la absolvire, insa de data aceasta cu mai putina durere in suflet. Tind sa cred ca jobul perfect se afla la sute de km departare, si eu sunt tot mai departe de gasirea acestuia.

In cadrul acestui job am intalnit din nou personalitati diferite, caractere conturate de emotii pozitive dar si negative. Am descoperit noi modalitati de a privi viata si de a trata persoane in viata de zi cu zi.

Am observat cat este de dificil sa lucrezi direct cu oamenii, sa implementezi un sistem controlat 100% cu proceduri si scheme ce nu vor fi niciodata respectate integral de angajatii in subordine.

Sa iti doresti din tot sufletul sa faci o diferenta, sa incerci imposibilul uneori, si cel mai dureros in opinia mea, sa nu fii perceput corect de catre superiori. Sa fii privit de jos, cu indignare si repulsie, sa fii considerat un neadaptat la cerintele si asteptarile conducerii.

Am auzit multe opinii cu privire la activitatea mea. Mi s-a spus ca sunt isteata si am inteles in cateva zile ce altii au invatat in saptamani; am crezut in progres si am continuat, insa ultimul feedback m-a lasat rece si indiferenta.

Pe de o parte mi s-a spus ca trebuie sa aplic o severitate fara margini si un caracter de gheata, iar pe de alta ca ar trebui sa fiu mai prietenoasa si deschisa. Ca nu inteleg procedurile si ca nu sunt capabila de progres. Unii s-au legat de maturitatea mea si au considerat-o absenta, in timp ce altii mi-au spus ca eu traiesc in lumea mea.

Dar cum pot eu schimba ce alti 10 inaintea mea nu au reusit?! … . Intr-un mediu stresant si rece din care un angajat vine astazi si altul pleaca maine, nu exista oameni multumiti, asadar nu exista progres.

Am ales sa opresc aici aceasta experienta deoarece m-am simtit bulversata si nu mi-am gasit linistea. Simteam ca nu am raspunsuri vitale si ca ma invarteam intr-un cerc vicios, plin de nesiguranta si incertitudine.

La finalul zilei, important este insemnatatea a ceea ce desfasori 8/12 h pe zi, sentimentul de gratitudine pe care ti-l confera. Feedbackul pozitiv alaturi de zambete de incurajare aduc si ele ganduri pozitive ce duc la avansare.

Daca in lumea lor sunt inconjurata de tipete, cuvinte amare spuse la suparare si frustrari atunci prefer sa plec in lumea mea, unde locul de munca inseamna multumirea fata de activitatea pe care o desfasor, de oamenii cu care lucrez si de mediu, oriunde ar fi ea.

                                                                     English version

It’s been 7 days since I did not write anything. 7 days when the time was cruel, locked among angry people and hundreds of unnecessary paper. In the last few days I have been wondering what my purpose in this world is, what paths I will go, and after all, what is the role of this journey.

Unfortunately, I failed once again to find a job. This is the second time since graduation, but this time with less pain in the soul. I tend to think the perfect job is hundreds of miles away, and I’m farther from finding it.

In this job I again met different personalities, characters outlined by positive and negative emotions. We have discovered new ways to look at life and treat people in everyday life.

I have noticed how difficult it is to work directly with people, to implement a 100% controlled system with procedures and schemes that will never be fully met by subordinate employees.

I wanted to make a difference, to try the impossible at times, and most painfully in my opinion, not to be correctly perceived by the superiors. To be seen from below, with indignation and repulsion, to be considered as inadequate to the requirements and expectations of leadership.

I have heard many opinions about my work. I was told I was smart and understood in a few days what others had learned in weeks; I believed in progress and continued, but the last feedback left me cold and indifferent.

On the one hand, I was told I had to apply a borderlessness and an ice character, and on the other hand I should be more friendly and open. That I do not understand the procedures and I’m not capable of progress. Some have linked to my maturity and considered it absent, while others have told me that I live in my world.

But how can I change what the other 10 before me did not succeed ?! …. In a stressful and cold environment where one employee comes today and another leaves tomorrow, there are no satisfied people, there is no progress.

I chose to stop this experience here because I felt upset and I did not find peace. I felt that I had no vital answers and that I was turning in a vicious circle, full of uncertainty and doubt.

At the end of the day, it is importance of what you do 8/12 hours a day, the feeling of gratitude it gives you. Positive feedback with encouraging smiles also brings positive thoughts that lead to advancement.

