Essential oils beneficial for sensitive and acne skin

Sensitive and acne-prone skin is very difficult to maintain and care for, especially when you do not have too much time, spend many hours at work and use harsh cosmetics frequently.

The mistake that many people with sensitive and predominantly acne skin make is that they constantly attack the skin with harsh commercial cleaning products that do not improve the skin health at all.

Yes, deep cleansing and chemical peeling are recommended for acne, but it is also important to moisturize the skin properly.

Natural essential oils are one of the best options when it comes to removing acne, soothing and deep cleaning of the affected skin.

What are the essential oils?

Essential oils are extracts that contain volatile aromatic compounds of a plant, being obtained entirely by steam distillation. The chemical composition of the essential oils differs from another organ of the plant (flower, leaf, bark, root) in this depending on their therapeutic use.


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Natural essential oils for sensitive, acne-prone skin

1. Oregano essential oil – anti-inflammatory and antibacterial role. This oil regulates the production of sebum and also removes dead cells and contaminants from the pores. Oregano oil can be used twice a day in combination with olive oil.

2. Essential oil of tea tree. It is one of the most used anti-acne products due to its anti fungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Used regularly, tea tree oil can also heal the scars left by severe acne. This oil can be diluted with coconut or jojoba oil to be applied to sensitive skin using a makeup remover.

3. Lavender essential oil. Used in aromatherapy, lavender oil is known for its soothing and antibacterial effects, removing scars and marks left on the skin. Also, lavender oil is indicated against skin infections and has an astringent effect, deepening the pores and regulating the activity of the sebaceous glands. This oil can be diluted with grape seed oil. It is recommended to use it every night, before bedtime.

4. Essential oil of marigold. Due to its soothing, anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties, the essential oil of yellows is used in the cosmetic industry. The essential oil of yellow helps eliminate pimples, blackheads, reduces inflammation and stimulates healing of cells, reducing post acne scars. Marigold oil can be applied twice a day, directly on the affected areas.

5. Essential oil of rosehip. Rosehip oil is recommended for sensitive skin. It gently treats acne, cleanses the deep pores and helps heal scars. The way of use is simple, the oil can be used daily and all we have to do is massage the affected areas with a small amount of rosehip oil.

6. Rosemary essential oil. Rosemary oil has regenerative, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties that heal acne and post acne scars. Daily application of this oil regulates the pH of the skin, reduces redness and inflammation caused by acne. This oil is applied with the help of a cleansing makeup remover and it is recommended to be used every night before bedtime.

7. Rosewood oil. Rosewood oil is recommended for adjusting the sebum production on the face. The oil can be applied in the evening, before going to bed with the help of a cleaning remover.

8. Grape seed oil. This oil is rich in linoleic acid, having regenerating properties, purifying the epidermis and balancing the level of sebum in the face. Also, grape seed oil contains a significant amount of antioxidants that prevent premature aging of the skin and prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

9. Essential oil of ylang ylang. Ylang ylang oil can be especially useful for oily and acne skin. It moisturizes the skin, restores skin elasticity and softens wrinkles, maintaining an optimal level of sebum in the face.

10. Aloe vera essential oil. Due to its healing properties, Aloe Vera oil is indicated for oily skin, affected by irritations, allergies or eczema. This oil moisturizes and regenerates the affected skin.

11. Essential argan oil. For acne and sensitive skin, argan oil can be the best solution. Argan oil moisturizes the affected skin, leaving it soft without loading it. It is recommended to use this oil especially in winter, for its beneficial effects.


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Essential oils have numerous effects on the body, improving skin health, reducing toxicity and improving sleep quality.

The few examples listed in this article only partially describe the beneficial effects on the body, especially on the face and sensitive skin affected by acne.

Skin care is more important than applying makeup. The makeup is suitable for events and nights out in the city, but the beautiful skin will remain forever.

A fresh and properly cleansed skin does not need makeup, but it shines by itself. Essential oils are just another way to improve our qualities offered by mother nature, highlighting the most beautiful features.


