Pandemic events

Yesterday, I had to attend a baby shower party for one of our friends. It was the first event after a long period of pandemic and concern. One thing I really couldn’t get over was the clumsiness and social awkwardness that exacerbated it all. We were there for a special occasion, but because of all the rules and Pandemic hysteria, I remember that we weren’t able to fully enjoy ourselves or cheer for the birth of that child.

We were 50 guests, with 6 people at the table, spread at a visible distance. I recall light music in the background, curious stares, and a feeling of confusion and disorder. Though the organizers did their hardest to keep us entertained and present at the activity, I could read in the guest’s eyes the fear of attending such an event after a long time of stagnation. The food offered was delicious and I could tell that the people present were nice and warm, although we couldn’t interact that much.

Also, as with any event that took place during the pandemic, we had police coming by to make sure that the activity was in compliance with the laws and that no one was dancing or bending the law. It looked as though we were committing a crime and like we were suspects, albeit following laws. As kids at home in our early years, playing some silly games when our parents came and criticized our lack of sense and morality.

We didn’t shake hands, hug, or kissed on our cheeks, as it was against the rules. We simply fist-bumped and smiled, acknowledging the present situation.

Cruel reality

This pandemic has turned our world upside down, and it’s difficult to tell if we’re ever going to be able to get back to the way it used to be. There’s no perfect day for the baby shower, wedding, or any other occasion with people gathering. It’s just an event that needs to be handled according to tradition, with fewer people and more restrictions.

This Pandemic made us realize the amount of things we take for granted in life, not to mention, life itself. These occurrences are just a small reminder that our life is precious and that we should cherish it with all that we have and honor it, even though it means having to adhere to regulations.

At the end of the day, it’s important to mark the date, be thankful that we’ve been able to see our loved ones, and have a quiet sit down, appreciating the amount of things that we are still left with.

Quarantined with Fifi

Hello, my dearest ones, how is quarantine going?

I got to understand in this quarantine the importance of having a pet, a cat pet to be more precise. You never realize how important are these souls that surround you until something critical happens.

So, my day usually starts with Fifi waking me up and doing crazy things. Like scratching the chair or the door, eating the strands of the broom, biting my foot fingers, or just coming peacefully and starting purring on my chest.

When I am awake because of him, I want some coffee, of course. Fifi craves to sit on my lap, but it’s not so sure about it. Hence, he starts walking from an end of the couch to another, to my struggle, trying to keep the cup of coffee full and not spill it.

Then we end up, eventually, playing and he biting me until blood comes out and me yelling at him to stop.

Later I get to finally enjoy my cup of coffee and scroll on the phone, while he is sitting at the end of the couch and watches me.

He suddenly hears something on the stairs, and starts to act curious, listening very carefully and paying attention to every sound.

In a short time, he returns to me, meowing with curiosity, like asking me, what was that? And then he keeps looking at me for an answer while I stare baffled at him with a smile on my face.

Fifi usually spends the rest of his day sleeping, a large amount of time, I would say, but hey, he is a cat and that’s what cats do. Next he wakes up with an appetite for playing and for biting, especially when I am working. So, he starts scratching the chair for attention, and then I grab and place him in my lap.

He sits for a minute and purrs, and then starts to bite. Crunch, crunch, I disregard him for a moment but then I observe the pain, the blood and stop him again.

Sometimes, during the calls at work, while being busy with the customers and trying to pay attention to them, he looks intensely at me and starts to meow, as if he is talking to me.

The customer usually listens and does not say anything, until from his end I could hear a dog, curiously barking. Not very professional, but this is work at home and we need to deal with it 😅

At times, when we have guests (or used to have, before the quarantine) he was very thoughtful and payed attention to them, trying not to scratch or to hurt them in any way. While the kids were throwing a party, pulling him by the whiskers and yelling happily, he just stood like a nice cat and simply observed.

During the night he likes to take ownership over all the bed, and if possible, to bite us if we dare to disturb him.

In no time, when nobody pays attention he falls in a profound sleep.

I believe God loves me to have brought such a nice pet in my life. I realized a few weeks before that I was watching some nice cats, Ragdoll breed, before I even had him, years ago. I wished one so bad and God gifted him to me. 

“You cannot live with a paw in each world.”
― Erin Hunter, Into the Wild

Because we have to let go

Time has flown away since the last post. Everything appeared to vanish so soon in this quarantine that I don’t even know when it occurred and most importantly, if all of it was just a bad dream.

