Medical worries

Hello, dear readers! I am sorry for not posting in a week, I have been busy with work and house chores, as always in this period. What is different in this period is that I am more stressed and worried.

Last week I decided that it is time to go and see a dentist. It’s been years since I avoided that place but it is time to realize that it’s necessary. Mostly because I have caries and two teeth that have to be removed. It’s painful, uncomfortable and something I have to take care of as soon as possible.

To be honest, I am a little bit scared and even have weird dreams about it. The good part is that I scheduled an appointment at a good doctor at a clinic, so I don’t have to worry about the quality of the work, I just have to endure the fear and the pain.

I decided that it’s time to face things as they are. It’s not okay to keep postponing tasks that should have been done sooner, especially in regards to health. Dental care should be essential, not optional.

Decisions should be taken NOW

I could have visited the dentist when I had caries, but I haven’t. I could have visited the dentist to repair the tooth, but then I haven’t. I could have visited the doctor when I had to extract the tooth, but I haven’t. Now I have to go for a surgery, because God knows what else could go wrong after that.

We often tend to postpone medical check-ups because they are scary, and we are afraid of what could go wrong. In time, we managed to see this fear at our loved ones, in the family. Parents, grandparents had this fear and somehow sent it back to us.

At times, we even admired them, saying: Ohh, she was such a kind woman, she never complained in her life about any pain and found the strength to move on. In the end, she died of cancer at an early age.

How do you explain that? Sorrow gained strong into her heart, and in time it proved that it was too much to handle. Nobody knew her pain and nobody was there to listen to her side of the story. The tears shed in loneliness, the hard times, were only hers and God was her only friend.

Ignorance could lead to higher pain

We have a low pain? Ahh, let’s ignore it, it’s probably nothing, it will go away from its own. Hiding the pain thoroughly, faking that we are fine and just tired. Most of the time, this is not how it works. Ignoring the early signs of an illness could lead to complications in time.

If our body is in pain, often, it tries to tell us something, to send a signal. Ignoring the pain and moving forward, could be a step backward and do more bad than good.


We are stuck in this body until our last breath. It’s our priceless possession and it’s ours until the very end. Taking the best decisions for ourselves, choosing health instead of something that could harm us should be the main priority.

Yes, we have tasks to take care of and yes we do work. But this is not a reason to forget about ourselves, we matter. Let’s be considerate of the fact that if something goes wrong with our health, there is nobody to replace us.

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  1. Hello Katherine…very good that you address your dental needs and overall health now. One point you made beckons to me from experience when you said, „I scheduled an appointment at a good doctor at a clinic, so I don’t have to worry about the quality of the work,” This is the most essential factor and a very difficult one to fulfill in these times. Here in the US with many health departments or medical licensing and oversight to protect the public from negligence or inferior medical professionals one thinks what can go wrong they are all professionals and top quality of the State and Medical societies would not allow inferior or negligent work to be performed on a person that is so invasive and must follow the strictest protocols to protect health of a person seeking help. But, this is not always the result because the medical societies and especially the State or Government licensing agencies can be corrupt or negligent as well and allow doctors to harm people in their work or practice of medicine with no consequences because it can be political situation and wicked, where the bad are protected and not the public like it should be. I went to a few different dentists and I know that many years ago as a boy I never had any trouble going to the dentist that my father brought me to, and they were very high quality proficient doctors maintaining the highest standards of practicing medicine, but most important, my father knew top quality human beings with the highest morals and ethics who were wonderful people that happen to be doctors too and would not allow harm to come to any of their patients, they were very thorough and immaculate in their work and whole clinic practice! But, these dentists I went to in recent years are younger not old school like the ones my dad knew and are all money hungry and not the finest people either, in some cases they have poor morals or are not as conscientious and not practicing the Hippocratic Oath to the highest standard in order to have complete concern for the patient. They at times are sloppy and contaminate or infect a person with some forms of herpes simplex virus, because the absolute highest protocol standards of safety must be adhered to and are not, they cross contaminate not having absolute sterile instruments or work area. But even worse they can do something wrong in removing an old amalgam filling for example which contains mercury and is the most toxic heavy metal substance to human life outside of radioactive isotopes, this one dentist had me swallowing old amalgam as he was drilling it out of the tooth and said I could swallow a little which is absolutely untrue it is very harmful. I’m so annoyed by such behavior that if it was up to me that kind of person would never touch my DOG let alone a Human Being! He should be out of practice and barred from it but they get away with all this horror and nobody cares. They can make a bad mistake and damage a person and cause irreparable harm and long suffering maybe even permanent injury which then because the dentist is politically connected with the crooked system he will get away with it while the patient gets no help from the Government Agency that is supposed to protect the public. I say all of this because the information you can obtain about the doctor and the facility meaning all background is essential to cut down the risk factor for you the patient! Sure people are only human and can make a mistake or accidents can occur but the practice of medicine is supposed to have very stringent methodologies and protocols established to prevent injury and reduce risk as much as humanly possible and should be maintained by all doctors all of the time or if not then in my opinion they should be out of a job! But, the system is highly political and corrupted these days just like our corrupted governments and twisted or rigged system. So you must take time and gather all the information you can about any dentist you see in advance of ever having the work done on your body because it is your body and you are the one that will care the most about it not some doctor; and the top caliber or most competent and trustworthy are getting much harder to find! You want proof and an excellent track record of the impeccability and standards and skill of the doctor not just some online rating or something that could be faked. God bless you!

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