Why is important to set boundaries

Personal boundaries are essential for healthy relationships. These limits are important, because they set the basic guidelines about how we want to be treated. Boundaries are the measure of self-esteem and they set the limits for acceptable behavior from those around us, determining whether they feel able to put us down, make fun, or take advantage of our good nature.

“Boundaries that often fail are those that include the words ‘always,’ ‘never’ or any absolute language,” said Bridget Levy, LCPC, a therapist who works with couples and directs business development at Urban Balance. Those boundaries are usually unrealistic and don’t last, she said. She shared these examples: “You can never” or “You must always.”

At times, we get that feeling often, and then it is time to draw the line and take decisions that will positively affect our life. Weak boundaries and not setting limits, usually leaves us vulnerable, making it easier for others to take us for granted or damage our personality.

A healthy self-respect will produce boundaries that show the people we deserve to be treated well. Also, this will protect us from exploitative relationships and help us to avoid getting too close to persons who don’t have their best interests.

In time, boundaries will update. It happens that the time that we give to others is much more limited because of new relationships and family. Clarifying the boundaries will help us to exchange the belief “I want to please others” to “I value my time and want to keep some for myself.”

We need to accept the fact that the people around us might not be with us along the way, because they were used to our old ways of dealing with things. It is a small price to pay, in my opinion, as relationships that are meant to be will grow stronger in time and will survive.

It’s important to be consistent with the new boundaries, and keep them simple. Staying calm at times is the best answer and we have to be responsible for our reactions, instead of blaming other people.

Strong, clear boundaries will achieve more respect in time. We get the chance to be ourselves to a greater extent asking for what we want and need without fear of judgment, helping us to grow healthy and long-lasting relationships.

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Quotes about cats and Fifi’s Monday

Hello, my dearest ones! Today’s post is going to be mainly about cats and my cat, Fifi. I wanted to share with you some of Fifi’s photographs took along the time and also some amazing cat quotes.

Hope these cat thoughts and photographs will transform your boring Monday in an amazing Caturday!

(Images Source – Personal library)

Funny and inspirational quotes about cats

“In ancient times cats were worshiped as gods; they have not forgotten this.” – Terry Pratchett

“As anyone who has ever been around a cat for any length of time well knows, cats have enormous patience with the limitations of the humankind.” – Cleveland Amory

“I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is infinitely superior.” – Hippolyte Taine

“I had been told that the training procedure with cats was difficult. It’s not. Mine had me trained in two days.” – Bill Dana

“There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats.” – Albert Schweitzer

“Owners of dogs will have noticed that, if you provide them with food and water and shelter and affection, they will think you are God. Whereas owners of cats are compelled to realize that, if you provide them with food and water and affection, they draw the conclusion that they are God.” – Christopher Hitchens

“I used to love dogs until I discovered cats.” – Nafisa Joseph

“I love cats because I enjoy my home; and little by little, they become its visible soul.” – Jean Cocteau

“I have felt cats rubbing their faces against mine and touching my cheek with claws carefully sheathed. These things, to me, are expressions of love.” – James Herriot

“Perhaps one reason we are fascinated by cats is because such a small animal can contain so much independence, dignity, and freedom of spirit. Unlike the dog, the cat’s personality is never bet on a human’s. He demands acceptance on his own terms.” – Lloyd Alexander

“Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea.” ― Robert A. Heinlein

“Meow” means “woof” in cat.” ― George Carlin

“What’s your name,’ Coraline asked the cat. ‘Look, I’m Coraline. Okay?’
‘Cats don’t have names,’ it said.
‘No?’ said Coraline.
‘No,’ said the cat. ‘Now you people have names. That’s because you don’t know who you are. We know who we are, so we don’t need names.”
― Neil Gaiman, Coraline

“Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.” ― James Herriot, James Herriot’s Cat Stories

“The smallest feline is a masterpiece.” ― Leonardo da Vinci

“Time spent with a cat is never wasted.” ― Colette

“The way to get on with a cat is to treat it as an equal – or even better, as the superior it knows itself to be.” ― Elizabeth Peters, The Snake, the Crocodile and the Dog

“You know a real friend?
Someone you know will look after your cat after you are gone.”
― William S. Burroughs, Last Words: The Final Journals

“I believe cats to be spirits come to earth. A cat, I am sure, could walk on a cloud without coming through.” ― Jules Verne

think that the
world should be full of cats and full of rain, that’s all, just
cats and
rain, rain and cats, very nice, good
night.” ― Charles Bukowski, Betting on the Muse: Poems and Stories

“I’m a cat. We aren’t required to make sense.” ― Seanan McGuire, A Local Habitation

“Cats choose us; we don’t own them.” — Kristin Cast 

“If a dog jumps into your lap it is because he is fond of you; but if a cat does the same thing it is because your lap is warmer.” — A.N. Whitehead

“If cats could write history, their history would be mostly about cats.” – Eugen Weber

“Cats do care. For example they know instinctively what time we have to be at work in the morning and they wake us up twenty minutes before the alarm goes off.” – Michael Nelson

Craciunul in 2018/ Christmas in 2018

In ultima perioada tind sa cred ca am pierdut adevarata esenta, adevarata bucurie a sarbatorii de Craciun. Noi nu mai sarbatorim nasterea Mantuitorului, ca in trecut ci spiritul comercial.

Televizorul ne incarca mintile cu reclame frumos imbracate in reduceri de sarbatori, cand de fapt sunt doar puternice tehnici de marketing utilizate pentru cresterea vanzarilor.

Obisnuim sa credem in neajuns si niciodata ceea ce avem nu este destul. Vrem din ce in ce mai mult, lucruri materiale si perisabile. Ne gandim mai mult la trup si mai putin la suflet, ce devine cu fiecare an mai sarac.