I was telling you in the last post that my cousin, Costel has passed away recently. His death was more of a shock to me because I could not believe it was true. 

Things just happened in such a rush and very unexpectedly, and the worst part is that I could not do anything to prevent it or at least, lead him on his last road.

He was eventually brought back from the hospital and buried yesterday, without any funeral services. There were only a handful of people that led him to his grave, way too soon than anyone can expect.

I was just put in the face with the harsh reality, and had to accept it. That night when I heard the news I could not sleep and stayed awake until 6 AM in the morning. I kept thinking about the death and my parents, and family, and felt bad that I was not able to protect them.

What worries me more, is that a hospital near my parent’s house holds 369 infected persons and patients (with Covid-19), some of the affected ones being neighbors and close friends of the family.

This virus keeps us away from the ones that we love and sometimes is just so hard to bear and to wait, and do nothing. We get to see the life happening in front of our eyes, but don’t have the power to interfere and to change things. It breaks my heart when I realize that staying apart is the best way we can protect them. I was never good at staying apart.

A few pieces of advice

At this moment, everything that I can do, that WE can do is to stay apart and pray. God is the only one that can help us get through these moments, and it’s important to realize that we are not alone.

And if our family members, friends, and colleagues are being affected by the virus and even taken away, let’s be thankful and appreciate the moments that we spent together.

Let’s realize that the persons that have died, are not dead in our heart, and they will only pass away if we forget them. We cannot lose what we have enjoyed deeply once, because all that we love deeply becomes a part of us.

It’s important to understand that it’s not the length of life that matters, but the depth of it. Rumi said that „Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.”

Be brave, be strong

Let’s allow our lives to reflect the faith that we have in God. Fear nothing and pray about everything. We often forget to pray and say thank you when good happens, but isn’t God with us when good things happen as well?

It’s time to be courageous in a situation like this when everyone around us feels lost. Let’s be willing to push through fear, in spite of feeling it so heavy. Step up, and lead ourselves, let’s be brave because we can.

We fail to realize that strength doesn’t come from winning, but from struggles and hardships that we go through in this life. When dark times come, like the pandemic, let’s not give up. Let’s be strong, trust the process and God, because every battle prepares us for the next war.

Quarantine. Day N.

I don’t even know what day it is, nor do I remember the notion of time, if time could be measured in this quarantine. Moments only matter when I work, but I recently dared to ask for a few days off. I felt the need to disconnect.

I missed the blog for two and a half weeks now. Don’t ask me for an excuse, because I don’t know how to answer you. I also wondered why I distanced myself from the blog and myself, from my thoughts. I found answers but none seemed plausible enough.

I became comfortable with work from home and I got bored of repeating the same things over and over again, one after the other in a monotonous rhythm. Somewhere, in all this time, I lost hope and the desire to live a busy life, wanting to be connected from the world around me.

Blamed the many hours that I spend in front of the screen, and it seemed pathetic because I have been doing this for too long. Then the justification that I immersed in cleaning and cooking because Easter arrived but then passed again is not a good reason either.

Because nothing is good enough now. Nothing is normal. Nothing makes sense.

Easter 2020 in quarantine

I spent this Easter at home, in isolation, away from family and loved ones differently than I used to. But hey, we heard each other on the phone and we could feel the trembling in the voice, the frustration in the tone and the despair in the volume of the speech. If that makes any difference.

I went out the window and listened to the resurrection service through the speakers, saw the helpless glances of other neighbors from the side window, and then sank in silence.

I have watched the news in the media as the world makes a scandal because the rules should be respected according to the political ordinances. As evidence, police officers were attacked with stones and assaulted by people. Ignorance, indifference and lack of common sense appear to rule nowadays.

Then I rested, ate and watched TV series, like everyone else. Yesterday I decided to be strong and start exercising for two hours. Today I caught a cold again, symptoms of a cold (I hope it’s not Corona).


Today, I decided, with the few remaining powers to start writing again on the blog. I do not have much energy from this cold that has returned to haunt me and I will ask you to be gentle.

How are you feeling? All is well?

(Image Source, Unsplash, Dawid Zawiła)

Carantina. Ziua N.

