Song of the day #130


Friday check-up

Hello, dear readers! It’s been again, a few days since I haven’t posted anything. This week I had morning shifts, rough ones. To give you a sneak peek, this is how my week went through.

I started my days with waking up at 7 AM with a huge cup of coffee, worked until 5 PM and then took care of the house, cleaning, washing, dusting and cooking.

With this quarantine I become more self aware and started realizing that our apartment needs more cleaning. Maybe I am going a little bit over the board, I hope I am not becoming an obsessive cleaner. Only time will tell.

By 7 PM I was already too tired, but I thought it was necessary to exercise a bit, because I spent more than 8 hours in front of the screen. A bit turned into a lot truly and I exercised for almost 2 hours per day, starting with Sunday.

The days went by with the same routine, and here I was, finished on Thursday at 5 PM, without any powers, not having even the will to exercise, only to lay in bed and do nothing.

Today, on Friday, I was free from work so I went shopping for „Basic” needs. I am highlighting the word basic, because I skipped the elementary needs a lot, buying a large amount of things that I did not needed. But hey, it was my first going out to an actual shop after a month of staying in the house.

Shopping was relaxing and took my mind out of the things for a while, as I plugged my earphones and listened to music while picking stuff that I liked for us and the apartment. I was a little bit sad at the end because I know I worked a full month to get those money and lost half of them in a bit.

At the end of the day, going out today was relaxing and I got to see the sun rays, to enjoy the wind blowing through my hair and buying things that I like. I also managed to cook a lasagna and got to clean again.

How was your week so far?

(Image Source – Unsplash, Jude Beck)