Blurry Thursday

It’s again Thursday. I just wish that time could be more gentle and make me feel every moment of this harsh life more tenderly. But life is not gentle, at least not in the very present.

Hours pass by, minutes and second seem like they don’t even exist, and days just disappear without even getting to realize what happens and when. All I get is the sad, bitter taste of the memory that once, something happened.

Why am I here, what did I do to deserve this sort of treatment? Why am I trying so hard but nothing seems to count or matter to anyone?….

How do you know when to feel the right feeling, how do you know what to speak with the „right” persons, what you need to not be judged so harshly?

Always trying too hard to do the right thing, to see the positive results and the smiles on the people’s faces. But the results are not even there because the process is not clear, the tasks are confusing and the smiles are not even true, hiding secrets behind.

So many questions hover in my mind and I just wish that I was not there at the moment, not to feel those stupid uncomfortable sensations that made my heart just drown in the deep.

As I am walking home, I can feel the wind whistling sad songs, crossing through my hair and embracing me with all its power. I find it hard to understand if he is trying to comfort me or to do even worse.

The low temperature in the air is making my short breaths struggle, pulling white clouds outside the mouth, for what seems like forever. Breath after breath, getting closer to home to the ones I love or used to love.

Everything is so confusing and I don’t even know what I feel or what I am anymore. My body seems to fail, the muscles hurt, the arms become numb and the soul just cries inside.

The way home is clear now and I am almost there. But I don’t feel like me, I don’t feel like talking or like even being present as my energy is drained. I wish I could go and hide in a corner, just me and my broken heart.

But tomorrow is Friday and maybe, just maybe I will find the answers and get along with my life, bearing my heavy cross until the very end. Hopefully, maturity will kick in and I will be better at hiding my true nature and becoming a fake version of myself, just like everybody else.

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Night shifts and how can they affect you

Hello, my dear readers! I am sorry that I haven’t managed to post anything this week but it’s been crazy and to be frank, I haven’t really felt when it passed. As you might guess from the title, last week I had night shifts at work.

It was not something imposed by the company but something that I wanted, choosing to see how my body can accommodate working during the night shifts. More as an experiment, if you want to.

Shift Work Disorder and how it can affect your life

According to Wikipedia, Shift work sleep disorder (SWSD) is a circadian rhythm sleep disorder characterized by insomnia and excessive sleepiness affecting people whose work hours overlap with the typical sleep period.

One Study lead by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found that women who have worked rotating shifts for 5 years or more experience short life spans and have a higher risk of dying from cardiovascular diseases and lung cancer.

Long term night shift work can lead to an increased risk of cancers, metabolic problems, heart disease, ulcers, obesity and gastrointestinal problems. The lack of sleep can change metabolism and appetite, causing irregular eating habits and a poor diet.

Issues that can affect persons who work at night are also related to the light exposure that suppresses melatonin (the substance that is secreted at night in the human body).

Night shift work disrupts the body’s circadian rhythm (that regulates the release of different chemicals in the body) and causes the persons to become out of sync with the external environment.

Regarding mental health, the night shift can increase the risk of depression, creating social issues that affect well being and happiness.

Productivity and performance are being at stake because of various reasons. Night shift workers do not sleep the full amount that their body requires and accumulate in a large „sleep” debt over time.

This can slow your reaction time, and you are not so likely to resolve problems and respond to challenges as you would in the day time. The concentration is reduced and it becomes harder to focus and stay on task.

Also, night shifts deprive you of vitamin D which is essential for human health. Vitamin D assists with the absorption of calcium and promotes bone growth. A low amount of vitamin D in the body can lead to osteomalacia (misshaped bones) along with breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, heart diseases, and depression.

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Ways to recover after a night shift

  • Get help from your loved ones

The family cooperation is very important in situations like these and to be successful in the night shift and stay focused you need to rest. Working together and balancing essential activities is vital. Family time, paying bills, shopping and housework must be done in your free time, better said after a long period of sleep in which you can recover your „powers”.

  • Stay away from caffeine and energizing drinks

I observed in my case that staying away from coffee and energy drinks can be a challenge in the night shifts. But even if it seems impossible at times, we don’t have to overdue the consume, and drink only a less amount and cover the rest with water. Caffeine stays in the body for hours after you have already felt the effects, and it can really affect your sleep after the work hours.

