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2021 started with new emotions and hopes for me, one of which was moving to a new WordPress plan. For a couple of years now, I’ve been using this platform and decided to take a new approach in using this tool. Today, after a long pause, I’m going to delve into whether we should or should not use the WordPress Premium Plan.

Since I’m mainly interested and enthusiastic about this new WordPress Premium adventure, I’ll start with a one-day post to understand and get engaged with the pros of this package and how it can help me and you, dear blogger, keep progressing with blogging.

WordPress Premium Benefits

Unlimited support

One of the advantages is the direct help via email and chat, in every time zone, whether you’re writing from Africa or Romania. Worldwide writers can be helped by the WordPress Team to address any problems relevant to the blogging activity on their platform.

Free Domain

The WordPress Premium Plan includes a free custom domain name for one year. While WordPress offers two different versions WordPress.com and WordPress.org. As you may know, on WordPress.com you obtain a free domain and website without the need of signing up or hosting a domain.

In comparison with WordPress.org that allows you to self-host your WordPress site, WordPress.com uses a subdomain, in my case ‘katespage23.wordpress.com‘. The Premium Plan changes everything and allows us to grow a popular site without using a subdomain or being limited to the requirements of a free blog.

Premium Themes

While the WordPress unpaid plan didn’t offer that many themes and control, the Premium plan not only offers a wide range of themes but also allows the users to customize their themes, colors, fonts, and styles. 

WordPress offers a range of 200 themes-even paid themes, and these can be customized using directly the CSS Code. Having your blog stand out in the crowd, using exclusive, responsive themes that adhere to the present-day standards should be a priority.


One of the important features of this plan is security. If due to any reason you want to download a free WordPress theme from a 3rd party website, there is a huge possibility for the theme to be corrupted with malicious code that may infect and steal essential information from your website.


One of the advantages of this package is the possibility to monetize your WordPress Site. While the Free Version of WordPress showed commercials without any reimbursement, the Premium Plan allows you to earn money by clicking on these ads, that are further tracked by WordPress using the Word Ads program. Also, you can make money using embeddable payment buttons.


Along with WordPress updates, the Premium Themes are updated to be compatible with the latest WordPress version available. Moreover, these updates offer perfect compatibility with a wide range of plugins and true responsiveness. Sadly, this doesn’t apply to free themes, that may bring security concerns to your website, making it highly vulnerable to cyber threats.

13 GB of storage space

Most of the time, writers require photos, audio, and video files and in time, you may reach a point where the media library gets full. Then, you may think of a solution to resolve this, with WordPress Premium you are given additional storage space along with the ability to upload more types of files and media.


In my view, choosing WordPress Premium will provide resources and ways to expand and improve both you and your blog, whether we’re talking about a personal blog or a business-oriented one. Better support, reliable updates, and functionality should be made available to any effective blogger who wishes to make a career or just enjoy a flawless WordPress experience.

18 gânduri despre “WordPress premium

  1. Thank you for the tip and update. I actually started a blog to just practice being creative and doing my writing mostly as a hobby here while I develop a novel and be a bit of a social butterfly here to get a bit of exposure for now; while sharing thoughts and ideas. I really don’t need to generate a modicum of revenue out of this but certainly in the future if my writing becomes a full-fledged published mainstream authorship; then many bells and whistles will be in order perhaps! But, if you have need for such now then best of luck and I hope it produces the desired results!
    Thanks again Kate and God bless.
    Keep in touch!

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