Pandemic events

Yesterday, I had to attend a baby shower party for one of our friends. It was the first event after a long period of pandemic and concern. One thing I really couldn’t get over was the clumsiness and social awkwardness that exacerbated it all. We were there for a special occasion, but because of all the rules and Pandemic hysteria, I remember that we weren’t able to fully enjoy ourselves or cheer for the birth of that child.

We were 50 guests, with 6 people at the table, spread at a visible distance. I recall light music in the background, curious stares, and a feeling of confusion and disorder. Though the organizers did their hardest to keep us entertained and present at the activity, I could read in the guest’s eyes the fear of attending such an event after a long time of stagnation. The food offered was delicious and I could tell that the people present were nice and warm, although we couldn’t interact that much.

Also, as with any event that took place during the pandemic, we had police coming by to make sure that the activity was in compliance with the laws and that no one was dancing or bending the law. It looked as though we were committing a crime and like we were suspects, albeit following laws. As kids at home in our early years, playing some silly games when our parents came and criticized our lack of sense and morality.

We didn’t shake hands, hug, or kissed on our cheeks, as it was against the rules. We simply fist-bumped and smiled, acknowledging the present situation.

Cruel reality

This pandemic has turned our world upside down, and it’s difficult to tell if we’re ever going to be able to get back to the way it used to be. There’s no perfect day for the baby shower, wedding, or any other occasion with people gathering. It’s just an event that needs to be handled according to tradition, with fewer people and more restrictions.

This Pandemic made us realize the amount of things we take for granted in life, not to mention, life itself. These occurrences are just a small reminder that our life is precious and that we should cherish it with all that we have and honor it, even though it means having to adhere to regulations.

At the end of the day, it’s important to mark the date, be thankful that we’ve been able to see our loved ones, and have a quiet sit down, appreciating the amount of things that we are still left with.

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  1. Happy news to hear about the plans being made for a new born coming into this unfortunately messed up world! Still the birth of a child is an amazing miracle and actually great event regardless of the restrictions put upon this ceremony!

    What’s really troubling to me is what some of the most nefarious and wicked human beings on this planet have done to so many billions of people in one big fell swoop, making a pandemic hoax, a real crisis of how people live and interact with each other and their world! Being strong in one’s belief in God is the key in getting through all barriers or obstacles, so hopefully more people will strengthen their faith because of all this madness; and real answers will come for most if not all people sooner rather than later. I for one don’t bother with masks or no shaking of hands and just live as I had before the pandemic!

    What is real to me is that there are very wicked people in this world that are up to no good and I figure either their plans will collapse from their own weigh of falsehood and sin, or if they lead to even worse circumstances ahead and things get so bad that I must die; I pray for a good and peaceful death! I don’t want to let this world get me down into the pit of defeat!

    God bless the new baby and all involved in that baby shower!

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