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Today’s post is going to be about Service Desk. Most of you, may not understand this activity, but if you ever, contacted support for a certain product or company, we were the ones behind the phones that assisted you.

I hope most of the moments with the support are positive, and not will trigger bad memories at seeing this post.

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Service Desk insights

The thing that most people don’t understand is the procedures. Yes, every company has a few procedures to follow, especially if you work within a corporation. Yes, we do need to have your full name and phone number, just in case the call gets disconnected.

You, as a customer need to realize that you are not the only person that we have in our database, and there are millions of people out there that are being supported by our company. This is why we need to identify you.

Tip: Starting to tell us the problems in a quick and fast motion from the beginning will not help, because until we verify your identity, the problem might advance and we will not be able to remember all the details.

Yes, patience is required. Even if we work with computers, it takes time to find a person on a list. We may not get your name right all the time, especially if your name is: Tiramunda Gonzales Picasso Alibaba Rajesh. But we will try our best to get it right, despite the language and cultural differences.

We need to know all the details of the problem. So questions like: when did the issue started, what were you performing at that time and more other information in regards to the product and the services are mandatory. Skipping them will not allow us to understand the problem and to apply the procedures for your case.

Yes, it takes time. Most of the procedures are long in IT and they cannot be resolved as soon as you finish clapping your hands. Outlook connectivity issues, VPN, and software re-installing takes time and your connection to the internet matters as well, as we are trying to connect from miles away.

Hello, hello? Are you still there? Of course, we are not going anywhere. Most of the customers get scared when they don’t hear us for a moment. We are humans as well, and do need to take a sip of water, blow our nose, or cough.

The most annoying time to ask the questions: Hello, hello? Are you still there? is when we try to explain to you a situation. Yes, we can hear you, yes the connection is good, please listen to what we have to say. It is important and it affects your product/services.

Saying: Yes, yes but you are not paying attention to what we are saying and keep doing things in your way. Not only this is affecting the communication between us, but the troubleshooting will not work and the issue will still remain unsolved.

Please avoid breaking dishes, walking on the motorcycle, using the drill, speaking with your colleagues and not paying attention to our questions, beating the kids or yelling at your wife while we are on the call. 

HIGH PRIORITY!!! We are already treating your problem with high priority, dear customer. We are assisting you and if the issue cannot be resolved from our end, a more advanced team will reach you as soon as possible.

Most of the problems that we escalate are complex and require a more advanced troubleshooting and a certain time frame for it to be resolved, especially if we are speaking about account problems.

No, we don’t know the exact time frame of when the team will reach you. Our teams work on specific time frames, from their location. Also, the time depends on their workload. Yelling High Priority will not escalate your problem faster, so please, wait as the other customers do.

We have colleagues from all over the world, with different nationalities language dialects. If the support does not speak English in your mother country accent, please don’t swear on the customer or make remarks like: The heck you are speaking English! And don’t yell like an idiot on the line. We can hear you!

If you understand the request and want to have your problem resolved quickly, don’t waste your time making the support’s life more miserable than it is. Most of us work on low paid salaries, and speak with 30 to 100 persons a day.

The last plead, to all the Karens out there, while we work from home, there is no Manager to escalate the problem. Maybe our mothers but they don’t speak English, so you have no chance.

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