Friends become forgetful in time…

       Hello dear readers and bloggers! Oh, I apologize again, because of too tight work and homework I can not go to write so often. I promise, however, that I will write at least once a week, and I will always be back here on the blog to read your posts that you write with so much dedication and talent.

         Everyone knows that weddings are an occasion for joy and fulfillment in a person’s life. Marriage is the beginning of a new journey from this short life, it is the celebration of every moment of life with your beloved person and in the future with the little miracles that will represent everything for you and will complete your destiny.

But also during the wedding party you can rejoin old friends, acquaintance forgotten over time.

Last night I witnessed a less pleasant happening, namely the reunion of a few friends from childhood, people who grew up together and shared good and bad but who separated themselves along the way, the thread of everyone’s life tangling on another snare.

„Friend” nr. 1

„- Hey! How are you? You have not given any sign of life!

– Well, what else to do … good and bad to anyone !!

– What do you mean ?!

– I mean …

– How have you been?

– Well, I’ve been married in the meantime and working now, so my life is unfolding. You? Do not you have any thoughts about marriage?

– Me? No, he says, leaving his gaze in the ground. Now I’m working abroad … I’ve been to a warehouse, something. I worked.

– Oh, that’s good man! Are you okay?

„Yes, I’m fine …” he muttered to himself a few words.

Several incoherent replies followed because the interlocutor did not offer logical words.

„Friend” no. 2

„- Hey man! How are you?

– Hey, look at the wedding!

– How are you? You have not given any sign of life!

– Well, when … I work, I’m with my chores. How are you? You are fine?

„Yeah, with my wife here, I got married in the meantime,” he said proudly.

– Oh, man congratulations. I wish you happiness!

– Thank you!”

Behind the dialogue were hidden faces, considerations and elbows drawn to the next person.

At the exit, a photo of the bride was wanted. „Friends” took pictures before the couple, although they asked the first. During the photo session, the two friends laugh in jealousy and made signs about the couple.


True friendship resists time, distance and silence. The example I offer does not fit at all in this pattern, but on the contrary offers the opposite.

When we are children we do not know hate, we are not familiar with envy or other negative feelings; we choose the people around us as they make us feel, we are pure both inside and outside. We do not judge by appearances and preconceived thoughts, we are childish and accept reality as it is.


In this example, people or „friends” are those who disapprove of behavior. An old friend is met by a comradeship worthy of friendship, family not by a few words spoken by the facade, and by an indirect so obvious language.

In this life we ​​know so many people, we become friends with people of various souls and body appearances. Samuel Butler said that friendships are like the money: easy to make and difficult to keep … in the same context, I also conclude that friendships should have nothing to do with money and social status, and that it should be difficult to be made and easy to keep.

I wish you a nice sunday!


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  1. Reality belongs to us in our daily life and we should not deny it, yes
    a lot of people have fish in mind, if there are water then it is considered what was that !!!

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