  • Avoid drinking alcohol

Alcohol can make you feel asleep faster than you would usually do, and it reduces the rapid eye movement sleep. REM sleep is the restorative phase of your sleep cycle and by consuming alcohol you interfere with your body’s ability to repair itself.

  • Get vitamin D from the right sources

As I have mentioned, the persons who are working at night have less vitamin D in their bodies. So, the best advice is that when you are not working, try to spend at least 30 minutes in the sun rays. Whether you go for a walk, exercise outdoors or even reading a book is just enough for your body to get vitamin D and keep you healthy.

  • Improve the quality of your sleep environment

Sleeping in the right environment is crucial for the quality of your night work because it affects the amount of time when you rest. Make sure you keep your room cool, as dark a possible.

Also, speak with your neighbors to avoid any drilling sounds during the day. If that is not possible consider using earplugs and a sleep mask. Consider turning off all the electronics that can wake you up.

As I have mentioned, the persons who are working at night have less vitamin D in their bodies. So, the best advice is that when you are not working, try to spend at least 30 minutes in the sun rays. Whether you go for a walk, exercise outdoors or even reading a book is just enough for your body to get vitamin D and keep you healthy.

  • Eat a healthy diet

Eating healthy is a good method of enduring night shifts. If you are used to working in the night shifts consider eating during the day, in your sleep time, even if you don’t have an appetite. Eat frequent light meals and healthy snacks to avoid the drowsiness caused by heavy foods.

Choose foods that are easy to digest as fruits, vegetables, bread, rice and pasta for your body to keep nourished and staying awake during the night time. Also, foods like tuna, eggs, turkey and tofu are important for protein level in the body. These foods also keep you alerted and helps in staying focused.

Make sure you avoid carbohydrates and sweet foods, as they can affect your organism and it will be harder to fall asleep during the day time.


Night shift is for sure a very challenging task and only you and your body know the struggle if you have been working during night time. In these situations, when working at night is better to follow the indications mentioned in the article and take care of yourself.

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My acne story, advises and experience

Hello, my dear readers! So, as you might know from the previous posts I have suffered in the past of acne, it is a genetic issue, as my mother had skin problems as well in her early years.

I dealt with acne for most of my early years in college and high school, and at some point, I have to recognize I got used to my condition and tried to find better ways to simply fight through the pain.

As you might think it was not easy, especially at the beginning of the journey when it all started at 13 years old. The bullying, the looks and the strange feelings I had at that time were just unfair and depressing.

It’s been 11 years since all the incidents happened and to be frank, I like to believe I left them behind. I learned that having acne is not necessarily a disease but a condition that affects your whole being, not only the skin affected but the mind and heart as well.

Advises and lessons from my acne journey

You only You only have to not let it get to you so far, to take it as a lesson if you want, take what is best from it and simply move on. If you suffer from acne, as I did in the past you might say that I am wrong or that I am talking nonsense. That is not true, and you know it deep inside.

Yes, the world is harsh and judgmental, yes they do smile in your face and speak behind your back, yes people tend to hurt you at times, but that’s simply how life it is.

The first thing that you have to do in curing the acne problems is healing your mind. The negative thoughts and depression will not get you anywhere, if not worsen the situation. You have to get your shit together, be strong and simply ignore the gibberish people speak.

They don’t know you, they have no idea what you have been through and they don’t care. They simply find a subject that is amusing to them and keep syncing the knife into the wound, like a bad comedian in their shitty play.

So, how about you don’t care about them either? Focus on your mind, study more, investigate more about acne and ways that could get you healed in time. The time they lose in speaking nonsense about you will be the time you enhance your mind and find better ways of being yourself.

Think that your condition is only temporary and will heal in time, but the mean people will stay forever, and become more and more bitter in time, like a bottle of bad wine.

I remember from my condition that strangers used to stop me on the street, give me the advice to follow regarding my condition and find ways to comfort me. If you were me at that time you would probably hate them and wish to disappear.

And yes, to answer their questions a long time after that happened I have tried it all. Medicines, injections, pills, creams, face masks, face serums, oils, diets, and much other stuff together.

Only you know the struggle and sometimes and being a storyteller in front of an anonymous person is not the best answer to feeling better. It’s like you can see in their eyes the pity and the disgrace they feel for you, it’s horrible.

