Letter to the subconscious

Why are you afraid, dear subconscious? Why are you so scared to be yourself, to believe in yourself, to thrive? Do you not know that you hold the supreme power and that without you I am nothing? Why do you always tend towards negativism and do not see the positive side?

I tried these days to do an exercise and it surprised me, but not for good. I could never believe that inside you can be so dark, so scared of change and so focused on being and becoming nothing.

Why do you want everything to happen as the wind welcomes and to let yourself worn like a dry leaf from the cold wind? Do you not know that you hold the power and that together we can be unbeatable?

But you, subconscious are different from me at present. You are a shy and hidden character who does not trust and shudder at the first threat from outside, if you could you would take me into nothingness and you would never return.

Do you not know that always, together we have achieved things that only seemed real in a dream? Do you remember when we used to float over reality and embrace the present as a gift from God?

To be honest, I don’t even know when you’ve changed me so much, dear subconscious. You have become a side of mine so dark and closed that sometimes it is difficult for me to identify you, it is difficult for me to listen to you in solitude.

It is said that we attract what we think and that you, subconscious, have infinite power in attracting things to become reality. Why do you want to bring me only sadness and negative things? Why do you want to torment us in the near future?

Yes, I made mistakes and yes God knows how much I have struggled so far to get here. Some struggles have been given by God, some we have created by taking our lives in our hands.

Sometimes the true struggles must be waged by God, not by us. And we, dear subconscious, have much to learn from this parable.

Let’s stop fighting windmills and ask for guidance from Him. Come to realize that we are not alone in this cold world and that we have unlimited help, all we have to do is believe.

The things that are given to us by God to happen, will happen to us, the possible ones will materialize in time depending on what we attract to happen. Let’s not dream about impossible things because in time, we can hurt the soul of other people in our selfishness and absurd desire, for the moment.

Today I propose to make a pact, dear subconscious. Let’s choose the right path for us, eliminate negativism and gloomy thoughts, look to the future with hope and confidence.

Let us propose realistic or even unrealistic ideals but with the aim of never taking for granted or thinking selfishly about the people given by God at that time. To have a pure soul, and to think with the heart when we make decisions that could affect our life for a long term.

Because only together we can make a difference and change our life and future in just one second. Let’s be a team again and work together like we never did!

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Lazy Monday Thoughts

Today is again, Monday. I say again because I do not know when this time passes, I feel that I can never fully enjoy the moments, to live the days that run out of the calendar.

I would sleep more, I would lie in bed, considering that in a few hours I have to prepare again for an endless week of work with a program loaded with core hours. But I cannot find my condition, I feel that I should do something and I stay instead.

Such a state of helplessness and lack of desire combined with an uneasiness of a tomb I have not had in a long time, or even ever. I think that those around me have the same feelings because I see them, I hear them shudder and they do not find their place, like insects lost somewhere in an early spring.

I would like to get out of bed, be active and make a difference today. But I do this every day, and when I have less desire to achieve something, then it all makes sense. Ironically, I would say.

Lazy cat, Fifi spreads softly on the soft and fine blanket and then rests again in a long sleep. His head is placed on his toes and his nose is stopped in the bushy tail. And I find myself looking at him as if I didn’t want to get out of bed like a lazy and comfortable cat in my turn.

It is months again and I seem to have lost all trace of desire and energy, feeling only the anxiety that embraces me like a snake, too tight. It’s hot weather though, but I wouldn’t want to enjoy it too early.

Lately, the sun and the hot weather have been like a chimera, appearing and disappearing at is will, without notifying when it arrives or when it leaves. I wish I could enjoy the sun’s rays and let myself be soothed by the warm expression of the wind, but it’s in a constant change.

I cover the sunbeam that emerges from the window with the heavy black curtain and I sit again in bed, moaning and enjoying the few minutes of sweet sleep remaining. It is only a matter of time until the alarm sounds again and I have to deal with Monday with the help of a bitter coffee.

But I still have 30 minutes… .

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Hello, dear readers! In this article I decided to talk about the new Coronavirus discovered in 2019 in Wuhan, China.

According to sources, the new Coronavirus is believed to have appeared in a seafood market in China, which demonstrates animal-to-human contamination. A large number of people diagnosed with this virus had no exposure to the seafood market, indicating that contamination from one person to another is possible.

However, it is considered that the infection started with the contamination from animal to human, which was later transmitted from person to person.

What is Coronavirus?

Corona viruses are viruses that are widespread in nature, producing both human and animal diseases of the airway and gastro-enteritis. In humans, they can also produce rhino-pharyngitis, respiratory disorders as well as the particular form of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).