Ca in fiecare an de sarbatori, ne ingramadim in mall-uri si centre comerciale pentru a face cumparaturi. Ne impingem, ne calcam in picioare si ne certam pentru nimicuri, ca la sfarsitul zilei sa avem sufletul mai incarcat in energie negativa decat in ziua precedenta.

Am uitat de traditii, de obiceiuri si randuiala stramosilor. Acum, copii nu mai vin sa vesteasca Nasterea Mantuitorului din casa in casa, ci sunt preocupati cu telefoane de ultima generatie si anturaje… sunt preocupati sa para ceea ce nu sunt, sa faca impresie.

Am uitat sa respectam oamenii mai in varsta, am uitat valorile ce ne-au fost insuflate inca din primii ani ai vietii. Gasim sursa de amuzament in suferinta celuilalt si luam in deradere neputinta celor saraci cu duhul.

Gatim mese imbelsugate, ne umplem frigiderele cu bunataturi felurite pentru ca mai apoi, in cateva zile sa aruncam tot. Mancam mult, bem fara masura si apoi ajungem la spital… . In timp ce oamenii strazii mor inghetati de frig, cu o lumanare rupta in mana. Stirile vorbesc in fiecare an, mai bine decat pot eu povesti.

Daca privim in versurile colindelor, nu vom gasi niciodata realitatile zilei de astazi. In trecut lumea gasea bucurie in lucruri marunte, nu erau mese imbelsugate, nu era mandrie, doar pura fericire.

Spre exemplu in colinda Dumnezeu si Petru Sfant:

„Coborat-au pe pamant
 Cel Domnutu-i bun
In mijlocul satului

La casa bogatului
Buna seara om bogat
Gata-i cina de cinat
Gata-i cina nu-i de voi
Ca-i de alti boieri ca noi

Dumnezeu s-o suparat
De la bogat o plecat
La marginea satului
La casa saracului

Buna seara om sarac
Gata-i cina de cinat
Gata-i cina cat-o fi
Cat-o fi om imparti

Dumnezeu s-o bucurat
Si pe toti i-a saturat”

Fiul Domnului, Iisus Hristos a fost nascut intr-o iesle, in frig, pe paie langa animale necuvantatoare. EL nu a avut conditiile noastre, nu a avut mese bogate, nu a avut caldura sau asternut cald, dupa cum reiese si din colinda Afara Ninge Linistit:

„Cum s-a nascut Hristos în frig,
În ieslea cea saraca,
Cum boul peste el sufla
Caldura ca sa-i faca”

In prezent avem atat de multe beneficii incat am uitat sa le apreciem la adevarata lor valoare. Suntem sanatosi, avem un camin deasupra capului si oameni care ne iubesc.

De Craciunul acesta, haideti sa ne bucuram de lucrurile marunte, haideti sa apreciem persoanele pe care Dumnezeu ni le-a oferit langa noi, haideti sa multumim pentru tot ceea ce nu realizam ca detinem.

Bogatie in suflet, fericire in zambet si lacrimi de bucurie in ochi. Craciun fericit, dragi cititori!


(Unsplash sursa imagine)

English version

Lately I tend to think that we have lost the true essence, the real joy of the Christmas holiday. We no longer celebrate the birth of the Savior, as in the past, but the commercial spirit.

The TV loads our minds with nicely packed commercials in holiday discounts, when in fact there are only powerful marketing techniques used to boost sales.
We tend to believe in shortcomings and never what we have is not enough. We want more and more material and perishable things. We think more of the body and less of a soul, which is becoming poorer every year.
Like every year of holidays, we’re busy shopping malls. We push ourselves, we stumble on our feet and fight for nothing, that at the end of the day we have the soul loaded with more negative energy than the previous day.

We forget about the ancestors’ traditions, customs. Now, children do not come to proclaim the Birth of the Savior in the house in the house, but they are concerned with last generation phones and entourages … they are preoccupied to look what they are not, to make an impression.

We forgot to respect the older people, we forgot the values ​​that have been inspired since the first years of our life. We find the source of amusement in the suffering of the other, and we take away the helplessness of the poor with the spirit.

We cook rich meals, fill our refrigerators with various kinds of goodies, and then, in a few days, throw everything. We eat a lot, drink and then get to the hospital … .While the street people are dying of cold with a broken candle in the hand. The news speaks every year, better than I can tell.

If we look at the lyrics of the carols, we will never find the realities of today. In the past, the world found joy in small things, there were no rich tables, no pride, only pure happiness.

For example in the carols God and Peter:

„They descended on the ground
In the middle of the village

At the rich house
Good evening rich man
Get ready for dinner
Ready dinner is not for you
Like other rich people like us

God is upset
From the rich he left
At the edge of the village
At the poor house

Good evening poor man
Is the dinner ready
The dinner is ready, but is few
Lets all join and eat

God rejoiced
And everyone got saturated”

The Son of the Lord, Jesus Christ was born in a manger in the cold, on straw near unguarded animals. He did not have our conditions, did not have rich meals, did not have warmth or warm bedding,

„How Christ was born in the cold,
In the poor manger,
How the ox on it blows
The heat to make it „

We now have so many benefits that we forgot to appreciate them at their true value. We are healthy, we have a home overhead and people who love us.

For this Christmas, let’s enjoy the little things, let’s appreciate the people God has given with us, let’s thank for everything we do not realize we own.

Wealth in soul, happiness in smile and tears of joy in the eye. Happy Christmas, dear readers!

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Furie, partea I/Fury, part One

Sunt momente in viata noastra cand pur si simplu ne enervam, reactionand negativ la lucruri neplacute ce apar neasteptat in viata noastra.

Nu stiu alte persoane cum sunt, insa eu, de foarte multe ori tind sa rabufnesc in fata unor situatii iritante. Ma exprim printr-un comportament rece si ostil, fara sa ascult ceea ce mi se relateaza cu lux de amanunte, fara sa analizez ceea ce se intampla cu adevarat.

