Useful WordPress Key Shortcuts

If you’re a multi-tasker like me, you want to be productive and get tasks done quickly and efficiently. The best thing is that WordPress also provides key shortcuts in the WordPress Block Editor that can be both useful and necessary.

You may be familiar with many of these WordPress Editor key shortcuts as they also apply to Windows and Microsoft Word. These key shortcuts work with both the WordPress Gutenberg Block Editor and the Classic Editor.

WordPress Key Basic Shortcuts:

  • CTRL + C = Copy
  • CTRL + V = Paste
  • CTRL + B = Bold
  • CTRL + I = Italic
  • CTRL + X = Cut
  • CTRL + A = Select all
  • CTRL + Z = Undo
  • CTRL + S = Save changes
  • CTRL + P = Print
  • CTRL + U = Underline the selected text
  • CTRL + K = Convert the selected text into a link
  • SHIFT + LEFT/RIGHT = Select one letter to the right/ left
  • SHIFT + HOME = Select all the text until the beginning of the current line
  • SHIFT + END = Select all the text until the end of the current line

Gutenberg Key Shortcuts for Windows users:

  • Enter = Add a new block; Can also be combined with / to quickly insert multiple blocks
  • CTRL + SHIFT + D = Duplicate the selected bloc’s
  • ALT + SHIFT + Z = Remove the selected blocks
  • ALT + SHIFT + D = Strike through
  • ALT + SHIFT + Q = Insert block quote
  • ALT + SHIFT + X = Add/remove code tag
  • CTRL + ALT + T = Insert a new block before the selected blocks
  • CTRL + ALT + Y = Insert a new block after the selected blocks
  • / = change the block type after adding a paragraph
  • ESC = Exit selection
  • CTRL + SHIFT + Z = Redo your last undo
  • CTRL + SHIFT + , = Show or hide the settings bar
  • ALT + SHIFT + O = Open the block navigation menu
  • ALT + SHIFT + M = Insert Image
  • ALT + SHIFT + N = Navigate to the next part of the editor
  • ALT + SHIFT + P = Navigate to the previous part of the editor
  • ALT + F10 = Navigate to the nearest toolbar

Although these shortcuts can be intimidating at the beginning, you’ll get used to them in time and speed up the article or page writing process. At the end of the day, productivity doesn’t appear by magic, you can’t expect great results without preparing for them.

WordPress Block Editor

Hello, dear readers! I am writing on this topic today to provide insights about the WordPress Block editor and to address one of my follower’s questions about the Block Editor. Sorry, Kevin, it was just too much to write in a comment! 😅

As you might tell, WordPress is ongoing a lot of updates lately. Safety reasons are on the top of the list, as we don’t want to leave or website pray to hackers. Apart from that, we get to experience new updates and upgrades along with a new version of WordPress.

WordPress Block Editor

I started writing on WordPress a long time ago, so my first experience was with the WordPress Classic Editor. However, not long ago the Classic Editor got replaced with the new Gutenberg Block editor.

If you are accustomed to writing to the Classic Editor, details may seem confusing and hard to comprehend at the start. I recall my first interaction with the Gutenberg Block editor (the website did let me know that an upgrade was done), needless to say, I went back to the Classic Editor after just a few posts.

I have to recognize that I feel uneasy and not understanding how this latest block editor worked altogether, it was a challenge. In time, using the Gutenberg block editor and going back to the Classic one made me discover the importance of the latest update, and took some time to study it.

Gutenberg Block Editor

Gutenberg and Classic are two separate editors for content development in WordPress. While the Classic Editor was a text editor with formatting buttons identical to Microsoft Word, Gutenberg uses an entirely different method called ‘Blocks’. Blocks are primarily content components that you can apply to the edit screen to create content layouts. Thus, each item attached to your post and page is a block.

This is how the Gutenberg Block Editor looks like (the language displayed is Romanian, my primary language):

Gutenberg Block Editor, WordPress example

Blocks can be added for each paragraph, images, videos, galleries, audio lists, and more. For the WordPress Free and Premium Plans, these blocks are based primarily on the theme used, as we cannot include WordPress Plugins.

What do I love about the Gutenberg Block Editor?

