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WordPress Block Editor

Hello, dear readers! I am writing on this topic today to provide insights about the WordPress Block editor and to address one of my follower’s questions about the Block Editor. Sorry, Kevin, it was just too much to write in a comment! 😅 As you might tell, WordPress is ongoing a lot of updates lately. Safety reasons are on the top of the list, as … Citește mai mult WordPress Block Editor


WordPress premium

2021 started with new emotions and hopes for me, one of which was moving to a new WordPress plan. For a couple of years now, I’ve been using this platform and decided to take a new approach in using this tool. Today, after a long pause, I’m going to delve into whether we should or should not use the WordPress Premium Plan. Since I’m … Citește mai mult WordPress premium


Food Award 2020

Hello, my dear readers and writers! I have been nominated by Daneelyunus for the Food Award 2020. Please, do check out, Daneelyunus page, he has lots of amazing posts that will keep you interested. This is my first Food Award! 🙂 Rules of the award: Thank the person that nominated you. Pingback to the creator, Daneelyunus. Use the same featured image as your nominator. … Citește mai mult Food Award 2020


Awesome Blogger Award

Hello, my dearest ones! Since I have taken a break for two weeks, I have been nominated for a few awards. One, it was the Sunshine Award and the second, was the Awesome Blogger Award. The post was made on 13 April, and I am replying on 23 April, with a delay (Unfortunately). I feel like a bad child that didn’t do her homework … Citește mai mult Awesome Blogger Award

Sunshine Blogger Award 1.0

Hello, my dear readers and fellow bloggers! I have been nominated for a new award, Sunshine Blogger Award 1.0. I am declaring a new award because this specific prize refers to SEO Sunshine Blogger, not the one we were previously used to. I am going to say ashamed that the nomination took place on 6th April, but unfortunately did not succeed to respond in … Citește mai mult Sunshine Blogger Award 1.0

1300 Followers, Thank you!

Hello, dear readers and writers. Today I wanted to spare some time from my daily routine to say a sincere Thank you. Lately, my blog page Katherine’s Page is growing so beautiful that I cannot even believe it. I promised to dedicate some quality time of my life to this blog page and to improve it every single day, adding new information, inspiring people … Citește mai mult 1300 Followers, Thank you!

Mystery Blogger Award

Hello, my dear readers! Yesterday, James A, an amazing person with inspiring posts and great writings nominated me for the Mystery Blogger Award. I am very grateful and thankful for the nomination, as this is my third one. Check out Mr. James Blog and discover amazing inspirational posts that will change your life! The Mystery Blogger Award is an award for amazing bloggers with … Citește mai mult Mystery Blogger Award

Leapsa tarzie

In urma cu exact 12 zile (cam atat am lipsit de pe blog, imi cer scuze😔) am primit o invitatie la un joculet de leapsa cu intrebari interesante. Intrebarile din cadrul joculetului sunt urmatoarele: (Sursa Imaginii – Unsplash, Jared) La ce ai renunta: Laptop sau telefon? Ei bine, probabil as renunta la laptop, deoarece telefonul este de uz necesar. La birou oricum folosesc un … Citește mai mult Leapsa tarzie

1000 Followers, Thank you!

1000 followers? Who would have thought. I never imagined that my simple thoughts could be followed by so many people at the same time. Exactly 6 years have passed since this blog was conceived, with small and modest ideas, created more for the purpose of spreading the soul emotions and sharing personal conceptions about the world and life in general. In short, I can … Citește mai mult 1000 Followers, Thank you!

1000 de urmaritori, Va multumesc!

1000 de Urmaritori? Cine ar fi crezut. Nu mi-as fi imaginat niciodata ca gandurile mele simple pot fi urmarite de atat de multe persoane in acelasi timp. Au trecut exact 6 anisori de cand acest blog a fost conceput, cu idei marunte si modeste, creat mai mult pentru destainuirea sufletului si impartasirea conceptiilor personale despre lume si viata in general. Pe scurt, pot admite … Citește mai mult 1000 de urmaritori, Va multumesc!

Monetizarea blogului: Pro sau Contra?

Astazi m-am oprit pe pagina unei bloggerite pe care o citesc de multa vreme, Illusion. Imi place sa o citesc pentru ca are idei bune, scrie articole impresionante si de multe ori imi aduce zambetul pe buze in zile negre. Va recomand cu caldura, aceasta este noua ei pagina. Un articol care mi-a captat atentia este acesta: Traficul pe Blog. In acest articol, Illusion … Citește mai mult Monetizarea blogului: Pro sau Contra?

Long time no write – Kate is back!

It’s been a lot since I haven’t been around. More than a month, actually. I have been so busy with my new job that I forgot about my blog, I forgot about me, I forgot about everything. It’s a bad thing to give up at what you love to do, especially if you have spent years of your life dedicating to this – in … Citește mai mult Long time no write – Kate is back!

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