Song of the day #131

“Give thanks for a little, and you will find a lot.”—Hausa Proverb

Reteta Prajitura Krantz

Buna ziua, dragi cititori! Astazi m-am decis sa postez o reteta incercata de curand, in aceasta carantina. Am realizat prajitura saptamana trecuta, insa nu am reusit sa postez la timp.

Trebuie sa incep prin a va spune ca aceasta reteta ia destul de mult timp, sunt multe etape de realizat, asadar, trebuie sa va inarmati cu multa rabdare si dedicare! 😄


Pentru foi veti avea nevoie de:

  1. 10 albusuri;
  2. 1 varf cutit sare;
  3. 200 g zahar;
  4. 300 g nuca macinata fin;
  5. 100 g faina.

Pentru crema veti avea nevoie de:

  1. 10 galbenusuri;
  2. 300 g unt gras 80% – moale / la temperatura camerei;
  3. 150 g zahar;
  4. 1 lingurita pasta vanilie / esenta naturala de vanilie;
  5. 100 g nuca macinata.

Pentru sosul de caramel vom avea nevoie de:

  1. 200 g zahar;
  2. 50 g unt.

Pentru krantz veti avea nevoie de:

  1. 100 g miez nuca;
  2. 100 g zahar;

Pentru bezea veti avea nevoie de:

  1. 4 Albusuri de ou;
  2. 220 g Zahar;
  3. 2 linguri suc de lamaie.

Mod de preparare:

Initial, am separat cele 10 oua, albusuri de galbenusuri. Am inceput prin a bate albusurile spuma tare cu un praf de sare, dupa care am adaugat treptat zaharul si am mixat pana s-a topit.

Dupa ce zaharul s-a dizolvat, am adaugat nuca macinata in prealabil, amestecand cu o spatula, de jos in sus. Apoi, am adaugat faina cernuta, in ploaie si am amestecat usor pentru ca bezeaua sa ramana pufoasa.

Am introdus amestecul obtinut intr-o tava mare, tapetata cu hartie de copt. Am pus tot aluatul intr-o tava timp de 25 de minute, am lasat la racit, si am taiat blatul in doua. Blatul se poate coace si in doua tavi diferite la interval de 15 minute, in functie de preferinta fiecaruia.

Pregatirea cremei si a celorlalte amestecuri

Dupa ce am finalizat cu foaia prajiturii, m-am orientat catre crema. Am inceput prin a amesteca galbenusurile cu zahar si le-am introdus pe bain-marie, la foc mic. Apoi, am continuat prin a amesteca cu un tel, si am tinut amestecul pe foc pana a capatat consistenta unei smantani groase.

Am luat mixul obtinut de pe foc, am adaugat pastaia de vanilie, am amestecat cu o spatula si am acoperit totul cu o folie alimentara, lasand la racit. Dupa ce crema de galbenusuri s-a racit, am mixat untul pana la consistenta unei creme, am adaugat amestecul de galbenus racit si am adaugat nuca macinata, amestecand pana cand toate ingredientele s-au incorporat. Am adaugat crema obtinuta la frigider.

Intre timp, am pregatit amestecul de caramel care s-a obtinut relativ simplu, prin amestecarea zaharului topit cu untul. Zaharul se va topi la foc mediu, pana devine usor auriu. Cratita se scoate de pe foc si se amesteca bine cu untul, pana se incorporeaza complet.

Pentru nuca caramelizata, am topit 100 de g de zahar si am introdus miezul de nuca. Am luat o tava intinsa din bucatarie, am tapetat-o cu hartie de copt, am varsat rapid mixul de nuca fierbinte si am lasat la racit. Dupa ce nuca caramelizata s-a racit, am luat un ciocan de snitele si am zdrobit nucile.

Pentru bezea, am batut albusurile spuma cu zaharul si cu doua linguri de lamaie, dupa care am introdus bolul pe bain-marie. In tot acest timp, am amestecat cu un tel pentru a evita aparitia cocoloaselor.

Asamblarea prajiturii

Asamblarea prajiturii ar trebuie sa fie cea mai usoara etapa din prepararea prajiturii, in opinia mea. Se aseaza prima foaie, se intinde crema de caramel, apoi jumatate din crema fiarta, al doilea blat, restul de crema fiarta si mai apoi bezeaua de albusuri obtinuta la final. Se decoreaza cu krantzul maruntit si se lasa la rece peste noapte.

Deoarece este prima data cand realizez aceasta prajitura, mi-am dat seama la final ca gustul este un pic „prea dulce” pentru mine. Asadar, recomand injumatatirea cantitatii de zahar din reteta.

Pofta buna! 😉🥳

Food award 2020

Hello, dear readers and writers! I have been nominated by Daneelyunus for the Food Award 2020. Please visit Daneelyunus’s page; he has many fantastic posts that will keep you intrigued. This is my very first Food Award! 🙂

Image Source – Unsplash,
Jovan Vasiljević)

Rules of the award:

  1. Thank the person that nominated you.
  2. Pingback to the creator, Daneelyunus.
  3. Use the same featured image as your nominator.
  4. Answer the five questions. Create five questions about food.

My answers:

What is your favorite food during lunch or dinner?

I adore chicken soup, or „bors” as we call it in Romania. I also enjoy spaghetti, schnitzel with mashed potatoes, salads, and barbecued salmon.

Do you like eggs?

I enjoy eggs, although I generally eat them in omelets, salads, mayonnaise, and other dishes. Eggs are high in vitamins and are regarded as one of the most nutritious foods.

However, it is essential to restrict egg intake in order to prevent rising cholesterol levels in the body and thereby reducing the chance of having a heart attack or developing cancer. With moderation, everything is OK. One egg each day should be plenty for our health.

Do you like vegetables?

I love carrots, broccoli, zucchini, radishes, and onions. Eating veggies keeps us healthy and aids in illness prevention.

Do you like any fruits?

Who doesn’t? I normally consume seasonal fruits, but I must agree that the finest time to eat fruits is during the summer when every good fruit is supplied directly from the garden. Strawberries, cherries, kiwi, apricots, oranges, and bananas are among my favorite fruits.

What you most like tea or coffee?

I must admit that I am a coffee junkie who cannot imagine her morning without coffee, but I also enjoy tea. After a hard day at work and a shower, a cup of hot linden and mint tea with a drop of lemon juice is excellent!

My nominees:

My questions to them:

  1. Do you think people should eat to live, or live to eat?
  2. What is your favorite dish? Present a recipe.
  3. What were the most craziest recipes you tried during this quarantine?
  4. Is cooking one of your favorite activities?
  5. What was your first prepared dish?

In the end, I want to thank Daneelyunus for taking the time to nominate me for this award. In terms of my readers, if your name does not appear on the list of nominations, you may just consider yourself nominated and promote the Food Award 2020 via WordPress. I’m excited to read my nominee’s responses!

Have a great weekend, stay safe! ✌️😇