The name Covid-19 comes from the terms Corona, Virus and Disease and the number 19 refers to the year in which the disease was discovered. The name was given at the congress of experts in Geneva within the WHO (World Health Organization).

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What is the way of transmission?

Currently, we do not know exactly the way of transmission, because it is a new virus and so most of the knowledge is based on information about similar coronavirus viruses.

The transmission method for coronavirus is made by direct contact, from one person to another, at a distance of approximately 6 feet. Contamination occurs through respiratory secretions when an infected person sneezes or coughs.

Respiratory secretions thus reach the mouth or nose of people located nearby or even inhaled into the lungs. At present, it is not known whether the virus can be transmitted through surfaces or objects touched by those infected.

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What are the symptoms?

The confirmed symptoms of Coronavirus disease are, according to the people affected: fever, cough, chest pain (dyspnea). According to the CDC, the symptoms of the disease may occur 2 to 14 days after exposure.

Ways to prevent the virus and treatment

Unfortunately, there is no treatment for this condition. The best way to prevent infection is to avoid direct exposure to the virus. Thus, it is recommended:

  • Avoiding direct contact with sick persons;
  • Avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth with dirty hands;
  • If we are sick and we have the flu it is important to stay home;
  • Use of napkins in case of sneezing or coughing, which will be thrown to the basket immediately;
  • Hand washing with soap and water at least 20 seconds after the meal or after coughing / sneezing. If soap or water are not available we can use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer;
  • Inform the family doctor in case of fever, cough or dyspnea;
  • It is recommended to wear a mask only if there are respiratory symptoms such as coughing or sneezing, to protect those around you. Once the mask has been used, it is recommended to discard it to avoid transmission of the virus.


According to the latest research in China, Hubei registered 143 deaths and 4,823 new cases, in total 66,497 cases registered.

So far, 67,192 cases have been discovered in the world , with 1,527 dead and 8,599 people cured.

In Romania, no case of Coronavirus has been discovered, but the authorities are prepared in case of diagnosis with this virus.

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Am I bored or do I want a change?

Lately, I have had this question in mind. Am I bored? Do I want a change or what is happening with me? I do not know if I am tired of the same routine that I have to do in my everyday life but lately I have had this rush of adrenaline, of wanting to get new stuff done.

I don’t want to get too ecstatic and jinx the things saying that it will all go wrong because it is a weird feeling, kind of never had before, but I feel like I have to do something about it.

At a certain point, I guess I got tired of watching Korean Dramas and doing the same things all over again. It became like a lousy routine that I somehow want to exit. I want a change.

The funny thing is that I don’t even get time to do new stuff, I don’t even get time to do get back with my old hobbies, like drawing, singing or even to write on this WordPress Platform.

I have been so busy at work and it seemed like everybody wanted my help in some sort of way and I had to be all over the places. To be honest, I felt exhausted and this week tiredness accumulated and I just wanted to escape.

I don’t know if I am afraid of the „NEW” or if I am seeking excuses and trying to run away. Somehow is weird because I am the one challenging new stuff to happen, I may be too tired of this blurry present that I am in.

All I know is that I want a change, and if God will want that to happen for me I will embrace it with hands wide open. If the destiny will allow it.

Tomorrow is a new day with new challenges ahead, as I am, again working on my weekend. Maybe new things will happen and change will be inevitable.

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Diagnose: Korean movies addict

Hello, my dear readers! So, as you might guess I have had again, a rough week. I am trying to do some overtime work as I want to put some money apart for future events. This week it’s been all about work, exercising, house chores and Korean Movies.

You might say, what Kate? Korean Movies? Since when you’re into that? The answer is, my dear readers, I don’t even know!

There are moments at night when I fail to fall asleep right away, due to the constant change of shifts at work and non-stop task challenge. So, here I am trying to fall asleep after a long day, doing nothing but watching the ceiling. I can do better than that, right?

How the addiction started

It all started when I have found a new site for movies, Cmovies that has a wide range of movies. The best thing about this site is that you got to pick what movies you watch depending on the genre, country, and even IMDb ratings. 

It all started when I have found a new site for movies, Cmovies that has a wide range of movies. The best thing about this site is that you got to pick what movies you watch depending on the genre, country, and even IMDb ratings. 

I am not a stingy person but I believe that it is okay to save money if you already have an alternative at what you can pay. Saving is not something wrong, but you have to earn the money before you can spend them.

And with the salaries that we all get in Romania for the poor jobs that are on the market, believe me, we have to save more than we think about it. But that is a subject for another post.