Nici nu mai stiu ce zi este, nici nu mai retin notiunea timpului, daca timpul s-ar putea masura in aceasta carantina. Clipele conteaza doar atunci cand lucrez, insa am avut recent indraznirea de a-mi cere cateva zile de concediu. Simteam nevoia de o deconectare.

Am lipsit doua saptamani jumatate de pe blog. Nu imi cereti un motiv, ca nu stiu sa va raspund. M-am intrebat si eu de ce m-am distantat de blog si de mine, de gandurile mele. Am gasit raspunsuri dar parca nici unul nu a parut destul de plauzibil.

Faptul ca am devenit comoda cu munca de acasa si m-am plictisit sa repet non-stop aceleasi chestii, una dupa alta intr-un ritm monoton. Pe undeva, in tot acest timp, mi-am pierdut speranta si dorinta de a trai o viata ocupata, dorindu-mi sa fiu conectata la lumea din jurul meu.

Scuza ca petrec mult prea multe ore in fata ecranului, mi s-a parut patetica deoarece fac asta de prea mult timp. Apoi, justificarea ca m-am afundat in curatenie si gatit pentru ca a sosit Pastele dar apoi a trecut, din nou, nu este un motiv bun.

Pentru ca nimic nu e destul de bun acum. Nimic nu e normal. Nimic nu are sens.

Pastele anului 2020 in carantina

Acest Paste l-am petrecut acasa, in izolare, departe de familie si de cei dragi in mod diferit de cum o faceam pana acum. Dar hey, ne-am auzit prin telefon si am putut sa ne simtim tremuratul din voce, frustrarea din ton si disperarea din volumul glasului. If that makes any difference.

Am iesit la geam si am ascultat slujba de inviere prin boxe, am vazut privirile neajutorate ale altor vecini de la geamul alaturat, si mai apoi m-am afundat in tacere.

Am privit la stirile tampite din media cum lumea face scandal pentru ca ar trebui ca regulile sa se respecte conform ordonantelor politice. Drept dovada, politistii au fost atacati cu pietre si agresati de catre oameni. Ignoranta, nepasare si lipsa de bun simt.

Apoi m-am odihnit, am mancat si am privit la seriale, ca toata lumea de altfel. Ieri m-am decis sa fiu puternica si sa ma apuc de exercitii fizice pentru doua ore. Astazi aparent am racit din nou, simptome de raceala puternica (sa nu zic totusi, Corona).


Astazi, m-am decis, cu cele cateva puteri ramase sa reincep sa scriu din nou pe blog. Nu am prea multa energie de la aceasta raceala ce s-a reintors pentru a nu stiu cata oara si o sa va rog sa fiti blanzi cu mine.

Voi cum va mai simtiti? Totul e bine?

(Image Source – Unsplash,
Dawid Zawiła)

Coronavirus in Suceava

Dupa cum bine stiti, din pacate, Suceava este acum supranumit epicentrul Coronavirusului. In fiecare zi se confirma noi cazuri de persoane afectate si situatia devine mai gri de la o ora la alta.

In data de 29.3.2020 avem in Suceava 317 pacienţi din care 149 sunt confirmati cu noul coronavirus. Chiar si Gheorghe Flutur, presedintele Consiliului Judetean Suceava a fost testat pozitiv pentru coronavirus aflandu-se in spitalul sucevean chiar in acest moment.

Sunt atat de multe stiri in ultima perioada despre situatia scapata de sub control la spitalul din Suceava incat nici nu mai stii ce sa crezi si ce sa nu crezi. Autoritatile nu se simt vinovate pentru ceea ce s-a intamplat si nu isi reproseaza nimic cu privire la managementul situatiei.

Dar intrebarea este, daca autoritatile nu se simt vinovate pentru ce s-a intamplat, atunci cine ar trebui? Vorbim despre sute de persoane infectate si probabil mult mai multe cazuri nedeclarate din lipsa testelor.

Situatia politica

Recent, ministrul sanatatii Victor Costache si-a dat demisia, fix in aceasta perioada de criza. Ludovic Orban, prim ministrul Romaniei, spune ca regreta situatia dar o intelege. Adica, cum poti tu ca prim ministru cu o zi inainte sa anunti un plan puternic pentru combaterea virusului si a doua zi sa renunti, ma depaseste situatia.

