Song of the day 35#

Song lyrics:

Legends never die when the world is callin’ you
Can you hear them screaming out your name?
Legends never die, they become a part of you
Every time you bleed for reaching greatness
Relentless you survive

[Verse 1]
They never lose hope when everything’s cold
And the fighting’s near
It’s deep in their bones
They run into smoke when the fire is fierce
Oh, pick yourself up ‘cause

Legends never die when the world is calling you
Can you hear them screamin’ out your name?
Legends never die, they become a part of you
Every time you bleed for reaching greatness
Legends never die

[Verse 2]
They’re written down in eternity
But you’ll never see the price it costs – the scars collected all their lives
When everything’s lost, they pick up their hearts and avenge defeat
Before it all starts, they suffer through harm just to touch a dream
Oh, pick yourself up ‘cause

Legends never die when the world is calling you
Can you hear them screamin’ out your name?
Legends never die, they become a part of you
Every time you bleed for reaching greatness
Legends never die

When the world is callin’ out your name, begging you to fight
Pick yourself up once more
Pick yourself up ‘cause

Legends never die when the world is calling you
Can you hear them screamin’ out your name?
Legends never die, they become a part of you
Every time you bleed for reaching greatness
Legends never die


My first Mystery Blogger Award

Hello dear people! A few days ago, my blogger friends Mira&Irina (who are great writers and smart young souls) nominated me for the Mystery Blogger Award. I am honored to accept their award, hence is my first award of the Mystery Blogger Award series.

The Mystery Blogger Award is created by Okoto and is an award for great bloggers with amazing posts.


(Image Source – Google images)

The rules of this awesome award are :

  1. Put the award logo/image on your blog;
  2. List the rules;
  3. Thank whoever( nominated you and provide a link to their blog;
  4. Answer the questions from the blogger who nominated you;
  5. Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well;
  6. Tell your readers 3 things about yourself;
  7. You have to nominate 10 – 20 people;
  8. Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog;
  9. Ask your nominees any 5 questions of your choice; with one weird or funny question (specify);
  10. Share a link to your best post(s).

3 things which you must know about me (that is one rule of the award):

  1. My passion is writing. This blog is the prove that writing and expressing myself are important things in my life.
  2. I love to read and discover new horizons.
  3. I like to be busy.

The people I would like to nominee for this award are:

  1. Kyleoyier
  2. Libarah
  3. Scarpoe
  4. Block Start
  5. Jared
  6. Rad Gamer
  7. Mylifeaspects
  8. Flavia Vinci
  9. Edmark Law
  10. Sharonchy

My questions for my special nominees are:

  1. What is your goal in life?
  2. What is your greatest achievement in life until now?
  3. What are your aspirations for 2019?
  4. How do you earn peoples respect? More exactly, what is your definition of respect?
  5. What is your relief factor after a long day of work?

The questions Mira&Irina made for me:

  • When you feel sad, what gives you power to move on ?

Sadness is an emotion. You need to feel sad in order to appreciate the feeling of happiness and joy. I like to think that sadness gives us the power to meditate upon the mistakes and mountains we need to climb in life in order to move on.

  • What is Your favorite movie ?

I have a lot of favorite movies actually. My very last favorite movie is The Great Debaters. I like to think it gives strength and power to the spectator.

  • Do you believe in miracles ?

Why shouldn’t I? Everyone must believe in miracles. God gives us a miracle every day, we are just too blind to see.

  • What is your favorite song ?

My favorite song… . As you probably observed, I have a blog category which is named Song of the Day. I have tons of favorite songs, my last favorite is this one.

  • Do You believe that pain makes you stronger ?!

In spite of what people may think, pain does make you stronger. Even though at the moment you feel weakness and sadness, eventually in time you grow stronger and build your own strength.

In the end I want to thank Mira&Irina for the opportunity of being a member of this wonderful award and good luck to my nominees.