  1. Creating a new post anytime I feel like doing it, either by selecting the top bar to write a new post or by going to ‘Posts » Add new’ to my WordPress admin menu. If I am writing a new page, then I can use the ‘Pages » Add New’ menu.
  2. As the new Block Editor helps me to write my title and then move on to the first paragraph, I can start writing immediately.
  3. Functionality. I love that I can move content elements up and down, edit them as individual blocks and create my posts faster and more efficiently.
Gutenberg Block Editor, WordPress example, functionality

Also, each block comes with its own toolbar, which displays at the top of it, and the buttons in the toolbar can change based on what I’m editing.

4. By clicking the ‘add new block’ button present in several sections of the page, I can add any block I want:

Gutenberg Block Editor, WordPress example, functionality

5. Key Words. Apart from clicking on the tabs to search the block, I can also use keywords to make my work easier. TIP: To enable the keyboard shortcut, type / to search and add a block:

Gutenberg Block Editor, WordPress example, functionality

6. Drag and drop. I love this feature because I can drag and drop any picture I want to insert into my post, and it will instantly create a block for me.

7. Pexels. I can add any free image on ‘Pexels’ by simply selecting an image block and clicking on the ‘Pexels Free Photos’ option. Here I can type any keyword for the preferred image, type on search, and Voila:

Gutenberg Block Editor, WordPress example, Pexels

I don’t like the Gutenberg Block Editor, can I go back to the Classic one?

You can still change to the Classic Editor via WP Admin if you like. However, the Classic Editor will be supported until 2022, which means that if you don’t have the chance to switch to the Gutenberg Block Editor, there is yet time to learn.

WordPress offers free courses and if you want to learn even more, their Blogging U. offers free courses: and also free webinars:


In my view, the update to the Gutenberg Block Editor is a successful one. Not only does it deliver quick and simple handling, but it also offers a fantastic experience as a blogger. Taking time to read and understand this new upgrade is certainly going to benefit you, and it’s a step ahead in the future.

WordPress Plugins

In today’s post I will delve into WordPress Plugins basics and why are they important for our blog growth.

When we release a new WordPress Website we can choose from approximately 55,000 available plugins to add to our blog. WordPress offers a broad variety of plugins, whether we are referring to photography plugins, newsletters, or some other plugins that can provide the required functionality and features for our site.

In simpler terms, plugins are the features that will turn our page from a simplistic blog to a dynamic one with advanced functionality, according to our preference, providing a better experience to our website guests.

Plugins are pieces of software (pre-coded apps that integrate with our WordPress site) that are designed to perform a specific set of functions or add a specific kind of feature, to any self-hosted WordPress site.

Sadly, these plugins function only for self-hosted websites, and not hosted versions such as Hosted websites typically provide theme options for customizing plugins so it isn’t possible to add plugins freely and customize sites on these platforms.

Many of these plugins can be discovered on the WordPress Plugin Page, but as previously mentioned, they work only for self-hosted websites ( platform). In this case, if we own a self-hosted website, we can download the plugin .zip file, and then upload it on the plugin page of our WordPress Page.

What Plugin experience does the WordPress Premium Plan offers?

Sadly, the WordPress Premium or Free Plan does not offer the possibility to install plugins from third-party vendors. To install plugins, bloggers like us require to purchase the WordPress Business Plan which costs about $299 per year. hosts a collection of about 200 homemade and partner themes so we can style our site with a layout at our preference. Thanks to the Premium plan, we’ll be able to install any of these themes for free, even the paid ones.

(Image Source – Pexels, Markus Winkler)

WordPress premium

2021 started with new emotions and hopes for me, one of which was moving to a new WordPress plan. For a couple of years now, I’ve been using this platform and decided to take a new approach in using this tool. Today, after a long pause, I’m going to delve into whether we should or should not use the WordPress Premium Plan.

Since I’m mainly interested and enthusiastic about this new WordPress Premium adventure, I’ll start with a one-day post to understand and get engaged with the pros of this package and how it can help me and you, dear blogger, keep progressing with blogging.

WordPress Premium Benefits

Unlimited support

One of the advantages is the direct help via email and chat, in every time zone, whether you’re writing from Africa or Romania. Worldwide writers can be helped by the WordPress Team to address any problems relevant to the blogging activity on their platform.

Free Domain

The WordPress Premium Plan includes a free custom domain name for one year. While WordPress offers two different versions and As you may know, on you obtain a free domain and website without the need of signing up or hosting a domain.

In comparison with that allows you to self-host your WordPress site, uses a subdomain, in my case ‘‘. The Premium Plan changes everything and allows us to grow a popular site without using a subdomain or being limited to the requirements of a free blog.

