Visiting Nessebar, part II

I loved my first day at Sol Nessebar Palace. We were at the restaurant, then tried the sea. I say tried, since the water temperature was a little low at the beginning, it is very cold in the morning (I discovered that the next day) and you could end up catching a cold, though not recommended during a holiday.

We enjoyed a nice dinner during the night, the food prepared is delicious and the chefs and servers are very professional, respectful and friendly. The food is cooked in the hotel’s kitchen, and the desserts are to die for. In my view, it is advised not to go on a diet during the vacation, they have a wide variety of food, but you are tempted by the scent and plating.

To our surprise, we meet a lot of Romanians at the hotel, spending like us, a few days of relaxation after a few months in quarantine and non stop work. The majority were nice and polite, enjoying precious moments with their families.

When I woke up on Tuesday morning, all my skin was burning, and my partner, Alex, on the other hand, was all right, but brown 😅. Yeah, I used sunblock cream, and after that, I used tan lotion, but it didn’t really help that much. We agreed to spend less time in the sun for the second day, so we went after breakfast to visit the old town of Nessebar.

The old city of Nessebar

(Image Source – World Heritage)

Nessebar is an ancient city and one of the major seaside resorts on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast, located in Burgas Province. Often referred to as the ”Pearl of the Black Sea”, Nesebar is a rich city-museum defined by more than three millennia of ever-changing history.

We were amazed at the beautiful scenery when we first arrived in the historic town, the old buildings held so well, the wooden windmills, the churches.

(Image Source – Personal Library)

Everywhere, you could see small shops, and any corner seemed to conceal a well-preserved secret and maybe even a little souvenir that you could take with you as a memory.

You get the impression that you are present in an old movie if you take the time and walk slowly, noticing every detail. Such a satisfying atmosphere, the wooden restaurants and the slow music in the background. I was simply amazed at the architecture and elegance of these places and wished for a moment that time would stop so that I can live there forever.

(Image Sources – Personal Library)

Visiting Nessebar, part I

Hi, there, dear readers, long time no see! It’s been a while since I wrote nothing at all. I wasn’t intended to be absent for so long. I apologize to you and to me! (I missed writing truly).

I believe that the best part of being away from the blogging activity is the positive energy and the desire to come back and post more. I’m back in the business now, and I have a lot of stories and good posts to share.

The vacation to Bulgaria was one of the reasons behind my absence. We’ve been planning this holiday for over a year, but then, sadly, the Corona Virus happened and we had to cancel all of our plans.

Therefore, September was the month of getting out of the house and enjoying a well deserved holiday after the quarantine and all the accumulated tension. We decided not to worry about having to buy too many things and waste a lot of cash, so we settled for an all-inclusive holiday, using a travel agent deal.

This was our first vacation out of the country, to be truthful, and we had emotions and concerns. The quarantine had ended, but that did not mean that there was still no danger. Therefore, we took all the protective precautions we could and went to enjoy our dream holiday.

We hadn’t booked an airplane, but we decided to drive to Bulgaria from Romania, because it’s not that far away and we could stop by and see our Bucharest relatives as well. To mention the fact that when leaving the country, we could take all the baggage we wanted and did not have to pay an extra charge.

And as such, we woke up early in the morning on Sunday morning to escape the Bucharest traffic and began our journey. I had our favorite songs downloaded, so it was lovely to see the cities in the dark while listening to good music.

(Image Source – Personal Library)

We arrived in Bucharest on Sunday afternoon and stayed at our cousin’s apartment. We visited Bucharest, wandered around Herastrau Park, played games with friends in the evening, and enjoyed a delicious pizza. I already felt like the holiday had begun😄.

(Image Source – Personal Library)

We woke up in the morning on Monday, had coffee, said goodbye and prepared for our long-awaited trip to Bulgaria.

(Image Source – Personal Library)

There were no customs problems, so we drove to our destination at Sol Nessebar Palace in southern Bulgaria. One thing I’ve learned about Bulgaria is that the country is clean and green. In spite of Romania, where you can see trucks loaded with logs of timber, deforested woods, it’s the total opposite in Bulgaria.

The roadways, even the rural roads, are well-paved, and you seldom come across pits (I know that because the Waze App took care of showing us the way). One thing I always appreciated, too, was that everybody follows the rules in traffic. No one crosses the line, the speed limit is respected by us all. Indeed, there are more camera traffic controls than there are in Romania, but at least they work and everybody operates as a team, they value the rules and respect you as a driver.

I was impressed by the places I saw on the way to Nessebar. You can observe whole forests, majestic trees, natural flowers, and you can feel lost in the gifts of nature, while the clean air caresses you.

(Image Source – Personal Library)

Around 1 pm, we arrived at Sol Nessebar and we had a hotel employee helping us with the luggage. For parking, we had to pay extra, but we wanted to make sure that the car was safeguarded.

For one moment, I could not believe that we had arrived. We were tired of the long road, of course, but I just laid in bed and tried to realize that we were away from Romania, after a difficult year on our long-awaited holiday. It felt surreal.

(Image Source – Personal Library)

The weather was beautiful, it was so pleasant, and the sun was hot and burning. We had lunch at the hotel restaurant and went to the beach after that. There are indoor pools at Sol Nessebar Palace, but I wanted to feel the sand squeaking under my feet, to feel the warm embrace of the sun while listening to the waves of the sea.

(Image Source – Personal Library)