De foarte multe ori, acest lucru mi se intampla cu familia, cu cei dragi. Sunt constienta ca ar trebui sa ascult mai mult, sa incerc sa inteleg si sa caut o solutie impreuna cu ei, dar uneori acest lucru mi se pare imposibil de realizat.

Familia este liantul suprem al vietii si relatia cu aceste persoane este extrem de importanta. In ciuda insemnatatii acestui nucleu, uneori atitudinea si alegerile persoanelor ce fac parte din ea, ne fac de multe ori sa punem sub semnul intrebarii sentimentele noastre pentru ei.

Adesea incapatinarea, egoismul si indignarea ne pun la incercare in situatii dificile capacitatea de perceptie si afectiunea noastra pentru persoanele iubite.


Voi cum reactionati in asemenea situatii? Cum va exprimati furia si cum reusiti sa canalizati energiile negative in afara sferei de familie?

English version

There are moments in our lives when we simply annoy, reacting negatively to the unpleasant things that appear unexpectedly in our lives.

I do not know other people as they are, but I, many times, tend to rage against irritating situations. I express myself through a cold and hostile behavior without listening to what I am referring to with great detail without looking at what really happens.

This is often the case with my family, my dear ones. I am aware that I should listen to more, try to understand and seek a solution with them, but sometimes this seems impossible to achieve.

Family is the ultimate bond of life and the relationship with these people is extremely important. Despite the importance of this core, sometimes the attitude and the choices of the people who make it, often make us question our feelings for them.

Often stubbornnes, selfishness and indignation put us in difficult situations to test our ability to perceive and our affection for loved ones.

………………………………………….. …………………………………….

How do you react in such situations? How do you express your anger and how do you channel negative energies out of the family sphere?

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Trans Raraul de 1 decembrie/ Trans Rarau at 1 december

In ciuda faptului ca termometrul indica sub -17 grade, sambata ne-am aventurat intr-o mica excursie pe Trans Rarau. Imbracati gros, cu haine pe dedesubt si corpurile tremurande am pornit la drum alaturi de razele soarelui vesel ce ne-a calauzit calea.

In primul rand trebuie sa recunosc ca Trans Raraul in plina iarna nu se asemana deloc cu Trans Raraul parcurs pe timpul verii.

Drumul este ingreunat de un carosabil inghetat dificil de parcurs, ceea ce ingreuneaza urcarea pe munte cu masina, in special in cazul in care nu esti echipat cu cauciucuri de iarna.

Am observat masini neechipate corespunzator care alunecau periculos si nu erau capabile sa orienteze masina in vreo directie din cauza conditiilor de iarna, deci sfatul meu este sa nu iesiti la drum daca nu sunteti pregatiti in totalitate!

Drumul este brazdat cu arbori falnici si acoperiti de nea, troiene mici si mijlocii si culori reci de iarna. Peisajul montan este mirific in aceasta perioada, datorita zapezii albe ce s-a depus incet dar sigur peste tinut.

La pragul Trans Raraului ai sansa sa descoperi prin intermediul ferestrei masinii adevarate picturi ale naturii, opere de arta create de Dumnezeu insusi.

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-02 at 11.52.12

Peisajul mirific al Trans Raraului pe perioada iernii

Zapada scrasneste zgomotos sub picioare iar gerul este musafirul nepoftit al sezonului infrigurat ce domneste pretutindeni. Insa odata ce ajungi in partea superioara a Trans Raraului ajungi sa uiti de ger si frig, deoarece privelistea si aerul puternic iti taie respiratia.

Un cer albastru si clar domina muntii pudrati de zapada scotand aburi fumurii. Imprejur sunt arbori inalti si impozanti ce se tin de mana intr-un dans muntenesc, respectand parca datina Craciunului.

Un covor alb s-a asternut peste pamant cuprinzand in intregime cadrul inghetat, lasand cateva petice de iarba uscata tarzie, pe ici-colo. Dupa un arbore inalt poti admira soarele in toata splendoarea lui, luminand particule minuscule de zapada si transformandu-le in mici licurici diurni.

Cand te simti prea inmarmurit de gradele cu minus ai sansa de a poposi la un mic adapost exterior din lemn masiv, la o cana de ceai sau de vin indulcit fierbinte.

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-02 at 11.52.18

… Si un adevar crud

Pe drumul de intoarcere am vazut cadavre – sau ceea ce a mai ramas din arborii taiati cu cruzime de catre oameni straini, neiubitori de frumos. Vehiculele ocoleau curioase si nedumerite utilaje in care urmau sa fie incarcati copacii ciopliti prea devreme, si cu totii aveam aceeasi intrebare: DE CE?!

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-02 at 11.51.57

Am ramas cu un gust amar la vederea acestei imagini si nu vreau sa ma gandesc la faptul ca in timp, ceea ce astazi pentru mine este un subiect de poveste, maine s-ar putea sa nu mai existe.

Cu totii am sarbatorit ziua de 1 Decembrie, ziua Romaniei ieri, dar dragii mei, intrebarea mea este: In ani si ani, cum vom putea sarbatori o Romanie goala si pustie, fara vegetatie si natura?!

La sfarsitul zilei, desi am ajuns acasa tarziu si nu imi mai simteam membrele, aveam un zambet fad pe fata si o durere in suflet. Am adaugat in sertarasul cu amintiri cateva fotografii ce vor dainui si care in timp vor deveni povesti de spus la o ceasca de ceai fierbinte, intr-o zi friguroasa de iarna, in fata semineului.

Povesti ce poate viitorii mei copii si nepoti nu le vor pricepe… .

English version

Despite the fact that the thermometer indicates below -17 degrees, on Saturday we ventured on a small excursion on Trans Rarau. Thick clothing, with clothes underneath and trembling bodies, we set off on our way alongside the rays of the merry sun that guided our way.