Premium Themes

While the WordPress unpaid plan didn’t offer that many themes and control, the Premium plan not only offers a wide range of themes but also allows the users to customize their themes, colors, fonts, and styles. 

WordPress offers a range of 200 themes-even paid themes, and these can be customized using directly the CSS Code. Having your blog stand out in the crowd, using exclusive, responsive themes that adhere to the present-day standards should be a priority.


One of the important features of this plan is security. If due to any reason you want to download a free WordPress theme from a 3rd party website, there is a huge possibility for the theme to be corrupted with malicious code that may infect and steal essential information from your website.


One of the advantages of this package is the possibility to monetize your WordPress Site. While the Free Version of WordPress showed commercials without any reimbursement, the Premium Plan allows you to earn money by clicking on these ads, that are further tracked by WordPress using the Word Ads program. Also, you can make money using embeddable payment buttons.


Along with WordPress updates, the Premium Themes are updated to be compatible with the latest WordPress version available. Moreover, these updates offer perfect compatibility with a wide range of plugins and true responsiveness. Sadly, this doesn’t apply to free themes, that may bring security concerns to your website, making it highly vulnerable to cyber threats.

13 GB of storage space

Most of the time, writers require photos, audio, and video files and in time, you may reach a point where the media library gets full. Then, you may think of a solution to resolve this, with WordPress Premium you are given additional storage space along with the ability to upload more types of files and media.


In my view, choosing WordPress Premium will provide resources and ways to expand and improve both you and your blog, whether we’re talking about a personal blog or a business-oriented one. Better support, reliable updates, and functionality should be made available to any effective blogger who wishes to make a career or just enjoy a flawless WordPress experience.

Food Award 2020

Hello, my dear readers and writers! I have been nominated by Daneelyunus for the Food Award 2020. Please, do check out, Daneelyunus page, he has lots of amazing posts that will keep you interested. This is my first Food Award! 🙂

Image Source – Unsplash,
Jovan Vasiljević)

Rules of the award:

  1. Thank the person that nominated you.
  2. Pingback to the creator, Daneelyunus.
  3. Use the same featured image as your nominator.
  4. Answer the five questions. Create five questions about food.

My answers:

What is your favorite food during lunch or dinner?

I am a big fan of the chicken soup, or as we call it in Romania „bors”. I also like to eat pasta, schnitzel with mashed potatoes, salads, barbecue fish, etc.

Do you like eggs?

I do like eggs, but I mostly consume them in omelets, salads, mayonnaise, etc. Eggs are a good source of vitamins and are considered one of the most nutritious foods. 

It’s important though to limit egg consumption for not raising the cholesterol levels in the organism, for avoiding the risk of getting a heart attack or having cancer. Everything is good with moderation. One egg a day should be perfect for our well-being.

Do you like vegetables?

I do, I am a big fan of carrots, broccoli, zucchini, radishes, onions. Eating vegetables keeps us healthy and helps us fight diseases.

Do you like any fruits?

Who does not 😅 ? I usually eat seasonal fruits, but I have to admit, that the best time for eating fruits is during the summer, when you have every healthy fruit BIO, delivered from the garden. I am in love with strawberries, cherries, kiwi, apricots, oranges, bananas.

What you most like tea or coffee?

I cannot give up on any of them. I have to admit that I am a coffee addict, and I can’t possibly imagine my morning without coffee, but I also like tea. In the evening, after a long day at work and a shower, a cup of hot linden and mint tea with a drop of lemon juice is perfect. 😌

My nominees:

My questions to them:

  1. Do you think people should eat to live, or live to eat?
  2. What is your favorite dish? Present a recipe.
  3. What were the most craziest recipes you tried during this quarantine?
  4. Is cooking one of your favorite activities?
  5. What was your first prepared dish?

In the end, I want to thank Daneelyunus for taking the time to nominate me for this award. In regards to my readers, if you are not present on the list of nominees, you can simply consider yourself nominated and share the Food Award 2020 within WordPress. I look forward to reading my nominee’s answers! 

Have a great weekend, stay safe! ✌️😇

1300 Followers, Thank you!

Hello, dear readers and writers. Today I wanted to spare some time from my daily routine to say a sincere Thank you. Lately, my blog page Katherine’s Page is growing so beautiful that I cannot even believe it.

I promised to dedicate some quality time of my life to this blog page and to improve it every single day, adding new information, inspiring people with new posts and every time giving my best to make a difference.

