Workout for sexy legs

Hello, dear readers, as you know, I started exercising, even though I haven’t written much about it lately 🥺. One of my favorite leg exercises is the Miley Cyrus Leg exercise by XHIT Daily on YouTube.

The exercise takes about 20 minutes, but you are 100 percent confident that you are going to workout every leg muscle and even get an extra booty workout.

Today, after the leg exercise, I took some time to observe the comments, and I giggled so bad. The remarks are sincere but at the same time very humorous, and, surprisingly, you can relate to them, particularly if you are a novice at working out your legs.

Starting with the funny YouTube comments:

Rebecca speaks so much in her video and works out at the same time. It’s motivating, but she needs a rest for sure! 😅

True fact, after the leg workout you can’t even walk properly, especially if you took a break for a week or a few days. It really messes you up.

I am sorry, Rebecca, but I don’t do squats when I brush my teeth, or when waiting for the bus. No-pity no. 😆

We all know the excitement and the controversy created after the song wrecking ball. To feel like that after a workout it’s an accomplishment 😅.

Fire hydrants are pretty exhausting if you do them in combination with leg pulses. It kills you, true enough 😄.

I laughed so bad at this comment, because it was so true and yet so funny. First baby steps after a workout are always the worst! 😂


Quarantined with Fifi

Hello, my dearest ones, how is quarantine going?

I got to understand in this quarantine the importance of having a pet, a cat pet to be more precise. You never realize how important are these souls that surround you until something critical happens.

So, my day usually starts with Fifi waking me up and doing crazy things. Like scratching the chair or the door, eating the strands of the broom, biting my foot fingers, or just coming peacefully and starting purring on my chest.

When I am awake because of him, I want some coffee, of course. Fifi craves to sit on my lap, but it’s not so sure about it. Hence, he starts walking from an end of the couch to another, to my struggle, trying to keep the cup of coffee full and not spill it.

Then we end up, eventually, playing and he biting me until blood comes out and me yelling at him to stop.

Later I get to finally enjoy my cup of coffee and scroll on the phone, while he is sitting at the end of the couch and watches me.

He suddenly hears something on the stairs, and starts to act curious, listening very carefully and paying attention to every sound.

In a short time, he returns to me, meowing with curiosity, like asking me, what was that? And then he keeps looking at me for an answer while I stare baffled at him with a smile on my face.

Fifi usually spends the rest of his day sleeping, a large amount of time, I would say, but hey, he is a cat and that’s what cats do. Next he wakes up with an appetite for playing and for biting, especially when I am working. So, he starts scratching the chair for attention, and then I grab and place him in my lap.

He sits for a minute and purrs, and then starts to bite. Crunch, crunch, I disregard him for a moment but then I observe the pain, the blood and stop him again.

Sometimes, during the calls at work, while being busy with the customers and trying to pay attention to them, he looks intensely at me and starts to meow, as if he is talking to me.

The customer usually listens and does not say anything, until from his end I could hear a dog, curiously barking. Not very professional, but this is work at home and we need to deal with it 😅

At times, when we have guests (or used to have, before the quarantine) he was very thoughtful and payed attention to them, trying not to scratch or to hurt them in any way. While the kids were throwing a party, pulling him by the whiskers and yelling happily, he just stood like a nice cat and simply observed.

During the night he likes to take ownership over all the bed, and if possible, to bite us if we dare to disturb him.

In no time, when nobody pays attention he falls in a profound sleep.

I believe God loves me to have brought such a nice pet in my life. I realized a few weeks before that I was watching some nice cats, Ragdoll breed, before I even had him, years ago. I wished one so bad and God gifted him to me. 

“You cannot live with a paw in each world.”
― Erin Hunter, Into the Wild

Go green movement

Hello, dear writers and readers! Lately I have joined a voluntary project in the company (it’s not like I don’t have many other tasks to do 😒) but I always like to multitask and do numerous things. Keeps me alive.

This voluntary project teaches me to be more aware and to offer more attention to nature and consumerism. So, today’s post is going to be about changes that we can do on our own to be more self-aware and to make a difference for the environment.