What I love about K-Movies and actors

So, on a Monday evening, as I was scrolling on the website, I managed to find a Korean category on the list. I first started with the romance-comedy movies that are entertaining and give you a nice feeling and continued with Korean Dramas.

What I mostly like about the Korean Movies is first, the attitude that the actors bear during the movies. They act like real peoples in real life, with real concerns and real feelings.

They are clean and nicely dressed, I have to recognize that I am really into their fashion style. Also, I love how their skin always looks flawless and fresh and their presence is simply mesmerizing.

Most of the actors are presented in simple situations, real-life encounters and they act as natural as possible. Their simple, cute way of treating the things that happen in the quotidian encounters, the respect that they bear for one another is just amazing.

Image Source – Soompi Forum

List of Korean movies watched

I managed to make up a list with the movies and series watched so far:

  1. 200 Pounds Beauty – This movie is about a singer that struggles with an overweight body and insecurities. Hanna, the main character, to get rid of insecurities manages to get plastic surgery and assumes a new identity.
  2. My Sassy Girl – A college student (Tae-hyun Cha) becomes involved with a self-centered young woman (Ji-hyun Jun) who humiliates him at every turn. They end up being together and in love.
  3. My little bride – Korean romantic comedy has a first-year high school student forced into an arranged marriage with an older college student who is on the verge of graduating. This movie is more about realizing the important things in life and maturity.
  4. 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant – is a 2004 South Korean romantic comedy film, surprising love in the first years of life.
  5. Always – A former boxer turned parking lot attendant finds hope in the love of the blind telemarketer who walks into his working booth one day. A story about true love, attachment, and real-life encounters.
  6. Finding Mr. Destiny – is a 2010 South Korean romantic comedy starring Im Soo-jung and Gong Yoo. It is a film adaptation by playwright-turned-director Jang Yoo-jeong of her hit 2006 musical. The film was a medium box office hit in South Korea selling 1,113,285 tickets nationwide.
  7. My Tutor Friend – is a 2003 South Korean romantic comedy film starring Kim Ha-neul and Kwon Sang-woo. Unglamorous Su-wan is a sophomore in college who gets hired to tutor rich troublemaker Ji-hoon, who is repeating his senior year of high school for the third time.
  8. Boys over flowers – The story of Geum Jan-di, a normal girl who finds herself attending a prestigious private school after saving a student’s life. This is one of my favorite Korean dramas.
  9. Beautiful Mind – A Beautiful Mind is a South Korean television series starring Jang Hyuk, Park So-dam, Yoon Hyun-min, and Park Se-Young. This Korean Drama is very emotional and heartbreaking, and it tells the story of a world-renowned but unsympathetic neurosurgeon and his involvement with the mysterious deaths in the hospital he works in.

What are your favorite Korean Movies?

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Blurry Thursday

It’s again Thursday. I just wish that time could be more gentle and make me feel every moment of this harsh life more tenderly. But life is not gentle, at least not in the very present.

Hours pass by, minutes and second seem like they don’t even exist, and days just disappear without even getting to realize what happens and when. All I get is the sad, bitter taste of the memory that once, something happened.

Why am I here, what did I do to deserve this sort of treatment? Why am I trying so hard but nothing seems to count or matter to anyone?….

How do you know when to feel the right feeling, how do you know what to speak with the „right” persons, what you need to not be judged so harshly?

Always trying too hard to do the right thing, to see the positive results and the smiles on the people’s faces. But the results are not even there because the process is not clear, the tasks are confusing and the smiles are not even true, hiding secrets behind.

So many questions hover in my mind and I just wish that I was not there at the moment, not to feel those stupid uncomfortable sensations that made my heart just drown in the deep.

As I am walking home, I can feel the wind whistling sad songs, crossing through my hair and embracing me with all its power. I find it hard to understand if he is trying to comfort me or to do even worse.

The low temperature in the air is making my short breaths struggle, pulling white clouds outside the mouth, for what seems like forever. Breath after breath, getting closer to home to the ones I love or used to love.

Everything is so confusing and I don’t even know what I feel or what I am anymore. My body seems to fail, the muscles hurt, the arms become numb and the soul just cries inside.

The way home is clear now and I am almost there. But I don’t feel like me, I don’t feel like talking or like even being present as my energy is drained. I wish I could go and hide in a corner, just me and my broken heart.

But tomorrow is Friday and maybe, just maybe I will find the answers and get along with my life, bearing my heavy cross until the very end. Hopefully, maturity will kick in and I will be better at hiding my true nature and becoming a fake version of myself, just like everybody else.

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