If in their world I’m surrounded by screaming, bitter words said to sadness and frustration then I prefer to go into my world, where I am content about the place that I work in, the people I work with and the environment, wherever that place is.

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Thought of the day 9#

      Nici nu stiu cu ce ar trebui sa incep… .Ma rezum totusi la faptul ca mi-a fost dor de blog, de voi. Am avut o saptamana incarcata de sentimente si intamplari, care mai de care mai ample si mai putin iritante.

Dupa cum am povestit in articolele precedente, am finalizat un capitol prematur inceput din aceasta viata. Acum, sunt in cautarea unui nou capitol, mai bun si prosper insa din pacate nu-mi gasesc inspiratia, imi lipsesc randuri din cartea vietii si privesc la pagini goale.

Caut raspunsuri in locuri diverse, ma afund in amalgamuri de noi informatii si acumulez… din pacate mari nimicuri.

Imi petrec ore in sir in fata ecranului alb, pe site-uri specializate cautand indicii despre viitor, despre scopuri si dorinte. Ma innec intr-o baie de multime, socializez cu necunoscuti dar nimeni nu pare sa imi fure inima. Tot ceea ce acumulez sunt promisiuni si fagaduieli desarte.

Ma afund in ganduri felurite si visez la noi apusuri, la noi orizonturi.

Un element statornic si din ce in ce mai prezent este speranta. Si incapatinarea. Faptul ca imi cunosc puterile si aspiratiile ma determina sa nu renunt, sa duc lupta la un alt nivel. De foarte multe ori, din pacate ma lovesc de ziduri mari prin care nu trec sabiile launtrice si razboiul se opreste pentru cateva momente.

In ciuda lacrimilor amar-sarate ce se revarsa pe chip, imi ridic armele ca un soldat ranit si continui sa caut raspunsuri, continui sa caut o cale de iesire.

Un lucru e cert si sigur. Inapoi nu am cum sa ma mai intorc, si o cale de mijloc nu exista. Din toate incercarile la care am fost supusa pana in prezent am invatat ca trebuie sa imi pastrez calmul si orice as face nu trebuie sa renunt.

Sansele mele exista, chiar daca in acest moment ma invart intr-un cerc de ceata si nesiguranta. Va aparea si locul potrivit pentru mine, doar ca se afla pe undeva, la capatul vreunui tunel intunecat.

Sunt constienta ca aceasta incercare are un rol important si voi avea ceva de invatat. De asemenea stiu ca in urma acestui capitol incetosat ultimele randuri vor concluziona de ce restul paginilor sunt voalate, si ca de fapt trebuiau simtite nicidecum citite limpede.

Sursa Unsplash

English version

I do not even know what I should start with … . I still have to summarize the fact that I missed the blog, I missed you. I have had a week full of emotions and events that were more ample and less irritating.

As I have mentioned in the previous articles, I have completed a premature chapter from this life. Now, I’m looking for a new chapter, better and prosperous, but unfortunately I can not find my inspiration, I miss the rows of the book of life and look at blank pages.
I’m looking for answers in various places, I am amalgamous with new information and I am collecting … unfortunately nothing importantly big.

I spend hours in front of the white screen on specialized sites looking for clues about the future, about goals and desires. I drown in a bath of many unknown people, socialize with strangers, but nobody seems to steal my heart. All that I accumulate are vague promises.
I am caught in various thoughts and I dream of new landscapes and new horizons.

A steadfast and more and more present element is hope. And stubborness. Being aware of my powers and aspirations causes me not to give up, to take the fight to another level. Many times, unfortunately, they hit me with large walls that do not cross the inner swords and the war stops for a few moments.

Despite the bitter-salty tears streaming over my face, I pick up my weapons as a wounded soldier and continue to look for answers, continuing to look for a way out.

One thing is certain.I can not get back, and a middle way does not exist. From all the trials I have been subjected to so far I have learned that I must keep my calm and whatever I do I do not have to give up.

My chances exist, even if at this moment I’m in a circle of fog and insecurity. There will also be a right place for me, just somewhere at the end of a dark tunnel.

I am aware that this test has an important role and I will have something to learn. I also know that after this blurred chapter the last lines will conclude why the rest of the pages are veiled, and that they really should not have been read but felt crystal clean.

