2022, the year of big changes

This year has begun with me feeling nervous about what I want to do with my life. I was unhappy, despised being stuck in one place, and desired to see change happen.

I started by pushing myself to get my driver’s license, studying daily, and driving around town. I moved past my comfort zone, and my closest ones had no choice but to comply with my new conditions. I worked very hard to ensure that I didn’t cause any problems at work with my hours away while driving.

It took persistence and discipline, and sometimes I felt like drowning. I took this opportunity to improve. Instead of pouring my aspirations and ideas into people who didn’t exactly fit into my life’s purpose, I began writing them down, which proved to work wonders for my own development.

At the same time, I continued to take care of my health, getting several periodic checks and learning more about my body and the lifestyle I should lead to living a long and happy life.

I got to meet new people, but the majority turned out to be lessons rather than long-term relationships. I realized that not every new person you meet is your soulmate and that most of them are sent to wake you up to your destiny and get you closer to your goals.

Work proved to be a challenge, as I had predicted. I took on each new assignment and worked hard to do it as successfully as possible. My team has changed once again, and I’m now working with two incredible colleagues who share the same ideals and are as competitive and fierce as they can be.

The latter part of this year prompted me to prioritize my relationships. Unfortunately, I had to sever connections with people who were no longer bringing me joy. My current relationships are the ones that bloom every day, and fewer feel more valuable and worthwhile. I’ve given away a lot of items that I don’t need or use daily; I took them to the countryside, donated them, and renovated the flat. 

I’ve started reading and trying to understand myself and my past actions. I’ve learned to care for my inner child and to be the person I require the most in times of need.

If last year I discussed the art of giving without obtaining, this year has shown me how vital it is to receive and be appreciated for your efforts. The thing that woke me up was the realization that we can be so kind and provide our time and energy, but we must also be rewarded, whether at jobs or in relationships. If one’s own cup is empty, one cannot just pour into another’s.

Towards the end of this year, I realized that not all new knowledge is beneficial and that we must separate the amount of information we acquire, whether it’s in the form of books, podcasts, TV, or music.

I used to be preoccupied with knowing what would happen next, who would enter my life, and having total control over everything. Now that I’ve stopped the horoscope readings, I’m more at ease, knowing that God’s got this and that I don’t need to rewrite a story that the Almighty has written so wonderfully. I understood that God loves us so much that he sent his own Son to save us; who are we to fear if we are all being guided to our destiny and are constantly cared for?

What will 2023 look like?

I don’t know, but isn’t this the most exciting part?

(Image Source – Alvan Nee, Unsplash)

I will maintain the focus that I gained in 2022. I like this new strong self that can climb mountains, forgive, and live in the now. I will expand intellectually by reading books that pique my interest and grow emotionally. I will continue to be honest and capable, help more people, and get involved in volunteer work.

I want to breathe, be at peace, and be happy. I want to be with people who share the same values and emotions. I will keep praying and thank God for this miracle called life, be more thankful and appreciative of each new day, celebrate every milestone, bring my inner child home, and do the things I’m meant to do in this lifetime; to fulfill my destiny.

6 gânduri despre “2022, the year of big changes

  1. inspiring. the work is always worth it. hope 2023 carries on what you’ve begun….my goal for 2023 is to let me be more me, and not what others think I am….and to stop trying to live up to what those other think I should be (does that make sense?) instead of thinking of life as a challenge, but accepting what is?

    • Thanks for the kind words! 2023 is going to be about being more „Me” than I’ve ever been, allowing the right people in and being happy.
      And yes, what you’ve said makes a lot of sense. Life is exactly as we see it. Sometimes we need to stop and enjoy the view, stop battling every challenge and focus on the journey.
      Wishing you a Happy 2023! 🎉

  2. That was a pleasure to read. You have good insight into your personal development and have the ability to envisage the road ahead. I think you will always do well, whatever you do.

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