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Hello, my dear readers and writers! As you know from my previous post, I have experienced some dental issues and I have to take care of my oral hygiene more than I did before. Because cavities. What are cavities? Cavities are caused by tooth decay. Tooth decay can affect both the outer coating of a tooth (called enamel) and the inner layer (called dentin). Cavities are … Citește mai mult Cavities


Cashew nuts

Hello, dear readers! Today’s post is going to be about Cashew nuts. I grew fond of them not a long time ago, hence, today I wanted to share with you more information about Cashew nuts and why are they so delicious and yet healthy. What is the cashew nut? The cashew tree (Anacardium occidentale) is a tropical evergreen tree that produces the cashew seed and the … Citește mai mult Cashew nuts


H. Pylori Insights on food intake

Hello, my dear readers and writers! Yesterday, I told you about my infection with H. Pylori and offered you a small insight into it in general. Today, I am going to speak about foods that are permitted and not permitted during the treatment of H. Pylori. Foods that need to be avoided in H. Pylori infection and chronic gastritis Researches show that a diet … Citește mai mult H. Pylori Insights on food intake

Is it Helicobacter?

Hello, dear readers! It’s been a few days since I have not posted anything. I got a little busy, and to admit, I have also been sick. I had a flu that kept returning, felt dizzy, had lung pains, lost my appetite, nausea, difficulty swallowing, and had abdominal pains. At the beginning I thought that maybe I had the Covid19 Virus, and got scared. … Citește mai mult Is it Helicobacter?

Funny Wednesday

Hello, my dear ones! I decided today to share with you a few health memes, to loosen up the tension gathered throughout the week. To be mentioned, I collected the pictures from the Google Images search engine. Most of them have the original source pinned. Enjoy!

30 Days Change Plan

Hello, dear readers and writers! I have been reading recently the posts of „Chatting with San„, she is an amazing blogger and a real example to us all, if you are curious you can check out her page. As I was saying, I was reading her posts and she had a 30 days challenge, that included getting rid of all the sweets in the … Citește mai mult 30 Days Change Plan

Lemon and its beneficial effects

Lemongrass (Citris Lemon) is a shrub of the Rutaceae family, sourced from Asia and its fruits are used around the world, having various uses for both culinary and non-culinary purposes. Lemon is used for: juice, pulp and bark. Lemon juice contains about 6% citric acid which gives a distinct sour taste. Short history Initially, lemon was used for its antiseptic properties, being used as … Citește mai mult Lemon and its beneficial effects

The beneficial effects of honey in the human body

Bees honey is one of the healthiest foods for human consumption and is well known for its beneficial effects on the body. Being consumed worldwide for thousands of years, honey is a viscous, sweet liquid produced by bees for nourishment. Honey is widely used in nutrition, cosmetics and natural medicine. Honey can be classified according to: Provenience: Flower honey – or floral honey, being … Citește mai mult The beneficial effects of honey in the human body

Efectele benefice ale mierii de albine in organismul uman

Mierea de albine reprezinta unul dintre cele mai sanatoase alimente destinate consumului uman fiind bine cunoscuta pentru efectele sale benefice asupra organismului. Fiind consumata in intreaga lume timp de mii de ani, mierea este un lichid vascos, dulce produs de albine pentru a se hrani. Mierea de albine are larga utilizare in alimentatie, cosmetica si medicina naturista. Mierea de albine poate fi clasificata in … Citește mai mult Efectele benefice ale mierii de albine in organismul uman

Reteta prajitura turnata cu mere

Ieri am reusit sa prepar o prajitura turnata cu mere, exact cum bunica obisnuia sa pregateasca pentru cei dragi. Trebuie sa recunosc totusi, ca nu sunt un fan al deserturilor cu mere. Insa uneori, parca iti doresti sa iesi din rutina cotidiana si a retetelor mult incercate pregatind un altfel de desert. Prajitura turnata cu mere este un desert de sezon, usor pentru organism … Citește mai mult Reteta prajitura turnata cu mere

Reteta papanasi cu smantana si dulceata de afine

Buna ziua, dragii mei! Astazi datorita faptului ca este duminica mi-am zis sa va indulcesc putin cu o reteta delicioasa de papanasi cu branza in sos de smantana si dulceata de afine. Astfel, reteta putin modificata in stil propriu este descrisa in urmatoarele randuri. Ingrediente:  500 g branza proaspata de vaci; 3 oua; 200 g zahar alb tos; o jumatate de pliculet praf de … Citește mai mult Reteta papanasi cu smantana si dulceata de afine

How Autumn changes your organism

Good morning, dear readers! As you know yesterday I posted an article about autumn, beauty and gifts that are brought with it. Today, however, I am going to tell you in a few rows how it affects the autumn season of the body and how we can protect it from the changes that occur. With the sudden change in the temperature of the autumn … Citește mai mult How Autumn changes your organism

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