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Uleiuri esentiale benefice pentru tenul sensibil si acneic

Tenul sensibil si acneic este foarte greu de intretinut si ingrijit, in special cand nu ai la dispozitie prea mult timp, petreci multe ore la serviciu si folosesti produse cosmetice dure frecvent.

Greseala pe care o fac multe persoane cu ten sensibil si preponderent acneic este aceea ca ataca pielea in profunzime cu produse dure de curatare din comert care nu fac intocmai bine tenului.

Da, curatarea in profunzime si peelingul chimic sunt recomandate pentru tenul acneic, insa de asemenea este important sa si hidratam pielea corespunzator.

Uleiurile esentiale naturale reprezinta una dintre cele mai bune optiuni cand vine vorba de indepartarea acneei, calmarea si curatarea in profunzime a tenului afectat.

Ce sunt uleiurile esentiale?

Uleiurile esentiale sunt extracte ce contin compusii aromatici volatili ale unei plante, fiind obtinute in intregime prin distilarea vaporilor. Compozitia chimica a uleiurilor esentiale difera de la un organ al altuia al plantei (floare, frunza, scoarta, radacina) de acest lucru depizand intrebuintarea terapeutica a acestora.


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Uleiuri esentiale naturale pentru tenul cu probleme

  1. 1. Uleiul esential de oregano – rol antiinflamator si antibacterian. Acest ulei regleaza productia de sebum si totodata elimina celulele moarte si agentii contaminanti de la nivelul porilor. Uleiul de oregano poate fi folosit de doua ori pe zi in combinatie cu uleiul de masline.

  1. 2. Uleiul esential de arbore de ceai. Este unul dintre cele mai folosite produse anti-acneice datorita propritatilor sale antifungice, antibacteriene si antiinflamatoare. Utilizat in mod regulat, uleiul de arbore de ceai poate vindeca si cicatricile ramase in urma acneei severe. Acest ulei poate fi diluat cu ulei de cocos sau de jojoba pentru a fi aplicat pe pielea sensibila cu ajutorul unei dischete demachiante.

  1. 3. Uleiul esential de lavanda. Utilizat in aromaterapie, uleiul de lavanda este binecunoscut pentru efectele sale calmante si antibacteriene, indepartand cicatricile si semnele lasate pe piele. De asemenea, uleiul de lavanda este indicat impotriva infectiilor pielii si are efect astringent, curatand in profunzime porii si regland activitatea glandelor sebacee. Acest ulei poate fi diluat cu uleiul de samburi de struguri. Se recomanda utilizarea acestuia in fiecare seara, inainte de culcare.

  1. 4. Uleiul esential de galbenele. Datorita proprietatilor calmante, antiinflamatoare si regeneratoare uleiul esential de galbenele este utilizat in industria cosmetica. Uleiul esential de galbenele ajuta la eliminarea cosurilor, punctelor negre, reduce inflamatia si stimuleaza vindecare celulelor, diminuand cicatricile post acneice. Uleiul de galbenele poate fi aplicat de doua ori pe zi, direct pe zonele afectate.

  1. 5. Uleiul esential de macese. Uleiul de macese este recomandat pentru pielea sensibila. Acesta trateaza bland acneea, curata porii in profunzime si ajuta la vindecarea cicatricilor. Modul de utilizare este simplu, uleiul poate fi utilizat zilnic iar tot ceea ce trebuie sa facem este sa masam zonele afectate cu o cantitate mica de ulei de macese.

  1. 6. Uleiul esential de rozmarin. Uleiul de rozmarin are propritati regeneratoare, antibiotice si antiinflamatoare care vindeca acneea si cicatricile post acneice. Aplicarea zilnica a acestui ulei regleaza pH-ul pielii, reduce roseata si inflamatiile cauzate de acnee.  Acest ulei se aplica cu ajutorul unei dischete demachiante si se recomanda a fi utilizat in fiecare seara, inainte de culcare.

  1. 7. Uleiul din lemn de trandafir.  Uleiul din lemn de trandafir este recomandat pentru reglarea productiei de sebum de la nivelul fetei. Uleiul poate fi aplicat seara, inainte de culcare cu ajutorul unei dischete demachiante.

