Morning thoughts

Lately, I have been thinking about a lot of things. I got to know about the law of attraction and how we can change our present and future for the better. I have listened to audiobooks and started reflecting on my life.

To be honest with you, dear readers, I did not enjoy what I have found out in me. During the past years, I got to change so much that I could not even recognize myself. I managed to almost let only the negative things of my life affect me and my present without even being considerate about it

I invited bad things to happen only because I was thinking of negative outcomes and did not appreciate the good things that happened at the moment at their own value. Seeing only the bad things, the sad feelings and simply struggling myself with the negative moments did not make me feel any better.

In time I managed to be so self-centered and selfish living in my own bubble, taking everyone for granted. I was young and maybe mistakes were meant to happen at that time, but sometimes being too ecstatic and inadvertently is not the answer.

Speaking too much without even knowing the answer, hovering around the stuff that was not meant to be and dreaming about a future that does not belong to me, I manage to somehow do all of these things without even feeling any guilt or resentment.

Thinking too much with the brain without letting the heart involved sometimes can cause problems. It can blind you from making the correct choices and taking the right decisions in life.

The funny thing is that I am a harsh judge of myself, I always was and maybe I will always be. As hesitant as I can be in life sometimes I manage to take things by their appearance and not by the root, never trying to even understand why it happened in the first place.

Now that I managed to identify these flaws of mine makes me be more kind to myself and understanding, trying the best to not repeat the same mistakes in the future. Getting to know myself fully, accepting the defects and forgiving me for what I have done is just the beginning.

The fact that I have come to peace with myself and accepting me for who I am is already a step forward and I believe now that I managed to get out of the comfort zone the change is inevitable. The change for the better.

I believe that good things will happen in the future for me and that I am the responsible person for making those things happen. Along with God by my side, I will change into a better person and make a difference.

I am sure that in time I will manage to find a way to resume things to the way they used to be before and I will set my soul free, along with the one I have chosen. The answer will arrive at the right time and the healing process will start.

I trust God with this mission and I know that I am going to accomplish it.

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Lazy Monday Thoughts

Today is again, Monday. I say again because I do not know when this time passes, I feel that I can never fully enjoy the moments, to live the days that run out of the calendar.

I would sleep more, I would lie in bed, considering that in a few hours I have to prepare again for an endless week of work with a program loaded with core hours. But I cannot find my condition, I feel that I should do something and I stay instead.

Such a state of helplessness and lack of desire combined with an uneasiness of a tomb I have not had in a long time, or even ever. I think that those around me have the same feelings because I see them, I hear them shudder and they do not find their place, like insects lost somewhere in an early spring.

I would like to get out of bed, be active and make a difference today. But I do this every day, and when I have less desire to achieve something, then it all makes sense. Ironically, I would say.

Lazy cat, Fifi spreads softly on the soft and fine blanket and then rests again in a long sleep. His head is placed on his toes and his nose is stopped in the bushy tail. And I find myself looking at him as if I didn’t want to get out of bed like a lazy and comfortable cat in my turn.

It is months again and I seem to have lost all trace of desire and energy, feeling only the anxiety that embraces me like a snake, too tight. It’s hot weather though, but I wouldn’t want to enjoy it too early.

Lately, the sun and the hot weather have been like a chimera, appearing and disappearing at is will, without notifying when it arrives or when it leaves. I wish I could enjoy the sun’s rays and let myself be soothed by the warm expression of the wind, but it’s in a constant change.

I cover the sunbeam that emerges from the window with the heavy black curtain and I sit again in bed, moaning and enjoying the few minutes of sweet sleep remaining. It is only a matter of time until the alarm sounds again and I have to deal with Monday with the help of a bitter coffee.

But I still have 30 minutes… .

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Sunday thoughts wrapped in a beautiful „YOU”

Hello, guys!

It’s been a while since I could not find the time to write my thoughts in here, on my personal page, in Kate’s World. I am really sorry, in front of you and in front of me. I am saying this because it’s been so long and I so much longed to be in here, to be writing again.

As you might think, the last few months were really busy for me. I was caught struggling between work and family, between a break and me. But, to be 100% fair, there was no ME lately, and no break as you might guess.

It took me a while to figure it out, to understand. In this big, crazy world we always concern about work&about tasks, about people and their reactions, about what they might think or feel about us.

But when should we be concerned about ourselves, when should we be on the first place?

When was the last time you asked yourself if you enjoyed your company, when was the last time you asked yourself if you liked that movie, or if you really liked that nasty food? When did you really felt comfortable enough to laugh out loud, when was the last time you were true to yourself?

