First post of 2020

Good morning, dear readers! Or rather, a happy new year, now that we have spent the first hours of the new year. 2020 has arrived quickly in my case, without too much fuss or preparation.

After a few days of visits to parents, relatives and acquaintances, events and cooking and cleaning sessions at home I can honestly declare that I feel tired. Especially since I started work on Monday, which adds to the fatigue and stress.

I managed to fall asleep a few minutes before the new year, at 10:40 PM overwhelmed by too many tasks and a terrible cold. However, my loved ones woke me up exactly a few minutes before the new year.

If in 2019 I had many questions and I was lost in thoughts and situations, 2020 is different, more secure. I started the new year with thoughts of peace. I have a beautiful family, ready to help at every moment, people who love me and a decent job.

I just wish that the year 2020 will be half as good as it was the previous year. Although 2019 has been tougher and more difficult, I can admit that I managed to develop and learn things that I didn’t even dream of.


The year 2020 is ahead of us and we are waiting to write another new chapter in our lives, and the best way to do this is by setting goals.

Time is limited and it does not make sense to waste it with insignificant details from other people’s lives. It is not necessary to pay so much attention to the malicious comments of those around us, lowering our courage and advantage. It is important to find the power to follow our heart and intuition by accomplishing what we aim for.

And if the year 2019 has been a difficult year, let us think that each end has a different beginning, in a continuous cycle. We still have 365 days to face our fears and overcome our disabilities, becoming a better version of us.

Changes are a part of this life, sometimes we have pain, sometimes beautiful things. Often life surprises us and we have both at the same time.

Change can bring fear, but the most frightening thing can be to let fear stop us from growing, evolving and progressing.

And if we make mistakes along the way, that’s fine. Because through mistakes we learn new things, trying new possibilities, working hard and practically changing ourselves and the world that we live in. We do new things, and more importantly we do something that matters.

New experiences and developments will await us in 2020. Let’s enjoy the blessings of the past and accept the promise of the future.

Happy New Year!

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2019 Resolutions, memories and smiles

I will start this post by wishing you, dear readers and bloggers a Perfect Christmas story with your loved ones, health and happiness.

I will start this way because, again, I did not have enough time to blog on before the winter holidays, to share new information and to find myself with emotion in the posts of my fellow bloggers.

In today’s post I will discuss the resolutions of the year 2019, I will practically run memories from the movie of the year in which we are still from my perspective.

2019 in a few rows …

When I say 2019, I feel lost in my thoughts and memories because it was a rich year, full of unexpected achievements and things.

I started the year 2019, in posting this so naive and full of courage, as a teenager in the first years of my life, believing that I know everything and that I will find my long awaited answer to my questions.

But guess what? Life surprised me again, hitting me with what she had better, maturing and changing me completely. As for questions, I found some answers, and some I forgot because others reappeared.

The long-awaited job and the answer to my prayers

I started the year 2019 with hope in the soul and without a job, because I came to the conclusion that you cannot be happy and you cannot develop in a place that wants you to be manipulated and subjected to a frustrated boss. Hint: If 10 people left that job in 10 months, this is definitely not the perfect place for you.

After a month of waiting, tips from parents and loved ones regarding the service and how they worked for decades for the same employer began to appear employment requests, calls and urgent requests from various companies.

After a few days of unpaid work with various employers to test the workplace and in particular, the development environment I managed to find an answer that I probably would never have thought of: IT specialist in English.

Me, a specialist in Information Technology? I mean, don’t get me wrong, but I have studied Food Industry and Engineering since I know myself, working in laboratories and being dedicated to this field.

When life gives you lemon, learn to make lemonade …

The time has passed and if at first the subject to be learned seemed to me stubborn and unintelligible, I gradually came to understand and then to love the work that I do every day, for hours.

More than that, the workplace is close to home, the temperature in the building is pleasant and the working environment is conducive to the development and formation of a successful future career.

I consider myself lucky to have understanding bosses, who always help and support the employees, offering them support and trust. As for colleagues, I can say that I have never formed a better team, that I have never met more beautiful people to the soul and more worthy of respect.

From February to December, 11 months passed without me realizing this job. God has given me the perfect place to grow and move on, in a new direction that I never even thought of.

