My second Liebster Award

Hello, dear readers! My fellow blogger, Lifetube awarded me with my Second Liebster Award. I want to thank him for nominating me for this prize, and to acknowledge him for the great job that he is doing on his blog. Checkout his page! 😊

Lifetube’s questions:

  • What makes your blog different?

Everything. My liking, my lifestyle, my choices. Kate’s page in Kate’s World it’s just a piece of my life that I am sharing with amazing people through WordPress.

  • What niche or topic will be the focus?

I am not following a specific topic or approaching certain niches. It’s simply my life, and the subjects follow exactly the path of my life.

  • How will you manage design and customization?

Mostly, I get inspired from the Unsplash Platform and other web pages. I design my web page as I desire and how I feel like.

  • What will be the tone of the writing on the blog?

Usually, I approach a warm tone, depending on the subjects that I choose.

  • What is your content strategy?

I am sorry to disappoint you, but I do not have a content strategy. This a personal blog with personal writings, so there is no strategy, this is not a business with a paid plan to go about content strategies and similar subjects. If in the future I will decide on monetizing my page, maybe I will consider them.

My questions:

  1. What will be the first thing that you will do after the quarantine is lifted?
  2. What did you learn during this quarantine?
  3. What are your role models in life?
  4. What are the books that you love the most?
  5. Do you have a pet?

I challenge every person that reads this post and would like to answer these questions to consider them selves nominated. In the end, I will thank again to LifeTube for nominating me! Take care and stay safe.

The blogger recognition award

Hello dear writers and readers!


This week I have been nominated by Rad Gamer with the prize of Blogger Recognition Award. It’s a real pleasure and honor for me to be nominated by such a good blogger and consistent writer.

The rules of this award are:

  • Thank the blogger that nominated you and give a link to their site;
  • Do a post to show your award;
  • Give a summary of how the blog started in the first place;
  • Give two pieces of advice for any new bloggers;
  • Select at least 15 bloggers for this award;
  • Let each nominee know you’ve nominated them and give a link to your post.

I must say that this is the first time I have been nominated for this award. I will be sharing with you the story of how my blog started:

This blog „took life” in 2013, five years ago. To be honest I didn’t give that much thought back in those days, I just had an eager wish to write, I wanted that with all of my heart and mind. I seem amazed by the think that people could read what you write and could appreciate your effort, your talent, that what you write today wouldn’t be forgotten in years on a old piece of paper.

Now, looking back I wouldn’t give up on writing for anything in the whole world. Writing is a part of me and will always be, it’s more than a hobby and more than a desire. I just wish to learn more and more, and in time be a successful writer, I want to inspire people.

I must say that even though I have spent 5 years on this platform I feel that I’m not yet an excellent blogger and that I still want to accumulate more knowledge, I want to develop even more.

My two small pieces of advice for any new bloggers are:

  1. Be yourself. Let words you write be your way of expressing YOU, as a person, as an entity; let those words define and talk about the real you. Be sincere.
  2. As Rad Gamer said, you have to be consistent. The words you write have to have a logic and a certain length. You can’t just write two sentences and finish an article. Admit that before you write for readers you write for yourself. Before publishing a new article, ask yourself: Am I satisfied by the post? Do I enjoy the quality of it? If you like the post then the readers must love it.

The 15 nominees for this award are:

  1. Emile Therese
  2. Erwin Wensley
  3. Myplace3187
  4. OldPoet56
  5. IntrovertedPyraLid
  6. Libarah
  7. DreamGoExplore
  8. Currently Aple
  9. Sikhawork
  10. GetYourOwnStyle
  11. Dede’s Blog
  12. Elganspo
  13. Our Life in 3D
  14. CKO
  15. Laleh Chini

In the end I want to thank again Rad Gamer for giving me this amazing award and wish him all the success and luck in the blogger world!



Liebster Award Nomination

Hello my dear ones! So, four days ago (I am truly sory for the delay), I got my first Liebster Award from csprasath . Csprasath is one of my new blog followers who writes amazing posts about travel and his other passions. To tell you the truth, I didn’t expected this and I am really surprised and happy for the nomination. Thank you, csprasath!

Here you can check out mr. csprasath’s blog:


The Liebster Award, as I come to know now, is a symbolic award given by one blogger to another to show recognition and discover exceptional blogs.