  1. 8. Uleiul din seminte de struguri. Acest ulei este bogat in acid linoleic, avand proprietati regenerante, purificand epiderma si echilibrand nivelul de sebum de la nivelul fetei. De asemenea, uleiul de seminte de struguri contine o cantitate semnificativa de antioxidanti care previn imbatranirea prematura a tenului si previn aparitia ridurilor.

  1. 9. Ulei esential de ylang ylang. Uleiul de ylang ylang poate fi utilizant in special pentru tenul gras si acneic. Acesta hidrateaza pielea, reface elasticitatea pielii si estompeaza ridurile, mentinand un nivel optim de sebum la nivelul fetei.

  1. 10. Ulei esential de aloe vera. Datorita propritatilor sale vindecatoare, uleiul de aloe vera este indicat pentru tenul gras, afectat de iritatii, alergii sau eczeme. Acest ulei hidrateaza si regenereaza pielea afectata.

  1. 11. Ulei esential de argan. Pentru tenul acneic si sensibil, uleiul de argan poate reprezenta cea mai buna solutie. Uleiul de argan hidrateaza pielea afectata, lasand-o catifelata fara sa o incarce. Se recomanda utilizarea acestui ulei in special in timpul iernii, pentru efectele sale benefice.


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Uleiurile esentiale au numeroase efecte asupra organismului, imbunatatind sanatatea sanatatea pielii, reducand toxicitatea si imbunatatind calitatea somnului.

Cele cateva exemple enumerate in acest articol descriu doar partial efectele benefice asupra organismului, cu precadere asupra fetei si a tenului sensibil afectat de acnee.

Ingrijirea pielii tenului este mult mai importanta decat aplicarea machiajului. Machiajul este potrivit pentru evenimente si iesiri in oras, insa pielea ne va ramane pentru totdeauna.

O piele proaspata si curatata corespunzator nu are nevoie de machiaj, ci straluceste de la sine. Uleiurile esentiale sunt doar o alta cale de a ne imbunatati calitatile oferite de mama natura, punandu-ne in evidenta cele mai frumoase trasaturi.


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Masti naturale pentru un ten sanatos

Buna ziua, dragi cititori!

Zilele trecute ma gandeam ca nu am mai facut de mult un tratament naturist acasa alcatuit din ingrediente naturale. Astazi m-am hotarat sa impartasesc cu voi cateva din tratamentele preparate acasa de mine.

Astfel, le voi imparti in doua categorii simple:

  • I. Masti de curatare a tenului
  • II Masti de hidratare si calmare a tenului

I. Masti de curatare a tenului


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  1. 1 Masca cu capsune

Aceasta masca este potrivita pentru toate tipurile de piele si curata natural pielea. Pentru a urma aceasta masca avem nevoie de: 1 cana capsuni pasate, 1 lingura de pulbere de orez si 2 linguri de iaurt.

Ingredientele se amesteca intr-un vas si amestecul obtinut se aplica pe fata.  Masca se lasa sa actioneze pentru 20 de minute apoi se clateste tenul cu apa rece.

  1. 2   Masca cu bicarbonat de sodiu

Masca cu bicarbonat de sodiu este recomandata persoanelor cu ten acneic, reducand inflamatia si aspectul acneei. Singurele elemente pe care trebuie sa le avem la indemana sunt bicarbonatul de sodiu si apa, care trebuie mixate impreuna si aplicate pe ten.

Masca trebuie lasata sa actioneze 20 de minute dupa care tenul se clatesteste cu apa din abundenta.

  1. 3 Masca de fata cu avocado si mango

Avocado si mango, impreuna cu uleiul de masline extravirgin fac minuni pentru calitatea pielii. Uleiul de masline hraneste si hidrateaza pielea, lasand-o moale si fina in timp ce avocado trateaza pielea sensibila, calmand inflamatia.

Mixam impreuna 2 lingurite de pasta de avocado, 2 lingurite de piure de mango si 2 lingurite de ulei de masline,  cu 2 lingurite de miere de albine intr-un bol. Trebuie sa amestecam toate ingredientele uniform, pentru a forma o pasta perfect omogena.

Amestecul obtinut se aplica pe tenul curat si se lasa la actionat 15-20 de minute.

