Dr. House

Hello, my dear readers and writers! As you know from my previous posts, I had a Korean series period. That broke a few days ago because I decided to switch to another good rated movie, Dr. House.

I have arrived at the fifth episode, because I don’t want to exhaust my body and also get engaged with other activities. So far, so good. Dr. House’s arrogant yet stylish way of dealing with cases engages me and keeps me pinned to the screen.

I like learning about medical cases and learning new information, so thumbs up for Dr. House! I have got only 8 seasons to watch, so probably I won’t get bored.

(Image Source – Reddit)

What movie are you watching currently? 😀


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  1. 😀I have seen this series in the past but not at all lately! I agree with you totally and it is enjoyable as well as informative as you pointed out precisely for those reasons! I tend to be sporadic and enjoy watching movies lately that I cherry pick, which can be anything from very old black and white classics to a Keanu Reeves John Wick film just because of his amazing performing talent or onto Mel Gibson in Brave Heart and his amazing feat of bringing to the screen The Passion of The Christ which always makes me cry to watch it even though I’ve seen it numerous times! Sorry to stray from the track of TV Shows but I may need to get back to following one again too! 🙏 😊

    • Keanu Reeves is a legend, a very good actor. I also love Brave Heart.
      Don’t be sorry, we need to recover at times and take care of our mental health, these movies work just fine and also offer us a lesson.
      Thank you for the comment and for the kind thoughts! 🙂

      • Oh Kate 🤗 You take my heart you’re so dear and kind! And, you’re totally correct in this regard also, about the mental health and needing these outlets with lessons! I see these two actor/performers in particular as legends both Keanu Reeves and Mel Gibson! Mel was meant to make The Passion of The Christ, which I can’t watch and not cry! Keanu he’s at the top of my not outdated movie stars list and the best of the best, but, at the same time so NOT a movie star! I’ve read about and watched him in the so few interviews that he gives, and over all I found him to be a true gentleman, highly talented artist performer! I have all the John Wick movies and I’m not really into the over the top violence, people dying all over the place type films, but his performing capabilities blow my mind; so I take my hat off to him for being a part of making some awesome entertainment like that, but not letting anything go to his head!
        Take care and have a good night! 🙏💗🌷😊

  2. Oh this series is pure genius. I’m currently doing medicine and this has opened up so many possibilites about so many cases, this was a thoroughly enjoyable one
    I’m excited for you!!

    • Yey, somebody that likes a series that I do!
      I cannot agree more on the point of the relationship, House does have a specific way of reacting and playing his role.

  3. This series is genius! I truly recommend to watch all 8 seasons! One day I think I will watch it again! And as about another series that it is in this medicine area I would recommend Gray’s anatomy

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