The results speak for their self, I have more than 1000 K visits per week, 1300 Followers and the stats increase from a day to another as frequently new amazing writers and readers wave discover my web page, get subscribed and become active.

I want to use this opportunity to say Thank you again, because due to my crazy, always changing schedule I do not manage to arrive in time on every new special person’s page and do the same beautiful thing for them (liking, commenting and becoming active).

So, I am going to ask you to be patient with me 😁, I do appreciate and value every new fellow writer that is becoming a part of Katherine’s World and I promise to visit and become a part of your amazing world in Word Press as well.

“I appreciate you more because of the road I’ve traveled. My story brought me to you and I wouldn’t revise a word of my past if it led me anywhere but to your door.”

—Aaron Polson

(Image Source – Personal Library)

1000 Followers, Thank you!


1000 followers? Who would have thought. I never imagined that my simple thoughts could be followed by so many people at the same time.

Exactly 6 years have passed since this blog was conceived, with small and modest ideas, created more for the purpose of spreading the soul emotions and sharing personal conceptions about the world and life in general.

In short, I can admit that I grew up with the blog, the blog matured with me. This page was created when I was only 18 years old.

At 18, I didn’t know much, I was preparing to go out into the world, meet new and intriguing people, to discover myself.

When I was 18, I finished high school and went to college, leaving the parents house. Then I loved for the first time sincerely and truly, although my heart was broken. Also at the age of 18 I met another world, I formed my personality and I went to another stage.

When I was 18, I entered the field of work with a workbook, learning on my hands what it means to work, toil and the value of money, which are so hard to earn but easy to spend.

Life has taken me through so many places, through so many states and emotions all these years that it is hard for me to describe them all in one article. But most emotional states, personal and professional developments are in one place, on this blog.

You, dear readers, have always been with me when I needed advice, an opinion or simply your presence. The blog was and is my favorite place where I can retire to be simply „me” in my world, with my people.

Thank you for being here and transforming my little world into a special and wonderful universe!


(Image Source – Unsplash)

Monetizarea blogului: Pro sau Contra?

Astazi m-am oprit pe pagina unei bloggerite pe care o citesc de multa vreme, Illusion. Imi place sa o citesc pentru ca are idei bune, scrie articole impresionante si de multe ori imi aduce zambetul pe buze in zile negre. Va recomand cu caldura, aceasta este noua ei pagina.

Un articol care mi-a captat atentia este acesta: Traficul pe Blog.

In acest articol, Illusion ne povesteste despre o situatie recenta intalnita pe Facebook in care o persoana random a postat un articol pe blog pentru a genera trafic.

Opinii personale

Noi, in calitate de bloggeri scriem pentru ca asta ne defineste, asta este una dintre pasiunile noastre cotidiene si consideram ca asta este ce ar trebui sa facem. Traficul pe blog, ei bine, este important in cazul in care doresti sa iti monetizezi pagina, adica practic sa faci o afacere din munca ta, ceea ce nu este in totalitate gresit.

Pentru asta exista planurile tarifare de pe WordPress. Site-ul in sine a venit cu ideea de a monetiza pasiunea noastra, si sincera sa fiu, ei deja fac asta de pe urma noastra.
Ei ne creaza mediul propice pentru scris iar noi sadim informatia. Simple as that.

Se intampla adesea ca atunci cand imi acesez pagina de pe o alta sursa, de pe laptopul de la serviciu spre exemplu, cand nu sunt logata in contul meu sa dau peste o sumedenie de reclame pe site, pe care eu sigur nu le-am introdus pe pagina 100%.

Monetizarea site-ului inseamna sa platesti pentru reclamele pe care ei deja le posteaza pe pagina ta, sa iei o parte din ceea ce ti s-ar fi cuvenit de drept de la inceput.

Pareri Pro si Contra

Din activitatea mea precedenta de voluntariat intr-o firma de advertising locala am inteles ca nu totul tine de trafic si de monetizarea blogului. Nu totul e legat de bani si profit.

In momentul in care decizi sa iti transformi pasiunea in rutina, cand transformi placerea in necesitate, atunci totul devine sumbru si neplacut. Dupa 3 luni de scris articole advertoriale pe site-urile companiei in cauza am ajuns sa imi refuz placerea, sa spun un „NU” ferm si hotarat la pofta de scris pe pagina mea de blog.