  1. 4 Masca de fata cu banane si lamaie

Pentru a obtine aceasta masca vom avea nevoie de ingrediente simple, gasite in bucatarie precum: o banana coapta, sucul de la o lamaie si o lingura de miere de albine. Ingredientele se amestec bine si se aplica pe piele, lasand sa actioneze 15 minute, clatind apoi cu apa rece.

  1. 5 Masca de fata cu cafea si cacao

Aceasta este o masca ce efectueaza curatirea pielii in profunzime, intensa.

Ingrediente: 2 lingurite de cafea, 2 lingurite de pudra de cacao, 1 lingurita de miere, 3 lingurite de iaurt.

Ingredientele se amesteca foarte bine, apoi se aplica pe tenul curat, lasand sa actioneze circa 10-15 minute. La final se clateste tenul cu apa calduta din abundenta.

  1. 6 Masca de fata cu carbune activ 

Ingredientele pentru aceasta masca sunt: 2 lingurite de carbune activ, 1 lingurita de argila, 1 lingurita de otet din cidru de mere si apa.

Initial se vor amesteca carbunele activ si pudra de argila foarte bine intr-un bol. Treptat se va adauga otetul din cidru de mere si apa. Aceste ingrediente se amesteca si se aplica pe tenul afectat, lasand-o sa actioneze absorbind punctele negre si excesul de sebum timp de 10-15 minute. La final clatim fata cu apa calduta si aplicam o crema usoara, hidratanta.

  1. 7 Masca de fata cu praf de copt si miere

Masca cu praf de copt si miere se utilizeaza pentru exfolierea celulelor moarte si pentru indepartarea punctelor negre si a cosurilor.

Se utilizeaza exact 2 lingurite de praf de copt si una de miere de albine care se amesteca bine. Pasta obtinuta se aplica pe piele si se lasa sa actioneze 10-15 minute, dupa care se clateste cu apa calduta.

  1. 8 Masca cu Scortisoara si miere

Aceasta masca este una dintre cele mai des utilizate de mine personal, si cele mai eficace. Utilizata de doua ori pe saptamana, tine tenul departe de acnee si imperfectiuni.

Pentru prepararea ei se amesteca exact doua lingurite de miere si doua de scortisoara care se aplica pe tenul curat. Pasta densa se lasa sa actioneze timp de 3 minute dupa care se clateste cu apa calduta si se aplica o crema hidratanta.

II Masti de hidratare si calmare a tenului

     2.1 Masca din castravete pentru calmarea tenului 

Odata cu venirea toamnei, temperaturile scad in termometru si aduc frig si vant puternic, ceea ce pentru piele nu au un efect benefic. Pielea deshidratata si sensibila poate fi calmata prin intermediul acestei masti.

Ingrediente: 1 castravete curatat de coaja si maruntit, 1 lingura de iaurt grecesc. Castravetele poate fi dat prin blender si pasta formata amestecata cu iartul grecesc. Masca se aplica pe pielea afectata si se lasa sa actioneze pentru 20 minute dupa care tenul se clateste cu apa calduta.

   2.2 Masca cu ou, smantana si miere

Aceasta masca contine exact ingredientele specificate: 1 ou, o lingura de miere si una de smantana. Oul contine lecitina si are efect emolient, impreuna cu celelalte ingrediente hidratand complet pielea.

Modalitatea de aplicare, ca si la celelalte masti, se aplica pe tenul curat si se lasa sa actioneze timp de 20-30 de minute. La final se clateste cu apa calduta.


In fiecare zi factorii externi din aer si produsele cosmetice afecteaza pielea fetei si sanatatea acesteia. Aplicarea unei masti preparata din ingrediente proaspete si naturale poate ajuta vizibil la refacerea stratului pielii, reinterind tenul si conferind stralucire.

Este important sa avem grija de corpul nostru si pielea ar trebui sa beneficieze de o ingrijire speciala, in special cea a fetei. Sa ne acordam un cadou astazi, de 10 minute conferindu-i pielii libertatea sa respire, sa reinvie.


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The period of the month

Hello, dear readers! So, today I am going to make a post about that period of the month.

It is well known that the female human body, in its complexity has go through certain changes in every period of the month.

