Another soul has passed away…

In this short life we ​​meet special people, wonderful people who bring an extra color and cheerfulness, which refreshes the day’s living.

In fact, I am talking about our grandparents. After my beloved grandparents died I turned my affection towards my husband’s grandparents, who, like mine, were good people with holy and righteous souls.

I think grandparents, wherever they are or live, are the same. Love and respect for grandparents everywhere should be similar to ours.

Grandparents …

I’m talking about those people who have grown generations and generations, who have lived long enough to be able to tell storied to the grandchildren with longing and passion for those gray times.

Those people who knew the true meaning of the word „work”, working from dawn to night, without pause and fatigue, together for family and well-being.

Those dear souls who dedicated their lives to work in the country, who loved the work and the riches of the earth given from the God to their last breath.

Those who spent decades at each other’s arm, enjoying together good days and bad days. Those people who did not say goodbye after the first fight, but who shyly smiled after a few moments of silence, shook their arms and continued the journey of life as a whole.

Those people who enjoyed the first cup of coffee on the brink of the morning, sipping uneasily and discussing together about family, neighbors and life.

Those who have not been estranged from their marriage for years, have proved that as a Phoenix bird, marriage must come back to life at all times, despite all the unfavorable circumstances.

Those people who loved the Church and the word of the Lord, who followed the rules of the village group, fasting whole fastings, loving life without sin.

A few good-bye words …

Yesterday I drove a person dear to me and my family, my husband grandmother on the last road. A gentle, calm and calculated woman, a woman who loves family and good people, a wonderful woman.

Heaven wept for her departure from this world, warming the whole village in a sea of ​​cold and acid tears. People from the village, relatives, friends and acquaintances all gathered to take us on the last road our grandma, as we know or dear Aurica.

She went to be with the one she loved all her life, with the partner she spent her whole life with. Step by step, prayer by prayer, we went to the place of eternity, as usual in a cart drawn by horses, through mud and unpaved road.

Although the world was screaming and crying for her departure, Grandma would no longer respond as before, with her body immobilized and hard, trapped in the wooden coffin. Only the sky was responding to the reactions of those around her, wiping hot  and longing tears.

Now the family is poorer without the two beloved members, grandmother and grandfather. There will be no one at the country who will meet us at the gate with the words: „Hey, my dear nephews” or „Grandma’s babies”. No one will make us chicken soup as only my grandmother knew how to make, steak or other goodies.

They will remain in our souls and in our memory, those two wonderful people who made our childhood more beautiful, who taught us and brought us on the right path in life. At the end of the day we are thankful to the Lord that he enriched our lives with such beautiful people, we were fortunate that we had them.

Goodbye, dear souls! Rest in peace!


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Odihneste-te in pace, suflet bun!/ Rest in peace, good soul!

Stau uneori si ma gandesc ce inseamna viata, cat de scurta si subtire isi are linia si cat de neputinciosi suntem pe cararea ei. Astazi suntem fericiti si impliniti, traim si zambim iar maine nu stim daca mai existam.

Ieri s-a stins din viata un suflet important in familia noastra, bunicul sotului meu. Un om bland cu caracter deosebit, bun la inima si harnic. Desi l-am cunoscut de putina vreme, aceasta persoana si-a lasat o urma distincta inauntrul meu, datorita bunatatii si comportamentului sau.

Se spune ca oamenii buni sunt luati prea devreme de Cel de Sus, iar cei rai sunt lasati sa mai traiasca. In acest moment, mi-as fi dorit ca bunicul sa se incadreze in cealalta categorie, doar sa mai traiasca putin.

Ultima data cand l-am vazut, ochii ii erau lasati din pleoape, corpul vlaguit de boala si sufletul incarcat de durere. Bunicul si-ar fi dorit sa mai stea cu noi, sa impartaseasca zambete in aer, sa existe. Il vedeam varsand lacrimi pe furis, scapand icniri innabusite de durere si neputinta.

Isi iubea nepotii, cu o dragoste fara margini. Ii erau dragi pana la Dumnezeu si inapoi, dovada stau nenumaratele momente cand la bunici, insemna locul de joaca si veselie dar si locul de invatare si dojana.

