Thursday in a few rows


What were you doing last year at this time?

I don’t know about you but I lower my head down and smile. There has been so many things, so many memories, so many worries that are not present in the now.

Today we have other things to care about, to think and process. Things are different but somehow carry the same feelings and emotions.

Don’t let yourself carried by the wind and moments, they will happen anyway. Or better said, don’t worry about today, just live it. In an year from now you will smile again.

Happy Thursday, dear readers!


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Short Five Feet Apart reaction

Hello, guys! As you know, a couple of months ago I have been posting about the movie Five Feet Apart and how much I am expecting its coming. As a person who does not suffer of Cystic Fibrosis this may come a little bit weird, because how can I truly understand? Well, this movie actually made me.

A small reminder of what Cystic Fibrosis is…

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a genetic disorder that affects mostly the lungs, but also the pancreas, liver, kidneys, and intestine. Long-term issues include difficulty breathing and coughing up mucus as a result of frequent lung infections. The CF is genetic.

The main signs and symptoms of cystic fibrosis are salty-tasting, poor growth, and poor weight gain despite normal food intake, accumulation of thick, sticky mucus, frequent chest infections, and coughing or shortness of breath, as stated on Wikipedia.

Five Feet Apart

Five Feet Apart is a 2019 production, which is written by Mikki Daughtry and Tobias Iaconis and also directed by Justin Baldoni. In the film, Haley Lu Richardson and Cole Sprouse play two young patients with  Cystic Fibrosis, who try to have a relationship despite always being forced to stay a certain distance away from each other – six feet apart.

What are the emotions of this movie? What can it really make you feel?

First of all, a part of the movie it’s real. I have always seen movies like Grey’s anatomy, Doctor House, The good doctor and so on but none of these really depict the true things that happened in the hospital, the pain. Even I sat in hospital for various health issues for a 0.5 % time and I know it doesn’t look, it doesn’t feel like what they want to show.

Second, the struggle is real. These people really suffer from this disease and there are people murdered because of the CF murderer every single day. And this movie just shows us a part of what means to suffer from it.

What this movie learned me?

I learned to cherish what I have. I never knew that being able to breath through healthy, strong lungs can mean so much, I never paid so much attention. Seeing people fighting every single day with this disease, getting to understand the symptoms and stay alive changed my thinking a lot.

I learned to be more optimistic. If they are so eager to survive and live through the pain, why wouldn’t I be?

I learned to be more thankful with the people around me. I have people around who love and care about me. The best part is that I can be there for them as well, I can stay near them, feel their touch and presence.

Furie, partea I/Fury, part One

Sunt momente in viata noastra cand pur si simplu ne enervam, reactionand negativ la lucruri neplacute ce apar neasteptat in viata noastra.

Nu stiu alte persoane cum sunt, insa eu, de foarte multe ori tind sa rabufnesc in fata unor situatii iritante. Ma exprim printr-un comportament rece si ostil, fara sa ascult ceea ce mi se relateaza cu lux de amanunte, fara sa analizez ceea ce se intampla cu adevarat.

De foarte multe ori, acest lucru mi se intampla cu familia, cu cei dragi. Sunt constienta ca ar trebui sa ascult mai mult, sa incerc sa inteleg si sa caut o solutie impreuna cu ei, dar uneori acest lucru mi se pare imposibil de realizat.

Familia este liantul suprem al vietii si relatia cu aceste persoane este extrem de importanta. In ciuda insemnatatii acestui nucleu, uneori atitudinea si alegerile persoanelor ce fac parte din ea, ne fac de multe ori sa punem sub semnul intrebarii sentimentele noastre pentru ei.

Adesea incapatinarea, egoismul si indignarea ne pun la incercare in situatii dificile capacitatea de perceptie si afectiunea noastra pentru persoanele iubite.


Voi cum reactionati in asemenea situatii? Cum va exprimati furia si cum reusiti sa canalizati energiile negative in afara sferei de familie?

English version

There are moments in our lives when we simply annoy, reacting negatively to the unpleasant things that appear unexpectedly in our lives.

I do not know other people as they are, but I, many times, tend to rage against irritating situations. I express myself through a cold and hostile behavior without listening to what I am referring to with great detail without looking at what really happens.

This is often the case with my family, my dear ones. I am aware that I should listen to more, try to understand and seek a solution with them, but sometimes this seems impossible to achieve.

Family is the ultimate bond of life and the relationship with these people is extremely important. Despite the importance of this core, sometimes the attitude and the choices of the people who make it, often make us question our feelings for them.

Often stubbornnes, selfishness and indignation put us in difficult situations to test our ability to perceive and our affection for loved ones.

………………………………………….. …………………………………….

How do you react in such situations? How do you express your anger and how do you channel negative energies out of the family sphere?

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Song of the day 29#

Remember me
Though I have to say goodbye
Remember me
Don’t let it make you cry
For ever if I’m far away
I hold you in my heart
I sing a secret song to you
Each night we are apart
Remember me
Though I have to travel far
Remember me
Each time you hear a sad guitar
Know that I’m with you
The only way that I can be
Until you’re in my arms again
Remember me
Que nuestra canción no deje de latir
Solo con tu amor yo puedo existir (recuérdame)
Que nuestra canción no deje de latir
Solo con tu amor yo puedo existir (recuérdame)
Si en tu mente vivo estoy (recuérdame)
Mis sueños yo te doy
Te llevo en mi corazon
Y te acompañaré
Unidos en nuestra canción
Contigo ahi estaré
Si sola crees estar
Y mi cantar te irá a abrazar
Aun en la distancia
Nunca vayas a olvidar
Que yo contigo siempre voy
If you close your eyes and let the music play
Keep our love alive, I’ll never fade away
If you close your eyes and let the music play
Keep our love alive, I’ll never fade away
If you close your eyes and let the music play
Keep our love alive, I’ll never fade away
Remember me
For I will soon be gone
Remember me
And let the love we have live on
And know that I’m with you the only way that I can be
So, until you’re in my arms again
Remember me
Que nuestra canción no deje de latir
Solo con tu amor yo puedo existir (remember me)
Que nuestra canción no deje de latir
Solo con tu amor yo puedo existir (remember me)
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