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Probleme cotidiene/Daily issues

Nu-i asa ca uneori aveti impresia ca sunteti inconjurati de oameni care nici macar nu au un motiv pentru care se afla in preajma voastra? Nu stiu de ce dar in ultima vreme eu am simtit asta foarte puternic.

Sunt unele persoane care in anumite momente critice genereaza dintr-un creier putin folosit raspunsuri si comportamente cat mai impertinente posibil.

In acest articol voi detalia cateva din momentele iritante petrecute in ultima perioada.

Cazul I

In urma cu cateva zile completam cateva sondaje de la Daedalus si nu stiu de ce, dar mie mi se intampla sa dau de erori la 4/10 sondaje in cazul acestei companii. Mi se intampla sa ajung la jumatatea chestionarului si sa ma lovesc de probleme de ordin tehnic, IT.

Spre exemplu, la intrebarea 25, din cadrul unei testari de reclama mi se cerea sa mut un atribut intr-o casuta x, corespunzatoare parerii mele de consumator. Bun, pana aici toate bune si frumoase, cu exceptia faptului ca nu puteam la propriu, muta atributul in casuta. Am tras de cuvintele alea cateva secunde pana am realizat ca este o problema. Dau sa merg inainte la urmatoarea intrebare, era logic sa nu ma lase pentru ca nu aveam cum raspunde, incerc sa mut din nou cu mouse-ul nici gand si tocmeala.

Aleg sa reclam problema la Daedalus. Dupa doua zile primesc si eu raspunsul la intrebarea mea. Nu stiam daca sa rad sau sa ma enervez la ce raspuns am primit:


Eu cred ca aceasta lectie am invatat-o la varsta de 8 anisori cand mi-am luat PC, si care cunostinta am dezvoltat-o apoi la orele de informatica din cadrul scolii. Adica, pe bune?!

Cum sa imi dea un raspuns asa nefolositor cand de fapt problema era alta? Hai ca poate mai intelegeam si eu sa imi admita ca exista o problema de browser (desi nu era cazul, am incercat sondajele pe 5 browsere diferite)… ah si la urma imi ia si dreptul de a mai completa odata sondajul, ca deh, eu nu stiu notiuni de informatica de baza.

Cazul II

In ultimii ani datorita serviciilor practicate in diverse domenii mi s-a oferit sansa de a lucra impreuna, de a instrui si supraveghea angajatii.

La o prima vedere, ai crede ca angajatii sunt oameni seriosi si competenti, care nu ar avea nevoie de tutorat si ca ar intelege anumite lucruri si s-ar comporta matur, conform infatisarii si tinutei pe care o afiseaza.

Dar, din nou viata ma surprinde. Nu de putine ori mi-a fost dat sa vad oameni certandu-se pentru un nimic, spunandu-si reciproc cuvinte grele si dand vina unul pe celalalt, aruncandu-si „vina” precum copii mingea unora altora. Mai mult decat atat, precum niste copii razgaiati dau fuga la sef si parasc unul neputinta si lipsa de gandire a celuilalt.

Intr-un astfel de colectiv, cu astfel de persoane nu numai ca iti este dificil sa ii intelegi, dar iti este si greoi sa lucrezi si sa te dezvolti ca persoana. (I can’t work with that!!)


(shutterstock sursa)

Cazul III

Cu totii stim, cu serviciile de telefonie, internet si gaz/curent mereu este si va fi bataie de cap. Esti client, ai drepturi. Cam asa speculeaza marile companii furnizoare de servicii de pe piata romaneasca, care incurajeaza oamenii in a le folosi serviciile.

Sa luam Orange, de exemplu. Parintii, cunostintele, rudele si prietenii – pana si necunoscutii folosesc Orange. De ce? Simplu! Pentru ca are acoperire mai mare de semnal si ofera abonamente avantajoase (sau cel putin asa se lauda).

In urma cu doi anisori am decis si eu sa imi deschid abonament pe numele meu, cu telefon nou, pachet complet.  Dupa un an de zile de platit, de depasit suma de pe abonament mi-a cam plecat simtul responsabilitatii si dorinta de a fi independenta. Am ramas totusi pe Orange, cu abonament pe care il platesc cu 10 zile inainte de termen pentru a evita penalizarile, ce sunt evident usturatoare.

Cazul IV

E-nergia, mama ei dara! Acum doi ani mi-a batut la usa o duduie ce se batea cu pumnul in piept ca este angajata a firmei E-on si ca imi prezinta o oferta de care o sa fiu cu siguranta multumita si ca nu o sa regret alegerea facuta. Nu numai ca am regretat, dar am ramas si stupefiata!

