Romance is a bonus book

I tried to fill in my time, after finishing my work schedule with a movie. As you know from my past postings, I am a Korean drama fan. I found the movie Romance is a bonus book and decided to give it a try.

I often tend to doze out at movies, especially with the new morning schedule. To my surprise, this movie kept me awake and curious about the next episode. 

I was delighted by the story of Eun-Ho and Dan-I, and I have to admit, watching this movie felt like reading a good book. 

Dan-I’s sad story and her challenges in life were thrilling. It was amazing to watch the history of a former copywriter trying to search for a job nowadays.

Usually, movies depict reality differently, trying to bring only the positives and unexpected outcomes for the movie characters, adding supernatural powers and God knows what sprinkles.

It’s nice when a movie gives you the power to relate, to feel the pain of having to find a good job and being rejected for various reasons. I loved the small details, even Dan-I’s broken shoe had it’s perfect place in the story.

I also liked how Eun-Ho stood by Dan-I, and assisted her on the up’s and down’s of her career; first as a friend, then as a lover. How she stepped up from an assistant, performing menial work to arriving in the Marketing Team.

The idea of starting from scratch, having nothing to begin apart from talent and faith that it will work out until the end, is stunning. In my opinion, this is how life works and you need to work hard to achieve success.

Some of the quotes from Romance is a Bonus Book:

“Two people who have spend a long time together do not need words to express their feelings.”

“We are like books. We wait for someone to find us and open us to see what’s inside.”

“Some relationships are like gifts.”

“I feared my good days are over and I couldn’t run anymore but I can run again.”

“When the world changes drastically, people’s diligence keeps it up. All I have to do is put on ointment when she falls.”

“We are trees that branch out in solitude and bear fruits. We are beautiful trees with growth rings of our lives.”

 “Opening a new book is like opening a room full of my favorite things.”

“Everyone has their own tunnel to pass.” 

“Telling someone how you feel is as hard as translating an ancient document.”

“Sharing a moment  with someone is precious because it can lead to other possibilities.”

 “A book that inspired others may not always inspire you, so find a book that does.”

“Did you get dumped because you’re a workaholic? Or have you become workaholic because you got dumped?” 

“In life, we face many hurdles. We use each others love to jump over them.”

“Keeping a promise is rare like a star in darkness that is meant to shine.”

 “Passion spreads like the warmth of a fire spreads. It becomes comfort, hope, and happiness.”

 ”I opened up an old book of mine again. It was good when I first read the book but when I read it for the second and third time, this book made me underline the sentences over and over again. I find new sentences in this book everyday. It’s a book that stayed with me the longest. ” 

“Let’s fold the corner of this page for now. We’ll leave the page marked and open the book whenever you want to.”

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