Good questions you may say. But do we know the answers to these realities? Yes we do. And within ourselves we regret the choices that we made in the past and maybe today.

Be the change that you want to see in others

My idea would be that in every single week we should chose a time to be frank to ourselves, to do something that we love, to be our best version of „ME” that is hidden somewhere inside us.

Start with baby steps, chose an easier task which is convenient for the moment and for you. Do exactly the thing that defines you and says „This is me” better than anything.

Do you like singing in a cold shower early in the morning? Then do it. Do you enjoy listening to slow jazz music with a glass of sweet wine and a good book in your lap? What is stopping you?  Do you love taking small walks on the road with loud music in your headphones? Then do it.

Take 5-10 minutes of your time and do something that you really love doing, something that really satisfies you and makes you happy. Forget about what people think or talk, because they will never stop.

So what if the neighbors will be awake earlier in the morning from the noises of your crazy song and the drops of clear water? They aren’t going to stop late in the night that Dem drill anyway.

So what if there will be persons who will make funny faces at you while you walk to nowhere in your life’s voyage with noisy rock music in your ears? It is your choice not their and they don’t have any right to tell you what is better to do or not to do.

Each and every one of us has a cross to bear and a path to follow in this short life. Take what is rightfully yours and enjoy your time while you can. Stop thinking about what people will say or think, because people are people and you can’t come to an end with them.

The only person who you should think often, love and cherish is yourself. At the end of the day, what really matters is what you accomplished and how happy YOU are. The rest is just dust in the wind.

Think about that. Think About YOU!


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Rezolutiile noul an, 2019/ The resolutions of a new year, 2019

Noul an 2019 m-a surprins naucita de oboseala dar cu veselie in suflet, alaturi de cei dragi mie, de familie si de oamenii pe care ii iubesc.

In ultimele clipe ale anului 2018, in timp ce numaram secundele catre 2019 am realizat un aspect foarte important – ca in familie se regasesc cei mai buni si adevarati prieteni pe care i-as putea avea vreodata.

Familia va fi intotdeauna stalp de sustinere, mereu acolo pentru tine, certandu-te cu asprime pentru greseli si apoi ocrotindu-te precum nimic nu s-ar fi intamplat. Cine are familie este bogat pe lumea aceasta, familia este cea mai mare comoara pe care o poate detine un om.

Rezolutiile anului 2019

Anul acesta imi doresc sa fie diferit, vreau sa fac o diferenta in viata mea.

Pentru 2019 imi propun sa nu mai las gandurile negative sa ma inunde, din nici un unghi al vietii si voi incerca sa fiu mai optimista, privind cu speranta si incredere in viitor.

Voi fi mai calma si mai intelegatoare, incercand sa percep complet o situatie inainte sa explodez in emotii negre, furie si indignare. Voi incepe sa cred mai mult in mine si in visurile mele, le voi da o noua culoare si imi voi picta pastelat viata, cu fiecare zi ce trece.

Voi pretui persoanele importante pentru mine si le voi face sa se simta speciale in prezenta mea. Voi asculta si voi vorbi mai putin. Voi da tot ce am mai bun la serviciu si aici, pe WordPress. Voi descoperi noi modalitati de a ma exprima si de a transforma in bine abilitatile mele.

Si poate, anul acesta va aduce si altceva nou, care momentan este tinut sub semnul surprizei, pana la momentul oportun.

English version

A new 2019 surprises me with the fatigue but with joy in my soul, along with my beloved ones, my family and the people I love.

In the last moments of 2018, while counting down to 2019, I realized a very important aspect – that the family is home to the best and most real friends I could ever have.

The family will always be a pillar of support, always there for you, arguing with harshness for mistakes, and then guarding as if nothing would have happened. Who has families is rich in this world, the family is the greatest treasure that a man can have.

                                                           Resolutions of 2019

This year I want to make it different, I want to make a difference in my life.

For 2019, I propose not to let negative thoughts flood me from any point of life and try to be more optimistic, looking with hope and confidence in the future.

I will be quieter and more understanding, trying to fully perceive a situation before exploding into black emotions, anger and indignation. I will begin to believe more in myself and in my dreams, I will give them a new color and I will paint my life with crayon thoughts every passing day.

I will cherish the important people for me and make them feel special in my presence. I will listen and I will speak less. I’ll do everything I can best at work here and on WordPress. I will discover new ways of expressing and transforming my abilities.

 And maybe this year will bring something else that is currently under the sign of surprise until the right moment.


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