First of all, I must admit that Trans Rarau in winter does not resemble at all with Trans Rarau in the summer.

The road is aggravated by a difficult frozen road, which makes it difficult to climb the mountain by car, especially if you are not equipped with winter tires.

I noticed unprepared cars that slipped dangerously and were not able to steer the car in any direction due to winter conditions, so my advice is not to go out if you are not fully prepared!

The road is bordered by towering and snow-covered trees, small and medium trojen and cold winter colors. The mountain scenery is magnificent during this period, due to the white snow, which was deposited slowly but surely on the ground.

At the Trans Rarau, you have the chance to discover through the window of the car true paintings of nature, works of art created by God himself.

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-02 at 11.52.21

                    The wonderful landscape of Trans Rarau during the winter time

Snow is screaming underfoot and frost is the uninvited guest of the inflamed season that reigns everywhere. But once you get to the upper part of the Trans Rarau you can forget about cold and cold, because the view and the strong air are breathtaking.

A blue and clear sky dominates the snowy dusty mountains scrubbing steam. Surrounding are tall trees and imposing trees that hold their hands in a mountain dance, respecting Christmas.

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-02 at 11.52.17

A white carpet of snow splashed over the earth, integrally enclosing the frozen frame, leaving a few patches of old grass. After a tall tree you can admire the sun in all its splendor, illuminating tiny snow particles and turning them into small diurnal fireflies.

When you feel overwhelmed by the minus degrees, you have the chance to go to a small outdoor massive wood shelter, to a cup of tea or hot sweetened wine.

                                                            … And a cruel truth

On the way back we saw bodies – or what was left of the trees crucified by foreign, unlovingly beautiful people. Vehicles were bypassing curious and puzzling machines in which the graven trees were to be loaded too soon, and we all had the same question: WHY ?!

I am left with a bitter taste in view of this image and I do not want to think that in time, what today is for me a story, tomorrow may not exist anymore.

We all celebrated the 1st of December, the day of Romania yesterday, but my dear, my question is: In years and years, how can we celebrate an empty and deserted Romania without vegetation and nature ?!

At the end of the day, although I arrived late at home and did not feel my limbs anymore, I had a faint smile on my face and a pain in my heart. I added in the drawer with memories a few photographs that will last and which in time will become stories to tell at a cup of hot tea, on a cold winter day in front of the fireplace.

Stories that my future children and grandchildren will not understand …

De Craciunul acesta, salveaza o viata!

Copilaria este cadoul pe care ni-l ofera viata, asa spune un citat binecunoscut. Dar ce se intampla cand acel cadou ne este rapit din fata ochilor? Ce se intampla cand suntem pusi in fata unor evenimente si fapte pentru care nu suntem pregatiti inca?

Ei bine, din pacate acest lucru i s-a intamplat si Cristinei Romanescu. Aceasta mica fetita, la o varsta frageda de doar 7 anisori a fost pusa in fata unui fapt ingrozitor.

Povestea sfasietoare a Cristinei Romanescu

Vesela, cu gingasie in suflet si privire, fetita se bucura de zapada alba si pufoasa din iarna anului 2018 la sanius impreuna cu alti copii de varsta ei. Din neatentie, din cauza zapezii depuse si a razelor soarelui ce in timp au creat polei, Cristina Romanescu a cazut pe burtica, acest lucru cauzandu-i dureri insuportabile.

Parintii copilei au dus-o de urgenta la spital, sperand sa salveze situatia. Din pacate, in urma vizitei, conform rezultatelor ecografiei efectuate, Cristina Romanescu fost diagnosticata cu Hepatoblastom de gradul 4, cancer la ficat. Din acel moment a fost transferata de urgență la Iasi, unde a urmat 11 sedințe de chimioterapie.

Ce este Hepatoblastomul si cum se manifesta?

Hepatoblastomul este o tumoare hepatica foarte rara care apare la copii incepand cu varsta de 2 anisori. Cauzele aparitiei acestui tip de cancer sunt incerte, boala caracterizandu-se printr-o dezvoltare anormala, necontrolata a celulelor hepatice tinere, imature.

Hepatoblastomul prezinta o rata extrem de mica de supravietuire deoarece nu determina simptome in stadiile incipiente. Bolnavii sunt descoperiti accidental, in stadii avansate, precum este si cazul Cristinei Romanescu.

Hepatoblastomul/cancerul se manifesta prin: scadere in greutate, durere abdominala, varsaturi, icter, febra, anemie, dureri de spate, fracturi etc.

Tratamentul consta in extirparea unei portiuni de ficat afectat de cancer, dupa care urmeaza sedintele de chimioterapie.

Din pacate, tumoarea depistata in cazul Cristinei Romanescu este foarte dezvoltata si voluminoasa, extinzandu-se si la plamani iar sansele de supravietuire ale acestei fetite sunt foarte scazute, si acestea in cazul in care respecta cu strictete tratamentele costisitoare recomandate de medici.

De Craciun, adu-i un zambet pe fata Cristinei Romanescu


De Craciunul acesta, haideti sa ii aducem pe fata un zambet acestei fetite. Spre deosebire de noi, care suntem sanatosi si intr-o situatie favorabila, Cristina Romanescu se lupta sa traiasca.

In mirosul de spital, prin coridoare imbacsite cu oameni ingreunati de durere si lacrimi se afla si Cristina Romanescu. Un suflet tanar si nevinovat care nu a apucat sa afle de bucuriile vietii, nu le-a gustat inca.

Pentru Cristina Romanescu fiecare zi reprezinta un pas inainte spre o noua viata, si pentru a trai inca o zi trebuie sa respecte tratamentele de chimioterapie si operatiile care sunt extrem de costisitoare si dureroase.

Poți fi și tu alături de Cristina Romanescu dacă donezi 2 euro prin SMS la numărul 8832 cu textul Cristina; campania de susținere a Cristinei este organizată de către Asociația Salvează o Inimă, cu sprijinul magazinului online DAVIDAC.