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Gandul zilei 14#/Thought of the day 14#

Cand eram mica cuprindeam toata lumea in doar o privire. Din micul colt ingust al casei, printre magazii si copaci vesnic verzi exista un triunghi de lumina, brazdat de o stralucire albastra pura.

In mintea mea de copil imatur, acea regiune ingusta era preferata mea, acolo obisnuiam sa imi imaginez ziua de maine, contempland la persoane nemaintalnite si orizonturi nedescoperite.

Priveam intinderea lumii cu incantare si imi doream sa cuceresc fiecare petic de pamant la pas, dintr-o zona aleasa aleatoriu, imi doream sa calatoresc. Nu vedeam obstacole, nu imi imaginam ca o sa patrund in caminul cuiva sau pe pamanturile unor persoane, doar ma inchipuiam mergand fara un scop anume, savurand necunoscutul.

Covorul verde si moale, parfumat in arome dulci si proaspete de primavara era preferatul meu; nu aveam nevoie de incaperi luxuriante sau de prieteni falsi, ci doar de acel moment de liniste si reverie. Admiram puritatea si naturaletea gradinii in plin sezon,  zumzetul albinelor voioase si harnice, pasii incalciti a paianjenilor incleiati in chitina si sunetul melodios al pasarilor primavaratice.

Cerul spune o multitudine de povesti. L-am admirat inca din primii ani ai vietii si il admir cu incantare si astazi, in plina iarna, in zile de decembrie cum decoreaza intinderea cereasca intr-un amalgam de nuante vii.

Cerul ne este prieten de drum oriunde am poposi. Daca deschidem ochii cu atentie si lasam deoparte grijile si frustrarile, vom descoperi cu emotie in suflet frumusetea si linistea pe care o confera cerul, in fiecare zi.

Spre exemplu, ieri urmaream cu interes prin intermediul geamului masinii imaginile fugitive ce treceau fulgerator, una dupa alta. Pe o foaie imensa de desen, creatorul lumii picteaza cu mana stanga, linii sterse si palide cu bucle intortocheate si incalcite. Printre ele se perinda pasari grabite si infrigurate, ce parca isi cauta iesirea din labirintul ceresc, pierdute printre arbori ingusti secatuiti de viata si frunze.

Cuvinte melodioase pentru zile frumoase

Auriu, Albastru deschis, albastru-roziatic, alb, alb-cenusiu si spre final negru – acestea sunt culorile iernii ce ne inunda in fiecare zi intinderea cereasca.

Cand intampini o zi grea respira adanc si priveste cerul. Daca este gri gandeste-te ca in spatele norilor pufosi se afla un cer senin, albastru si curat, exact ca sufletul tau; si ca, precum norii grei trebuie sa devina pufosi prin ploaie, asa si sufletul tau trebuie sa se aline prin cateva lacrimi.

Asadar, la inceputul zilei gandeste-te ca cerul se afla pretutindeni si povestea incepe de la picioarele tale.


(Sursa Imaginii – Unsplash)

English version

When I were small, I included everyone in just a glance. From the narrow corners of the house, there was a triangle of light, full of pure blue glow, among greenhouses and evergreen trees.

In my child immature mind, that narrow region was my favorite, I used to imagine tomorrow, contemplating unseen people and undiscovered horizons.

I watched the expanse of the world with delight and I wanted to conquer every patch of earth in a step, from a randomly chosen area, I wanted to travel. I did not see obstacles, I did not imagine I was going to get into someone’s home or some people’s lands, I just imagined going without a specific purpose, savoring the unknown.

The green and soft green carpet, fragrant in sweet and fresh spring flavors, was my favorite; I did not need fancy rooms or fake friends, but just that moment of silence and reverie. I loved the purity and nature of the garden in the full season, the buzzing of the hard working bees, the tangled steps of the spiders grazed in chitin and the melodious sound of the spring birds.

Heaven says a multitude of stories. I have admired him since the early years of my life and I admire him with delight today, in 2019 winter, in December as decorating the heavenly expanse in a mixture of living shades.