Privind inapoi la evenimentele din trecut, la greseli si alegeri… nu regret. Spun asta deoarece toate alegerile si greselile din trecut m-au adus in prezentul de astazi, in care va scriu voua acest articol. Fiecare activitate intreprinsa s-a acumulat la lista de realizari si experiente, lista care se multiplica pe zi ce trece.

Asadar nu stiu ce voi face peste cateva luni, peste un an sau chiar maine. Probabil la un moment dat voi alege sa monetizez blogul, cine stie. Timpul si oportunitatile vor vorbi de la sine, insa un lucru este cert: Voi scrie din suflet orice ar fi, indiferent daca voi decide sa monetizez blogul sau nu.

Voi ce parere aveti, dragi cititori?

Anul 2018 in retrospectiva/ 2018 in retrospective

Nisipul fin din clepsidra vietii isi numara ultimele fire de timp ale anului 2018. Ne mai despart doar cateva ore de noul an 2019 si cu aceasta ocazie as dori sa privesc inapoi, in retrospectiva la clipele anului 2018.

Imi place sa cred ca anul 2018 a fost un an bun. Privind inapoi la toate sarcinile indeplinite cu succes, la toate furtunile si incercarile la care am fost supusa, la toate lucrurile invatate si toate descoperirile nu pot decat sa admit ca anul 2018 a fost de poveste.

Pentru mine a fost anul cunoasterii si dezvoltarii, anul in care a luat sfarsit pregatirea scolara si a inceput pregatirea pentru viata adevarata si dura.

2018 a fost anul in care am varsat lacrimi de bucurie si de dor la finalizarea studiilor, anul in care am mai pasit o treapta pe scala sociala, devenind angajata cu drepturi depline, (nu din prima incercare, dar important este ca mi-am regasit echilibrul ulterior).

In 2018 am cunoscut oameni noi, suflete inzestrate cu caractere si comportamente speciale, oameni cumsecade si oameni falsi. Am legat prietenii care mai apoi s-au destramat, am ras cu pofta si am plans cu lacrimi sarate. Fiecare persoana care m-a cunoscut si-a lasat o mica amprenta pe sufletul meu, schimbandu-ma in mod pozitiv si ajutandu-ma sa percep viata asa cum este ea, cu bune si cu rele.

Am invatat sa pretuiesc oamenii de langa mine si am descoperit adevarata insemnatate a cuvantului familie. Dupa o zi lunga de serviciu, cel mai bun tratament revitalizant este imbratisarea celor dragi si atmosfera familiara de acasa, sentimentul de a iubi si a fi iubit.

Am invatat ca nu trebuie sa imi fie frica de esec, ci sa imi fie frica de a nu incerca. Am invatat ca desi viata ma pune in situatii dificile, trebuie sa avansez si sa fiu recunoscatoare ca am trecut prin acele momente; am invatat ca fiecare vanataie este o lectie, si fiecare lectie este un pas inainte.

Am invatat ca sunt oameni care sunt pusi in situatii mai dificile decat mine, am invatat ca nu trebuie sa ma plang, am invatat ca trebuie sa vorbesc mai putin si sa ascult mai mult. Impreuna cu cei dragi am descoperit locuri noi din aceasta lume si am trait experiente de neuitat. Mi-am dat seama ca unele cai frumoase nu pot fi descoperite decat prin a te pierde.

Nu in ultimul rand, in 2018 am inceput sa cresc, articol cu articol blogul de pe care scriu in acest moment si am inceput sa am ganduri de viitor. Am inteles ca WordPress-ul ascunde o lume unita si frumoasa, am descoperit bloggeri dedicati, am inteles ca prin intermediul acestei platforme uriase, WordPress, pot face o diferenta. Pentru aceasta, multumesc echipei Wordpres si miilor de cititori si bloggeri care fac acest lucru posibil.

2018 s-a caracterizat prin emotii, nopti nedormite, lacrimi si sperante noi, bucurii, esecuri, incercari, rabdare, perseverenta, credinta, dragoste, descoperiri, fericire si implinire.

Ce va aduce 2019? Sunt extrem de curioasa si eu. Nu sunt genul de persoana care isi face planuri prea multe, insa atunci cand imi doresc ceva am grija sa se intample. Asadar, nu am o lista prea lunga insa am cateva idei solide:

In 2019 imi doresc mai mult decat orice sanatate. Imi doresc sa fiu fericita cu familia mea, imi doresc sa evoluez la noul loc de munca si sa continui sa imi scriu, cuvant cu cuvant, povestea vietii prin intermediul platformei WordPress.