Go green list

  1. Reusable bag practices – In Romania we have a „tradition” to keep the bag with bags (excuse the repetitious expression). We have a bigger bag with smaller bags within. It’s a good option to use a reusable bag when we go to grocery store, instead of utilizing a plastic or a paper one. Several bags can add up to a whole lot of garbage over a lifetime, believe me. 
  2. Bottled water – We can keep the plastic bottle of water or purchase a new one, only for this purpose. We get to refill the bottle instead of tossing it away. I bought myself a glass container for water and I refill it when needed.
  3. Recycle smart – It’s essential to recycle, whenever we can. Whether we are referring to paper, plastic or upcycling old items, everything needs to be separated. In this way we get to consider if we need to throw away this item, or if we can re-use it.
  4. Power down – When we are not using the power and stay in another room, cooking or performing any other actions, it’s necessary to turn down the devices not used. For mobile phones, place away the charger if the device is fully replenished. For the computer, think of reducing the brightness of the screen and avoid using a screensaver. When left plugged in, our electronic gadgets and basic appliances still use what’s called phantom or vampire energy, even when they are turned off or in sleep mode. A plugged-in cell phone charger sucks energy even when it’s not charging your phone.
  5. Take notes electronically. I haven’t bought myself a notebook since University, and I got 2 with a discount 😁. All the notebooks that I have, I received as presents and still haven’t managed to use them. Leaving the stories aside, taking notes electronically could save us a lot of money and a huge waste of paper. I also discovered that taking notes electronically is very practical, as we lately use more electronic devices and we don’t have to keep writing, we can just copy and paste the information.
  6. Buy less or borrow. I am not a huge fan of borrowing stuff as I am more keen on having things that belong to me only (don’t judge). So, whenever I want to buy an item of any sort, I always ask myself if I really need this thing, and only buy as a necessity. This does not apply for clothes and skin care products though, they are my weakness 😁.
  7. Bike or walk more. I am going to tell you a secret, guys, I don’t know how to bike. Even from my childhood, from the first efforts, I always managed to somehow get injured. The last time when I did tried to bike, I ended up in a field full of nettles. Not a nice memory. But in regards of walking I do tend to walk more than advised. I sometimes walk kilometers and feel energized and happy. Besides, walking can keep us apart from spending money on fuel, crowds through transportation and keep us in shape!
  8. Switch to energy Efficient Light Bulbs. It’s important to switch our bulbs to energy-efficient compact fluorescent (CFLs) or LED bulbs. Even if they are a little bit expensive then regular bulbs, these can last up to five times longer, consume less power and are quite bright.
  9. Eat sustainable food from local producers – Apart from the fact that it’s advised to consume food from the local producers, think of the point that the food is healthier, has less chemicals and it’s more delicious than over counter foods.
  10. Water shortage – Let’s turn off the tap when brushing our teeth, let’s opt out for a shower instead of a bath when we can. 
  11. Efficient fridges – We can clean up the dust from the refrigerator coils. Cleaning the refrigerator coils helps the appliance run more efficiently and uses less power.
  12. Keep the fridge out of the sun light – We need to make sure the fridge is not located in a sunny area, as for every degree above 70 degrees F, the fridge uses up 2.5% more energy.
  13. Batteries – Don’t throw away batteries! Lithium-ion batteries used by devices like phones should be taken to a battery recycling center.
  14. Nature friendly products – We can switch to chemical free cleaning products. We can even DIY our soap by using baking soda and essential oils.
  15. Stay dressed – Let’s consider wearing a large hoodie instead of turning on the heater. Personal space heaters are considered one of the most inefficient appliances at home.
  16. Go paperless- Switch out from paper bills to electronic bills. They are easier to pay online and we get to save the paper. If we need to print any documents, we can always go for edouble sided. We may also want to set them to print double-sided by default.
  17. Use laptops instead of computers – Laptops consume up to 80% less energy than desktop computers.
  18. Avoid over night charging – It’s important to not charge the batteries of mobile device over night, as they only need a few hours to reach the full battery.
  19. Using the rain water – Rain water can be used for gardening and watering the houseplants.
  20. Donate or give away – Your trash can be somebody’s fortune. So let’s not throw away in the trash things that may be needed for others.

Do your part! “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” – Lorax