Quarantine. Day N.

I don’t even know what day it is, nor do I remember the notion of time, if time could be measured in this quarantine. Moments only matter when I work, but I recently dared to ask for a few days off. I felt the need to disconnect.

I missed the blog for two and a half weeks now. Don’t ask me for an excuse, because I don’t know how to answer you. I also wondered why I distanced myself from the blog and myself, from my thoughts. I found answers but none seemed plausible enough.

I became comfortable with work from home and I got bored of repeating the same things over and over again, one after the other in a monotonous rhythm. Somewhere, in all this time, I lost hope and the desire to live a busy life, wanting to be connected from the world around me.

Blamed the many hours that I spend in front of the screen, and it seemed pathetic because I have been doing this for too long. Then the justification that I immersed in cleaning and cooking because Easter arrived but then passed again is not a good reason either.

Because nothing is good enough now. Nothing is normal. Nothing makes sense.

Easter 2020 in quarantine

I spent this Easter at home, in isolation, away from family and loved ones differently than I used to. But hey, we heard each other on the phone and we could feel the trembling in the voice, the frustration in the tone and the despair in the volume of the speech. If that makes any difference.

I went out the window and listened to the resurrection service through the speakers, saw the helpless glances of other neighbors from the side window, and then sank in silence.

I have watched the news in the media as the world makes a scandal because the rules should be respected according to the political ordinances. As evidence, police officers were attacked with stones and assaulted by people. Ignorance, indifference and lack of common sense appear to rule nowadays.

Then I rested, ate and watched TV series, like everyone else. Yesterday I decided to be strong and start exercising for two hours. Today I caught a cold again, symptoms of a cold (I hope it’s not Corona).


Today, I decided, with the few remaining powers to start writing again on the blog. I do not have much energy from this cold that has returned to haunt me and I will ask you to be gentle.

How are you feeling? All is well?

(Image Source, Unsplash, Dawid Zawiła)

20 de gânduri despre “Quarantine. Day N.

    • Hello, dear writer!
      I am aware of the news, of course. But actually, it’s a hope that things will get better until then and the relaxation will appear, because we have no idea what tomorrow can bring.
      The numbers of the affected persons grow by the day and it’s hard to say exactly what measure will be taken.

      The important thing is to stay at home, safe and to take care of you and your family.

      Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

  1. Nu-i de mirare că lumea o i-a razna atâta timp cât ți oamenii captivi în propria locuință, și așa cu toții am ieșit din iarnă cu carențele de rigoare și era nevoie să ne plimbăm la soare, aer curat, și să stăm cât mai mult în lumină naturală..
    Să sperăm, așa cum auzisem, că nu va trebui să trecem pe la psihologi atunci cand se termină carantina..

    Și apropo, deșii există timp îndestulat, totuși lipsesc multe articole și bloggeri de pe baricadele scrisului, de ce, nu mă întreba, nu știu nici eu..

    Să fim sănătoși și să gândim pozitiv..!
    Gânduri bune din partea mea, Katy.!

    • Sa stii, Stef. A trecut foarte mult timp si e frustrant ca atunci cand doresti sa iesi o faci pentru ca ai nevoie de alimente si chestii necesare pentru traiul de zi cu zi. Si atunci iesi practic cu o adeverinta dupa tine la magazinul din apropriere, unde o faci pe furis sa nu deranjezi alte persoane.

      E stresant si teribil, sper sa se termine curand si sa ne insanatosim. Cat despre psihologi, am auzit ca ofera consiliere online, desi ma gandeam, sincer, pe ei cine ii mai consiliaza, saracii… 😅.

      Asa este, Stef. Ganduri Pozitive si multa speranta.

      O saptamana productiva, ai grija!

    • Yes, indeed, about two weeks now since I haven’t posted but as I said in the article, I needed this time to disconnect for a moment.
      I am fine for now, feeling better today and enjoying a short vacancy.

      How are you? Is everything fine? 🙂

  2. Hey Katherine, I am so sorry to hear you have a hard time. The truth is it’s a horrible time to all. Sending good vibes to you and just wanted to share with you that everything will be alright!

    • Hello, Anne! Well, somehow I think I got used to it. One day feeling worse and the other better, it’s like a bad routine now.
      How are you feeling? Is everything fine?

      Looking forward to reading your posts. Take care and stay safe!

  3. Buna, Kata! E drept ca si eu am scris mai putin decat altadata, incerc sa imi recompun cumva activitatile, dar imi lipseste de fapt cheful de a scrie, sau cel putin nu mai este la nivelul anterior. De plictisit, nu am timp, insa imi lipseste libertatea de a iesi la o plimbare relaxata. Nu stiu ce zi de izolare este, nu le numar, mai rau ma zapacesc. Am observat si eu ca multi bloggeri si-au mai redus activitatea. Sanatate multa, te pup! ❤

  4. It’s hard when you have to be parted from family during quarantine. It’s even harder for those who unable to work from home, lost their income. Hope this will past soon. Be strong Katherine, stay safe and get well soon!

  5. Our minds can get pretty awfull sometimes, especially in this kind of situations, but you have to stay strong and don’t lose hope.
    There is a reason for everything, and this situation is an opportunity for all of us to detach from the outside and look inside ourselves, focusing on our mental patterns, our view upon reality and life and upon ourselves.
    Try and little by little change the way you think, the way you see the world, your mental pattern, you can do this by observing your mind, how it reacts to certain things or events, and when you will enter new ways of thinking everything will be better, because when you change yourself everything around you will do to.
    Never lose hope, life is a wonderfull voyage that allows us to find our real nature, it’s just our mind that sees everything as awfull.
    Be kind to yourself and love the way you are!

    Peace 😊✌️

  6. Good morning my sweet Sister. I’m a flight attendant so I’ve not stop working. I will take off the month of May. You’re in my prayer. You’re such a sweet soul. I feel it in your heart. Count it all joy and that this too will pass.

    • Oh, poor you. Good choice, we all need a rest, and I subscribe to this because this week is free for me and I enjoying my time.
      Thank you, you are a darling as well, I pray God keeps you safe and takes care of you.


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