During that time of the month and before, with a week or two the body is affected by diverse symptoms which interact with comportment and personality.

What is the menstrual cycle and what happens in the body

Period/ Menstrual cycle prepares the body for pregnancy every month. The menstrual cycle is controlled by hormones, like estrogen and progesterone.

There are 2 ovaries, and each one holds a group of eggs, very small to observe by naked eye. During the menstrual cycle, hormones make the eggs in your ovaries mature — when an egg is mature, that means it’s ready to be fertilized by a sperm cell. These hormones also make the lining of your uterus thick and spongy.

So if your egg does get fertilized, it has a place to land and start a pregnancy. This lining is made of tissue and blood, like almost everything else inside our bodies and it has lots of nutrients to help a pregnancy grow.

Behind the beautiful story

Menstruation is bleeding from the vagina that happens about once a month, as a normal part of the menstrual cycle. It is also known as having a period.

Periods start about two weeks after you ovulate. The lining of the uterus falls away and, along with some blood, flows out through the vagina. Periods can be light or heavy, and the blood can range from bright red to dark brown. You might also notice small clots.

Symptoms of menstruation include: nausea, cramps, muscle aches, sleep deprivation, dizziness, headaches, constipation/ diarrhea, acne, tiredness, mood changes. The symptoms vary from one organism to another.


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Best advises to follow on period time

Usually, in cases of strong pain the best ailment is actually an over the counter medicine like Ibuprofen which can ease muscle aches, cramps, headaches, and breast pain.

Also, a heating pad or a bottle with warm water can help lessen out the pain, relieving cramps and muscle aches. Massaging your abdomen can also decrease pain.

Hydrate. Drinking water is important because staying hydrated can help keep headaches apart and prevent compulsive eating before your period.

Eat healthy. It is important during period to eat light but nutritious meals.

Respect your sleeping hours. It is necessary to sleep at least 7 hours per night, as not sleeping enough can also cause food cravings and compulsive eating, and trigger headaches.

Eat healthy. Make sure you stay away two weeks before period from foods rich in salt, sugar and also reduce caffeine intake and alcohol.


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How to overcome fatigue accumulated during the week

Today, 4/18/2019, on Thursday I declare that I feel tired. Last week was extremely crowded, and on the weekend I worked and this week seems to be just as busy.

At one point, in the middle of the week, I had the impression that I was pulling with all my strength to resist and face the challenges of every new day. But I never did it with the „charged” batteries. Thus, small mistakes have squeezed both in work and at home.

The most important thing is that I have learned to be perseverant and to treat every new aspect of my life. I have learned from mistakes and gradually build a new I every day, in a better way, despite all the obstacles from the outside, from nowhere.

Today, I thought it would be important to share with you, dear readers, some ideas and tips on how we could cope with the tiredness over the week.

In order to be able to recover our energy and daily activity we need to respect a few simple elements:

1. Nourishment

Everyday food has to be chosen according to the needs of the body, otherwise if we feel tired, then our interior is equally affected.

It is important to avoid large amounts of carbohydrates, especially unhealthy carbohydrates in sweets. Existing carbohydrates in sweets increase and then lower blood sugar, producing mood swings and fatigue.

But that does not mean we have to avoid carbohydrates altogether, because they are responsible for increasing serotonin levels (serotonin increases the level of well-being in the body). Thus, it is advisable to replace unhealthy carbohydrates with various healthy vegetables, fresh fruits or even cereals.

Also a good source of energy and vitality are the oil. Hazelnuts, caju, almonds are rich in protein and magnesium. The absence of magnesium in the body can lead to fatigue.

Selenium Complex, Omega 3, Magnesium and Vitamin B12 – are real adjutants in combating fatigue and lack of energy. From the meat category we recommend: pork meat (rich in tyrosine), fish meat (rich in Omega 3). A need for 20-25 g of fiber is needed every day.

Hydration on time – is very important in combating fatigue, as dehydration causes fatigue. Therefore, it is important to properly hydrate each day, respecting the average of 2.5 L of water.

Black chocolate – A square of dark chocolate in a snack increases the level of energy and good mood. Cocoa beans contain caffeine and theobromine (a caffeine-like compound).