Fundatia Salveaza o Inima sprijina acest caz deosebit, in cadrul careia si tu poti fi un bun samaritean!


Pentru a o ajuta Asociația Salvează o Inimă a demarat o campanie de strângere de fonduri ce se va desfășura până pe 15 decembrie 2018. Astfel, orice om poate dona 2 euro prin SMS la numărul 8832 cu mesajul „Cristina” pentru a contribui la susținerea cazului fetei.

Este important ca din putinul nostru sa aducem impreuna speranta si lumina acestei familii impovarate de Craciun. Asadar, dragi cititori si dragi bloggeri va provoc la un act umanitar!

Poți fi și tu alături de Cristina Romanescu dacă donezi 2 euro prin SMS la numărul 8832 cu textul Cristina; campania de susținere a Cristinei este organizată de către Asociația Salvează o Inimă, cu sprijinul magazinului online DAVIDAC.

Am facut si eu o donatie, si membrii familiei mele si te provoc si pe tine, drag cititor, indiferent de situatia ta. Inainte de a ezita gandeste-te ca tu esti binecuvantat cu o viata, cu sanatate, in timp ce acest copil nevinovat se zbate intre viata si moarte pentru a apuca ziua de maine.

Si, mai gandeste-te la ceva! Chiar in timp ce tu citesti acest articol, in organismul micutei Cristina Romanescu, celulele canceroase se extind nemiloase cu repeziciune cuprinzand toate organele functionale.

Ziua de ieri a trecut si maine s-ar putea sa nu mai fie pentru Cristina Romanescu, acorda astazi o sansa!

Unde s-au dus, unde-au apus…/ Where did they go, where did they disappear…

Citeam acum cateva secunde articolul unei bloggerite talentate pe care imi place sa o citesc, Poteci de Dor.

Nu stiu de ce, dar mi-a starnit niste emotii atat de intense si triste incat nici lacrimile nu-mi pot exprima in cuvinte ceea ce simt. Cert este ca s-au dus. Bunicii.

Nu-i mai pot gasi, oricat de mult as vrea sa ii caut, nu mai sunt acolo. Inauntrul meu s-a aprins un foc atat de puternic, incat nu pot sa il sting, arde mocnit.

Amintiri din copilarie de la bunici

Vreau sa ma rog de parinti sa ma mai lase la bunici. Vreau sa stau uitata o vara intreaga la acele persoane dragi, mai vreau sa stau cu ei.

Vreau sa ii regasesc la poarta, stand pe banca din lemn putred, vreau sa le vad zambetul ridat de pe chip si sclipirea din ochi.

Vreau sa o vad pe bunica, firava si slabuta, dar cu sufletul plin de emotii si afectiune, vreau sa o strang in brate cu putere si sa ii spun ca mi-e dor.

Vreau sa stau la povesti cu ei, cu dragii mei bunici, vreau sa imi mai spuna intamplari. Vreau ca bunicul sa relateze glume crude si vechi, sa imi povesteasca amintiri din tinerete, sa radem impreuna.

Vreau sa merg cu bunica in bucataria de vara, sa facem mamaliguta cu tochitura si ochiuri. Vreau sa ma mai invete inca o data cum sa fac mamaliguta, vreau sa gresesc si sa o vad razand.

Vreau sa ii cant melodii vechi si sa stam impreuna, pe banca de langa soba, vreau sa facem scrijele arse.

Vreau sa mai mergem impreuna la adunat de fan, vreau sa greblu si sa aduc doua fire de fan in furca. Vreau sa ma mai certe odata, vreau sa ma mai invete lucruri.

Vreau sa stam impreuna, obositi de soare si truda la umbra merilor batrani din gradina, sa bem apa insetati, sa ne tragem sufletul si sa muncim din nou.

Desi vreau, acum nu se mai poate. Au trecut 8-10 ani de cand s-au dus, dragii de ei. Intai bunica si apoi bunicul. S-au dus in zile ploioase si reci, intr-un cimitir alaturi de alte suflete planse de familii, s-au dus de tot.

Acum, la bunici nu mai e la fel. Banca de la poarta e goala, locul este ocupat de vant si de zapada ce cade necontenit peste amintirea lor. Casa este pustie, si nu le mai aud glasul bunicilor, nici macar mirosul lor nu mai este prezent.

Chiar si astazi, le pastrez vie amintirea in suflet. Viata ma poarta prin atatea locuri si atatea simtiri incat uneori am impresia ca neglijez absenta lor. Pe moment. Si apoi viata ma aduce in unele situatii cand ii vreau alaturi, cand imi este prea dor de ei.

In finalul articolului concluzionez ca in sufletul meu, bunicii inca sunt acolo. Ecoul dragostei lor se reflecta in gandurile mele, in cuvintele mele, in inima mea. Nu va voi uita niciodata, suflete dragi!

English version

I read a few seconds ago the post of a talented blogger I love to read, Missing Paths.

I do not know why, but it has stirred up some emotions so intense and sad that no tears can express in my words what I feel. The fapt that they’ve died. My Grandparents.

I can not find them anymore, no matter how much I want to look for them, they’re not there anymore. Inside me is a fire so strong that I can not quench it, and it burns smoldering.

                                            Childhood memories from grandparents

I want to ask parents to leave me to my grandparents. I want to be forgotten a whole entire summer for those loved ones, I still want to stay with them.

I want to find them at the gate, standing on the rotten wood bench, I want to see their wrinkled smile and shine.

I want to see my grandmother, poor and weak, but with her soul full of emotion and affection, I want to hold her tightly in my arms and tell her that I miss her.

I want to stay with them, with my dear grandparents, I want to tell them more. I want my grandfather to tell old and cruel jokes, to tell me memories of youth, to laugh together.