La finalul articolului, doresc sa multumesc tuturor persoanelor ce au fost alaturi de mine in 2018, persoanelor ce au crezut in mine si m-au ajutat sa devin ceea ce sunt astazi.

Acum, la cumpana dintre ani, va urez speranta in suflet si curajul de a trece peste incercarile noului an. Belsug, sanatate si fericire, La Multi Ani!


(Sursa Imaginii – Unsplash)

                                                                   English version

The fine sand of life’s hourglass counts the last threads of the year 2018. We are split up just a few hours of the new year 2019 and on this occasion I’d like to look back in retrospect at the time of 2018.

I like to think 2018 was a good year. Looking back at all the accomplished tasks, at all the storms and trials I have been subjected to, all the things learned, and all the discoveries, I can only admit that the year 2018 was beautiful.

For me it was the year of knowledge and development, the year when schooling ended and started preparing for real and durable life.

2018 was the year in which I shed tears of joy and longing to finish the studies, the year when I stepped on a social scale, becoming a full-time employee (not from the first attempt, but it is important that I found myself balance later).

In 2018 I met new people, souls endowed with special characters and behaviors, good men and fake men. I tied friendships that later broke up, I laughed with appetite and cried with salty tears. Every person who has met me has left a small footprint on my soul, changing me positively and helping me to perceive life as it is with good and bad.

I have learned to value the people next to me and have discovered the true meaning of the word family. After a long day of work, the best revitalizing treatment is embracing loved ones and the familiar home atmosphere, the feeling of love and being loved.

I have learned that I do not have to be afraid of failure, but to be afraid of not trying. I have learned that although life puts me in difficult situations, I have to move forward and be grateful that I have gone through those moments; I have learned that every bruise is a lesson, and every lesson is a step forward.

I have learned that there are people who are in more difficult situations than I have been, I have learned that I do not have to cry, I have learned that I have to talk less and listen more. Together with my loved ones, we have discovered new places in this world and have lived unforgettable experiences. I realized that some beautiful journeys can only be discovered by losing yourself.

Last but not least, in 2018 I started to grow up, article by article with the blog I am writing at this time and I started to think about the future. I understand that WordPress hides a united and beautiful world, I have discovered dedicated bloggers, I understand that through this huge platform, WordPress, can make a difference. For this, I thank the WordPress team and thousands of readers and bloggers who are making it possible.

2018 has been characterized by emotions, sleepless nights, new tears and hopes, joys, failures, trials, patience, perseverance, faith, love, discovery, happiness and fulfillment.

What will 2019 bring? I am very curious too. I’m not the kind of person who plans too much, but when I want something I’m looking to make it happen. So I do not have a long list, but I have some solid ideas:

In 2019 I wish more than any health. I want to be happy with my family, I want to evolve to the new job and continue to write, word by word, the story of life through the WordPress platform.

At the end of the article, I want to thank all the people who were with me in 2018, the people who believed in me and helped me to become what I am today.

Now, at the age of years, I wish you hope and the courage to overcome the challenges of the new year. Wealth, health and happiness, Happy New Year!

(Unsplash – Image Source)

200 de articole!/ 200 posts!

Buna ziua dragilor!

Tocmai ce am primit notificare de la platforma WordPress ca am inregistrat 200 de articole pe acest blog. Ce pot spune? Nici nu am observat cand s-a scurs tot acest timp si cate articole am postat, dar sunt fericita si extrem de multumita!

In urma cu cateva luni acest blog avea doar 100 de urmaritori si cateva articole postate. Astazi sunt binecuvantata cu 580 de urmaritori si 200 de articole.


Sunt extrem de satisfacuta si incantata cand observ ca sunt oameni in aceasta lume ce apreciaza si citesc munca mea, este un sentiment aparte!

Va multumesc din suflet!

English version

Hello my dear ones!

Just got word from the WordPress platform that I have registered 200 articles on this blog. What can I say? I have not even noticed when all this time has elapsed and how many articles I posted, but I am happy and extremely satisfied!

A few months ago this blog had just 100 followers and a few articles posted. Today I am blessed with 580 followers and 200 articles.

I am extremely satisfied and delighted to see that there are people in this world who appreciate and read my work, it is a special feeling!

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

200 articole