The family and the hardships sent from above …

In 2019 the family also played a very important role, being tried by troubles and sorrows. I lost two very important people this year, who are deeply missing me and my family, and will never forget.

But I want to believe that absolutely everything happened for a particular reason, and that each person went to a better place, where it had to be.

Conclusions and resolutions for 2020

If in the previous year I wanted a change to occur in my life and met with courage and naivety 2019, driving away negative thoughts and anger, 2020 I want to be distinct.

I wish to read more, to be able to develop myself completely by enriching my vocabulary and discovering a new self, with the changes brought in 2019. Communication is important and I could bring it to another level.

Maybe the year 2019 was a bit brutal and the changes were mostly welcomed, but I wish I could channel this anger and new behavior into something positive, creating a new personality.

Also, in 2019, I started to dedicate a few hours of my life to training, more specifically, physical exercises to straighten the back position because I spend many hours in front of the computer but also for better health.

I would like to continue this program and build myself a proper diet, trying to stay away from carbohydrates and fats.

I will continue to develop this blog as much as possible in 2020, developing myself along with wonderful people who make WordPress a great family.

As for the unknown … I will leave my life surprised this year. 2020 knows best! 🙂

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Rezolutiile noul an, 2019/ The resolutions of a new year, 2019

Noul an 2019 m-a surprins naucita de oboseala dar cu veselie in suflet, alaturi de cei dragi mie, de familie si de oamenii pe care ii iubesc.

In ultimele clipe ale anului 2018, in timp ce numaram secundele catre 2019 am realizat un aspect foarte important – ca in familie se regasesc cei mai buni si adevarati prieteni pe care i-as putea avea vreodata.

Familia va fi intotdeauna stalp de sustinere, mereu acolo pentru tine, certandu-te cu asprime pentru greseli si apoi ocrotindu-te precum nimic nu s-ar fi intamplat. Cine are familie este bogat pe lumea aceasta, familia este cea mai mare comoara pe care o poate detine un om.

Rezolutiile anului 2019

Anul acesta imi doresc sa fie diferit, vreau sa fac o diferenta in viata mea.

Pentru 2019 imi propun sa nu mai las gandurile negative sa ma inunde, din nici un unghi al vietii si voi incerca sa fiu mai optimista, privind cu speranta si incredere in viitor.

Voi fi mai calma si mai intelegatoare, incercand sa percep complet o situatie inainte sa explodez in emotii negre, furie si indignare. Voi incepe sa cred mai mult in mine si in visurile mele, le voi da o noua culoare si imi voi picta pastelat viata, cu fiecare zi ce trece.

Voi pretui persoanele importante pentru mine si le voi face sa se simta speciale in prezenta mea. Voi asculta si voi vorbi mai putin. Voi da tot ce am mai bun la serviciu si aici, pe WordPress. Voi descoperi noi modalitati de a ma exprima si de a transforma in bine abilitatile mele.

Si poate, anul acesta va aduce si altceva nou, care momentan este tinut sub semnul surprizei, pana la momentul oportun.

English version

A new 2019 surprises me with the fatigue but with joy in my soul, along with my beloved ones, my family and the people I love.

In the last moments of 2018, while counting down to 2019, I realized a very important aspect – that the family is home to the best and most real friends I could ever have.

The family will always be a pillar of support, always there for you, arguing with harshness for mistakes, and then guarding as if nothing would have happened. Who has families is rich in this world, the family is the greatest treasure that a man can have.

                                                           Resolutions of 2019

This year I want to make it different, I want to make a difference in my life.

For 2019, I propose not to let negative thoughts flood me from any point of life and try to be more optimistic, looking with hope and confidence in the future.

I will be quieter and more understanding, trying to fully perceive a situation before exploding into black emotions, anger and indignation. I will begin to believe more in myself and in my dreams, I will give them a new color and I will paint my life with crayon thoughts every passing day.

I will cherish the important people for me and make them feel special in my presence. I will listen and I will speak less. I’ll do everything I can best at work here and on WordPress. I will discover new ways of expressing and transforming my abilities.

 And maybe this year will bring something else that is currently under the sign of surprise until the right moment.


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