Picture of the day #26

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Job challenges

Hello, dear readers and writers! The time frame is now 12:24 AM while I am writing this post. As you might have guessed, I am enjoying the night shifts.

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It’s my last week as an employee at this company, and now I have to switch between two jobs, 16 hours per day. About one thing I am positive, this is a challenge for me, but I am faithful and know that things will change starting with next week.

Overall, it’s more demanding, because I have to deal with two different tasks per day, and it can be overwhelming at times. I make sure to finish my job earlier so that I can get more sleep, but at times 4-5 hours of sleep, it’s a performance.

I wake up, take a shower, eat breakfast, and have coffee with my new colleagues from the second workplace then the training begins. I am lucky because the new job is friendly and easy to understand for the beginning.

I finish the second job at 6 PM, eat my second meal, get 2 hours of sleep, and start again with the night shift at 8 PM. I don’t get too much time for myself because I have to keep working and pay attention to my tasks.

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Working on two jobs: pros and cons

When you are working two jobs, you are tired for sure. It drains you of any energy left, and the more tired you get, the more irritable you become. It’s essential to learn to control your attitude, as your loved ones are not at fault for this situation.

As a benefit, I think you can count on the fact you will considerably improve your skills and achieve more experience in a short time, and this will help you to build your resume.

The other reason will be, making money, of course. Everybody needs money for daily expenses, bills, credits, etc. Doubling the usual payment helps to cover all the expenses and save some for unexpected incidents.

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Motivational words

At the end of the day, enjoy the ride, and get through every task, climbing peaks and valleys. Work with all your heart, and be happy with the results, work as if you would be working for your own business.

If you get the feeling that today was not enough, then rest and make tomorrow worthwhile. Set small goals and achieve them in time. Have faith in yourself and your abilities. Nobody can do a better job than you!

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