I want to go with my grandmother in the summer kitchen, to make polenta, stake and eggs. I want to learn once more how to make the polenta, I want to make mistakes and see her laughing.

I want to sing old songs and stay together on the bank beside the stove, I want to make grilled potatoes.

I want to go together at hay activities, I want to rake the field and bring two hay threads on the hook. I want them to argue with me again, I want to learn more.

I want to stay together, tired of the sun and toil in the shade of the old trees in the garden, to drink water, to pull our souls and work again.

Though I want it, it is no longer possible. It’s been 8-10 years since they were gone, dear ones. First your grandmother and then your grandfather. They went on rainy and cold days, in a cemetery with other family-friendly souls, they went all the way.

Now, at grandparents is not the same. The bank at the gate is empty, the place is occupied by the wind and snow falling constantly over their memory. The house is deserted, and I can not hear my grandmother’s voice, not even their smell anymore.

Even today, I keep them alive in the soul. Life takes me through so many places and feelings that sometimes I have the impression of neglecting their absence. Sometimes. And then life brings me in some situations when I want them both with me, when I miss them so much.

At the end of the article I conclude that in my soul, grandparents are still there. The echo of their love is reflected in my thoughts, in my words, in my heart. I will never forget you, dear souls!


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Fericirea sta in lucrurile marunte/ Happiness lies in small things

Buna ziua dragii mei!

In dimineata aceasta m-am trezit cu energie pozitiva si speranta. Am reusit cumva sa imi canalizez sentimentele negative si ostile intr-o alta directie, sa ma bucur de ceea ce am in prezent si sa savurez momentele fructuoase ale unei noi saptamani.

Alegeri si dorinte – vezi partea pozitiva a fiecarei zi

Aleg sa fiu multumita de cine sunt si ceea ce fac in fiecare zi.

Poate ca sunetul alarmei de dimineata este prea asurzitor si deranjant, dar ii multumesc lui Dumnezeu ca mi-a daruit auz, sunt foarte multe persoane surde.

Poate ca lumina prea puternica imi orbeste privirea si ma determina si imi asez din nou capul in perna, ii multumesc lui Dumnezeu ca pot vedea, sunt multe persoane oarbe.

Poate ca am febra musculara din ziua precedenta, dar ii multumesc lui Dumnezeu ca mi-a daruit simt in picioare. Zilele trecute am vazut un om al strazii ce isi taraia pe cimentul rece picioarele amputate pentru a castiga simpatia oamenilor din jur si pentru a-si castiga painea de toate zilele.

Poate ca vremea nu este perfecta, afara s-a intins un ger naprasnic si cerul cerne fulgi mari de nea; Ii multumesc lui Dumnezeu ca mi-a oferit sansa sa privesc acest piesaj minunat, sunt persoane ce nu au vazut zapada in viata lor.

Poate ca nu locuiesc intr-o casa uriasa, poate ca nu am luxul pe care si l-ar fi dorit majoritatea persoanelor, insa am un loc unde pot locui. Afara sunt oameni saraci care tremura in gerul dur al iernii, pe o patura subtire. Ii multumesc lui Dumnezeu ca mi-a oferit sansa de a avea un camin, un acoperis deasupra capului.

Poate ca nu am o familie numeroasa, insa Dumnezeu m-a binecuvantat cu o familie magica care ma iubeste si ar face orice pentru mine.

Poate ca micul dejun nu arata precum cel din filme, insa ii multumesc lui Dumnezeu ca am o masa, sunt persoane care nu au ce manca.

Poate ca momentan nu am un job stabil, dar am timp la dispozitie sa caut unul, am timp pentru mine si pentru familie. Consider ca Dumnezeu ne croieste drum prin toate colturile vietii, si acum este momentul sa invat o lectie.


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Fericirea sta in lucrurile marunte, adevarata valoare sta in lucrurile marunte. Cei mai fericiti oameni nu au cel mai bun lucru din toate, dar fac din ceea ce au cel mai bun lucru.

Fericirea nu trebuie cautata in ceea ce pare extraordinar, rar, iesit din comun, ci in lucrurile simple si accesibile care ne inconjoara in viata de zi cu zi. Pentru a simti bucuria nemarginita a vietii ajunge doar sa realizezi ca aproape fiecare clipa este o poarta catre ea. Doar cand vom descoperi lucrurile simple vom fi echilibrati in celelalte.

Asadar, in aceasta zi invata sa zambesti la cel ce se incrunta in fata ta. Fii multumit de ceea ce ai si nu te plange. Fii recunoscator pentru fiecare lucru marunt din viata ta!

English version

Hello my dear ones!

This morning I woke up with positive energy and hope. I have somehow managed to channel my negative and hostile feelings in another direction, to enjoy what I have today and to enjoy the fruitful moments of a new week.

                             Elections and desires – see the positive side of each day

I choose to be happy with who I am and what I do every day.

Perhaps the sound of morning alarm is too deaf and disturbing, but thank God for hearing me hear, there are many deaf people.

Maybe too bright light blinds my eyes and determines me to put my head back in the pillow, thank God I can see, there are many blind people.

Maybe I had the muscular fever of the previous day, but I thank God for giving me a feel. Over the past days, I saw a man on the streets who rolled up his feet on the cold cement to amaze the people around him and win his bread of all the time.

Maybe the weather is not perfect, a terrible frost has spread out, and the sky is scorching heavy snowflakes; I thank God for giving me the chance to watch this wonderful piece, are people who have not seen snow in their lives.

Maybe I do not live in a huge house, maybe I do not have the luxury that most people would want, but I have a place to live. Outside are poor people who tremble in the tough cold winter, on a thin blanket. I thank God for giving me the chance to have a home, a roof over my head.

Maybe I do not have a large family, but God blessed me with a magic family who loves me and would do anything for me.

Maybe breakfast does not look like the one in the movies, but I thank God for a meal, there are people who have nothing to eat.

