Quote of the day #15

(Image Source – Lewie)

4 gânduri despre “Quote of the day #15

  1. Ha,ha! You make me laugh too! But, „time does heal all wounds!” I say if it hasn’t by the time you’re Grey and old it will when you’re dead! So why not moves things along and get over it!!!🤣 😉 👍

      • Hey Katherine; reality can be like that while slapping us in the face it can also be funny! 🤣😉 🙏 🙏 …maybe like being woken up with a bucket of ice water too! An older man I used to work with who was getting ready to retire told me this one day as we were walking into the company vehicle area to get our assigned semis’ to drive for the night he said; “remember to KISS, keep it simple stupid!” That was the first time I ever heard that line and as we parted I was lmao and yelled out; thanks Tom and you too bro! 🤣

  2. POSITIVE: i had been doing changes about the vices of the family: numb, opacity, greed, cowardy. IM the opposite, for myself, my dignity and self respect. Action means solutions, numb is unanimated. Courage, honesty, frankness, action, are my values. i cant stand hipocrysy.

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