The fact that your loved ones try to care and protect you by treating the matter as if it is not something serious, it’s even worse. It’s like making a huge mess around the house and covering it with a newspaper. Like that’s going to solve anything!

Time brings you peace and healthiness

No matter how inpatient I used to be in my early years, no matter how hard I have tried to fasten up the process of skin healing that did not happen. People take time to heal, and so did I.

After a ton of money spent at the doctors, treatments, diets and numerous attempts to heal the skin, it finally happened. In time my bad breakouts stopped and my face returned to the way it used to be, step by step.

I learned that I have to be very careful at what I eat, at what products I am using for my sensitive skin and that I have to exercise, drink plenty of water and take good care of myself.

God gave me this cross to bear since childhood and I had to wear it on my shoulders until the end. I am not angry or mad at Him for what I have been through because I like the way I am.

Maybe if my skin was perfect I was full of misery on the inside, treating people badly and taking them for granted. I would not have been happy with myself.

When I see people like I used to be in the past, I don’t act like a bad comedian or give pieces of advice. I am aware of one’s struggle and understand the grief inside. I simply look them in the eyes and smile sincerely, wishing a great day.

A random act of kindness can be done without any money or expensive presents, just being true and kind can bring a whole lot of joy.

I am learning every day new tricks and remedies and have to recognize that by every day that passes my skin gets better and I feel happy and content with myself.

So, at the end of this very long post of mine, I want to address this post to people who have been through what I have been, to people who know and understand the feeling of being affected by acne.

Wherever you are, whatever struggle you are going through, you are not alone and somewhere, in this big world, there is a person that understands you and would kindly embrace you and tell you that you are perfect, just the way you are.

With love, Kate.

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First post of 2020

Good morning, dear readers! Or rather, a happy new year, now that we have spent the first hours of the new year. 2020 has arrived quickly in my case, without too much fuss or preparation.

After a few days of visits to parents, relatives and acquaintances, events and cooking and cleaning sessions at home I can honestly declare that I feel tired. Especially since I started work on Monday, which adds to the fatigue and stress.

I managed to fall asleep a few minutes before the new year, at 10:40 PM overwhelmed by too many tasks and a terrible cold. However, my loved ones woke me up exactly a few minutes before the new year.

If in 2019 I had many questions and I was lost in thoughts and situations, 2020 is different, more secure. I started the new year with thoughts of peace. I have a beautiful family, ready to help at every moment, people who love me and a decent job.

I just wish that the year 2020 will be half as good as it was the previous year. Although 2019 has been tougher and more difficult, I can admit that I managed to develop and learn things that I didn’t even dream of.


The year 2020 is ahead of us and we are waiting to write another new chapter in our lives, and the best way to do this is by setting goals.

Time is limited and it does not make sense to waste it with insignificant details from other people’s lives. It is not necessary to pay so much attention to the malicious comments of those around us, lowering our courage and advantage. It is important to find the power to follow our heart and intuition by accomplishing what we aim for.

And if the year 2019 has been a difficult year, let us think that each end has a different beginning, in a continuous cycle. We still have 365 days to face our fears and overcome our disabilities, becoming a better version of us.

Changes are a part of this life, sometimes we have pain, sometimes beautiful things. Often life surprises us and we have both at the same time.

Change can bring fear, but the most frightening thing can be to let fear stop us from growing, evolving and progressing.

And if we make mistakes along the way, that’s fine. Because through mistakes we learn new things, trying new possibilities, working hard and practically changing ourselves and the world that we live in. We do new things, and more importantly we do something that matters.

New experiences and developments will await us in 2020. Let’s enjoy the blessings of the past and accept the promise of the future.

Happy New Year!

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What am I following on YouTube

Hello, dear readers and bloggers! Today’s article is going to be a simple, but very subjective one, as it appeals to my personal opinions about persons on YouTube. I was thinking of approaching this subject a while ago, but as my time is very short lately, I am posting while I can.

Actually, on YouTube I am not an influenster promoting products and services as almost everybody is on this platform, but I tend to simply watch and learn for my personal development and for psychical relaxation after a long day at work.

TED Talks

I have discovered Ted Talks during my college courses when one of our Psychology teachers decided to share with us this wonderful platform. The video that the teacher at that time shared with us regarded behaviors and human comportment.

