I spoke to a friend of mine and tried to understand together what was going on in our lives, in the world. The year 2020 was tough because of the pandemic, the fears, and the obstacles we’ve experienced.

I recall I was terrified of losing my previous job in customer care when our project was coming to an end. I was so panicked that I didn’t know what the future would hold. However, in my confusion and anxiety, I managed to survive 2020 by working from home and even pursuing a better job. Despite my negative thoughts, I’ve somehow managed to add some optimism and perseverance as well.

During the quarantine and even after that, I’ve had my mind so cluttered with ‘Why’s’ and ‘How’s’ and I’ve been so scared of what might be and what’s going to happen tomorrow. The incredible thing I just learned was that I don’t need to be terrified, and I don’t need to doubt every single direction this life takes me. I already have someone to do that for me.

I remember being worried, asking from colleague to colleague, trying to find a solution to the problem I had, seeking an answer, and the answer arrived. It was shrouded in the clutter of ‘how’s’ and ‘why’s’ that was shielding it from me.

A good job has emerged in customer care, and I feel that somewhere inside of me, I liked assisting, and I wanted to serve customers all the way and I drew it to myself. The joy had been alive in me for a time, but somehow it got buried again in the most irritable clients and the Karen’s present out there.

I recall losing my enthusiasm for a while and attempting to find a reason for this uncertain present, trying again to understand something that was not to be known at that time, in the middle. But then I realized something, when things are foggy, and reality doesn’t make sense to keep trusting, to keep having faith.

Thinking magical thoughts

On a Wednesday, when I was working on my tickets and listening to some songs, I heard Harry’s hit, Golden. At the beginning, I was like, well, that sounds interesting, and then, after seeing this mad man’s video, smiling, running, and enjoying life with a big smile on his face, the questions came to my mind. Happiness, unknown happiness. Suddenly, I realized that this life is amazing, and even though it’s foggy now, and maybe it doesn’t make sense, there’s a future ahead, and better things are waiting for us.

Recently, I was reading Michelle Obama’s book, My Story, and I remember getting through a rough pain, as it brought me a previous suffering that changed my attitude and perception. I found myself crying while reading and listening to the music that I used to listen to in that difficult period. I was going to let go.

Today, I got a call from one of my relatives, giving me a solution on how to let this suffering go. I am more than appreciative of this and, honestly, can’t understand how this can happen and how the law of attraction works for my recovery and future.

Letting the negatives go

My contract with the new company that I started working in 2020 is almost over, and I don’t have a definite response yet. I no longer worry, I am not willing to mourn and wish for something that may never happen.

I will let God and the Universe lead me on my journey, for the time being, trust my abilities and what I’ve worked on until now. I will be happy and grateful every day, regardless of what it brings.

Life can be difficult, and most of the time we don’t have the answers to our questions. Yeah, some transitions are tough and can consume our time and passion, but don’t let them destroy your sparkle and continue to shine even when you don’t know the answers.

The Universe always has a new way of showing you the answers, different and greater than you would have expected, precisely when you feel like giving up. That’s not a coincidence, it’s all happening for a reason.

It’s mainly a matter of thinking and drawing positive things and people into your life.

(Image Source – Unsplash, Yeshi Kangrang)

7 comentarii la „Attracting positive

  1. Hello Katherine, I liked this blog it made me want to follow you to the end. It woke my mind up to your knowledge of how things work in life. I know God and Jesus Christ and The Holy Ghost run everything. I am not saying you must follow a religion just I do. I understood your points very well Katherine. I am glad to be friends with you.

  2. Hey there! Thank you so much for this, it really means a lot. I am actually orthodox but I also believe that there are higher powers running our lives.
    I am glad to follow you as well and to be friends, take care! 😊

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