Si am impresia ca si conducerea statului este depasita, nimeni nu era pregatit pentru o asemenea infectare in masa. Insa ar trebui cel putin sa actionam inteligent si sa luam masuri care ar putea sa schimbe realitatea trista in care ne aflam.

Aud tot timpul la comunicari de presa afirmatii precum: incercam, vom face demersuri, lucram la asta. Intrebarea mea si cred ca a tuturor romanilor este cand se va realiza ceva concret si clar precum: astazi am facut asta, se va lua urmatoarea masura incepand din acest moment.

Companiile doneaza, oamenii de rand doneaza pentru situatia din Suceava insa statul sta practic cu mainile in buzunar si priveste de departe. Pai statul ce face? Unde este fondul de urgenta si de ce nu se implica?

Informari si dezinformari

Alaltaieri ma uitam la emisiunea Starea Natiei cu Dragos Patraru si de asemenea la stirile recente si pur si simplu ma enervam. Nu inteleg cum este posibil ca un manager de spital sa cheme toti doctorii, impreuna pentru a-i testa pentru acest virus, din ordin dat de ministru (ministrul nu stia absolut nimic despre acest lucru).

Astfel, doctorii, asistentele si tot personalul spitalului, fie ca discutam despre persoane testate pozitiv sau negativ cu Coronavirus au fost aduse in acelasi loc pentru un set de teste. Contaminarea a fost inevitabila.

De asemenea, discutam despre o lipsa de personal majora in spital, lipsa ventilatoarelor deoarece majoritatea sunt defecte. Discutam cu o colega si imi spunea ca sora ei se pregateste sa munceasca ca si asistenta in spital dar ca a fost obligata sa isi aduca singura echipament de acasa. Sunt probleme majore, lacune care afecteaza sistemul medical si pe noi, indirect.


Personal, nu am mai iesit din casa de doua saptamani, si atunci am iesit pentru cumparaturi necesare. Muncesc de acasa si incerc sa evit contactul cu alte persoane, aici facand referire la vecini si familie. Nu mi-am mai vazut parintii si ceilalti membri ai familei de mai mult de o luna.

Imi este dor de familie, de colegi si de rutina zilnica, insa nu pot risca sa ies afara. Sunt constienta ca sunt inca tanara la 24 de ani si desi nu prezint simptome de virus, pot fi o sursa de contaminare pentru ceilalti, raspandind virusulul.

Imi doresc din tot sufletul sa se gaseasca o solutie pentru aceasta problema si sa revenim la normal cat mai curand. Sper ca autoritatile sa isi revina la timp si sa actioneze inteligent in aceste situatii de criza nu doar pentru Suceava cat si pentru toate zonele Romaniei afectate.

Full day in quarantine

Hello, my dear readers, how was your day?

I am happy to say that my day was so full that I do not even know when the time flew by. It’s an amazing thing to happen, because we are in full lockout due to the Coronavirus situation.

I am trying to stay inside so that I can protect myself and the other people out there, by not contacting the virus and spreading it. I am staying inside as I am told to, safe and protected.

A few days ago I was reading another blogger’s post with ideas on what you should do on a quarantine day. So, Saturday for me was my free day and I decided to fill it out with something, anything.

I did not had to look out much for ideas as I had to cleanup the house and more. So I started simple, with a coffee. Then I managed to clean the kitchen, the cabinets, throwing out the unnecessary things, spraying the windows, washing the curtain, wipe the dust and use the vacuum cleaner.

I made sure to wash clothes and blankets and to iron the clothes as well. Cleaned the carpets throughout the house, aired the rooms. Moreover, a thing that I tend to do often with the virus situation, clean the bathroom and appliances that may be a source of infection.

Took care of the bedroom and changed the sheets, the blanket, sprayed the window, added the freshly washed and ironed curtain and removed any strand of dust that was present.

After cleaning all the house, I felt hungry and needed to cook something, so I managed to cook pasta and to bake a simple cake, personal recipe. Fifi was on the list of active chores so I washed him and cut out his nails.

After two hours of exercising I took the time to enjoy a hot bath and to listen to piano relaxing music. Now, at the end of the day, I am writing a new post and drinking a hot cup of lemon tea.


I realized that in this quarantine situation the best things that you can do is take care of you, the house and your family. Seeing the family members happy and keeping them entertained is one thing, plus seeing the house sparkling of cleanliness is like a dream come true. A dream that most of us usually did not manage to accomplish due to long shifts at work and being involved in many projects.