Bunicul a fost un om care si-a respectat familia si a iubit-o pana la ultima rasuflare. Drept dovada stau sotia, fii si fiicele, nepotii ce mereu i-au fost alaturi, chiar si in ultimele clipe de existenta.

Bunicul a fost acea persoana care si-a dorit sa traiasca pana in ultimul moment, savurand fiecare minut din zi, facandu-l sa conteze. Si-a iubit nevasta cu o dragoste pe care noi, cei tineri, probabil ca nu o vom trai vreodata la aceeasi intensitate.

Familia noastra este mai saraca de un suflet bland si bun, de al dragului bunic. De acum inainte, drumul la tara nu va mai fi acelasi fara el iar cerul va fi mai bogat cu un suflet pur si curat ca al lui.

Se spune ca persoanele dragi care mor nu pleaca niciodata, ci merg alaturi de noi in fiecare zi. Nevazuti, neauziti, dar mereu aproape; in continuare iubiti, in continuare cu dor, mereu foarte dragi.

Ii vom pastra vie amintirea bunicului nostru in suflete, si vom fi recunoscatori pentru timpul petrecut impreuna multumindu-i lui Dumnezeu ca ni l-a daruit in vietile noastre.

Odihneste-te in pace, suflet bun!


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English version

Yesterday, an important soul died in our family, my husband’s grandfather. A gentle man of great character, good at heart and diligent. Although I have known him for a while, this person has left a distinct trace inside of me because of his goodness and behavior.

It is said that good people are taken too early by the Almighty, and the bad ones are left to live. At this point, I would have wanted my grandfather to fall into the other category, just to live a little longer.

The last time I saw him, his eyes were left in his eyelids, with a sick body and pain in his soul. Grandpa would have liked to stay with us, to share smiles in the air, to exist. I could see him shedding tears,escaping mumblings innate by pain and helplessness.He loved his grandchildren with a pure love. He loved his nephews to God and back, proof is the countless moments when at grandparents, it means the place of play and joy, but also the place of learning and teachings.

Grandpa was a man who respected his family and loved her until the last breath. The proof is the wife, sons and daughters, the grandchildren who have always been with him, even in the last moments of existence.

The grandfather was the person who wanted to live up to the last moment, savoring every minute of the day, making him count. He loved his wife with a love that we young people, probably will never live at the same intensity.

Our family is poorer of a gentle and good soul, of grandfather’s dear. From now on, the road to the grandparents will no longer be the same without him and the sky will be richer with a pure and fine soul as his own.

It is said that those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near; still loved, still missed and very dear.

We will keep alive our grandfather’s memory in our souls, and we will be grateful for the time spent together by thanking God for giving it to us in our lives.

                                                         Rest in peace, good soul!

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Unde s-au dus, unde-au apus…/ Where did they go, where did they disappear…

Citeam acum cateva secunde articolul unei bloggerite talentate pe care imi place sa o citesc, Poteci de Dor.

Nu stiu de ce, dar mi-a starnit niste emotii atat de intense si triste incat nici lacrimile nu-mi pot exprima in cuvinte ceea ce simt. Cert este ca s-au dus. Bunicii.

Nu-i mai pot gasi, oricat de mult as vrea sa ii caut, nu mai sunt acolo. Inauntrul meu s-a aprins un foc atat de puternic, incat nu pot sa il sting, arde mocnit.

Amintiri din copilarie de la bunici

Vreau sa ma rog de parinti sa ma mai lase la bunici. Vreau sa stau uitata o vara intreaga la acele persoane dragi, mai vreau sa stau cu ei.

Vreau sa ii regasesc la poarta, stand pe banca din lemn putred, vreau sa le vad zambetul ridat de pe chip si sclipirea din ochi.

Vreau sa o vad pe bunica, firava si slabuta, dar cu sufletul plin de emotii si afectiune, vreau sa o strang in brate cu putere si sa ii spun ca mi-e dor.

Vreau sa stau la povesti cu ei, cu dragii mei bunici, vreau sa imi mai spuna intamplari. Vreau ca bunicul sa relateze glume crude si vechi, sa imi povesteasca amintiri din tinerete, sa radem impreuna.

