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Song of the day #60

„Au innebunit salcamii
De atata primavara
Umbla despuiati prin ceruri
Cu tot sufletul pe-afara”

🌿 🌿 🌿

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Thursday in a few rows


What were you doing last year at this time?

I don’t know about you but I lower my head down and smile. There has been so many things, so many memories, so many worries that are not present in the now.

Today we have other things to care about, to think and process. Things are different but somehow carry the same feelings and emotions.

Don’t let yourself carried by the wind and moments, they will happen anyway. Or better said, don’t worry about today, just live it. In an year from now you will smile again.

Happy Thursday, dear readers!


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Recompensa Sondaje Ask Gfk

Buna ziua tuturor!

Acum cateva zile a ajuns recompensa de la Panelul de sondaje Ask Gfk.


Retragerea s-a efectuat prin trimiterea unui email din cadrul site-ului lor de sondaje:

In maxim o zi, am fost contactata de o angajata a Panelului pe email, cerandu-mi sa ii confirm datele pentru trimiterea recompensei sub forma de tichete cadou Edenred.


I-am furnizat datele necesare persoanei pentru efectuarea tranzactiei si tichetele au ajuns in cateva zile prin Fan Curier in timp relativ scurt.


Mentionez ca aceasta este prima mea retragere din cadrul Panelelui Ask Gfk, prima colaborare incepand in anul 2018.

In final, concluzionez ca Panelul Ask Gfk sunt de incredere si voi continua colaborarea cu ei.

Voi ce experienta aveti cu Ask Gfk Panel? 🙂

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Sunday thoughts wrapped in a beautiful „YOU”

Hello, guys!

It’s been a while since I could not find the time to write my thoughts in here, on my personal page, in Kate’s World. I am really sorry, in front of you and in front of me. I am saying this because it’s been so long and I so much longed to be in here, to be writing again.

As you might think, the last few months were really busy for me. I was caught struggling between work and family, between a break and me. But, to be 100% fair, there was no ME lately, and no break as you might guess.

It took me a while to figure it out, to understand. In this big, crazy world we always concern about work&about tasks, about people and their reactions, about what they might think or feel about us.

But when should we be concerned about ourselves, when should we be on the first place?

When was the last time you asked yourself if you enjoyed your company, when was the last time you asked yourself if you liked that movie, or if you really liked that nasty food? When did you really felt comfortable enough to laugh out loud, when was the last time you were true to yourself?

Good questions you may say. But do we know the answers to these realities? Yes we do. And within ourselves we regret the choices that we made in the past and maybe today.

Be the change that you want to see in others

My idea would be that in every single week we should chose a time to be frank to ourselves, to do something that we love, to be our best version of „ME” that is hidden somewhere inside us.

Start with baby steps, chose an easier task which is convenient for the moment and for you. Do exactly the thing that defines you and says „This is me” better than anything.

Do you like singing in a cold shower early in the morning? Then do it. Do you enjoy listening to slow jazz music with a glass of sweet wine and a good book in your lap? What is stopping you?  Do you love taking small walks on the road with loud music in your headphones? Then do it.

Take 5-10 minutes of your time and do something that you really love doing, something that really satisfies you and makes you happy. Forget about what people think or talk, because they will never stop.

So what if the neighbors will be awake earlier in the morning from the noises of your crazy song and the drops of clear water? They aren’t going to stop late in the night that Dem drill anyway.

So what if there will be persons who will make funny faces at you while you walk to nowhere in your life’s voyage with noisy rock music in your ears? It is your choice not their and they don’t have any right to tell you what is better to do or not to do.

Each and every one of us has a cross to bear and a path to follow in this short life. Take what is rightfully yours and enjoy your time while you can. Stop thinking about what people will say or think, because people are people and you can’t come to an end with them.

The only person who you should think often, love and cherish is yourself. At the end of the day, what really matters is what you accomplished and how happy YOU are. The rest is just dust in the wind.

Think about that. Think About YOU!


(Image source – Unsplash)