The rules of the award are listed in this picture:


11 random facts about me… Okay, and so if the number 1 rule is done, then I must pass to the second one 😀

  1. I am 22 and I am a young blogger. I am writing on this blog because I like writing since childhood. I used to write small stories for school first, then the passion of writing come ahead and I started to write my own notebooks of stories and thoughts and after that came the Kate’s blog.
  2. Even though I had a huge passion on writing and wanted to follow a literature school, the destiny made me follow another path and I started studying Food Industry and became a Laboratory analyst technician and after that I have studied Control and Expertise of Food Products (CEPA), became an auditor on 9000, 14000 and 22000 field. Now I work as an engineer at a new Meat Production Company.        I got to say, I did something different than what I have dreamed of… but still I haven’t given up on writing. The need of expressing my feelings and my thoughts through writing still stays in me and I can’t quit.
  3. I am married for a year and a half and I think I make a good wife (still have a lot to learn), but at least I am happy with the man I love.
  4. I don’t have any children yet, but maybe in a few years I will think of being a mom.
  5. I don’t like spiders and I think I have arachnofobia (I don’t know if it’s spelled right).
  6. I like to cook but I hate washing dishes… is that a crime?!
  7. I like to draw but I don’t do that so often… time is a cruel beast, I have written a post about that. I like to sing too, but the lack of repetition is the mother of useless things so I guess my voice isn’t what it used to be once.
  8. I like to spend time with my family. I think they are the best friends alive and the time spent in their companion is won not lost.
  9. As much for the sports… I haven’t tried anything too extreme. I can’t say that I am afraid (can you be afraid of something you don’t have knowledge?!) but I like basketball, ping pong, jogging and gymnastics.
  10. I like to travel, to mark spots on a map and just go where the wind blows me.
  11. I like to think that I am a nice person and I like to help people in need. I think that everyone needs a hand and that kindness should be priceless.




Dhananjay Parkhe


Jumbled Letters

Aria Bella

Cupcake Blog

Blue Ink


Positive Guider

Inner Voice



My questions to my nominee’s are:


  • What made you start the blogging journey? What was the reason you started blogging?
  • What inspires you? What is the pulse that gives life to your posts?
  • Why blogging and not other passion/hobby?
  • How much time are you spending on blogging? Do you think it’s won or lost time?
  • Would you choose facebook over wordpress/blogging?
  • What do you like to do? Describe!
  • Are you into sports?
  • Everyday I see people who travel all over the world and blog about it. Do you travel for the sake of traveling or for the sake of blogging?
  • What is the strongest belief you have?
  • If it were to change something about today’s reality, what would you change?
  • A few words about the blogger, Katherine please!

The 11 questions given to me by csprasath are:

  1. Why did you decide to start blogging?

The reason for blogging is deep inside of me, blogging is more than a hobby and it represents my passion, my desire which is to write.

2. How did you pick your blog name?

The blog name isn’t too fancy, it’s just a reality. It’s Kate’s blog in Kate’s World, which means my blog (Katherine’s, or Catalina’s) in my world. The name stands for the numberless rows that gather in various posts on my page.

3. Describe yourself in 3 words

Well, that is going to be hard. But I will chose: clumsy, well intentioned and lovable.

4. If you could live anywhere in the world? Where would it be?

If I could live anywhere in this big world I think I will chose still Romania. Because Romania is my home, in there are the people I love and care about, my whole entire life is in that country; with it’s advantages and disadvantages.

5. What is your favorite season? Why?

I like to think I am more of a autumn person. Maybe because I was born in september, who knows.

6. Where do you see yourself in two years?

I don’t really know. But right now I have started a journey of a responsible person, a person who works now and became a member of the society in full rights. I guess I will just let the time tell.

7. Given a chance for Time travel , What would you change when you go back in Time ?

I dont know what to say. But the word which will describe all my desires will be GOOD, I would make anything better, don’t repeat the mistakes I made. But then again, If I think again, without those mistakes, where would I be and where would I stand?

8. Who is your real-life hero?

Real life hero… do this persons really exist? I mean, look at us. We are all humans, all live the same, all making mistakes and moving on. Nobody is perfect; I don’t know if that was the part where I should mention my favorite actors or persons I admire cause I don’t. Actors are made to be perfect and flawless, there are programs who do that, and their roles in the movies are cast by chance and past.

9. What type of music do you like? Why?

I like all kinds of music. It all depends on my mood and my state of mind. Most of the time I like pop music, but then again I find myself angry and want to listen rock and Nightwish.

10. What is your thought process of heaven & hell?

I don’t really know. All I know Is that I believe in God.

11. Most challenging about Blogging

My most challenging task about blogging was when I tried to work in content writing. Actually it was more like a volunteer action, three years ago. That was when I figure it out that I am not made for advertorial writing, but for creative writing and I don’t like all the fuss and mess it’s in a content department.  That if I wanted to keep writing I should do it whenever I feel like and want it. Not when I am pushed and have deadlines and crazy colleagues.

In the end of this post, as a conclusion I think that this Liebster Award Nomination is a good way of knowing other bloggers who share the same passions as you do.

Thank you again, csprasath for choosing me and good luck my dear blog colleagues in completing!