2. Coffee

Coffee is the most recommended drink to combat fatigue. I do not know how it works for other people, but to me, short-term 🙂. Caffeine increases metabolism for the moment and improves concentration. So a coffee drank at different intervals of the day will help us maintain concentration and will prompt us to be alerted for a longer period of time.

3. Passion for exercise

People who know me may admit that I’m joking. Seating at work for 8-9 hours a day and accumulated fatigue impedes the will to move. But, however, we have to try. It is important to get out of the chair once in a few hours, to let ourselves out with a few exercises, to go out to clean air to oxygenate our brains.

We have to practice at least 1 hour / 30 minutes a day of exercise during our free time. I recommend back exercises especially for people who work in the office and stay with their backs bent more and more. Also, exercises for hands and feet are important for a better posture and for improving blood circulation in the body. Even a quarter-hour walk is a step forward for a healthy life.

4. Rest

Specialists recommend 8 hours a day for sleep. Working in night shifts and arriving at a late hour at home can interfere with your regular rest. Thus, chances are either to sleep more than 8 hours, or not to sleep for 5 hours.

Regardless of work schedule, rest periods must be strictly observed. In order to be able to focus throughout the day, in order to be productive and positively charged, we need to rest properly.


Respecting everyday rest, healthy eating, hydrating and moving, we will be able to fight against so much fatigue and keep ourselves healthy and energetic. A healthy body maintains with a healthy, well-thought-out and well-established program.

I consider that the formula of Iuvenal: „Mens sana in corpore sano” applies very well in this article. So, dear readers, let’s keep a healthy mind in a healthy body!

All the pictures existent in the article are from Unsplash.

Cum sa combati oboseala acumulata in timpul saptamanii

Astazi, 4/18/2019, joi declar din tot sufletul ca ma simt obosita. Saptamana trecuta a fost extrem de aglomerata, in weekend am lucrat si saptamana aceasta pare a fi la fel de incarcata.

La un moment dat, la mijlocul saptamanii am avut impresia ca trag de mine cu toate puterile pentru a rezista si a face fata provocarilor fiecarei noi zile. Insa niciodata nu o faceam cu „bateriile” incarcate la maxim. Astfel, mici greseli s-au strecurat atat in activitatea de la serviciu cat si in cea de acasa.

Lucrul cel mai important este ca am invatat sa fiu perseverenta si sa tratez cu importanta fiecare aspect nou din viata mea. Am invatat din greseli si treptat, construiesc in fiecare zi, o noua eu, intr-o varianta mai buna in ciuda tuturor piedicilor aparute din extern, de nicaieri.

Astazi, m-am gandit ca ar fi important sa impartasesc cu voi, dragi cititori, cateva idei si sfaturi despre cum am putea sa facem fata oboselii acumulate de peste saptamana.

Pentru a ne putea recupera energia si cheful de activitate zilnica avem nevoie sa respectam cateva elemente simple:

1. Alimentatia

Mancarea cea de toate zilele trebuie sa fie aleasa conform nevoilor organismului, or daca noi ne simtim obositi, atunci si interiorul nostru este la fel de afectat.

Este important sa evitam cantitatile mari de carbohidrati, in special carbohidratii nesanatosi aflati in dulciuri. Carbohidratii existenti in dulciuri cresc si apoi scad nivelul de zahar din sange, producand schimbari de dispozitie si oboseala.

Dar asta nu inseamna ca trebuie sa evitam cu totul carbohidratii, deoarece ei sunt responsabili de cresterea nivelului de serotonina (serotonina creste nivelul starii de bine in organism). Astfel, este indicat sa inlocuim carbohidratii nesanatosi cu variate legume sanatoase, fructe proaspete sau chiar cereale.

De asemenea, o sursa buna de energie si vitalitate sunt si oleaginoasele. Alunele de padure, caju, migdalele sunt bogate in proteine si magneziu. Absenta magneziului din organism poate conduce la oboseala.

