Back to blogging: Past swings

It’s funny how I’m always moving on with my life and then retreat to blogging when life seems to challenge me again. After the previous occurring, I kept telling myself that things will work out for the better and that I will find my way eventually.

I am grateful for everything that has happened in the last month. I was given a week off and was able to visit my parents in the countryside to assist them with renovations and other housework. I missed them, and, incredibly, we were able to spend some quality time together after the lockdown.

Work-wise, I was assigned to this new exciting project, and I now have new colleagues and the opportunity to work with great people, apply what I learned at my previous job, and grow.

I’ve also managed to take care of my health by visiting a nutritionist once in a while, exercising whenever I can, and a few days ago, I faced my fears by having surgery to remove my wisdom tooth. This had been a source of concern in my life for several months, and I knew it had to be addressed.

A new path ahead?

Now that all of these issues have been resolved, I have the distinct impression that something from my past is attempting to resurface. It makes no sense to me because nothing has happened in reality yet. It’s just that I keep having these strange dreams in which I have to part ways and take a new path.

I’ve tried to ignore them and focus on the present, but they keep repeating, and my heart prefers to stay there for some strange reason. Aside from that, I’ve been chatting with my friends, and it’s as if incidents from the past keep showing up, and when I reexamine them, I have new resolutions that seem different.

The more I try to disregard them, the more they appear, making me doubt my sanity. I’ve also spoken with a few other people, and they’ve mentioned that this happened to them as well, albeit with minor differences.

According to the horoscope, this is a new turn of fate and it is meant to happen. I’m not sure what new path awaits me and the people I spoke with or what new challenges await us, but all I want is the strength and wisdom to face whatever comes our way.


I’m aware that the new journey is a big step, and it feels regretful to leave everything we’ve built behind and embark on a new, hazy path. It’s essential to be patient and honest to ourselves in the face of any new route that comes your way.

If there is one thing I have learned from this crazy life, it is that we must take risks and move forward, even if this means making mistakes along the way. That is how we grow and become stronger.

We should stop being too serious, curious, and fearful in front of the unknown and instead have fun like a child who keeps swinging into what new challenges lie ahead. And if past encounters keep coming back to haunt us, perhaps it’s just time to face our stupid fears and enjoy life and what God has in store for us.

Carantina. Ziua N.

Nici nu mai stiu ce zi este, nici nu mai retin notiunea timpului, daca timpul s-ar putea masura in aceasta carantina. Clipele conteaza doar atunci cand lucrez, insa am avut recent indraznirea de a-mi cere cateva zile de concediu. Simteam nevoia de o deconectare.

Am lipsit doua saptamani jumatate de pe blog. Nu imi cereti un motiv, ca nu stiu sa va raspund. M-am intrebat si eu de ce m-am distantat de blog si de mine, de gandurile mele. Am gasit raspunsuri dar parca nici unul nu a parut destul de plauzibil.

Faptul ca am devenit comoda cu munca de acasa si m-am plictisit sa repet non-stop aceleasi chestii, una dupa alta intr-un ritm monoton. Pe undeva, in tot acest timp, mi-am pierdut speranta si dorinta de a trai o viata ocupata, dorindu-mi sa fiu conectata la lumea din jurul meu.

Scuza ca petrec mult prea multe ore in fata ecranului, mi s-a parut patetica deoarece fac asta de prea mult timp. Apoi, justificarea ca m-am afundat in curatenie si gatit pentru ca a sosit Pastele dar apoi a trecut, din nou, nu este un motiv bun.

Pentru ca nimic nu e destul de bun acum. Nimic nu e normal. Nimic nu are sens.

Pastele anului 2020 in carantina

Acest Paste l-am petrecut acasa, in izolare, departe de familie si de cei dragi in mod diferit de cum o faceam pana acum. Dar hey, ne-am auzit prin telefon si am putut sa ne simtim tremuratul din voce, frustrarea din ton si disperarea din volumul glasului. If that makes any difference.

Am iesit la geam si am ascultat slujba de inviere prin boxe, am vazut privirile neajutorate ale altor vecini de la geamul alaturat, si mai apoi m-am afundat in tacere.

Am privit la stirile tampite din media cum lumea face scandal pentru ca ar trebui ca regulile sa se respecte conform ordonantelor politice. Drept dovada, politistii au fost atacati cu pietre si agresati de catre oameni. Ignoranta, nepasare si lipsa de bun simt.

Apoi m-am odihnit, am mancat si am privit la seriale, ca toata lumea de altfel. Ieri m-am decis sa fiu puternica si sa ma apuc de exercitii fizice pentru doua ore. Astazi aparent am racit din nou, simptome de raceala puternica (sa nu zic totusi, Corona).


Astazi, m-am decis, cu cele cateva puteri ramase sa reincep sa scriu din nou pe blog. Nu am prea multa energie de la aceasta raceala ce s-a reintors pentru a nu stiu cata oara si o sa va rog sa fiti blanzi cu mine.

Voi cum va mai simtiti? Totul e bine?

(Image Source – Unsplash,
Dawid Zawiła)

Long time no write – Kate is back!

It’s been a lot since I haven’t been around. More than a month, actually.

I have been so busy with my new job that I forgot about my blog, I forgot about me, I forgot about everything. It’s a bad thing to give up at what you love to do, especially if you have spent years of your life dedicating to this – in my case, blogging activity.

Because at some part writing becomes a part of yourself, a part of your character, a part of what you are today. So, I know that I am not too good at promises sometimes, but starting from today, I want to get back, entirely.

I don’t know if you had missed me, but I for sure missed you. I missed reading the stories which you write with passion and eagerness. I missed laughing at new posts, I missed the angry feelings and then, the shy and sad tears on the cheek. I missed being with my big WordPress family.

What happened in the meantime…

As I said, it’s been a long time since I haven’t written anything on the blog. To be more precise, exact 42 days. To be honest I did not even notice when time flew away, I was busy with making plans, busy with life.

In the meantime I got a new job as a Service Desk Assistant in English in IT. It’s not much, but it’s a decent job, which offers opportunity and embraces real time situations and requires access to a huge mass of information.

It’s a really challenging task to just move from a job of Food Engineering to a job in Service Desk in IT. I mean, this really has no connection with my studies at all. I dedicated my whole study area to the Food Industry field and now I am trying to grow and develop in a whole different field, in IT.

But, as I am still young, I think there is nothing bad with changing domains. If life hadn’t provided me with opportunities in the studied alimentary field, then it’s okay to move forward. I think you may be familiar with the saying: „When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”.

In the end…

In the end of this post I want to thank you all 821 followers, and all readers up there for still bearing with my blog, even though I have had a big break, even though you haven’t seen any new interesting posts from Katherine’s page.

It’s 1 AM o’clock in Romania at this time, I just returned from work and I am so tired, but happy that I could came back to my passion, blogging. Happy that I have returned in my world.

So how have you been ? What have you done lately? Have you missed me as well? 🙂


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