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Life trails

Since our childhood, we are educated and advised to avoid certain items in our lives, simply because it is bad. Curious beings as we are, we always tend to hesitate and choose the forbidden way, even if it’s immoral. We start with desserts, we are advised not to eat much and therefore we should stay away from carbs because it’s the best way, we … Citește mai mult Life trails

Rain droplets

“I looked out the window at the black clouds ahead of us. I opened the back window and smelled the rain. You could smell the rain in the desert even before a drop fell. I closed my eyes. I held my hand out and felt the first drop. It was like a kiss. The sky was kissing me. It was a nice thought. It … Citește mai mult Rain droplets


Quotes for new beginnings

Starting a new journey can be intimidating but it can be achieved by taking a small step, one day at a time. Don’t be scared of what new challenges can arrive, and how you won’t be able to face them, but embrace the uncertainty and try something new. I have listed in this post, a few quotes to assist us in the new unknown … Citește mai mult Quotes for new beginnings

Saving money quotes

Hello, dear readers! So, considering the fact we are going through the end of the month, the salaries are not entered into the account yet and we have to make a living with the little money left from the last month’s income, today I have considered sharing with you a few money-saving quotes. Saving and spending money quotes “Keep your eyes on the price … Citește mai mult Saving money quotes

Sunday thoughts wrapped in a beautiful „YOU”

Hello, guys! It’s been a while since I could not find the time to write my thoughts in here, on my personal page, in Kate’s World. I am really sorry, in front of you and in front of me. I am saying this because it’s been so long and I so much longed to be in here, to be writing again. As you might … Citește mai mult Sunday thoughts wrapped in a beautiful „YOU”

Tuesday inspiration within quotes

Hello, dear writers and readers! Today’s post will be about awareness, better thinking and consciousness. I have come to realize yesterday that our daily actions, our activities and the way we actually comport in various situations define who we are. We are usually advised to be ourselves and act in consequence, but should we all the time? We have a lot of colleagues, a … Citește mai mult Tuesday inspiration within quotes

Do you hate Mondays? Start to love them!

Today is Monday. Another day, from another week, from another month and a brand new year, 2019. I never understood why the world hated so much Mondays. Yes, I understand it’s another beginning of the week, and we need to carry our daily activities that we left on Friday before the weekend. Returning back to work and daily week activities should not be seen … Citește mai mult Do you hate Mondays? Start to love them!

Quote of the day #6

How to keep calm in stressful situations

Lately, the situations around me have been extremely stressful both at work and at home. So, in a short time, I came to become from a calm and extremely patient person, to an agitated one, anxious and ready to attack in the second two. Now, since it is Saturday, a day of relaxation and rest before next week before Easter, I set out to … Citește mai mult How to keep calm in stressful situations

Tu esti prost?/ Are you stupid?

In rutina cotidiana ascult in fiecare zi opinii, pareri diverse cu voia si fara voia mea. Uneori fiind prinsa intr-o discutie random, alteori auzind fara sa vreau chiar, din jurul meu, convingeri si idei bolnave. Una dintre cele mai des intalnite idei este urmatoarea: „E prost/ proasta!” Dar ce este totusi cuvantul „prost” si ce insemnatate are? Conform dex, PROST, PROÁSTĂ, proști, proaste, adj., … Citește mai mult Tu esti prost?/ Are you stupid?

Gandul zilei 17#/Thought of the day 17#

In dimineata aceasta tocmai ce am avut un „wake up call”. Citeam un articol din feed-ul meu WordPress despre recunostinta, si despre a spune multumesc pentru tot ceea ce avem. V-ati gandit vreodata la cat de nemultumiti putem fi? La cat de multe lucruri ne dorim si apoi dupa ce le avem cat de usor ne plictisim de ele si mergem mai departe ca … Citește mai mult Gandul zilei 17#/Thought of the day 17#

Citate motivationale pentru o zi productiva/Motivational quotes for a productive day

Sunt momente in viata noastra cand avem nevoie de un mic impuls, o mica bataie pe umar pentru a ne reaminti ca trebuie sa mergem mai departe, sa evoluam. Citatele motivationale sunt o sursa nelimitata de energie si motivatie, ne insufla speranta in lucrurile bune si ne ajuta sa privim diferit realitatea. Numai eu imi pot schimba viata, nimeni nu o poate face pentru … Citește mai mult Citate motivationale pentru o zi productiva/Motivational quotes for a productive day

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