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Blonde hair struggle

I have been dying my hair ends since I was in high school. I loved my natural brown-blonde color, but I wanted something different. During this quarantine, I have thought about applying hair treatments but somehow did not manage to make a radical change. So, in today’s post, I will speak more about blonde hair and how to repair it. As you might know, … Citește mai mult Blonde hair struggle



Hello, my dear readers and writers! As you know from my previous post, I have experienced some dental issues and I have to take care of my oral hygiene more than I did before. Because cavities. What are cavities? Cavities are caused by tooth decay. Tooth decay can affect both the outer coating of a tooth (called enamel) and the inner layer (called dentin). Cavities are … Citește mai mult Cavities

Benefits of water

Our body weight is represented by approximately 60% water. Our system uses water in all its cells, organs, and tissues to maintain bodily functions. Water regulates the body temperature and keeps the tissues in our bodies moist. Keeping the body hydrated helps to retain optimum levels of moisture in these sensitive areas, as well as in the blood, bones, and the brain. Also, water … Citește mai mult Benefits of water


H. Pylori Insights on food intake

Hello, my dear readers and writers! Yesterday, I told you about my infection with H. Pylori and offered you a small insight into it in general. Today, I am going to speak about foods that are permitted and not permitted during the treatment of H. Pylori. Foods that need to be avoided in H. Pylori infection and chronic gastritis Researches show that a diet … Citește mai mult H. Pylori Insights on food intake

Is it Helicobacter?

Hello, dear readers! It’s been a few days since I have not posted anything. I got a little busy, and to admit, I have also been sick. I had a flu that kept returning, felt dizzy, had lung pains, lost my appetite, nausea, difficulty swallowing, and had abdominal pains. At the beginning I thought that maybe I had the Covid19 Virus, and got scared. … Citește mai mult Is it Helicobacter?

Lamaiul si efectele sale benefice

Lamaiul (Citris Lemon) este un arbust din familia Rutaceae, provenita din Asia iar fructele sale sunt folosite in lume, avand variate utilizari atat in scop culinar cat si non-culinar. Lamaiul este folosit pentru: suc, pulpa si coaja. Sucul de lamaie contine aproximativ 6% acid citric ce confera gust acru distinct. Scurt istoric Initial, lamaiul a fost folosit pentru proprietatile sale antiseptice, fiind folosit ca si … Citește mai mult Lamaiul si efectele sale benefice


Buna ziua, dragi cititori! In acest articol m-am decis sa vorbesc despre noul Virus Coronavirus descoperit in 2019 in Wuhan, China. Conform surselor, se crede ca noul Coronavirus a aparut intr-o piata de fructe de mare in China ceea ce demonstreaza contaminarea de la animal la om. Un numar mare de persoane diagnosticate cu acest virus nu au avut expunere pe piata fructelor de … Citește mai mult Coronavirus

Essential oils beneficial for sensitive and acne skin

Sensitive and acne-prone skin is very difficult to maintain and care for, especially when you do not have too much time, spend many hours at work and use harsh cosmetics frequently. The mistake that many people with sensitive and predominantly acne skin make is that they constantly attack the skin with harsh commercial cleaning products that do not improve the skin health at all. … Citește mai mult Essential oils beneficial for sensitive and acne skin

Uleiuri esentiale benefice pentru tenul sensibil si acneic

Tenul sensibil si acneic este foarte greu de intretinut si ingrijit, in special cand nu ai la dispozitie prea mult timp, petreci multe ore la serviciu si folosesti produse cosmetice dure frecvent. Greseala pe care o fac multe persoane cu ten sensibil si preponderent acneic este aceea ca ataca pielea in profunzime cu produse dure de curatare din comert care nu fac intocmai bine … Citește mai mult Uleiuri esentiale benefice pentru tenul sensibil si acneic

Masti naturale pentru un ten sanatos

Buna ziua, dragi cititori! Zilele trecute ma gandeam ca nu am mai facut de mult un tratament naturist acasa alcatuit din ingrediente naturale. Astazi m-am hotarat sa impartasesc cu voi cateva din tratamentele preparate acasa de mine. Astfel, le voi imparti in doua categorii simple: I. Masti de curatare a tenului II Masti de hidratare si calmare a tenului I. Masti de curatare a … Citește mai mult Masti naturale pentru un ten sanatos

The period of the month

Hello, dear readers! So, today I am going to make a post about that period of the month. It is well known that the female human body, in its complexity has go through certain changes in every period of the month. During that time of the month and before, with a week or two the body is affected by diverse symptoms which interact with comportment … Citește mai mult The period of the month

How to overcome fatigue accumulated during the week

Today, 4/18/2019, on Thursday I declare that I feel tired. Last week was extremely crowded, and on the weekend I worked and this week seems to be just as busy.At one point, in the middle of the week, I had the impression that I was pulling with all my strength to resist and face the challenges of every new day. But I never did … Citește mai mult How to overcome fatigue accumulated during the week

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