Tips for flawless nails at home

Hello, dear readers and writers! These days I have been speaking with my coworker about the nail DIY activity. Not everybody has the required time and budget to relax at a nail salon, considering the Coronavirus situation worldwide.

I have rarely got my nails done at a salon, with acrylic substances and gel as my nails are weak because of the anemia, if I visit the salon too often the nails weaken and they break easily. Oh, and it is pain when the nails lose their strength.

Considering these facts, most of the time I do my nails at home. Yes, they are not so shiny and perfect as if they were treated by a specialist but they look okay and it’s cheaper.

Today, I want to share with you some of my nail tips and tricks that I use every week.

Nails tips and tricks

First of all, when we begin it’s essential to wash and dry our hands thoroughly and apply alcohol on our fingertips. This action helps to get rid of any oils and moisture left on our hands.

In regards to cleaning the previous nail polish, it’s essential to use a nail polish remover and swipe it around the nail bed to clean up the edges. We can use cotton swabs, to perform the action or cotton pads, old lip brushes, anything works.

If we have previously used a glitter nail polish it’s recommended to soak it before and wipe the polish off with a cotton ball.

The next step is to clip the hangnails, by trimming them away. Nobody likes them, and they can be annoying at times. Trimming the hangnails helps us in obtaining the right shape.

One thing that I like to do before applying any topcoats is to hydrate the cuticles with cuticle oil. Most persons do this at the end, but it works better for me and immediately smooths the nails.

Before we start coating our nails with polish, we only need three strokes to cover our nail. I like to use two coats of colored nail polish and one simple, colorless topcoat.

The technique is simple and easy to perform, we start at the base of our nail, stroke the brush to the left, to the right and then to the center. One thing that I do is using a quick dry polish.

If you know me, you would understand that I am a busy person, my schedule is always full, and I don’t have so much time for myself. Hence, using a quick dry polish, even if it contains chemicals that weaken the nail, works for me.

Applying a thin coat of polish not only makes the nails look better by giving it a smooth finish, but it also allows the nails to dry before the next application.

After applying the three coats of nail polish, I like to dry my nails in cold water. I dip my nails in water for 5 minutes, and when the water beading is present on the nails, it is a sign that the polish is dry.

I usually have a nail care session once a week, at the weekend when I have more time. I like to keep it simple, cutting my nails length because they tend to break easily and by adopting nude polish colors.

What is your nail routine?

(Image Source – Unsplash)

6 gânduri despre “Tips for flawless nails at home

  1. I don’t have one Katherine…but I’m very glad that you do, because I think it’s great that a Lady take care of her ore gentle delicate hands which are capable of so much TLC where needed. I have big hands for a medium guy, a bit clumsy but strong and they’ve been through all sorts of work and wear and tear, they work well so I’m thankful for that. Once when working as a news and sports photographer on an assignment at an NBA basketball ball game I met some of the famous players recording video and got talking with one of the guys who was nearly 7 feet tall and just for the novelty of it we compared hands and mine was about the same, so that made me laugh, because I said but I can’t play basketball hardly at all. I’m also glad I’m not 7 feet all, I would hate that, I’m very happy being an average Joe, being more nimble and able to get in and out of things easy! I’m not married but if I were I would not like towering over my Lady I like to be similar in size to be honest it feels more, sweet and cozy! So, I bet you didn’t think you’d get a story and comment like this bringing up taking care of ya nails tips, especially from Lawrence! ✝️ 🤗 😁👍

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