Complexul de Seleniu, Omega 3, Magneziu si Vitamina B12 – sunt adevarati adjuvanti in combaterea oboselii si a lipsei de energie. Din categoria carnurilor se recomanda: carne slaba de porc (bogata in tirozina), carne slaba de peste (bogata in Omega 3). Un necesar de fibre de 20-25 g sunt necesare in fiecare zi.

Hidratarea la timp – este foarte importanta in combaterea oboselii, deoarece deshidratarea provoaca oboseala. Asadar, este important sa ne hidratam corespunzator in fiecare zi, respectand media de 2.5 L de apa.

Ciocolata neagra – Un patratel de ciocolata neagra in cadrul unei gustari creste nivelul de energie si buna dispozitie. Boabele de cacao contin cofeina si teobromina (un compus cu actiune asemanatoare cofeinei).


2. Cafeaua

Cafeaua este bautura cea mai recomandata pentru combaterea oboselii. Nu stiu cum functioneaza la alte persoane, dar la mine, pe termen scurt 🙂 . Cafeina creste pe moment metabolismul si imbunatateste capacitatea de concentrare. Asadar, o cafea bauta in diferite intervale ale zilei ne vor ajuta la mentinerea concentrarii si ne vor impulsiona sa stam alerti o perioada mai indelungata de timp.

3. Pofta de miscare si exercitiu fizic

Persoanele care ma cunosc ar putea admite ca glumesc. Statul pe scaun la serviciu timp de 8-9 ore pe zi si oboseala acumulata impiedica vointa de a face miscare. Dar, cu toate astea, trebuie sa incercam. Este important sa ne ridicam de pe scaun odata la cateva ore, sa ne dezmortim cu cateva exercitii, sa iesim la aer curat pentru a ne oxigena creierul.

Trebuie sa practicam macar 1 ora/ 30 de minute pe zi de exercitiu fizic in timpul nostru liber. Recomand exercitiile pentru spate in special pentru persoanele ce muncesc la birou si stau cu spatele incovoiat mai mereu. De asemenea, exercitiile pentru maini si picioare sunt importante pentru o postura mai buna si pentru imbunatatirea circulatiei sangelui in organism. Pana si o plimbare de un sfert de ora este un pas inainte pentru o viata sanatoasa.


4. Odihna

Medicii specialisti recomanda 8 ore pe zi de somn. Lucrul in ture de noapte si sosirea acasa la o ora tarzie poate interveni in respectarea programului de odihna obisnuit. Astfel, sansele sunt ca ori sa dormi mai mult de 8 ore, ori sa nu dormi nici 5 ore.

Indiferent de orarul de la serviciu, orele de odihna trebuie respectate cu strictete. Pentru a ne putea concentra pe parcursul zilei, pentru a putea fi productivi si incarcati cu energie pozitiva trebuie sa ne odihnim corespunzator.


Respectand in fiecare zi orele de odihna, o alimentatie sanatoasa, hidratandu-ne si efectuand miscare vom reusi sa luptam impotriva oboselii atat de intense si sa ne mentinem sanatosi si energici. Un organism sanatos se mentine cu ajutorul unui program sanatos, bine gandit si pus la punct.

Consider ca formula lui Iuvenal: „Mens sana in corpore sano” se aplica foarte bine in cadrul acestui articol. Asadar, dragi cititori, haideti sa ne pastram o minte sanatoasa intr-un corp sanatos!


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The effects of Coca Cola Consumption in Human Body

                                                   History of the Coca Cola drink

Coca Cola is a carbonated drink made by Coca Cola. Originally considered an authorized medicine, the drink was invented by John Stith Pemberton and later bought by businessman Asa Griggs Candler.

John Stith Pemberton, after graduating medical studies went in a civil war. After the war, he was diagnosed with a serious serious life-threatening wound. Being addicted to morphine, John Stith Pemberton found a way to fight his addiction by creating Coca Cola.

In 1885, Pemberton began selling a drink called „Pemberton’s French Wine”, the beverage being made of cocaine, kola nuts and damiana (a shrub with aphrodisiac and anti-anxiety properties).


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Coca Cola was originally marketed as a remedy for many illnesses, one of which included impotence. Pemberton has given this drink properties such as: healing headaches, anxiety, depression, indigestion and addiction. Cocaine was removed from the drink only in 1914. At that time, a glass of Coca Cola cost was 5 cents.

