Patrocle’s dog shelter

It all began in July, when I first found the Patrocle’s house dog shelter, I remember it as if it had been yesterday. It was a rainy day, and I was going through a tough time with my colleagues because we had to change our workplace and start a new journey. We were sad, irritated, and wished to simply disappear for a moment.

Our colleague noticed our mood and offered to drive us to Patrocle’s dog shelter for a rescue. At first, we were puzzled and didn’t understand where he was trying to take us, but when we learned we would go to a dog shelter and save a dog’s life we were excited. For a second, it made us look like tiny heroes and forget about our situation.

Therefore, as initially planned, we gathered and took the dog to the vet. Unfortunately, at that hour, the vet was not available and instructed us to take the dog to the shelter and take him for examination tomorrow. Somehow, it seemed that our mission had failed, but we had to visit the shelter and take good care of the puppy, which we did.

We were welcomed to the shelter by big dogs, little puppies, and even cats, each one of them trying to express their love in their specific way and wanting to go to a safe and secure home.

In the beginning, we didn’t even know how to respond, seeing all of that energy and pure love. It was so difficult to keep away from them, and we were all surrounded in the next few minutes by little souls, all wanting to express their love and have a moment of recognition. The little dogs appeared from everywhere, each and one of them jumping around with joy, barking and wagging their tails.

We’ve been playing with them for hours, and frankly, we haven’t noticed the minutes go by and got lost in their innocence and excitement. I got to see my friends laughing and having a wonderful time, playing and forgetting it all. It was like we were walking into a world of magic where all the problems had disappeared.

We wanted the day to never end and to enjoy these pets’ energy and happiness forever. Unfortunately, it was practically impossible, no matter how much we needed to take them with us.

That day was one of the most beautiful days of my life, but one of the saddest ones at the same time. As we left the shelter, my heart was aching, hearing their sad crying and thinking that we had such a wonderful time, but we were leaving them behind.

The harsh reality

If you pay attention to these poor souls, you can see under their enthusiasm, their running eyes their determination to belong to someone, and make it a pleasant, worthwhile life for them. They don’t end up in a dog shelter because they had a great life or over loving owners, it’s exactly the opposite.

The dog shelter of Patrocle takes good care of the dogs, but what they can not guarantee is an owner’s true love, a human who can love them unconditionally and make them feel special.

Behind the metallic barrier, you can see their desire to try to accept a new owner, a ray of hope. They just have visitors most of the time, like us, and no matter how excited they are, they end up with the other dogs at the end of the day, unaware of their future.

True facts

The dog shelter of Patrocle is doing its best to keep these animals well cared for, well-fed, and safe. It shelters over 300 dogs right now and the numbers are constantly increasing. Plus, the parvovirus is making victims every day and it’s getting almost impossible for the staff only to provide for them, and here is where we can contribute and offer to donate a small amount.

We can choose to donate food: From the moment a full pallet of 60 bags of food is donated, the company delivers it to the shelter.

Or we can chose to make a bigger difference and donate for the animal’s health and good care:

Patrocle’s Shelter Association: CIF 35380816

Ron: RO22BRDE340SV63867373400
Euro: RO18BRDE340SV63867453400
Beneficiary: Patrocle’s Shelter Association


You can make a difference today, adopting a pet, helping to buy food for them, or even donating to their health and well-being. In these harsh pandemic times, be the hero and you will be rewarded!

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