Picture of the day #26

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22 de gânduri despre “Picture of the day #26

      • OK, I was wondering because it hasn’t enough here only had one big thunderstorm over the last few weeks and all he plant life need more to drink and I hate that! I like to see everything popping out with energy and growth! The storm was like a micro-burst same down hard and in buckets but didn’t last long! We need soaking all day rain! ✝️ 🤗 😁👍
        I’ll pray that you get more there too!
        I know those hours you’re working are grueling and I don’t miss how I did that for some years but in some ways I miss the adventure and challenge of it I experienced getting the big job done and doing again and again week after week year after year feeling I was making a good pay but saving and earning pension credits faster too! The job had some traveling adventure to it too so I worked on my own a lot which I loved no bosses around at all! 😁👍 But, I did good work so everyone was happy including me knowing I was accomplishing things that were good! Like new missions each day or overnight!
        Stay safe and God Bless!

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