Now is the time to do the things that you loved doing previously but give up because of the time management. Like for example I love blogging and make an appointment every day with WordPress, reading the posts of my fellow bloggers and writing posts. Also, I would love to go back to painting and start the activity again, trying some new projects on the home walls.

What I am saying is instead of crying out loud and wishing to go outside putting in danger you and the ones around you try to focus on what you enjoy doing, make a difference. It will be a good change for you and the world.

(Image Source – Unsplash)

A new day in quarantine

A new day has arrived, it’s Thursday. With this quarantine going on lately, I can barely feel the days passing, as I am living a feeling that every day is the same one and the time is lost in an hourglass, which keeps turning around moving the sand.

God allows me to wake up every day joyful though, filled with energy and happy to start another day. I move from the bed, freshen up, make a coffee, pet the cat and start working again.

I get to move the curtain, see the new light of the day, the risen sun but then when I throw my eyes on the street there is nobody, the path is empty. I don’t even see the stray cats or the gimp cute dog, Taz. All I can hear is silence, way too much silence.

I miss the view, the people, the atmosphere and mostly everything that made my day. It is funny how you can have it all and not be aware of it, treating it as it’s yours by the divine right, and then to simply lose it all in a moment.

Work routine

Every day is filled with new people and new challenges at work, new voices and new problems to be resolved on the line. Every day appears to be different, but every day cannot be felt truly.

Customers are scared of this Virus Situation and it can be felt through their lack of patience, their incapability of resolving situations that appear easy on a first look. The network speed is poor as there are many persons out there trying to escape the quarantine at home.

Last thoughts

To describe the situation in a few words, it’s a left-handed condition and at times I can feel like I had enough and that I want to give up. But then I remember why I started in the first place and have the hope that things will get better and we will overcome this storm that started against us.

That we are powerful and strong beings and that are capable of overcoming what challenges us at the moment, and that after this we will become more mature and able to face life and it’s ups and down’s with more courage and determination.

It’s being said that God only gives us what we can take, and never the things that are out of our power. Let’s remember that we are not alone in this life journey and always have God by our side. We are never alone.

At the end of the day, the most important thing is to know that we, our loved ones and the people around us are healthy and safe. And if being apart for now from them is what makes them better than it’s the least we can do.

As Meghan Daum said: „Distance is not for the fearful, it’s for the bold. It’s for those who are willing to spend a lot of time alone in exchange for a little time with the one they love. It’s for those who know a good thing when they see it, even if they don’t see it nearly enough.”

Let’s try to distance ourselves from the people around us for the moment, and be bold, letting the fear vanish. We will be able to cherish more the future times spent together in health when the situation will calm down together with the loved ones and the people around us.

Take care, stay safe and stay protected!

Work at home week

Hello, dear readers! Lately, I did not get the chance of posting anything new on the blog as I had a full week, a lot of changes going on now with the Corona Virus outbreak.

We have been moved at home, being „recommended” to work remotely because of the virus situation. Plus, I got caught in home chores and duties and did not have enough amount of time to spend in Kate’s world blog, being too overwhelmed with everything. But I promise to get back! 🙂

How does it feel to work at home?

I got this question frequently from my friends and relatives lately. Moreover, some of them think that if I work from home I don’t do anything. Well, to be honest, it’s not like that. I tend to even work more and pay more attention to my job that I am working remotely and I am more focused on the client and his needs.

I have to recognize that it’s more comfortable to work from the home office, sitting on the comfy chair, being all rolled up in blankets with either a cup of hot brewed coffee or a hot cup of tea to start the day with.

I do miss my lovely colleagues and spending time with them, analyzing issues together and identifying solutions for work-related tasks. But we still have our Facebook groups and still, find a way to resolve problems while still keeping in touch.

And besides, I get to spend more time with my cat and abiding her from getting the sleep that she mostly requires 😂, for that reason I believe that she hates me. But I stopped her from sleeping all day and partying all night, scratching everything in the house and meowing like it’s the end of the world.

(Image Source – Personal Library)

Apart from that, I get to stay away from all the unhealthy foods and the mall and cook home meals, healthier and fat-free. I consume more lemon tea, eat more fruits and stay in shape by exercising.

Also now I stay away from cosmetics and try natural masks, having more healthy and clean skin. I don’t burn my hair anymore with flat or curling irons, instead, I leave my hair naturally free, braid it or keep it in a ponytail.

