The spark within

Hello, dear writers and readers! How have you been?

Needless to say, as always, I get caught up in the middle, performing the tasks that require more attention, and leave myself and my passions at the end of the list, blogging being the main passion. Focusing on other duties, paying more attention to chores, and being assertive.

I realized this week that I do this often, neglecting the passions that lead me in the first place there. I get so cramped up with work, house chores, and family that I tend to forget about myself.

I got used to the routine, waking up early in the morning, performing house chores, going to work, cooking, finishing the rest of the chores. If I get time, I exercise and eat, then fall asleep at the beginning of a movie, and the day is over before I know it. 

I blink, and it’s morning, I’ve got to start it all over again, like a robotic system, operating the same steps every day, even though I feel exhausted, even though at times I appear to crumble due to fatigue, because the show must go on.


Often, we fail to realize that the show can’t go on without ourselves, without our strength and happiness. We can’t just go through life, merely out of duty, through carrying out job assignments and chores. 

If we continue along this path, we may end up being old, wrinkled, tired, and grumpy, unhappy with everything we have achieved so far. Perhaps because we weren’t completely there, we didn’t fulfill the need of our heart, but what was right according to the social needs and the people. 

My question is, how many times have we embraced today’s society’s truth and „must-do” without questioning ourselves: Do I really want this? Was this the right track? Might this make me happy? 

The answer is, we give up on our rights more than 90 percent of the time because it was the best thing to do and the simplest direction to take then. For our loved ones and for a better future, we made compromises. 

Then, we woke up in time, realizing that maybe we could have chosen a different way, and that we should have not have given up at our passions and pleasant moments. At our spark.

If we want to be happy we need to care about ourselves, about our opinions and what we really want. Truth is, opportunities don’t knock at our door twice, we have to make the best decisions in time, or else, we will end up learning another lesson.

Passion. Confidence. Gratitude. The possibility of making a positive change in the world. It’s the sort of „spark” one gets the moment they decide to go after what they want, really fight for it, work hard, and not give up.

That’s what we need to have and never lose.

27 de gânduri despre “The spark within

  1. Ive been waiting for a post!
    I hear you…i also get trapped in that cycle sometimes.
    But you have to sit back and think about what you are doing
    Selfcare is so important
    Work out a scedule for you
    And we dont mind hearing about even your challenges😊

  2. As I see it Katherine…from my limited perspective I think you are doing fine and the right thing the way you go about your business! You shared; so I give my honest opinion for what it’s worth.
    Have a lovely relaxing evening!
    God bless you and yours.

  3. Yes,we have to go on with our shows because we are the performers,we do feel like we are worn out owing to our monotonous chores but as you have said that finally we regret for giving up,so the show must go on …thanks for sharing.Take care.🌹👍🙏

  4. Așa este, rutina de zi cu zi ne dă cu totul peste cap și uitam de multe ori de pasiunile și dorurile noastre, și chiar de noi înșine, pierzându-ne pe drumul acestei vieți..
    Trebuie să luptăm și să ne luăm ce este al nostru, ce este plăcerea noastră…
    O Săptămână superbă, Katy !

  5. Hello, Ilyas, I don’t really have much time for blogging, I reply when I get time. I follow black and white people altogether, as I respect all the people!
    I am sorry if you got the wrong idea.

    Have a great day!

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