Vreau sa merg cu bunica in bucataria de vara, sa facem mamaliguta cu tochitura si ochiuri. Vreau sa ma mai invete inca o data cum sa fac mamaliguta, vreau sa gresesc si sa o vad razand.

Vreau sa ii cant melodii vechi si sa stam impreuna, pe banca de langa soba, vreau sa facem scrijele arse.

Vreau sa mai mergem impreuna la adunat de fan, vreau sa greblu si sa aduc doua fire de fan in furca. Vreau sa ma mai certe odata, vreau sa ma mai invete lucruri.

Vreau sa stam impreuna, obositi de soare si truda la umbra merilor batrani din gradina, sa bem apa insetati, sa ne tragem sufletul si sa muncim din nou.

Desi vreau, acum nu se mai poate. Au trecut 8-10 ani de cand s-au dus, dragii de ei. Intai bunica si apoi bunicul. S-au dus in zile ploioase si reci, intr-un cimitir alaturi de alte suflete planse de familii, s-au dus de tot.

Acum, la bunici nu mai e la fel. Banca de la poarta e goala, locul este ocupat de vant si de zapada ce cade necontenit peste amintirea lor. Casa este pustie, si nu le mai aud glasul bunicilor, nici macar mirosul lor nu mai este prezent.

Chiar si astazi, le pastrez vie amintirea in suflet. Viata ma poarta prin atatea locuri si atatea simtiri incat uneori am impresia ca neglijez absenta lor. Pe moment. Si apoi viata ma aduce in unele situatii cand ii vreau alaturi, cand imi este prea dor de ei.

In finalul articolului concluzionez ca in sufletul meu, bunicii inca sunt acolo. Ecoul dragostei lor se reflecta in gandurile mele, in cuvintele mele, in inima mea. Nu va voi uita niciodata, suflete dragi!

English version

I read a few seconds ago the post of a talented blogger I love to read, Missing Paths.

I do not know why, but it has stirred up some emotions so intense and sad that no tears can express in my words what I feel. The fapt that they’ve died. My Grandparents.

I can not find them anymore, no matter how much I want to look for them, they’re not there anymore. Inside me is a fire so strong that I can not quench it, and it burns smoldering.

                                            Childhood memories from grandparents

I want to ask parents to leave me to my grandparents. I want to be forgotten a whole entire summer for those loved ones, I still want to stay with them.

I want to find them at the gate, standing on the rotten wood bench, I want to see their wrinkled smile and shine.

I want to see my grandmother, poor and weak, but with her soul full of emotion and affection, I want to hold her tightly in my arms and tell her that I miss her.

I want to stay with them, with my dear grandparents, I want to tell them more. I want my grandfather to tell old and cruel jokes, to tell me memories of youth, to laugh together.

I want to go with my grandmother in the summer kitchen, to make polenta, stake and eggs. I want to learn once more how to make the polenta, I want to make mistakes and see her laughing.

I want to sing old songs and stay together on the bank beside the stove, I want to make grilled potatoes.

I want to go together at hay activities, I want to rake the field and bring two hay threads on the hook. I want them to argue with me again, I want to learn more.

I want to stay together, tired of the sun and toil in the shade of the old trees in the garden, to drink water, to pull our souls and work again.

Though I want it, it is no longer possible. It’s been 8-10 years since they were gone, dear ones. First your grandmother and then your grandfather. They went on rainy and cold days, in a cemetery with other family-friendly souls, they went all the way.

Now, at grandparents is not the same. The bank at the gate is empty, the place is occupied by the wind and snow falling constantly over their memory. The house is deserted, and I can not hear my grandmother’s voice, not even their smell anymore.

Even today, I keep them alive in the soul. Life takes me through so many places and feelings that sometimes I have the impression of neglecting their absence. Sometimes. And then life brings me in some situations when I want them both with me, when I miss them so much.

At the end of the article I conclude that in my soul, grandparents are still there. The echo of their love is reflected in my thoughts, in my words, in my heart. I will never forget you, dear souls!


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