Life questions

Sometimes I wonder about this life. Why do we make the choices that we make at a specific moment, why do we chose to say yes instead of no, and why are we cowards in front of life’s biggest challenges.

If you were me, you would probably think because that was the right choice at that moment, that you could not deliver more and you had to take that one offer and move on.

Life is not easy, it’s complicated, and as much as we look at it, trying to find it’s sense we are tangled in thick threads. There is no right answer and no correct path to follow until the end.

Most of the time we are just guided by the wind and go as it blows. Or by experiences, by thinking that we know the answer, but in reality, we know nothing. It’s frustrating.

How do we choose the right path for our life? How do we recognize a suitable job for us? How do we even know what persons should we choose for our life journey?

The truth is, we don’t know. We move in life blindfolded, thinking that we know everything. Choosing the path for our lives, the best job, and the most amazing people that we could have thought of.

Ironically, most of us end up injured at the half of our journey. The path that we have chosen is not exactly our best fit, the job doesn’t correspond to our desires, and the people disappoint.

It’s that moment when we start to think about what we have done wrong, and why is the certainty that harsh. Why every single thing that looked perfect at the beginning is now broken and does not have the same amount of interest?

Is it us or the world changed overnight? Has the path changed? Why aren’t those people bearing the same interest as they did in the first place? Why that job had to switch over 90 degrees?

Questions, questions, that’s all that we have. The answers are subjective and can change by the minute. At the end of the day, the important thing is to be honest with our decisions because we are going to live with those until the end.

Let’s look in the mirror and admit to ourselves what we desired and why we arrived here in the first place. It’s essential to remember the basics and be honest with our true self, we can’t fight a mountain of worries and impossible future forever.

What we see in our hearts is what we get, simple as that. The heart knows no lies, no changes of attitude, it’s pure. So, next time when we make a decision, disregard the opinion of the others and ask ourselves what we want.

So, dear reader, next time, stop looking outside for answers and look within. Be aware that life changes, things change, friends leave. Life does not stop for anybody and it won’t do it for us because we think we had the right answers.