De fapt, „duduia Leana” era angajata misterios la E-nergia si cauta noi clienti. Am aflat cand doream sa achit factura la gaz pentru E-ON, nu ma aflam in baza lor de date pentru ca eram prezenta in catalogul unei alte companii. Ca sa pot reveni din nou la E-ON trebuie sa merg tocmai la Targu Mures sa ma reconectez… pe bune?!

Am rezistat pana acum tot pe E-nergia, ca deh. Targu Mures e departe si timp ioc… desi iarna la ce sume impresionante achit lunar ma cam motiveaza sa fac o plimbare.

Cazul V

UPC si angajatii competenti. Aceste doua elemente ce tocmai le-am specificat sunt cam in contrast unele cu altele. Data aceasta cand mi-am reinnoit abonamentul la ei, am primit cadou un modem nou!

Cee frumos! Noh, problema este acum ca dragul de tehnician de la UPC s-a cam grabit. A instalat in doi timpi si trei miscari modemul si a plecat ca vantul. 8 Zile fara Internet… cei de la configurare dadeau vina pe cei de la echipa de tehnicieni fizici, si vice-versa.


Cu situatii ca acestea si oameni ca cei pe care i-am descris… sper sa mai am rabdarea si inspiratia sa mai revin aici cu idei proaspete si ganduri mai bune. O saptamana minunata si lipsita de peripetii, dragi cititori!

English Version

Don’t you sometimes think that you are surrounded by people who do not even have a reason for being near you? I do not know why but lately I felt this very strong.

There are some people who, at certain critical moments, generate from their little brain used the most impertinent answers and behaviors possible.

In this article I will detail some of the irritating moments last month.

Case I

A few days ago I completed some Daedalus polls and I do not know why, but I am making mistakes in 4/10 surveys for this company. I happen to get to half the questionnaire and then to stop because of the technical problems, in IT field.

For example, in question 25, in an advertising test, I was asked to move an attribute into an x box, corresponding to my opinion of the consumer. Okay, up here all good and beautiful, except I could not really move the attribute in the box. I drew those words for a few seconds until I realized it was a problem. I moved ahead to the next question, it was logical not to leave me because I did not have the answer, I try to move again with my mouse and guess what? It didn’t happen.

I choose to refer the matter to Daedalus. After two days I get the answer to my question. I did not know whether to laugh or annoy at what answer I received:
They said I was not aware of how to draw an atribute to a box.

I think this lesson I learned at the age of 8 when I got my PC, and I learned it later in computer science classes in the school. I mean, are you for real?!

How could they answer such an unhelpful answer when the problem was different? Come on, if they would have admited that there was a browser problem (although not the case, I tried polls on 5 different browsers) … ah and finally I also have the right to fill in the survey once more, as deh , I do not know basic computer science.

Case II

In recent years, thanks to services in various fields, I have been given the chance to work together, to train and supervise employees.

At first glance, you would think that employees are serious and competent people who would not need tutoring and would understand certain things and behave maturely according to the appearance and the outfit they are displaying.

But again life surprises me. Not many times I have been given to see people arguing for nothing, telling each other their heavy words and blaming each other, throwing „blame” like children’s ball to each other. More than that, like a crying baby they flee to the boss and tell them and leave the other helplessness without thinking of the other person.

In such a collective, such people not only find it difficult to understand, but it is also difficult for you to work and develop as a person. (I can not work with that !!)
Case III

We all know, with telephone, internet and gas / current services is always going to be a headache. You are a client, you have rights. That’s what the big service companies on the Romanian market speculate, encouraging people to use their services.

Let’s get Orange, for example. Parents, acquaintances, relatives and friends – even the strangers use Orange. Why? Simple! Because it has higher signal coverage and offers advantageous subscriptions (or at least that’s what they say).

Two years ago, I also decided to open my subscription on my name, with a new, full package phone. After a year of pay, to exceed the amount on the subscription, I was left with a sense of responsibility and a desire to be independent. I have stayed on Orange though with a subscription. I pay 10 days before the deadline to avoid the penalties, which are obviously frightening.

Case IV

E-nergy, her mother darling! Two years ago, I was struck by a women who refferrs to me as an employee of E-on and she presented me an offer that I will definitely be happy with and will not regret the choice made. Not only did I regret, but I was stunned too!

