Song of the day #150


The next station

There are some moments in life when you feel at stake. For example, when you took a decision that will affect your future, your tomorrow, and your every day. There are acceptable parts of the new choice, but you know that at some point you will have to give up what you once chosen and were excited.

You have evolved now. The old you has made a place for the new you, a more stronger and confident person that is independent and takes decisions for yourself. You believe in your powers and are sure that tomorrow is going to be a successful day and that you are going to give all your best to make it perfect.

But there is also the old you, somewhere hidden through the old cabinets of your self-awareness. That kind and sincere person, honest that made decisions for the best, did not take anyone for granted and accepted that present as it was, rough but real.

During this change, you knew pain and shed tears, learned to work alone, to avoid unpleasant talks behind your back, to adapt to new and to fight, no matter the challenges.

You made promises that you were positively at that time that will come true, gave all that you had, and focused sincerely on the work and results. Everything was working fine, even if it wasn’t perfect.

You had the statistics speak for you, people liked you, and you were happy. Even if the payment was not substantial, you knew that work was all that mattered and that you made a difference.

Unfortunately, life happened in the meantime, and changes were made, unexpected ones. You had to move on, find a new opportunity because the dreams that you were trying to build were not based on a strong foundation, and the block was about to collapse.

You took the heavy work on you, and decided that it’s time to move on. Expected new chances and when the offer came, you just took it, without thinking about the time left on the project or the people. You considered that time flies by, and you can’t miss a one time occasion.

Now, when the time to say goodbye is near, you are just afraid and hesitant. What if the new chance was not as good as you hoped? What if deciding to move on was not the best idea, and you could have stayed and fight until your last days?

People are mad at you, your leave was unexpected, and it is understandable. The initial promises were torn apart, your willingness to fight through any storm with the team vanished under a thin cloud of helplessness. But there is nothing that you can do now, moves were made.

You will soon be stepping on a new ground, paved with brand new hopes and dreams, and who knows, maybe a better future. Decisions were made by being aware of the present, and even if the set apart is painful, you had to.

It’s time to pack up your things, brace yourself and move on the next train. You will remain with the good times, the happy memories, the laughs, and the best moments spent together.

The time spent with these people and the company were the best bridge and support for you. You found comfort, kind words and a warm hug where you would not expect.

Be appreciative for what you had and say thank you for everything. For those moments when you spoke the whole day and could not eat or rest because of the stress. For those night shifts when you felt like fading away, for those morning shifts when the sky was black but you still went on.

Be humble and embrace the past experiences as they are a part of you, good or bad. They prepared you for the next journey and life setbacks. You are stronger now.

Keep the best moments in your heart, and move ahead. Wipe off those tears and get your bags, the next station is ahead of you.

(Image Source – Wallpaper Cave)