Heaven is our friend on the road wherever we go. If we open our eyes carefully and leave aside the worries and frustrations, we will discover with excitement in the soul the beauty and the peace that the sky gives us every day.

For example, yesterday I watched with interest through the window of the car the fugitive images that were flashing one after the other. On a huge sheet of drawing, the creator of the world paints with his left hand, broken and pale lines with crooked and loose curls. Among them were hurried and lost birds, as if looking for the exit of the heavenly labyrinth, lost among the lush, dry trees of life and leaves.

Warm words for beautiful days

Golden, light blue, rosy blue, white, gray and white to the end black – these are the winter colors that flood our sky every day.

When you encounter a heavy day, breathe deeply and look at the sky. If it is gray, think that behind the fluffy clouds is a clear, blue and clean sky, just like your soul; and that, like heavy clouds, they must become fluffy in the rain, so your soul must relax with some tears.

So at the beginning of the day think that the sky is everywhere and the story begins right at your feet.

(Image Source – Unsplash)

Microbii din peria de par, si de ce este recomandat sa o cureti la timp/Hairbrush microbes and why is it recommended to clean it on time

Conform unui studiu recent, periile de par reprezinta un paradis pentru bacterii ce transporta aproximativ 3500 de colonii pe metru. De unde provine toata aceasta incarcatura bacteriana? Simplu. Un folicul de par poate contine 50.000 de germeni.

In conditiile in care periile de par nu sunt curatate corespunzator, acestea pot genera in timp iritari ale pielii scalpului, alergii si mirosuri neplacute.

Recomandarile specialistilor

Periile de par pot fi: de plastic, de ceramica, de vasla, de lemn.


(Sursa Imagini – Google images)


  • Periile de par se pot curata de parul in exces cu un pieptene mai mic sau chiar cu mana. Specialistii recomanda intai, scoaterea parului in exces si apoi curatirea cu apa si sampon.
  • Periile de plastic si ceramica trebuie spalate bine lunar, cu apa calduta si sampon, dupa care se clatesc bine si se lasa la uscat – ATENTIE! Periile nu se lasa la uscat in lumina directa a soarelui! Razele UV pot degrada firele de par!
  • In cazul periilor de vasla trebuie sa avem mai multa grija, datorita faptului ca acestea ar putea retine apa dedesubt, ce ar putea iesi foarte greu, si in cazuri izolate, umiditatea poate conduce la mirosuri neplacute urmate de mucegai. Aceste perii trebuie spalate de doua-trei ori pe luna;
  • Periile de lemn nu necesita o curatare intensa, datorita materialului. Spalarea profunda poate duce la stricarea finisajului periei, din cauza detergentilor concentrati utilizati. Se recomanda spalarea rapida si sigura cu apa.

Periile de par se murdaresc si datorita produselor de styling folosite de zi cu zi. Pe langa resturile de produse de styling se pot aduna celule moarte si ulei.

Daca nu curatam periile de par, pe langa acumularea de germeni si microbi (ceea ce creste riscul de infectii), pur si simplu nu le putem utiliza corespunzator. O perie murdara va conferi parului proaspat spalat un aspect unsuros, murdar si naclait si mai mult decat atat transferam microbiota periei pe firele de par si scalp, ingreunandu-l.

Periile de par nu trebuie imprumutate altor persoane! Sunt oameni ce ar putea avea infectii fungice capilare de care nu au cunostinta!

Exemple de microorganisme capilare: tinea capitis (ringworm) si paduchii de cap ce pot afecta cu usurinta orice categorie de persoane, de la copii la adulti.

(Sursa Imagini – Google images)

Specialistii recomanda schimbarea periei de par odata la doi ani. Periile de par pot fi pastrate totusi, mai mult de doi ani. Cel mai bun semn de a ne da seama de acest lucru o spun semnele de uzura, si nu calendarul.

