Sunday thoughts

Lately, I got a pause from the workout routine and from the house chores, because I simply felt the need to do so. It’s only for this weekend, but I collapsed and lost all my energy. My entire body hurts and I got muscle soreness from all the training and house chores.

Plus, I started to feel like a cold is getting me again after the Friday grocery session. I got so used to being sick and to be honest, I am tired of trying to comfort myself, drinking tea, and stuffing myself with over the counter medicines. I just want to escape this cold that keeps reappearing over and over again.

Today, I rebelled. After my work schedule I opened a cold bottle of non-alcoholic raspberry beer, and enjoyed a nice spoon of vanilla-strawberry ice cream. And Dem, it was delicious! 😌

Then, I went in the balcony, looked and the blue sky, immersed in the sun rays. Opened out wide the windows and took a deep breath of the half polluted air. I heard the kids yelling with joy in the park, saw the still green trees, the people.

I took some time for myself after the work schedule, had a hot bath, enjoyed a good face mask, and simply relaxed. Closed my eyes and listened to piano music.

If I am not going to enjoy the things that I like now, when I am young, then when? I will probably hate being an old grumpy lady, blaming everything that she did not have the courage to do in the early years of life. I am not like that.

I am tired of running away from this cold, missing what I like. If it is to get me, then let it get me, I am not going to run away again. I am going to face it.

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A few words

At some point, everybody is getting tired of the quarantine, old people, young people. We are all advised to follow the regulations and stay at home, stay safe. But until when? It’s okay to get out, but in the limits of the regulations.

I used to judge the old people, the kids, thinking about why are they going out in the open space when all the rules advise them not to do it?

As an old person, in your last years of life, you may think this could be the last time. The last breath that you are going to take, the last time when you enjoy the sunburn, the last time when you can barely hear the noise.

As a younger person, you would like to get out, to play, to discover and explore. The tiny apartments with small colored walls can’t be the only universe you live within. You would like to go out and play in the wide-open, to enjoy the world.

I believe it’s better for all of us, to stop being judgmental. The reasons that might appear dumb to most of us might mean the world to other persons, even if they are not the wisest ones out there.

We need to learn from this experience and get the good things out of it. If we always keep our minds focused on the media, the ongoing news, always stressed out, and panicked it’s not going to do us any good. We are going to get ill, and not because of the pandemic, but because of our choices.

It’s important to be careful, pay attention to the rules, respect them as much as you can. But do take your own moment of rebellion and escape this „prison” once in a while. Love yourself and remember to smile, cherish life, with good and bad.

16 gânduri despre “Sunday thoughts

  1. Hi how are you.. hope everything thing is fine there…
    Thank you so much to read and like my posts… Appreciate your efforts to take time and read so many of my posts.. thank you so much…😊🤗

  2. Very wise advice indeed.

    I think of all the old people in rooms in nursing homes dying alone without friends or family by their side because visitors are no longer allowed in due to the pandemic.

  3. Hi Katherine, you mirrored my thoughts because I am almost done with the lockdown and restrictions. Can’t wait to GO to work outside the confines of my house.
    Thanks and much appreciated for sharing

    • You are lucky, then. I am not sure if they will raise the restrictions for us because there are a lot of persons infected yet, so, no joy so far.
      But in a way of looking at things, this quarantine and the rules are taken for us all.

      Stay safe and take care! ^_^

      • ți-ai găsit cu cine :)))) păi eu sunt omul turelor de noapte… sunt coșmarul celor de la orar! mereu ne certăm când îmi bagă dimineața… :))) tu de ce crezi c-am albit :))) de ce crezi că-ți comentez la ore în care, luna e cât o roată de cașcval pe cer?

      • Well, la mine treaba sta diferit, de cele mai multe ori oscilez intre ore de dimineata, incepand cu ora 7 si ore de la 3 pana la 12 noaptea.

        Eu nu te cunosc si nici nu stiu daca ai albit, dar nu cred ca doar turele de noapte au contribuit la asta! 😅

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