Work at home week

Hello, dear readers! Lately, I did not get the chance of posting anything new on the blog as I had a full week, a lot of changes going on now with the Corona Virus outbreak.

We have been moved at home, being „recommended” to work remotely because of the virus situation. Plus, I got caught in home chores and duties and did not have enough amount of time to spend in Kate’s world blog, being too overwhelmed with everything. But I promise to get back! 🙂

How does it feel to work at home?

I got this question frequently from my friends and relatives lately. Moreover, some of them think that if I work from home I don’t do anything. Well, to be honest, it’s not like that. I tend to even work more and pay more attention to my job that I am working remotely and I am more focused on the client and his needs.

I have to recognize that it’s more comfortable to work from the home office, sitting on the comfy chair, being all rolled up in blankets with either a cup of hot brewed coffee or a hot cup of tea to start the day with.

I do miss my lovely colleagues and spending time with them, analyzing issues together and identifying solutions for work-related tasks. But we still have our Facebook groups and still, find a way to resolve problems while still keeping in touch.

And besides, I get to spend more time with my cat and abiding her from getting the sleep that she mostly requires 😂, for that reason I believe that she hates me. But I stopped her from sleeping all day and partying all night, scratching everything in the house and meowing like it’s the end of the world.

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Apart from that, I get to stay away from all the unhealthy foods and the mall and cook home meals, healthier and fat-free. I consume more lemon tea, eat more fruits and stay in shape by exercising.

Also now I stay away from cosmetics and try natural masks, having more healthy and clean skin. I don’t burn my hair anymore with flat or curling irons, instead, I leave my hair naturally free, braid it or keep it in a ponytail.

Besides, I have more free time for myself, I get to do more house chores and be more attentive to the family needs. No more waiting annoyed in the station as the bus is late, no more agglomeration in the malls, no more time lost in preparations to go to work, no more loud noise.


Overall, this experience with working at home and staying in quarantine because of the virus is not so bad for us and could be a lesson from which we can all learn a lot.

It’s very important to stay at home in quarantine to prevent the contamination that could occur, to stop spreading the virus and to fight against it. The authorities and the medical services are working over the clock to help the people affected by Covid19, this includes overtime hours and tiredness.

Let’s start paying attention to the rules that are raised in our help, being thankful that we are healthy and pray to God to help us pass this storm that rages against us. Stay at home, stay safe and stay protected! ⚔️

(Image Source – Unsplash)

28 de gânduri despre “Work at home week

  1. The “work from home” option is the best that can happen to people during these unsettling times. Many others will or lost their jobs, and hopefully they will find a replacement soon. Many supermarkets are looking for extra help and so on. Everyone who can, please stay at home and help to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Great post and I hope you will remain having good weeks! I will follow your blog so we can motivate each other in case we get stuck! Take care everyone! 🌺

    • Hello, Fabulousread!
      I agree with you, I often think of how blessed we are from God that we can and have the possibility of working remotely in these times.
      Thank you for stopping by and take care! 🌷

  2. She is quite pretty, Kate. And yes, upskilling and productivity are two skills we could definitely make use considering this as an opportunity, and the world is definitely about to see a major change in terms of „Office Work” by the end of this year. Keep Upskilling, hope you had a great weekend!

    • Thank you, Kalyan!
      Yes, let’s just hope that this outbreak will be gone by the end of the year and we will still be healthy and that God will allow us to develop and to upskill the performances!
      Thank you, take care and have a very productive week ahead! ^_^

  3. Maybe the conditions are better when you work from home. As far as I’m concerned, I still remember giving myself too many breaks. But now, what I work can no longer be done at home. Unfortunately! Maximum health!

    • Actually no, I only take breaks for eating or for going to the bathroom. Or for other house chores that require immediate attention :-))
      I understand. What is your situation? Do you work as well?
      Take care and stay safe! 🙂

  4. I have been doing SEO work since 1998 so I’m used to working from home. Always ensure sure you have a stress-free zone, at work (yes even your home office). – Look for a break room.. No need for a fancy setting. All you need is some soft lighting and something comfortable to sit on. Put together a nice relaxing playlist and listen to it. Good luck!

    • Yes, music is one best remedy for headaches, especially when they are caused by work-related tasks and issues.
      Thank you for the advice, is very well received and will be applied! 😀

      • You’re welcome, if you need expert advice on SEO, guidance or recommendations please keep me in mind, it is my job to analyze, review and improve blogs and websites and I really believe that online marketing is here to make a difference. Providing SEO consultations is my God-given talent and you can contact me anytime for a free website audit. Best of wishes. ~ Debby

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