English version

According to a recent study, hair brushes represent a paradise for bacteria that carry approximately 3500 colonies per meter. Where does all this bacterial load come from? Simple. A hair follicle can contain 50,000 germs.

As long as hair brushes are not properly cleaned, they can in time cause scalp skin irritation, unexpected allergies and smells.

                                                         Expert recommendations

Hairbrushes can be: plastic, ceramic, paddle, wood.


(Image Source – Google images)


  • Hairbrushes can be cleaned with excess hair with a smaller comb or even a hand. Specialists recommend first, remove excess hair and then clean with water and shampoo.

– Plastic and ceramic brushes should be washed thoroughly, with warm water and shampoo, then clean thoroughly and leave to dry – WARNING! The brushes are not allowed to dry in direct sunlight! UV rays can degrade hair!

– In the case of varnish brushes, we need to take more care because they can hold water underneath, which could be very difficult, and in isolated cases, humidity can lead to unpleasant odors, followed by mold. These brushes must be washed two or three times a month;

– Wood brushes do not require intensive cleaning due to the material. Deep washing may result in the brush finish being spoiled due to the use of detergents. Quick and safe washing with water is recommended.

Hair brushes get dirty because of the styling products used daily. In addition to the remnants of styling products, dead cells and oil can collect.

If we do not clean the hair brushes, besides the accumulation of germs and microbes (which increases the risk of infection), we simply can not use it properly. A dirty brush will give the fresh washed hair a dull, dirty look and mor, we transfer the brush microbiota to hair and scalp, aggravating it.

You do not have to borrow our hairbrush other people! There are people who may have capillary fungal infections that they do not know about!

Examples of capillary microorganisms: tinea capitis (ringworm) and head lices that can easily affect any category of person, from children to adults.

                                              (Image Source – Google images)

Specialists recommend changing the hair brush every two years. Hairbrushes can still be stored for more than two years. The best sign of realizing this is the signs of wear, not the timing.

Recompense sondaje online

In articolul meu precedent Castiga bani prin completarea de sondaje online, va povesteam despre cateva site-uri online care platesc pentru completarea de sondaje pe internet. Asadar, va voi tine la curent cu lista mea de recompense, pentru a observa care site online chiar plateste pentru completarea de sondaje.

Inainte de Craciun am facut o cerere de retragere pentru puncte. Daca retineti bine din articolul precedent mentionat mai sus, majoritatea site-urilor de sondaje online recompenseaza operatorii de sondaje in puncte care mai apoi pot fi transformate in vouchere de cumparaturi sau chiar bani cash in contul Paypal.

Am efectuat cererea de retragere in puncte pentru site-urile: JTN PANEL, DAEDALUS si MOBROG.


In cazul acestui site online, dupa ce am efectuat cererea de retragere am primit un email:


Mentionez ca cererea de retragere a fost efectuata pe data de 12 decembrie 2018, moment dupa care am mai completat sondaje pe platforma lor. Pe profil se observa clar ca punctele au fost retrase din cont dar fara a primi vreo recompensa, fara a fi notificata printr-un apel telefonic sau macar printr-un email.



Am mai colaborat in trecut cu aceasta companie, si a fost serioasa, TARZIE dar SERIOASA. Am primit pana in prezent 2 recompense, aceasta fiind cea de-a treia.



Spre deosebire de cele 2 site-uri online mentionate mai sus, MOBROG chiar m-a uimit. La cateva ore dupa retragerea punctelor, am primit un email de confirmare si intr-o o zi a ajuns si recompensa in contul Paypal.



Completarea sondajelor necesita o atentie deosebita si un timp indelungat la dispozitie pentru finalizare, plata venind abia dupa luni intregi de munca.

In opinia mea, functionarea eficienta a acestor site-uri de cercetare si coordonarea efectiva duce la operatori multumiti, ce vor reveni cu incredere si entuziasm ori de cate ori este nevoie. Se spune ca daca muncesti vei fi si platit, acum cat de sigura si rapida va fi aceasta plata, va ramane sa vedem in timp.