Maybe at the moment I do not have a  job, but I have time to look for one, I have time for myself and my family. I think God is making our way through every corner of our life, and now is the time to learn a lesson.


Happiness lies in small things, true value lies in small things. The happiest people do not have the best of everything, but they make the best of everything.

Happiness must not be sought in what seems extraordinary, rarely out of the ordinary, but in simple and accessible things that surround us in everyday life. To feel the endless joy of life, you only realize that almost every moment is a gateway to it. Only when we discover the simple things we will be balanced in the other.

So, on this day, you learn to smile at the one who frowns in front of you. Be happy with what you have and do not cry. Be thankful for every little thing in your life!


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De Craciunul acesta, sa ne scriem povestea!

Pentru mine, Craciunul este mai mult decat o sarbatoare. Incepand cu varsta de 5 anisori mi-am impachetat frumos, intr-un cufar vechi creat de bunicii mei tamplari cate o amintire din fiecare an de Craciun petrecut impreuna cu cei dragi. Micutul cufar are magia lui si fiecare lucru in parte spune cate o poveste.  

Primul lucrusor din cufar este o jumatate din mustata unui mos deghizat. Imi reamintesc si acum cu zambetul pe buze, de data cand parintii mei, vrand sa imi faca o bucurie au angajat un mos fals. Cand am realizat ca persoana in costumul rosu nu este adevaratul mos Craciun am inceput sa trag cu putere de mustata mult prea alba si mult prea lunga pentru a fi reala. M-am ales cu o jumatate de mustata „artizanala” si cu multe cadouri in acel an, insa cel mai pretios dar a fost reactia celor dragi si chicotele de veselie starnite.  

Al doilea lucrusor este o manusa rupta. Acea manusa provine din clipele cand in primii ani am mers cu colinda, precum este datina. Pe frigul naprasnic ce se asternuse in luna decembrie, cu fulgi de nea desi si vant suierator m-am pornit impreuna cu cativa colegi sa ne colindam vecinii din sat. Cu nasurile reci, lacrimi in ochisori si bujori in obrajori, cantam binecunoscutul colind: „Iata vin colindatori”, trecand de la o casa la alta cu entuziasm si bucurie in suflet, ca vestim nasterea Domnului.  

La despartirea de colegii mei, am mai mers cateva ulite singura. Ma gandeam la cat de bucuroasa eram, ca in acel an am strans foarte multe dulciuri si o suma bunicica de bani si ma grabeam intr-un mers incalcit prin vifornita, sa impart bucuria cu cei de acasa. Nu mica mi-a fost mirarea cand la o ulita pana acasa, la poarta unui vecin am zarit cativa copii sarmani. Erau veniti dintr-un sat vecin, de la cativa zeci de kilometri departare, pe jos. Micutii aveau hainele vechi, rupte si mult prea subtiri pentru gradele de afara. Cand mi-am coborat ochii catre picioare am zarit o sacosa imbotita, pe un sfert plina cu niste mere lovite si un colt de cozonac. In mana aveau 5.000 de lei (echivalentul a 50 de bani noi) si in ochi lacrimi. Fara sa gandesc le-am dat rucsacul meu, cu dulciuri si bani impreuna cu manusile impletite de mama, de lana calduroasa si intepatoare.  

Nu pot explica in cuvinte cat de bucurosi erau copii si cat de multe zambete am adus in acea seara. Le-am oferit tot ceea ce aveam in schimbul unor zambete si multumiri indestulatoare. Desi aveam doar 11 ani, stiam ca fac un lucru demn si de apreciat, eram multumita de mine. Zambind in sinea mea, mi-am croit pasii incalciti prin nametii greoi. Atunci cand am ajuns acasa nu aveam rucsacul cu dulciuri si manusile de la mama. Dar aveam un zambet larg in obrajii reci si dragoste in suflet. Ah, si manusa rupta de la un copil nevoias care nu stiu cum, a ramas la mine.  

Al treilea lucrusor are o insemnatate aparte pentru mine. In acel an de Sfantul Craciun am inteles importanta familiei in viata unei persoane si am invatat sa pretuiesc ceea ce am. In cadrul scolii am facut niste pachete pentru copii de la un orfelinat din judet. Am strans bani, leut cu leut si am creat cateva cadouri semnificative.  

Imi amintesc parca era ieri. Ne pornisem la drum pe o ceata groasa si pe un frig naprasnic. Din pacate, ninsoarea si inghetul nu poposira inca insa acel frig era prevestitor. Am ajuns in cateva ore la acel orfelinat, impreuna cu profesorii si colegii din cadrul liceului. La intrare ne-au intampinat „dascalii” si ingrijitorii acelui loc.  

Copii au pregatit un mic moment pentru noi, oaspetii lor. Am ascultat colinde si uraturi, sorcove si ritualuri specifice Craciunului. Fiecare copil era talentat in felul lui si fiecare copil in parte isi cunostea rolul la perfectie. Toata sceneta ce se asternea in fata noastra era ca un film bine jucat in care protagonistii erau oameni in miniatura cu suflete de aur.  

La finalul scenetei am impartit darurile. In ochii copiilor puteai citi din departare nerabdarea si dorinta, afectiunea si nevinovatia. Imi amintesc ca eu am daruit cadoul meu unui baietel. Cred ca avea la vreo 5-6 ani, era imbracat decent cu camasa si bluzita peste. Faptul izbitor la infatisarea acelui copil erau ochii sai, de un albastru briliant si o stralucire aparte. Pe cat de frumosi aratau, pe atat de tristi erau. Imi amintesc ca atunci cand m-a vazut ca ma indrept inspre el cu cadoul frumos impachetat am vazut o sclipire de speranta in ochi. Mi-a zambit si in coltul guritei i se ascundea sfios o gropita. A desfacut cadoul in fata mea, plin de uimire si satisfactie, nestiind ce sa apuce mai intai. Cu ochii in lacrimi, tremurand, a lasat cadoul deoparte si m-a imbratisat foarte strans. In urmatoarele clipe lacrimi calde si induiosatoare se scurgeau aievea pe fata copilului, ce spunea: „Nu pleca, te rog!”  

