Song of the day #135

Chill sounds for a relaxed Sunday

8 gânduri despre “Song of the day #135

  1. Like I said I started mine off in the most relaxing way today! Water’s edge, Canadian geese gliding along or an occasional swan couple! Birds and bees were enjoying the quietest time of day too with all the flowers and trees in full bloom! I thought you had already put a Cherry on my Sunday, LOL! Now this really topped it off for sure unless you can send me a pizza which I’m in the mood for in the morning, LOL! 😁 👍 🙏 🙏

    • You only make me dream about your scenery, Lawrence.
      No pizza for me, I baked some meat balls yesterday and I will probably enjoy them with a potato puree.

      Healthy food for meds and the body.

      Take care, and thank you for stopping by! 🙂

      • Hey its dreamy scenery for sure I swear! Quaint and Idyllic!! Oh I cheat, because I can, so pizza is just a splurge comfort meal, but what you whipped up would stick to my ribs as they say and I would have no problem pigging out on meatballs with a loaf of Italian Bread with butter on it!!!
        I love potatoes those also with lots of butter!
        I’m way behind the curve this morning, as I got back from the hike and wrote all these long winded comments back to all of you out there in cyber-land, and the scrumptious homemade blueberry pancakes with the best maple syrup still need to and are about to be made; so I can finally eat breakfast….🙂
        No worries love stopping by and will again you feel free to knock on my door anytime too; even my head if you must, because that can sometimes me a helpful thing with me, just don’t need the lumps, so go easy! 🤣 😉 👍 🙏

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