Battles that aren’t worth fighting

During this quarantine, we did succeed to eat a lot more than we have expected, in the beginning. So, stake after stake, sweet after sweet, snack after snack, we did manage to put on a few pounds.

Some of us might have had a few more in plus, while some have gained just the right amount for a healthy organism at their height. But people tend to notice, and at times, make the wrong comments when they are not required.

Take my example, I went down the road to give my best friend fresh diary from the countryside (from my last weekend visit), and a group of people started making nasty comments.

I am aware that I wasn’t dressed to kill. Imagine messy-dry hair, less makeup, short pants, tee-shirt, and a pair of comfy sneakers. And here I was, on my way ready to bring my friend the vegetables, when they started laughing by my back and making comments.

At first I have ignored it and went on my way, because I had to see my friend. On the way back, I took some time to notice the ones that were blabbering on my back.

A group of people were laying on a car front while chewing on sunflower seeds and making a mess around them. And then I knew, that fighting them was not the best idea and that I need to move further.

I am not a racist person, I respect and value all persons, no matter their color, religion, or belief, but at times, gypsies can be irritant and cause trouble.

I am aware that during this quarantine I managed to gain a few pounds and look a little bit different, but that does not make me a fat person. Having 60 kg at 1.70 height is more than enough.

Nevertheless, this motivated me, and I decided to start going to the gym with one of my girlfriends. Working out at home can turn bad when there is nobody to motivate you, and you turn lazy in time.

July is going to be the month of resolutions for me and for making the right decisions for my future. In regards to the people, let them talk, I could not care less. They are just noise in the background.

It’s important to know that some fights are not ours to take on and that we should move on. Why waste energy on persons that don’t even matter and get angry over nothing?

Some battles aren’t worth fighting.

13 gânduri despre “Battles that aren’t worth fighting

  1. You are always wise to choose your battles carefully I had to learn that one the hard way thinking i could jump into action in such contingency and I don’t mean just physical brawls but more political battles that are raging now too!
    This current world to me makes Sodom and Gomorrah look like an amusement park for the tots!
    Some people now in this Helter-Skelter world are like fallen rotting apples, can’t even make applesauce out of em, not fit to feed the pigs in the pig sty those maggot infested fallen fruit!
    The key take away for any devout Christian to remember is Jesus Christ knows our hearts and perfectly, so, there is no deceiving He who will judge every soul, and our duty is to be as faithfully well prepared for that judgment as we can be by living as righteously as we possibly can. That is a tall order and many are called but few are chosen. I believe the most upright among us are the potential chosen ones, and anyone else will need God’s mercy all the more which is greater than His judgment; that was why He sent His only begotten Son the Messiah, He so Holy and Pure, among a world of sinners none of which was worthy to be in God’s presence, but, because of His infinite love He gave us all the opportunity to accept His gift of Love and Salvation through His redemptive process by our eating of His body and blood the New and Everlasting Covenant, whereby consuming His word and absolute truth in order for us to grow in the Spirit, filling our hearts with it in order to be acceptable to Him before the judgment seat of the Most High, God Almighty.
    We can’t see or know what all the pieces are, but, we can get enough of a picture to see that this is a most unprecedented time like no other and it isn’t adding up to anything pretty, that is a forgone conclusion by now for anyone with half a brain and some commonsense wouldn’t you agree? OUT OF CONTROL HELTER-SKELTER EVIL all over the place! Let’s keep praying hard, looking and discerning while we share anything of Christian importance because that’s the only reason any of us is still here is to serve Him our Lord God though Jesus Christ! He reigns forever and is coming again in His Glory Hallelujah! ✝️ 💞🤗❤️

  2. I like how you peacefully let go the potential conflict and moved on, kudos. And like the rest of us, a jogging we all go (to lose weight) . Just an observation, if I don’t like someone or their behaviour, and particularly if it is a cultural issue, even skin colour, that might just be bias or at worst prejudice, but racism is a belief that only ones own race is worthy.

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