Etichetă: Gandul zilei/Thought of the day

The next station

There are some moments in life when you feel at stake. For example, when you took a decision that will affect your future, your tomorrow, and your every day. There are acceptable parts of the new choice, but you know that at some point you will have to give up what you once chosen and were excited. You have evolved now. The old you … Citește mai mult The next station

Letter to the subconscious

Why are you afraid, dear subconscious? Why are you so scared to be yourself, to believe in yourself, to thrive? Do you not know that you hold the supreme power and that without you I am nothing? Why do you always tend towards negativism and do not see the positive side? I tried these days to do an exercise and it surprised me, but … Citește mai mult Letter to the subconscious

What about today?

I have been so caught up in this crazy routine, one day after another that now when it tends to calm down I am scared. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the fact that it has slowed down the rhythm but it’s just that I am not used to it. So today, besides home chores and work I believe I will just do things … Citește mai mult What about today?

Don’t I get to have a saying in this?

I don’t know about you guys, but for me it has been a long week, starting from Sunday.  You know that moment when you leave from home but you have no idea when you are returning? When your so glad that you arrived at home but still have chores to do and end up getting in the bed late? When the phone rings in … Citește mai mult Don’t I get to have a saying in this?

Autumn feelings mixed up with random thoughts

Friday, September 27th. The day when autumn is persistent in the soul and outside. One can clearly feel the gradual drop in temperature, the summer season giving way to the crumbling autumn. I started the week on Monday, but I have no exact notion that can prove the passage of time, at least, I didn’t feel it. Day by day, hour by hour, being … Citește mai mult Autumn feelings mixed up with random thoughts

Goodbye, pure soul!

I used to dream about you. I used to picture myself how would life look with your powerful presence in it. I wanted you so bad that I could not picture life without you. How could you just leave? Why did you left me alone? I wished to meet you so bad that I even scheduled an appointment with the doctor sooner than expected. … Citește mai mult Goodbye, pure soul!

How to keep calm in stressful situations

Lately, the situations around me have been extremely stressful both at work and at home. So, in a short time, I came to become from a calm and extremely patient person, to an agitated one, anxious and ready to attack in the second two. Now, since it is Saturday, a day of relaxation and rest before next week before Easter, I set out to … Citește mai mult How to keep calm in stressful situations

Gandul zilei #21/ Thought of the day #21

Astazi este miercuri. Din nou, doar ca parca saptamana asta are un mod de a fi mai pasagera decat cealalta saptamana. Simt mai putin apasatoare orele petrecute la munca si acasa, am impresia ca parca ieri ar fi fost luni si astazi, iata, e miercuri. Singurul lucru care nu se schimba este ploaia ce pare a fi din ce in ce mai deasa si … Citește mai mult Gandul zilei #21/ Thought of the day #21

Thought of the day 20#

Decisions, decisions and decisions, we rule our entire life by those strings. Sometimes I just stay and think, I just meditate about the present period but don’t usually think about future. Quotes say to live in the moment and enjoy the present, but what if sometimes hurried choices contour your life in future?… . Things are meant to happen in time, one by one, … Citește mai mult Thought of the day 20#

Gandul zilei 19#/Thought of the day 19#

Este seara si tarziu. Mult prea tarziu pentru a concluziona elementele importante ale zilei, mult prea obositor. Mintea este incarcata de notiuni nemaintalnite iar picioarele se simt greoaie si obosite, trupul este istovit. Dar cine mai sta sa numere orele si minutele scurse? La urma urmei timpul este facut sa treaca. Afara e intuneric. Seara s-a lasat pe nesimtite, cuprinzand lumea intr-o manta neagra … Citește mai mult Gandul zilei 19#/Thought of the day 19#

Gandul zilei 17#/Thought of the day 17#

In dimineata aceasta tocmai ce am avut un „wake up call”. Citeam un articol din feed-ul meu WordPress despre recunostinta, si despre a spune multumesc pentru tot ceea ce avem. V-ati gandit vreodata la cat de nemultumiti putem fi? La cat de multe lucruri ne dorim si apoi dupa ce le avem cat de usor ne plictisim de ele si mergem mai departe ca … Citește mai mult Gandul zilei 17#/Thought of the day 17#

Thought of the day 16#

There are days and days. Some days are better, some are worse. In the end it all depends on how we think about it, on how we feel it. I don’t know about you guys, but there has been some days in which I found myself thinking: What am I doing here? Was I meant to be in this place, to live this life? … Citește mai mult Thought of the day 16#

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