Nu stiam cum sa reactionez, emotionata m-am aplecat catre copil si l-am strans mai tare in brate si i-am soptit la ureche: „E bine, sunt aici acum! Dar nu iti fie frica, Dumnezeu e mereu cu tine! Nu esti singur!”  

La plecare, copilul pe care am ajuns sa aflu ca il chema Albert mi-a lasat o mica jucarie de plus, un mic ursulet, spalat de timp si lacrimi. Acum avea alte jucarii si voia ca si eu sa am ceva, un mic dar de la Albert.  

In vechiul cufar sunt mai multe lucruri si in fiecare an adaug cate un element semnificativ care sa marcheze un alt Craciun. In fiecare an, un alt lucru scrie o noua poveste magica.  

Asadar, in cinstea cufarului cu povesti, anul acesta voi adauga un nou lucru, o noua emotie. Pe data de 4 decembrie 2018, Opera Comica pentru Copii organizeaza cea de-a patra editie a spectacolului „Poveste de Craciun” la Sala Polivalenta din Bucuresti. Poveste de Craciun este un spectacol mozaic in regia lui Cristian Mihailescu, ce reuneste nume mari din artele spectacolului.  

Noi, in calitate de public, vom avea ocazia sa luam parte la momente cu artisti lirici si Baletul Operei Comice pentru Copii cu multi invitati supriza.  

Craciunul acesta, in 2018, haideti sa ne scriem povestea in cel mai frumos mod alaturi de micuti talentati cu suflete de aur si oameni valorosi!

Thought of the day 9#

      Nici nu stiu cu ce ar trebui sa incep… .Ma rezum totusi la faptul ca mi-a fost dor de blog, de voi. Am avut o saptamana incarcata de sentimente si intamplari, care mai de care mai ample si mai putin iritante.

Dupa cum am povestit in articolele precedente, am finalizat un capitol prematur inceput din aceasta viata. Acum, sunt in cautarea unui nou capitol, mai bun si prosper insa din pacate nu-mi gasesc inspiratia, imi lipsesc randuri din cartea vietii si privesc la pagini goale.

Caut raspunsuri in locuri diverse, ma afund in amalgamuri de noi informatii si acumulez… din pacate mari nimicuri.

Imi petrec ore in sir in fata ecranului alb, pe site-uri specializate cautand indicii despre viitor, despre scopuri si dorinte. Ma innec intr-o baie de multime, socializez cu necunoscuti dar nimeni nu pare sa imi fure inima. Tot ceea ce acumulez sunt promisiuni si fagaduieli desarte.

Ma afund in ganduri felurite si visez la noi apusuri, la noi orizonturi.

Un element statornic si din ce in ce mai prezent este speranta. Si incapatinarea. Faptul ca imi cunosc puterile si aspiratiile ma determina sa nu renunt, sa duc lupta la un alt nivel. De foarte multe ori, din pacate ma lovesc de ziduri mari prin care nu trec sabiile launtrice si razboiul se opreste pentru cateva momente.

In ciuda lacrimilor amar-sarate ce se revarsa pe chip, imi ridic armele ca un soldat ranit si continui sa caut raspunsuri, continui sa caut o cale de iesire.

Un lucru e cert si sigur. Inapoi nu am cum sa ma mai intorc, si o cale de mijloc nu exista. Din toate incercarile la care am fost supusa pana in prezent am invatat ca trebuie sa imi pastrez calmul si orice as face nu trebuie sa renunt.

Sansele mele exista, chiar daca in acest moment ma invart intr-un cerc de ceata si nesiguranta. Va aparea si locul potrivit pentru mine, doar ca se afla pe undeva, la capatul vreunui tunel intunecat.

Sunt constienta ca aceasta incercare are un rol important si voi avea ceva de invatat. De asemenea stiu ca in urma acestui capitol incetosat ultimele randuri vor concluziona de ce restul paginilor sunt voalate, si ca de fapt trebuiau simtite nicidecum citite limpede.

Sursa Unsplash

English version

I do not even know what I should start with … . I still have to summarize the fact that I missed the blog, I missed you. I have had a week full of emotions and events that were more ample and less irritating.

As I have mentioned in the previous articles, I have completed a premature chapter from this life. Now, I’m looking for a new chapter, better and prosperous, but unfortunately I can not find my inspiration, I miss the rows of the book of life and look at blank pages.
I’m looking for answers in various places, I am amalgamous with new information and I am collecting … unfortunately nothing importantly big.

I spend hours in front of the white screen on specialized sites looking for clues about the future, about goals and desires. I drown in a bath of many unknown people, socialize with strangers, but nobody seems to steal my heart. All that I accumulate are vague promises.
I am caught in various thoughts and I dream of new landscapes and new horizons.

A steadfast and more and more present element is hope. And stubborness. Being aware of my powers and aspirations causes me not to give up, to take the fight to another level. Many times, unfortunately, they hit me with large walls that do not cross the inner swords and the war stops for a few moments.

Despite the bitter-salty tears streaming over my face, I pick up my weapons as a wounded soldier and continue to look for answers, continuing to look for a way out.

One thing is certain.I can not get back, and a middle way does not exist. From all the trials I have been subjected to so far I have learned that I must keep my calm and whatever I do I do not have to give up.

My chances exist, even if at this moment I’m in a circle of fog and insecurity. There will also be a right place for me, just somewhere at the end of a dark tunnel.

I am aware that this test has an important role and I will have something to learn. I also know that after this blurred chapter the last lines will conclude why the rest of the pages are veiled, and that they really should not have been read but felt crystal clean.