At that time, being curious, as the majority of my colleagues (or this is how I like to think) I went online and searched TED Talks. It’s been 5 years since then but I still follow Ted on YouTube and get motivated, informed and overwhelmed with various notions.


Recorder is an online Romanian publication up and running on YouTube since 2017, capturing real life stories that occur in Romania, surprising interesting details and truths of the world we are living in.

Bright Side

This YouTube Platform covers various subjects from: scientific discoveries, space exploration, thought-provoking mysteries, shocking true stories, health and fitness, fun tests and riddles, or useful tips for self-improvement, psychology, relationships, gadgets, or just simply day-to-day routine, there’s something for everyone.

Dr. Mike

Dr. Mike is one of my favorite Youtubers, simply because of his chosen subjects on his channel. Not only you get to learn new things about human body and enlarge your knowledge base regarding medicine but you also get to laugh at the jokes and have a good time.

Brad Mondo

Brad Mondo is a great Hairdresser who happens to also be an YouTuber, and a very good one. Not only he keeps with the latest fashion trends but also shares amazing beauty tips and hair tricks learned during his career.

Brad Mondo also created a brand of its own, and its selling great hair products for damaged hair and he promises a lot.

Andi Moisescu and Apropo TV

Andi Moisescu is a Romanian well known journalist, TV host and TV producer that also has an YouTube channel. His videos are of course, surprising Romanian habits and events presented with a plus of charisma and fun.


Cotofan is a popular radio personality becoming the host of Dimineața Blană on Romania’s Pro FM. He’s also well-known on YouTube presenting „Politia Muzicii” by commenting music videos recorded by Romanian Artists, challenging their abilities and skills.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon 

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon features hilarious highlights from the show including: comedy sketches, music parodies, celebrity interviews, ridiculous games. The host is really creating quality content that brings a smile on my face every single time.


As you might know Netflix is an American media-services provider and production company which captured almost everyone with new movies and series made to blow your mind. Movie ideas, trailers, interviews and documentaries, all in one place on Netflix.

Be inspired

I tend to love this channel because of its impact above our human powers and how we get to deal with them. Motivation at its own home, real life stories and must see videos.

Trap Nation

Sometimes, when the noise around me is too loud and I just feel the need to escape I plug in my headphones and listen to quality music. One of the reasons why I love Trap Nation is because the sound is enhanced and you get to enjoy various sounds on beat.

Jamilla Cuisine

Jamilla is a Romanian women impassioned by worldwide cuisine. She has started her career on YouTube, by posting recipes videos, gathering only 991K subscribers in present. I love her recipes, and have to recognize that every recipe created by following her cooking skills has been a success.

Fitness Blender

As you might know from my previous posts, exercising is one of my favorite tasks, and I want to make it to a hobby, in time, of course. When exercising I require a certain program and schedule to work after, considering the fact that I don’t go to the gym.

Fitness Blender is one of my favorite YouTube channels because it arrives with different exercise plans applied for every part of the body, starting from upper body to lower body. Complete workouts, yoga, Pilates, cardio and diet plans all in one channel.

This is what I watch on YouTube when I have time, at the end of the day. What are you watching on YouTube, dear readers?

2019 Resolutions, memories and smiles

I will start this post by wishing you, dear readers and bloggers a Perfect Christmas story with your loved ones, health and happiness.

I will start this way because, again, I did not have enough time to blog on before the winter holidays, to share new information and to find myself with emotion in the posts of my fellow bloggers.

In today’s post I will discuss the resolutions of the year 2019, I will practically run memories from the movie of the year in which we are still from my perspective.

2019 in a few rows …

When I say 2019, I feel lost in my thoughts and memories because it was a rich year, full of unexpected achievements and things.

I started the year 2019, in posting this so naive and full of courage, as a teenager in the first years of my life, believing that I know everything and that I will find my long awaited answer to my questions.

But guess what? Life surprised me again, hitting me with what she had better, maturing and changing me completely. As for questions, I found some answers, and some I forgot because others reappeared.

The long-awaited job and the answer to my prayers

I started the year 2019 with hope in the soul and without a job, because I came to the conclusion that you cannot be happy and you cannot develop in a place that wants you to be manipulated and subjected to a frustrated boss. Hint: If 10 people left that job in 10 months, this is definitely not the perfect place for you.

