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  1. Hi Kate! This is very important information and a good heads up to other bloggers! I won’t have this issue because I never waned Facebook and never will; I never liked anything about Zuckerberg or his, as I see him, high and mighty punk attitude of a guy that got way too much wealth too easy and quick; as he is just a front for other powerful people like say Soros or the Clinton’s and even the crooked government that use the platform to manipulate data and the public; like a propaganda arm, and all of this is part of the elite’s trying to rule the world; so I see through his facade.

    That is an opinion but the main reason was I didn’t want to get too involved with a social media sharing lots of personal information or my life with virtual strangers and that is because I’m really more of a private person I think privacy is precious and today the world is going in the opposite direction, to a not very good place, where soon there won’t be anything private if people keep thinking its fine to open up totally online to the world! Reality check here; the world is a dangerous place and there are many criminals who are wicked and dangerous! Think of how before the cyber digital age crooks had to go out and perform a crime, say break into a store or office at night and try not to get caught by Police or anyone who might beat them up or even shoot them! Now the criminal minds are able to sit alone using their devious minds in some dark hole they occupy in there twisted world and with digital technology try to rob and steal digitally from unsuspecting people who let their guard down! I hate the idea that identity theft is a big problem and so I’m cautious about giving any personal data online, even photos, because criminal minds devise all kinds of schemes to assume another person’s identity or find their location and pinpoint exactly where they live! I’m not saying we all should be way overly paranoid, but, we need to be very careful and suspicious online and scrutinize things carefully, and when in doubt, don’t do it, just ignore it and not take a change like you were doing until you got too curious! And you know the old adage of “curiously killed the cat” and that is true, it happens to cats and sadly many innocent people! This is a simple but blatant way of putting it but to me it’s like when we’re children and our parent’s would tell us not to talk to strangers.

    Good that you brought this topic up and you did a very good job of making the point clear to me, and I hope for many others who follow you or view this page! I also hope I helped because I can talk too much; sometimes it’s a good thing and other times not so good! In this instance I hope I said something that helps anyone to be more aware, to not get taken advantage of!
    Thank you and see ya!
    God bless.

    • Hello, Lawrence, and thank you very much for your comments and effort!

      I’m simply trying to avoid any further problems that some of us may encounter with these internet platforms; we can never be too cautious. I’ve even double secured my WordPress account to be safe, lol.

      I’m not as interested in politics and don’t delve as far into religion as you do; I just think for myself and have my own views; I don’t like it when someone tries to push their own ideas on me; I have my own burden to carry in this world.

      I, too, talk too much and get caught up in long talks, so I completely understand you.

      Thank you as well, and have a wonderful week!

      • Hello Katherine and you’re always welcome! I’m happy actually to hear how cognizant you are of these very vitally important concerns because I surely hope you won’t ever have any difficultly with this kind of thing. Actually you got me thinking and though I’m cautious one shouldn’t be so sure of them-self! So I think I should tighten up more too! As they say a word to the wise should be sufficient!

        I like what you said in these simple truthful words; “we can never be too cautious.” This is how I see it too!

        As far as my focus on politics and religion, my life having been caught up in some political things which were forced upon me, that were damaging; I got more attuned to what these liars for the most part are up to, so I do put my two cents or opinion in when I feel like it, but will I change the world or anyone’s mind even; I doubt that very much!

        But the religion is a strong area in my personal life and as I see the world this way curiously enough even more pronounced these days, because of these nefarious events that happened to me. Now I’m more determined to serve God in some small way before my life is over; to me that gives greater meaning and a real purpose for being alive or existing! I see that this world is futile to be quite frank about it; and sadly will only get worse! People live in delusion or fantasy and drug or alcohol consumption are evidence of that fact; and even those that don’t use those things are often times caught up in something or other to pacify or more likely deny what they truly need to think about. Everyone has to face the bare naked truth and reality at some point in their life; to perhaps not blow it hopefully! Many people do get it right and many do not, as I understand this world

        I have had real usual experiences that convinced me as to what life is and why we are here; while more importantly where will I end up for eternity; it’s a real thing and not just whatever, as some people I run into think these days! To tell you the truth I wish life was just a happy go lucky affair of live and die and what happens is what happens, but I learned the hard way that it’s very important what we think and do with our lives; so I’m maybe stuck in that mode of thinking, but I try to make something beneficial come out of that, not just for me as much as; for God’s plan.

        Having material things or lots of money is of no interest to me; I fought one of my own court battles without law school degrees and prevailed, but getting money turned out to be nothing when I consider what these battles took from me and more importantly in the end what good is money that I don’t really need, because I like living simple and basic! I’ve always worked hard, so now I see that what I have is fine, because I live a decent life and don’t require more than what I have already.

        I hope this makes sense and maybe if nothing else, you get a laugh from my determination!
        I really liked this article a lot!
        Have a blessed evening and sweet dreams!

      • Hi, Lawrence, thanks for your prompt reply!

        Oh waw, those were some strong points that you’ve made out there.

        One quick question though, why do you think your life is over? You seem to be young and fulfilled, and totally admire your life style and choices, it’s just that I am stunned, and you don’t seem like a random stranger that crosses the street, you seem special.

        Thanks again and have a great day ahead!

      • Hi again and we got lucky being around at the right time frame I figure! Don’t be hesitant to ask what you want I know enough about who you are and I’m fine with knowing you, even better! I know I sounded fatalistic and woe is me and goodnight, but, I’m not like that at all most of my life since a kid I was an eternal optimist just worry more than I used to because the world is so messed up and went tough some rough times!

        But then again even in controlled chaos something good can happen eventually! Like a rocket ship those engines are so powerful and everything shakes, rattles and rolls as it roars upward away from all the forces acting upon it by the controlled chaos within those rocket engines which are really controlled explosions that provide enough force to propel such a heavy payload up and out of the gravitational force of the earth pulling on it and reach escape velocity and enter outer space!!!

        So that is so great my friend, think of it we are going someplace for sure having to deal with all of this almost confusion or what doesn’t seem to add up at times, but in the end it will; we will be so much happier and better off when we finally reach our own escape velocity from this limited material life that we are now caught up in; and then we reach our final destination!

        I know its late there or will be soon so I don’t want to go on too much here for your sake, although if you like I will; I always have more to say than people have time to listen to; and I’m around for now anyway!

        Thank you for the nice reply and interest!
        Bless your heart!

  2. Very frustrating. My Facebook account was hacked twice. After deleting specific people my account was not hacked again. It’s bad when friends of friends can see what you post giving those you don’t know access to your page. Hope all is well with your page now.

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