The name of the drink refers to two of its basic ingredients: cocaine leaves and round nuts (a coffee source). Today, Coca Cola uses instead of fresh coca leaves, used leaves – the cocaine extracts, cocaine from them being present at the molecular level.

Kola Nuts – is a source of flavor and coffee. However, the ingredients made public are: carbonated water, sugar, phosphoric acid, caramel dyes, natural flavor and caffeine. As we all know, the Coca Cola drink recipe remains a secret today, although recipes have been identified, but none is the original one.

                      The effects of Coca Cola consumption in the human body


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Wine writer Meredith made a study about Coca Cola. According to this study, a 330 ml dose of Coca Cola contains so much sugar that the human body should vomit, but phosphoric acid „cuts off”, helping the body keep the fluid inside.

After 40 minutes of drinking, blood sugar has increased, pupils are dilated and blood pressure is also rising. Thus, the body begins to produce more dopamine, a neurotransmitter that controls nerve centers of brain pleasure, basically in the same way that heroin works.

In an hour you will feel the need to urinate, starting to have a carbohydrate crisis in the body, which will make you irritated and faint. Also, with eliminated urine and water present in Coca Cola, along with important nutrients in the body.

The Infograf’s creator, former pharmacist Niraj Nirak, says that absolutely all caffeine beverages act this way, not just Coca Cola.

                                         What doctors say about Coca-Cola …

Cola does not bring any benefit to the body, being energetic and poor nutritional – it doesen’t contain vitamin, mineral, it’s empty, says Dr. Corina Zugravu, representative of the National Institute of Public Health.

The thing confirmed by Dr. Madalina Olimid, the family doctor, – cola is enriched in the CO2 manufacturing process and is considered acidic with a PH acid that damages the stomach. These drinks are forbidden in those with gastritis and gastro esophageal reflux, hernia hiatata, says the doctor.

Carbonated beverages of the cola type have the main defect that fat, fattening leads to countless and serious complications. „Many are sweetened not with sugar, but with honey fructose fructose, which is more obese and more damaging to the heart and the heart.” „Weight gain is a risk factor for other diseases.” Recent research has shown that these beverages are a factor risk and high blood pressure. Not to mention the syndrome of metabolism, diabetes, etc … „says the nutritionist.

Dr. Corina Zugravu warns about the negative effects of caffeine in cola – insomnia, tremor, tachycardia. She says she is one of the cola victims of caffeine, although she can drink two hard coffees without problems, but we do not sleep for hours on cola.

Last but not least, Cola is a demineralising effect on teeth due to PH acid. „Age is not a predisposing factor, but perhaps only by the preferences of the patient. Generally, young people are more likely to drink more,” explains Dr Simona Sevcenco, a dentist. The effect of Coca Cola on teeth can be compared to the effect of some actions. The carbonated beverages have a pH around 3, and the gastric juice is pH 0.9-1 „.

                                                          Personal conclusions

In conclusion, Coca Cola is not recommended for consumption, neither long nor short. Personally, I have a little enjoyable history of Coca Cola consumption, because I am anemic, which means I perceive the „side effects” of the drink much more intense.

Trembling, imbalance, dizziness, nausea, agitation and lack of concentration are just some of the effects that Coca Cola exerts on the body.

There are people who can not live without the consumption of carbonated drinks, such as Coca Cola, Pepsi and others, but at what risk? Why would I want to hurt myself, willingly and consciously? Just because we have them and we have the option to choose, that does not mean we have to choose wrongly.

During the studies in the faculty, The Dean often told us at classes: All the foods are good for the body as long as we know how to do dose them. A small amount of a particular product, well thought out and administered at the right time can do wonders.

So in closing the article I conclude that although Coca Cola is a very publicized and commercialized drink, that does not mean we have to do abuse. Ideally we would like to focus on the beneficial drinks for the body such as water, natural fruit juices and teas.

Dean Ornish said that bad health is not because we have it but because we already have something that makes it bad. Health is not something to get, it’s something you already own if it isn’t bothered by something – let’s not let that thing be Coca-Cola.