In fact, „Leana duana” was mysteriously committed to E-nergia and was looking for new clients. I found out when I wanted to pay the gas bill for E-ON, I was not in their database because I was present in another company’s catalog. So if I want to go back to E-ON again I have to go to Targu Mures to reconnect… why GOD?!

We have resisted to E-nergia so far, as deh. Targu Mures is a long way to go … although in winter, what impressive amounts I pay for a month motivates me to take a walk.

Case V

UPC and competent employees. These two elements we have just outlined are in contrast with one another. This time when I renewed my subscription to them, I received a new modem gift!

That is beautiful! Noh, the problem is now that UPC’s tech is a little rushed. They installed the modem in two times and three moves and left like the wind. 8 Days without Internet … those at the setup blamed those from the team of physical technicians, and vice versa.

With situations like these and people like those I described … I hope to have the patience and inspiration to come back here with fresh ideas and better thoughts. A wonderful and and careless week, dear readers!
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Atitudinea la locul de munca/ Attitude at work

Jobul nostru, indiferent de domeniul si zona studiata, mereu va fi pe primul loc deoarece ne ofera posibilitatea de a ne dezvolta si de a creste intr-un mediu productiv alaturi de oameni calificati.

Un lucru important de care trebuie sa tinem cont este atitudinea la locul de munca.

Persoanele cu care impartim in fiecare zi task-urile oferite, colegii si sefii sunt foarte importanti. In principal pentru ca ei reprezinta mediul de lucru, ei sunt cei care ne intampina in fiecare zi si cei care ne ghideaza in drumul profesional.



Sfaturi si idei

Fie ca esti un angajat nou sau chiar unul vechi lucrul esential ce nu trebuie sa lipseasca este respectul. Nu iti cad gradele daca saluti cu consideratie managerul sau sefa, si in nici un caz n-o sa ti le castigi daca ramai tacut si nepoliticos.

De foarte multe ori suntem certati sau ni se atrage atentia cand gresim un anumit task. Singurul lucru demn de realizat este sa ne acceptam greseala si sa remediem eroarea. Stiu, uneori este mai usor sa ridici glasul si sa dai vina pe altcineva, dar e mai bine sa fii responsabil; mai mult decat atat daca dai vina pe altii, in viitor ti se va intoarce, inmiit chiar.

In cazul in care realizezi ca nu te impaci bine cu colegii si aveti mentalitati diferite atunci verifica mai intai sa vezi daca nu este ceva in neregula cu tine. Dupa ce ai facut asta, incearca sa intelegi si comportamentul colegului/colegei si daca nici asa nu gasesti o solutie fii pur si simplu nonsalant/a.

(DEX – NONȘALÁNT adj. v. degajat, dezinvolt, firesc, natural, neafectat, neartificial, necăutat, neprefăcut)

Fii sincer/a si neprefacuta. Lumea iubeste acest lucru si cu siguranta nimeni nu iubeste un „kiss ass”.

Incearca sa nu iti expui viata personala, sentimentele, emotiile si trairile. Sunt anumite lucruri personale ce trebuie mentinute pentru sine, pentru cei dragi si familie. De foarte multe ori persoanele de la serviciu vor incerca sa gaseasca din ceea ce relatezi tu un subiect de barfa, sa comenteze rautacios situatia, desi in fata iti vor vorbi frumos.

Indiferent de situatie, fii pozitiv/a. Alunga pesimismul si gandeste-te ca exista o solutie la problema ta, fiind pesimist este posibil sa adaugi un grad de dificultate situatiei si te vei inneca si in mai multa nesiguranta. Fii stapan/a pe tine si trateaza chestiunea cu curaj!

Pesimismul, lipsa increderii de sine si dezorganizarea pot fi cei mai mari dusmani ai tai! – Daca gandesti negativ, daca te plangi ca nu vei putea duce la bun sfarsit task-ul si esti dezorganizat/a sigur vei esua! Fii optimist/a, ai incredere in tine si fii organizat/a!

Pune-ti ordine in ganduri si in actiuni. Prima mea sarcina de la birou a fost sa clasific si sa ordonez documente. Nu numai ca te ajuta in a fi ordonat/a pe viitor dar iti este si mai usor sa le gasesti si sa le intelegi!