Besides, I have more free time for myself, I get to do more house chores and be more attentive to the family needs. No more waiting annoyed in the station as the bus is late, no more agglomeration in the malls, no more time lost in preparations to go to work, no more loud noise.


Overall, this experience with working at home and staying in quarantine because of the virus is not so bad for us and could be a lesson from which we can all learn a lot.

It’s very important to stay at home in quarantine to prevent the contamination that could occur, to stop spreading the virus and to fight against it. The authorities and the medical services are working over the clock to help the people affected by Covid19, this includes overtime hours and tiredness.

Let’s start paying attention to the rules that are raised in our help, being thankful that we are healthy and pray to God to help us pass this storm that rages against us. Stay at home, stay safe and stay protected! ⚔️

(Image Source – Unsplash)

Coronavirus in Romania

Buna ziua, dragi cititori! Articolul de astazi va fi despre virusul Covid19 si opinia mea cu privire la aceasta situatie. Am mai realizat articole in trecut despre acest subiect insa am ales sa ma refer strict la situatia din lume, si nu in particular, despre Romania.

In ultima saptamana numarul persoanelor afectate cu acest virus in Romania a crescut ingrijorator. In conditiile in care am inceput saptamana pe data de 8 martie cu 15 cazuri de persoane afectate, astazi in data de 15 martie discutam despre 139 persoane afectate cu 9 persoane vindecate pana in prezent.

Din fericire nu exista persoane decedate de acest virus ci doar persoane vindecate. Insa problema este ca in fiecare zi se descopera noi cazuri de persoane afectate si statisticile cresc ingrijorator.

Potrivit ultimelor statistici, persoanele afectate de acest virus s-au intors din tari precum Italia, Londra, Viena, Marea Britanie, Dubai. Practic, persoanele infectate sau imbolnavite cu coronavirus, persoane ce au intrat in contact cu persoane bolnave sau intrate in carantina fara supravegherea medicilor.

Presedintele Klaus Iohannis a decretat stare de urgenta incepand cu ziua de maine, 16 martie. Starea de urgenta sau de asediu este adoptata in situatii exceptionale, in cazul nostru pandemia provocata de virusul Covid19 si implica modificarea functionarii normale a anumitor institutii legislative, executive sau judecatoresti

Situatia in Romania

In Suceava, zona de nord-est a Romaniei, situatia nu este intocmai roz. Desi s-a descoperit un singur caz de persoana infectata cu Coronavirus ce a fost transferat din zona populatia este ingrijorata.

Strazile sunt mai libere decat de obicei si traficul este redus, odata cu incetarea activitatii scolare si universitare. Majoritatea batranilor sunt mai vigilenti la iesitul in public si atunci cand o fac, ies protejati cu masti si imbracati gros.

In transportul in comun daca cineva tuseste sau stranuta, un grup mare de oameni se intorc si isi ascund fetele in fular cu priviri critice. Se poate citi in ochii oamenilor frica si ingrijorarea, uneori poate pana la un punct mult prea absurd.

Cozi interminable, agitatie si mult stres

In magazine, fie ca este vorba de un magazin la colt de strada, non stop sau chiosc de cartier, situatia este aceeasi. Cozi interminabile, oameni ingrijorati cumparand mult prea mult pentru cat consuma de fapt si discutii fara sens.

Spun discutii fara sens deoarece deunazi am mers sa cumpar paine de la magazinul din cartier si prima doamna care era in capul cozii s-a pierdut in discutii despre acest virus in timp ce noi ne asteptam cuminti randul. Dupa ce discutia s-a finalizat, doamna a uitat complet alimentele de pe lista si a mai adaugat cateva conserve, in caz de nenorocire.

Apoi, la alt magazin cand sa intaintez in coada, un domn suparat si frustrat a intrat bombanind injuraturi cu privire la angajatii magazinului Orange ce nu doresc sa ofere servicii de reincarcare a cartelei catre persoanele din afara Romaniei. Discutii incomode ce nu ajuta in vreun fel starea de panica a romanilor, ci o accentueaza.

Cu ce te ajuta pe tine ca injuri si pui la socoteala abilitatile unei persoane ce este un simplu angajat intr-o companie de nivel international? Ea nu este decat un pion ce duce la implinire sarcinile de serviciu pentru a primi la sfarsitul lunii un salariu minim pe economie.

