Spending time with your true self

During these pandemic days, it’s easy to become distressed. After work and the daily routine, you may sometimes find yourself getting lost in sad memories. It’s not like you wanted to go there, but it just sank in.

Finding yourself with so much time, and having no one around is very challenging. It lets you wonder about your life decisions and makes you doubt the present and the things you enjoy and care about.

Spending time with yourself can be frightening for someone who is constantly distracted, on the move, and multi-tasking. Moreover, you can stump on old wounds and options that appeared perfect in the past.

Observing them at the moment and noticing the consequences will change the situation, and in the end, only you can have a conclusive solution.

Some journeys in life can only be traveled alone

It’s time to quit the race and start doing something for yourself that makes you happy. It may be anything, even the slightest, purest expression to reward yourself. Make a cup of coffee in the morning, take a stroll around the countryside, enjoy the sunlight, dance in the snow.

Quit looking for appreciation from the outside and give yourself the pat on the back you deserve. Look in the mirror and say thank you for what you have accomplished so far, for the endless hours of effort and commitment, for the sacrifices that nobody knows except you.

Avoid doing everything for others and start worrying about yourself for only 30 minutes a day. Take a break from the daily routine and offer yourself a great experience.

Clear your thoughts from everyday activities, tasks, and problems. Avoid stressing over things that once made you happy and do them with fun, not in a hurry, only because they need to be finished. Don’t agglomerate yourself with more than you can achieve in a day, plan your program for your enjoyment and success.

Don’t let yourself be bored and spend time doing nothing. Set up new targets and ask yourself what is the next challenge you want to conquer and how you can improve. It’s always a place for the better! 🙂

Stay true to yourself and don’t hide your emotions. Learn to embrace and understand yourself, exactly as you are, cast away the masks, and be honest with you and the people around you. Those that are there for you will stay, and those who don’t remain, they weren’t meant to be there in the first place.

Once you understand these basic ideas, you will be able to discover new solutions, and sometimes problems can be worked out by themselves, there is no point in stressing. Learn to let them be, let them go, let God and the universe take care of them.

(Image Source – Unsplash)