After a month of waiting, tips from parents and loved ones regarding the service and how they worked for decades for the same employer began to appear employment requests, calls and urgent requests from various companies.

After a few days of unpaid work with various employers to test the workplace and in particular, the development environment I managed to find an answer that I probably would never have thought of: IT specialist in English.

Me, a specialist in Information Technology? I mean, don’t get me wrong, but I have studied Food Industry and Engineering since I know myself, working in laboratories and being dedicated to this field.

When life gives you lemon, learn to make lemonade …

The time has passed and if at first the subject to be learned seemed to me stubborn and unintelligible, I gradually came to understand and then to love the work that I do every day, for hours.

More than that, the workplace is close to home, the temperature in the building is pleasant and the working environment is conducive to the development and formation of a successful future career.

I consider myself lucky to have understanding bosses, who always help and support the employees, offering them support and trust. As for colleagues, I can say that I have never formed a better team, that I have never met more beautiful people to the soul and more worthy of respect.

From February to December, 11 months passed without me realizing this job. God has given me the perfect place to grow and move on, in a new direction that I never even thought of.

The family and the hardships sent from above …

In 2019 the family also played a very important role, being tried by troubles and sorrows. I lost two very important people this year, who are deeply missing me and my family, and will never forget.

But I want to believe that absolutely everything happened for a particular reason, and that each person went to a better place, where it had to be.

Conclusions and resolutions for 2020

If in the previous year I wanted a change to occur in my life and met with courage and naivety 2019, driving away negative thoughts and anger, 2020 I want to be distinct.

I wish to read more, to be able to develop myself completely by enriching my vocabulary and discovering a new self, with the changes brought in 2019. Communication is important and I could bring it to another level.

Maybe the year 2019 was a bit brutal and the changes were mostly welcomed, but I wish I could channel this anger and new behavior into something positive, creating a new personality.

Also, in 2019, I started to dedicate a few hours of my life to training, more specifically, physical exercises to straighten the back position because I spend many hours in front of the computer but also for better health.

I would like to continue this program and build myself a proper diet, trying to stay away from carbohydrates and fats.

I will continue to develop this blog as much as possible in 2020, developing myself along with wonderful people who make WordPress a great family.

As for the unknown … I will leave my life surprised this year. 2020 knows best! 🙂

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Review Clinique 3 steps

Hello, my dearest ones!

Lately I have received advice from friends and acquaintances regarding Clinique cosmetics. Knowing myself with a sensitive skin prone to acne and blemishes, I told myself that there is nothing wrong with trying.

Given that I work near a mall, I considered the Sephora store for more details. The store staff was very nice and able to answer all my questions about these products.

From the store I was recommended for the beginning, to see how the skin behaves with the products a small skin care kit containing the following: 50 ml facial liquid soap, 100 ml cleansing tonic liquid and a 30 ml moisturizing emulsion .

The set of products costs 150 lei purchased directly from the Sephora store, but considering that it was the Black Friday period, I managed to find the set at a better price from the Elephant, at 90 lei.

I started using the products immediately after I recovered the parcel from the courier, being curious about the results from the first day.

I. Liquid Cleansing Soap – Cleansing soap is one of the best products tried so far, because it is a light, water soluble and gentle skin product.

It removes makeup easily, removing the foundation and cosmetics right from the first try. It does not irritate or dry the skin, leaving a pleasant smell after use.

II. Tonic Cleansing Liquid – Tonic Cleansing Liquid is the second step in the facial care ritual, representing an exfoliating lotion. It contains alcohol and witch hazel that reduces healing during the healing process and smooths the skin around the affected area.

III. Moisturizing emulsion – Moisturizing emulsion has the texture of a lotion, is lightweight and has been rapidly absorbed by the skin. This product has no oils and hydrates the skin deeply, leaving the skin soft and luminous.

Opinions about Clinique 3 steps products

Overall, I am satisfied with these cleaning products. It does not treat the affected skin in depth, but it keeps the skin clean and less prone to acne, acting gentle on imperfections and external agents.

In order for the products to have an effect on the skin, they must be used together as recommended even in the name. Used daily, under normal conditions it helps to improve the quality of the skin, giving a fresh and youthful skin, without problems.

What is your experience with Clinique products?