Dar nu, tu esti nesatisfacut ca nu ti s-a implinit dorinta si intri zbierand ca un ultim om intr-o alta incinta unde oamenii incearca, cum pot, sa isi indeplineasca activitatile cotidiene. Uneori imi este greata de astfel de tipologii de oameni si incerc sa ii evit pe cat de mult posibil.

Hypermarketuri goale, intrari controlate si panica

Privind toata agitatia de la televiziune si din jurul meu si oameni pregatitindu-se cu mic cu mare pentru carantina, astazi m-am decis si eu sa fac niste cumparaturi. Nu neaparat pentru situatia cu Coronavirus ci pentru ca am ramas fara stocuri 😁.

Asadar, am iesit din casa sa cumparam alimente necesare cu gandul ca totul va fi in regula si ca vom gasi produsele necesare. Cand am ajuns in parcare la Lidl nu mica mi-a fost mirarea sa vad o coada de 20 de persoane aliniate la rand.

Dupa cateva minute de asteptat am reusit sa intram in incinta magazinului si sa incepem cumparaturile. Numai ca am intampinat o problema. Pe langa aglomeratia din magazin (controlata), rafturile erau aproape goale.

La sectiunea de carne, rafturile erau goale, ramanand cateva caserole cu peste scump aduse din Italia cred, nu mai retin exact provenienta si multe fructe de mare ( nu sunt fana a fructelor de mare, din pacate).

La sectiunea de hartie, fie ea de bucatarie, prosoape sau chiar hartie igienica, am ramas surprinsa sa vad o mare zona goala. Puteai deosebi etichetele si separarea pentru fiecare produs in parte insa nu era nimic.

La sectiunea de apa, mai ramasera cred ca vreo 10 sticle, iar un angajat se plimba constant prin magazin pentru a strange paletii goi si ambalajele de plastic. La ketchup dulce puteam sa visez ca pe raft nu mai era, orez cu bob scurt, spartura de orez nu se mai gasea iar zahar nici atat.

Cu toate ca resurse mai erau putine lumea era agitata si setata pe a cumpara cat mai mult. Stiu ca am zarit o doamna care si-a introdus nu mai putin de 10 conserve, nu una cate una ci cu cotul direct pe raft in cos.

Isterie la farmacie, coronavirus si ignoranta

Dupa cum povesteam in articolele precedente, in ultima vreme am inceput sa beau Coldrex si Theraflu ca pe ceaiuri deoarece simt ca nu isi mai fac efectul. O zi, doua ma simt bine si a treia se intoarce din nou raceala.

Asadar, am mers la farmacie sa mai achizitionez medicamente. Din nou, coada si la farmacie, angajatele fiind epuizate si nemaifacand fata la valul mare de oameni bolnavi si plangeri cu privire la raceala si Coronavirus.

Doar ca, in timp ce asteptam la coada am intalnit un caz mai special. Un domn de dinainte, a inceput sa ii povesteasca farmacistei cum sotia sa s-a intors recent din Italia si se simte rau, fiind in izolare acasa.

Normal, angajatele au inceput sa ii ceara detalii si sa afle de ce nu a raportat cazul autoritatilor, sa sune la 112 sau sa mearga la urgente. Domnul s-a aparat spunand ca a fost la urgente, a sunat la 112 doar ca raspunsul a fost acelasi: spitalele sunt pline, nu sunt destule locuri, stati izolati acasa.

Nu tu tratament dat in functie de afectiune, nu tu atentie, nu tu nimic. Ignoranta e la mama ei acasa, si lumea este aparent, oarba la realitate. Am mai auzit cazuri si la prieteni care spun cu nonsalanta ca au amici intorsi din strainatate care ies lejer la cumparaturi.


Nu vreau sa fiu absurda sau sa par in vreun fel, insa daca noua nu ne pasa si daca noi nu avem un cuvant de spus in fata situatiei, vrand sa ne protejam in judetul nostru, conducerea de stat de ce o va face?

Nici nu e de mirare ca aceste cazuri de imbolnaviri cresc de la o zi la alta cand ne confruntam cu o nepasare si o lipsa de respect majora. Sper doar sa se realizeze la timp, ca nepasarea fata de cei din jurul nostru si lipsa de respect sunt de fapt orientate catre noi.

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