Concluzii personale

Locul de munca poate implica persoane cu comportamente si atitudini diferite. Cu siguranta, in toate acea mare de lume va exista o fiinta pe care nu o vei suferi, una care nu se incadreaza in gusturile tale si care te va supune la incercari. De fapt, toti acesti oameni, fie ca discutam despre sefi care tot timpul ne vor fi superiori si care tot timpul vor gasi o strategema prin a ne arata inferiori lor sau acei colegi ce ne vor pune bete in roate sunt de fapt adevarati dascali ce ne vor „instrui” pe parcursul drumului profesional.

Desi ai fost inundat/a de o suvoaie de energii negative, si au fost multi oameni osteniti si iritati de jobul prea agasant, care si-au lasat pur si simplu amprenta murdara pe psihicul tau ia un burete si sterge. Nu lasa sa se adune furia si iritarea in tine, cei de acasa nu au absolut nici o vina ca tu ai avut o zi incarcata si neagra. Maine probabil colegii tai vor uita ce s-a petrecut la serviciu si vor zambi dar cei de acasa vor tine minte si vei acumula sentimente negative.

La sfarsitul zilei, tot ceea ce conteaza este ceea ce am reusit sa facem in acea zi. Daca, este ora 5 sau stai peste program si este ora 9, inchide ochii si multumeste-i Domnului pentru energia ce ti-a dat-o sa finalizezi atatea task-uri si ca ai un loc de munca si o familie frumoasa, ai pentru ce lupta si munci.


English version

Our job, regardless of the field and the studied area, will always occupy the first place because it offers us the opportunity to develop and grow in a productive environment with qualified people.

One important thing to keep in mind is attitude at work.

The people with whom we share our daily tasks, colleagues and bosses are very important. Mainly because they represent the working environment, they are the ones who welcome us every day and those who guide us on the professional road.

Tips and Ideas

Whether you are a new or an old employee, the essential thing you should not miss is respect. Your grades won’t fall if you salute the boss manager or manager, and you will not win it if you remain silent and rude.

We are often arguing or being told if we make mistakes during a certain task. The only thing to do is to accept the mistake and fix the error. I know, sometimes it’s easier to raise your voice and blame someone else, but it’s better to be responsible; even more, if you blame others, in the future you will be blamed thousandfold.

If you realize that you are not coping well with your colleagues and having different mentalities, then first check to see if there is something wrong with you. Once you’ve done this, try to understand the behavior of your colleague and if you can not find a solution, just be nonsensical.

(DEX – Nonsensical adjunct v. Degenerate, desinvolt, natural, natural, unaffected, unnatural, untouched)

Be honest and unforgettable. The world loves this and certainly nobody loves a „kiss ass”.

Try not to expose your personal life, feelings, emotions, and feelings. There are certain personal things that need to be kept for oneself, for loved ones and family. Many times, people at work will try to find out what you’re telling a gossip topic, to comment badly on the situation, although they will speak nice in front of you.

Whatever the situation, be positive. Eliminate pessimism and think that there is a solution to your problem, being pessimistic is likely to add a degree of difficulty to the situation and will drown you in more uncertainty. Be your master and treat the matter with courage!

Pessimism, lack of self-confidence and disorganization can be your greatest enemies! – If you think negatively, if you complain that you will not be able to complete the task and you are disorganized / you will surely fail! Be optimistic, have trust in yourself and be organized!

Put order in your thoughts and actions. My first job in the office was to classify and order documents. Not only does it help you to be ordered in the future but it’s even easier to find and understand them!

Personal Conclusions

Work may involve people with different behaviors and attitudes. Surely, in all that great world there will be a being that you will not suffer, one that does not fit your tastes and will make you try harder. In fact, all of these people, whether we are talking about bosses who will always be superior to us and who will always find a way to show us we are inferior to them or those colleagues who will put „sticks in the wheel” are actually real teachers which will „train” along the professional road.

Eventhough you were flooded by a swarm of negative energies, and there were many people overworked and irritated by the job too aggressive, who simply left the dirty footprint on your psyche take a sponge and wipe it off. Do not let the rage and irritation gather in you, the family have no blame for having a busy day and a black one. Tomorrow, your colleagues will probably forget what happened at work and they will smile, but those who are at home will remember and get negative feelings.

At the end of the day, everything that matters is what we managed to do that day. If it’s 5 o’clock, or if you’re out of schedule and it’s 9 o’clock, close your eyes and thank God for the energy you gave her to complete so many tasks and that you have a job and a beautiful family, for which you can struggle and work.